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File Name      Updated April 2024 Rhythm, Phase, Choreo Rhythm, Phase, Choreo
 007 Cha Cha (Helmut Licht) Cha IV+1, Baldwin  
 1 + 1 + Love (Charly McClain) 2-step II+2, Baldwin  
 1, 2 Many (Luke Combs & Brooks & Dunn) Salsa IV, Ross  
 1,2,3 (Sofia Reyes) Cha-Rumba III+0+1, Garza  
 1,2,3, Too Many Times (Nancy Hays) Waltz II+2, Hopkinson  
 1+1 is 2 (Lou Bega) for Worlock's dance Mambo V+1, Worlock  
 1+1=2 (Lou Bega) for Hilton's dance Mambo IV+1, Hilton  
 1+1=2 (Lou Bega) for Robinson's dance Mambo III+1, Robinson  
 10 Minutes Till the Savages Come (Dancelife) Foxtrot IV, Ross  
 100 Years (Five For Fighting) Foxtrot VI, Ross  
 11 months and 29 Days (Johnny Paycheck) WCS, Taylor (Almost a Year) WCS V+2, Wulf
 1-2-3 (Gloria Estefan) Merengue III+2, Townsend-Manning  
 12th Street Rag (Aaron Robinson) 2-step II+2, Bingham  
 12th Street Rag (Les Paul & Mary Ford) Alternate to Woodruff routine See cue card for sequence
 12th Street Rag (Pee Wee Hunt) - 4.4 pc 2-step, Rees 1957, Simmons 1964 QS & 2-step IV+1, Woodruff 2005
 13 Jours En France (Japan) Waltz IV+2, Doi Waltz VI, Doi
 13 Jours en France (Lovers on the Snowfield) Waltz VI, Doi  
 13th Hour (Pat Vegas) Halloween - no choreo  
 16 Tons (LeAnn Rimes) Foxtrot IV+2, Prow Foxtrot IV+1, Hicks
 16 Tons (Masters of Modern 7) Foxtrot V, Blackford  
 18 Wheels & A Dozen Roses (Kathy Mattea) 2-step II+1, Goode  
 18 Yellow Roses (Bobby Darin) Rumba III+1, Tevlin Cha IV+1, Francis
 2 Become 1 (Klaus Hallen feat. Vanessa Hoerster) Jive III+2, Burger  
 2 Become 1 (Spice Girls)- faded & slowed 15% Rumba III, Ross  
 2 Heads (Coleman Hell) - faded Merengue III, Ross  
 2 Times (Ann Lee)- 10 pc-short Cha III+2+1, Woodruff  
 2000 Blues Jive IV, Nelson  
 20th Century Mambo (SMASH)-20% Mambo IV+1, Halbert  
 24 Hours from Tulsa- Tony Evans Tango V, Ross  
 33 Anos (Klaus Hallen) Rumba V+2, Ito  
 40 Hour Week (For A Livin') (Alabama) 2-step II+2, Francis  
 42nd Street (Geoff Love Orchestra) Quickstep VI, Rotscheid  
 42nd Street (Helen Jenkins)-10pc Quickstep IV, Lamberty Quickstep IV+0+2, Rotscheid
 5 O'Clock Jive (Ballroom Orch & Singers)) Single Swing III, Ross  
 5, 6, 7, 8 - Vio Friedmann Cha IV+1, Woodruff  
 5, 6, 7, 8 Jive (Ballroom Orch & Singers) Single Swing VI, Ross  
 50 Ways To Leave Your Lover (Paul Simon) STS & Cha IV+1+2, Chico  
 500 Miles (Peter, Paul & Mary) Slow-2-Step IV+0+3, Eum-Ray  
 500 Miles (The Proclaimers) Rumba-Two Step IV+2, Woodruff  
 500 miles Away from Home (Bobby Bare) No choreo  
 57 Chevrolet (Billie Jo Spears) 2-step II, Schappacher (Expresso) Jive VI, Shibata  
 634-5789 - Denny Martin Westcoast Swing IV, Ross  
