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             Former Round Dance Leaders in Belgium, now retired from teaching:


                     Annette and Frank Woodruff


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Other Round Dance Leaders in Belgium


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Line Dancing



  The Mundaneum, precursor of the Internet, is an institution created in 1920 by Belgian lawyers.  It aimed to   gather all the world’s knowledge and classify it according to a system they developed called the Universal Decimal Classification.  The Mundaneum consists of an enormous intellectual warehouse of books, documents, catalogues and scientific objects housed in Mons, Belgium (our hometown) since 1998.  To know more




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Sweet woodruff is an attractive ground cover that broadcasts its aroma each May. The leaves develop a distinctive scent of fresh-cut hay and vanilla only as they dry. In Luxembourg, it is used to flavor May wine as a traditional way to greet this spring month. The practice originated in the thirteenth century, and extends into Germany where the Mai Bowle is served each day of the month. The German name is “Waldmeister” (master of the forest) and a green syrup is made with it and mixed with white beer in the Berlin area.  May Day celebrations have long marked the passage of winter dating back to ancient Druid rituals.
The plant is also known as Sweet-scented Bedstraw, Wild Baby's Breath and Cudweed.