 7 Summers (Morgan Wallen) Rumba IV+1, Byars  
 76 Trombones (Boston Pops) trimmed Square Dance, Eum-Hadley  
 76 with a Miss (Wylie & the Wild West) 2-step II+1, Hattrick Cue-card
 9 to 5 (Dolly Parton) WCS V, Halbert/Lamberty  
 9 to 5 WCS (Dolly Parton) West Coast Swing IV+2+1, Callahan-Cowan  
 98 Point 6 - Jill King 2-step III, Speranzo  
 99 Miles from L.A. (Keith Miller) Rumba IV+2+1, Kenny  
 A Banda - Sydney Thompson Samba IV, Ross  
 A Beautiful Day (Dave Sheriff) 2-step II+2, Schrant  
 A Better Man (Clint Black) 2-step II+2, Seurer  
 A Bird Without Wings (Phil Coulter) Slow-2-step IV+2+3, Taylor Slow-2-step IV+1+1, Gloodt
 A bisserl Abschied gibt's halt Nicht (A Little Farewell - Patrick Lindner) slowed 5% Waltz III+2, Dierickx  
 A Buena Vista (Soneros de Verdad) Mambo IV+0+2, Hilpert-Pohl  
 A Bunch of Thyme (Phil Coulter) Slow-2-step IV+1, Kline  
 A Celebrar (Olga Tanon) Merengue IV+1, Okino-Kishimoto  
 A Celtic Melody [STAR 234] Waltz V+1, Cunningham Waltz II+1, Taylor
 A Chicken Ain't Nothin' but a Bird (Louis Jordan). mp3 Quickstep IV, Ross  
 A Child's Waltz (Special Pressing - Michael Hoppe) No choreo  
 A Cowboy's Dream (George Staerkel) Waltz II+2, Weiss  
 A Cowboy's Last Ride (Gord Bamford) Waltz II, Jestin  
 A Cup Of Your Sugar (Buck Ford) 2-step II, Parker  
 A Day Goes By (Shao Rong) edited Waltz II+2, Ellis  
 A Day in the Life of a Fool (Mark Chestnutt) Waltz III, Sperry  
 A Dios Le Pido (Vio Friedmann) Samba VI, Ross  
 A Distancia - Brazilian Tropical Orchestra Bolero III, Ross Rumba III+2, Hagiwara
 A Doodlin Song (Ballas) Foxtrot V. Byrd  
 A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart makes (ITO) Foxtrot IV+2, Ito Dance = Dream
 A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes (Nikki Blonsky) + 12 pc Waltz II, Byars  
 A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes (Nikki Blonsky) Waltz IV, Dierickx  
 A Dream Of Yesteryear (Mladen Franko) Waltz V+1+1, Pelton  
 A Few Cents Short (John Michael Montgomery) 2-step II, Ring  
 A Few Old Memories (Statler Brothers) Rumba III+1, Baldwin  
 A Fifth of Beethoven (Walter Murphy) Cha IV+2, Dunn Cha III+2, Betzelberger
 A Fine Romance (Ella Fitzgerald) Foxtrot V+1+1, Kurczewski  
 A Fool Such As I (Anne Murray) Foxtrot IV+1, Sperry  
 A Fool Such As I (Elvis Presley) Jive V, Slater  
 A Fool Such As I (Rodney Crowell) 2-step III, Francis  
 A Friend Like Me (Dancelife) -12pc Quickstep IV+1+several, Herr  
 A Gal In Calico (Ross Mitchell) Foxtrot IV, Dodge  
 A Girl Like Nina (Dancelife) Tango III, Ross  
 A Girl Like Nina (Klaus Hallen) Tango IV+2+2, Garza (Nina)  
 A Grand Romance (Joe Romano) Foxtrot IV, Dierickx  
 A Guarachar (Yumuri) Faded & slowed to 78% Mambo IV, Ross  
 A Guy Is A Guy - Doris Day Jive V+0+1, Preskitt 2-step II, Tennant
 A Hard Day's Night (Beatles) 2-step III, Byrd  
 A Hard Day's Night (Deborah Dixon) Foxtrot IV+1, Ayres  
 A Hawaiian Like Me (Israel Kamakawiwo'ole) Foxtrot IV, Tennant  
 A Heartache Tonight (Dolly Parton-Billy Dean) Waltz II, Ross  
 A Higher Place - Adam Levine Cha IV+2, Brewer  
 A Horse with No Name (America) for Cantrell dance Rhythm III+, Cantrell  
 A Horse with No Name (America) for Woodruff dance On the workbench  
 A House With No Curtains (Alan Jackson) Waltz IV+1, Betzelberger Waltz II+2, Baldwin
 A Hundred Pounds Of Clay (1995 Digital Remaster) .Rumba III+1, Tennant 2-step II+2, Reid
 A Hundred Years (Five for Fighting) Foxtrot VI, Ross  
 A Kiss To Build A Dream On (Paola Fabris) Foxtrot IV+2, Pelton  
 A Kunne Ae Skrive (Lars Bremnes) Slow-2-step IV+1+2, Pohl (cue card)  
 A Letter To My Heart (Jim Reeves) Rumba V+0+1, Dierickx  
 A Letter To You (Shakin' Stevens) Jive V or V+1+2, Worlock Jive V, Murphy
 A Little Bit Independent (Terry Blaine) Foxtrot IV, Ackerman  
 A Little Bit Is Better Than Nada (Texas Tornado) Rumba III+1+1, Seurer Dance = Better Than Nada
 A Little Bit of Heaven (Bobbejaan Schoepen Foxtrot IV, Dierickx  
 A Little Bit of Heaven (Suzanne Klee) 2-step III, Dierickx  
 A Little Bitty Tear (Bobby Bare & Skeeter Davis)+ 5 pc 2-step II+2, Callen Use seq ABAB Inter AB End
 A Little Bitty Tear Let Me Down (Burl Ives) 2-step II, Callen, Hill, Hovey  
 A Little Drop of Poison (Gavin Bryars & Jess Walker) Tango V, Molitoris  
 A Little Farewell (Patrick Lindner) slowed Waltz IV+1, Dierickx  
 A Little Less Talk And A Lot More Action (Toby Keith) Jive IV+2, Bond  
 A Little More Love (Vince Gill) shortened Cha III+1, Ahart  
 A Little Piece Of Heaven (Daniel O'Donnell) + 5pc Foxtrot IV or V, Dierickx  
 A Little Time for a Little Love (Tommy Collins) - 7pc Waltz V+1+1, Dierickx  
 A little Too Late (Toby Keith) - short Alternate  
 A little Too Late (Toby Keith) Rumba IV, Speranzo Too Long
 A Long And Lasting Love (Crystal Gayle) Foxtrot III+1, Frey Great wedding song
 A long and lasting love (Jennylyn Mercado) Slow-2-step V+2+2, Gloodt  
 A Love I Think Will Last (Niamh Lynn) Cha IV, Kline  
 A Love Idea (from 'Last Exit To Brooklyn') - Hollywood Movie Strings Waltz II, Brown-Pugh  
 A Love so Beautiful (Roy Orbison) Slow-2-step IV+1+4, Dierickx  
 A Love Song - Anne Murray Rumba IV+1, Tennant  
 A Love Song (Kenny Rogers) Rumba III, Cook  
 A Love Worth Waiting For (Shakin' Stevens) Rumba V, Murphy  
 A Lovers Concerto (ABBA) No choreo  
 A Lover's Concerto (The Toys) Cha IV+1, Byrd  
 A Lover's Question (Clyde McPhatter) 2-step II, Parker 2-step II+1, Seurer
 A Man and a Woman (Engelbert Humperdinck) Mixed V or VI, Hagiwara  
 A Man This Lonely (Brooks & Dunn ) Intro to Bolero, Seurer, III+1 Rumba IV+1, Van Atta
 A Man Without Love (Humperdinck) 2-step II, Stowe; Cha IV, Francis Rumba IV, Francis or Tennant
 A Matar (Juan Damestoy) Paso IV, Ross  
 A Matter Of Trust (Billy Joel) Foxtrot VI, Ross  
 A Media Luz - Hoctor Tango III, Ross  
 A Media Luz (Boris Myakov) Tango V+1, Lankuttis  
 A Media Luz (Rocio Durcal) Rumba IV or V+2, Dierickx  
 A Memory Like I'm Gonna Be (Tanya Tucker) Cha IV, Speranzo  
 A Mess Of Blues (Elvis Presley) Jive III+1, Scott; Jive IV+1+1, Gloodt Jive IV+2, McFarlane + several more
 A Mess of Blues (Status Quo) Alternate  
 A Mi Manera ( Dancelife) Samba VI, Ross  
 A Mighty Pretty Waltz (Special Pressing) Waltz II+2, Lefeavers  
 A Million Years (Keith Miller) Waltz IV+1, Cavness  
 A Moment Like This (Leona Lewis) No choreo?  
 A Moment Lost (Aidana) Waltz VI, Shibata  
 A Moment Lost (Enya) Waltz IV, Hoffman  
 A Moment You Will Always Remember (Ernesto Cortazar) edited Bolero IV+2+2, Dierickx  
 A Month of Sundays (Vern Gosdin) 2-step II+2+1, Tennant  
 A Mother's Song (Lone Blume)- 3 pc Waltz II, Crapo  
 A Mother's Song (Lone Blume) Waltz II, Crapo  
 A Natural Woman (Carole King) Waltz III+2, Betzelberger  
 A New Day (Ernesto Cortizar) Slow-2-step V+0+4, Dierickx  
 A New Day Has Come (Celine Dion) Cha IV+1, Warner Rumba III+1, Seurer
 A New Fangled Tango (Ross Mitchell) Tango III+2, Pohl (Cue-card)  
 A New Kind of Love (Dancelife) Rumba IV, Ross  
 A Nickel piece of Candy (Jim Reeves) Rumba V+1+1, Dierickx TS II+1 or FT IV+1, Berka
 A Night For Dreaming (Prandi) Waltz IV+2, Gloodt  
 A Night In Cadiz (Ross Mitchell)- 5pc See Paso Cadiz  
 A Night Like This - Isabella Bianchi Cha IV+2+2, Hchman  
 A night like This (Caro Emerald) Rumba-Cha IV+2+1 or V+1+2, de Jong-Kars-David Tango-cha IV+2, Pyles; Rumba-Cha V+2, Worlock
 A Nightingale sang in Berkeley Square (Bobby Darin) Foxtrot V+1, Slomscenski (Add Diamond Turn to Ending) Foxtrot IV+2, Stairs
 A Nightingale Sang In Berkeley Square (Michael Buble) Foxtrot V, Goss (Nightingale)  
 A Nightingale Sang in Berkley Square (Bobby Darin) Foxtrot IV+2, Stairs Dance = A Nightingale Sang 4
 A Parisian Memory (Sfilate Parignei) Waltz III, Moore  
 A Passage To India Tol & Tol) Foxtrot III+1 or IV or V, Dierickx  
 A Perfect Night For Dreaming (Paul Brooks) Waltz IV+0+1, Mee  
 A Picture Of Me Without You (Lorrie Morgan) Waltz II+1, Ring  
 A Place For You (Wayne Watson) Waltz II, Kline  
 A Place in my heart - Nana Mouskouri - shortened Bolero IV+2+2, Dierickx  
 A Place in my heart - Nana Mouskouri Rumba IV, Woodruff  
 A Place in the Choir (Celtic Thunder) 2-step II+2, Woodruff 2-step II, Wilaby
 A Poor Man's Roses (Patti Page) Fox-jive III+2, Buck Fox V, Francis
 A Poor Man's Roses (Special Pressing) Foxtrot III+2, Buck  
 A Pretty Girl Is Like A Melody (Hisao Sudo) Waltz III+1 or IV, Dierickx  
 A Quarter to Nine (Bobby Darin) 2-step II+1, Weiss  
 A Quien Le Importa (Thalia) - slowed 5% Cha IV, Ross  
 A Quiet Night In (Joel Bevan) Foxtrot V+0+1, Gibson  
 A Quiet Tear (Herb Alpert) Bolero IV+2, Eckley  
 A Rainy Day in Rio - Desi Arnaz Mambo IV, Ross  
 A Real Fine Place to Start (Sara Evans) Foxtrot IV, Ross  
 A Real Good Radio (Kira Isabella) shortened Jive IV, Ross  
 A River Runs Through It (Hollywood Movie Strings) Waltz VI, Goss  
 A Robin's Song (Helmut Licht) Waltz III+2, Young Waltz IV+2, Paull
 A Rockin' Good Way (Washington, Benton) 2-step II+1 Pollock, Kilner, Callen Jive V+1, Filardo 1998
 A Shot in the Dark - Mancini Foxtrot IV+2, Woodruff Foxtrot-Jive IV+1+1, Maguire
 A Sign of the Times (Petula Clark) TS II+2, Enghusen  
 A Simple Melody (Jo Sttaford) Fox-jive V, Palmquist  
 A Six Pack to Go (Hank Thompson) 2-step-5 Count II, Springer  
 A Sleepy Lagoon (Hoctor) Waltz IV+2, Tonks, III, Slater VI, Rother; (Sleepy Lagoon)
 A Slow Walk (Belco) Jive III, Proctor  
 A Song For Someone (Ken Turner) Waltz IV+2, Dierickx  
 A Song In The Night (Johnny Duncun) 2-step Dodge, Pell, Meyer, Croft-DZ 2-step II+2, McKenrick
 A Song In The Night (Silverwind) Cha IV, Woodruff  
 A Song With No Name (Dave Sheriff) edited Jive IV+2+2, Hixson  
 A Southern Porch (John Barlow Jarvis) Waltz IV, Eaton  
 A Spaso - Renzo Casadio Paso V, Ross,  
 A Spoonful Of Sugar (Worlock) Quickstep V+2, Worlock  
 A steel guitar and glass of wine (Paul Anka) CH-TS III, Turner  
 A Summer Night With You (BZN) Shortened & Slowed 5pc Rumba IV+2+1 or V+1+several, Dierickx  
 A Summer Place - Hisao Sudou Waltz V, Ross  
 A Summer Place (Percy Faith) STS V+1+, Lawson  
 A Summer Song (Chad And Jeremy) Rumba IV, Gotta (cue card) 2-step II+1, Tennant
 A Sweet Old Fashioned Girl (Teresa Brewer) Fox-jive III+1, Waldal-Bushue TS II+1, Bahr
 A Taste Of Honey (Acker Bilk) Waltz IV, Meyer  
 A Taste Of Honey (The Beatles) Waltz II, Watanabe  
 A Tear Fell (Mel Carter) +7pc Waltz IV, Francis  
 A Tear Fell (Sally Vaughn) Waltz II+1, Tennant  
 A Teenager In Love (Craig Douglas) 2-step I, Buckmaster/Reigel cue-card only
 A Tender Heart (Dance Mania) Waltz II+0+1, Brewer Waltz III+1, Beaulieu
 A Thing Called Love (Johnny Cash) 2-step, Schilder Cue-card only
 A Thousand Miles Away (Boyz II Men) Slow-2-step V+2, Goss  
 A Thousand Years - Jaelyn Thomas Rumba IV+1, Armstrong  
 A Thousand Years [Christina Perri] Slow-2-step IV+1, Matthews  
 A Time For Love (Manuel) Waltz VI, Shibata Waltz III+2, Rotscheid
 A Time For Love (Mod) Waltz III+2, Rotscheid Jerry Callen's cue-card
 A Time for Love (Rotscheid routine) Waltz III+2, Rotscheid  
 A Time For Love (Sharon's Mod) Waltz III+2, Rotscheid  
 A Time for Us (Columbia Ballroom Orch) - 1 pc Waltz III+2+1, Nelson Dance = A Time for Waltz
 A Time For Us (Japan - alternate) Waltz III+2, Ito  
 A Time For Us (Japan) Waltz III+2, Ito  
 A Tisket A Tasket Samba V+1, Sheridan  
 A Town called Malice (Ballroom Orch & Singers) Single Swing IV, Ross  
 A Twist Of Lemon (HH 884) 2-step II, Stier  
 A Very Special Love Song (Charlie Rich) Bolero IV+2, Cavness  
 A Walk in the Black Forest (Herb Alpert) Quickstep VI, Lamberty  
 A Walk in the Black Forest (Horst Jankowski) Alternate No choreo
 A Walkin' Miracle (The Essex) Jive III+2, Armstrong  
 A Walkin' Thing (Dancelife) +5pc & faded out Foxtrot III, Ross  
 A Warm Summer Day (Twins Project) Jive III+1, Armstrong  
 A Whisper Away (Doris Day) Bolero IV+1, Pohl  
 A Whistle And A Whisker Away (Lynn Anderson). mp3 2-step II, Ring  
 A White Sports Coat (Marty Robbins) Foxtrot IV+2, Lefeavers 2-step II, Ring
 A Whiter Shade Of Pale (Sarah Brightman) Bolero V, Ito  
 A Whole Lot to Lose - The Kendalls 2-step - no choreo  
 A Whole New World (Bryson & Belle) Slow-2-step VI, Rumble  
 A Whole New World (Aladin-Disney) Rumba VI, Schneider Rumba IV, Kincaid
 A Whole New World (Collin Rayr) Rumba III+2+1, Kincaid Dance = Aladdin
 A Whole New World (Disney) short Slow-2-step IV, Fisher  
 A Whole New World (Instrumental) Foxtrot III+1, Wood  
 A Wink And A Smile (Casa Musica) Fox VI Broadwater; WCS IV+2+1, Draper (- 10 pc)
 A Wink and a Smile (Harry Connick, Jr) Foxtrot V, Rumble Foxtrot IV, Heuer-Bibb
 A Wink and a Smile (Mike Sikorsky) Fox -jive V, Weiss  
 A Wink and a Smile (Special Pressing) Foxtrot V, Weiss Foxtrot VI, Broadwater
 A Woman In Love - Charles Barlow Rumba V+1, Ross  
 A Woman In Love (from 'Guys & Dolls') - Aldo Capicchioni Waltz V+1+1, Moore Waltz IV+2, Hagiwara
 A Wonderful Time Up There (Pat Boone) - 15pc 2-step II, Knight  
 A World Without Love (Peter & Gordon) Rumba IV, Gotta  
 AA (Walker Hayes) Cha III+1, Catt Cha III+1, Martin
 Aan die Brand (Kurt Darren) 2-step II+1, Kline  
 Aba Daba Honeymoon (Chenille Sisters) 2-step II+1, Woodruff  
 ABC Boogie (Bill Haley & The Comets) Jive III+1, Group  
 Abilene (George Hamilton IV) 2-step II+0+1, Feneis  
 Ability To Swing (Patti Austin) faded Westcoast Swing IV+0+some, Ross  
 About a Quarter to Nine (Starlite Orch & Singers) Foxtrot IV+1, Hoffman  
 Above and beyond - Rodney Crowell 2-step II+1, Nickel  
 Abracadabra - Orchester Werner Tauber Cha IV+1, Nelson Dance = Abraca-Cha
 Abracadabra (Robin Macelle) - edited Foxtrot V+1, Cantrrell  
 Abracame (Julio Iglesias) Bolero V+1, Immamura Hold me Tight
 Abrazame (Casa Musica) Bolero V+2, Worlock  
 Abrazame (Gold Star Orch) Rumba IV, Berka  
 Abril en Portugal (Julio Iglesias) Rumba III, Hollenbeck  
 Abril en Portugal = Orquesta de Habana Mambo III, Ross  
 Absolutely Positively Might Be (Mitchell John)- 5pc 2-step II, Defore  
 Abundant Joy (Gary Prim) Slow-2-step IV+2, Schmidt  
 Acabo de Llegar (Alex Leon) faded & slowed 85% Mambo III, Ross  
 Acapella Kelis) - faded Cha V, Ross  
 Acapulco - Johnny Duncan 2-step II, Wilder Cha IV, Francis
 Acapulco (Herb Alpert) 2-step II, Meyer  
 Acapulco (Neil Diamond)-8pc Cha IV+2, Kincaid Difficult
 Acapulco Nights Rumba IV, Slater  
 Ac-Cent-Tchu-Ate The Positive (Paul McCartney) Jive IV+0+1, Hicks  
 Accentuate The Positive (Perry Como) 2-step II+1, Beaulieu Foxtrot IV+2, Heuer-Bibb
 Ace in the Hole (George Strait) Cha III, Smith 2-step III, Preskitt
 Acercate Mas (Natalie & Nat Cole) Rumba VI, Shibata  
 Achy Breaky Heart (Billy Ray Cyrus) Smith, Hooper, Robertson, Chico,  
 Acquerello Napoletano () Waltz IV, Dierickx  
 Act Like A Man (Neil Diamond) Waltz II+2+1, Weiss  
 Act Naturally (Buck Owens & the Buckaroos - 1963) 2-step II+1, Yamashita  
 Act Naturally (The Beatles) 2-step II+1, Chico  
 Adagio (Casa Musica) Waltz VI, Lamberty  
 Adagio (Rolf Lovland) Rumba VI, Scott  
 Adalida (Geoge Strait) edited for Dierickx 2-step III+0+1, Dierickx  
 Adam's Rib (Loretta Lynn) 2-step II, Buckmaster-Reigel  
 Addicted by Dan Seals Rumba IV, Betzelberger  
 Addicted to a Dollar (Doug Stone) 2-step II, Seurer  
 Addicted To You (Shakira) Merengue V+2+1, Kincaid  
 Addio Mia Cara (Olivato Dancesport Orchestra) Waltz V, Herr  
 Adeline (Richard Clayderman) Slow-2-Step VI, Shibata Slow-2-step III+2, Kincaid
 Adiemus (Klaus Hallen) - short Waltz V+2+2, Woodruff  
 Adios Amigo (Ben Steneker) Rumba V+0+1 or IV+2, Dierickx  
 Adios Amigo (Marty Robbins) + 7 pc Rumba III+1, Shotting  
 Adios Amigo (Mike Sikorsky) Classic or Weiss  
 Adios Amigos Cha (Special Pressing) Cha V+2, Esqueda  
 Adios Amor - Mayela Estrada Rumba IV+2, Kenny Rumba V+2, Blackford
 Adios Amor (Ya lo se que te vas, Mayela Estrada) Rumba VI, Dechenne  
 Adios and Goodnight (Al Caiola) Rumba III+2, Byrd  
 Adios Argentina (Ballroom Orch & Singers) Tango III+1+2, Ross  
 Adiós Mariquita Linda (Hugo Strasser) Rumba V+2+several, Dierickx  
 Adios Mariquita Linda (Japan) Rumba V+2, Doi  
 Adios Mariquita Linda (Los Indios Tabajaras) Rumba IV, Barnhill  
 Adios Mariquita Linda (Prandi) Rumba IV, Hata  
 Adios Muchachos - John Warren Tango V+2+2, Ross  
 Adios Muchachos (For Worlock tango) Tango VI, Worlock  
 Adios Pampa Mia (Roper) Argentine Tango, Rother  
 Adivinha de Onde Sou (Julia Graciela) Slow=2=step IV+2+2, Dierickx  
 Admiration Waltz (Hugo Montenegro) +18% Waltz II+2, Defore  
 Adobe and Dust (The Hard Road Trio) Waltz II+2, Weiss  
 Adoration Waltz (Sidney Thompson) Waltz V, Turner  
 Adorn (Miguel) - speed +5% Bolero III, Ross  
 Adrenalina (Ballroom Orch & Singers) Cha V, Ross  
 Adventure of a Lifetime (Coldplay) - faded West Coast Swing IV+0+3, Ross  
 Ae Fond Kiss (Celtic Woman) Waltz IV, Kline  
 Af en Af (Kurt Darren) 2-step II, Seurer  
 Affaire du coeur - Helmuth Brandenburg - Shorter Hesitation Canter Waltz V, Dierickx  
 Afraid To Dream (Grenn 17148) 2-step II, Seurer  
 Africa (Robin Hogarth Tribal Mix) Waltz V, Ross  
 Africa (Rose Laurens) Good for cha drills  
 Africa Bamba (Vio Friedmann) Samba IV, Ross  
 African Tango - Giants Of Latin Rumba V+2+1, Wulf Dance = Rumba in Africa
 African Tango (Adiemus) Rumba V+2, Noble Afro Cubano
 African Tango (Dancelife)+ 8pc Rumba III+0+3, Koozer  
 Africano (Andy Fortuna) - faded Samba IV, Ross  
 After All (Al Jarreau) - faded & slowed 10% Rumba V, Ross  
 After All (Cher & Peter Cetera) + 22pc Bolero V, Hartzell-Ferris  
 After All (Cher & Peter Cetera) +10pc Bolero V, Kline  
 After All These Years - Foster and Allen Slow-2-step IV+1+1, Gloodt  
 After Party - Koffee Brown WCS V, Ross  
 After Sweet Memories (Jack Jersey) Rumba IV+1+1, Dierickx  
 After the Ball is Over (Nat King Cole) -8pc Viennese Waltz V+, Shibata  
 After the Disco (Broken Bells) Merengue V+1+1, Townsend-Manning  
 After the Kiss (Aladdin) No choreo  
 After the Love Has Gone (Earth, Wind & Fire) - faded & slowed 11% Rumba V, Ross  
 After The Lovin' (Barbara Mandrell) Foxtrot IV, Francis  
 After the Loving (Englebert Humperdink) = Apres l'Etreinte  
 After The Rain Comes The Sun - F.R.P. - (Dancing In The Moonlight) - FRP - PP,IN Waltz IV+2, Parker  
 After Today (Sidney Thompson) Waltz V, Lawrence  
 After We Met - Werner Tauber Orchestra Rumba IV+1, Hoffman  
 After Winter - Twins Project Waltz III+2, Kenny  
 After You ( Dan Seals)+ 5 pc Rumba IV, Betzelberger  
 After You Mr. Trumpet Man (Frank Mills) 2-step II+2, Knowles Mr. Trumpet Man
 After You Mr. Trumpet Man (Frank Mills)-5pc 2-step II+2, Knowles  
 Afterglow (Dancelife) Rumba III+2+1, Burger  
 Afternoon Delight (Starland Vocal Band) 2-step II+1, Parsons  
 Agadou (Saragossa Band) Cha IV+2 or V+1, Gruender  
 Again (Ballroom Orch & Singers) Tango IV, Ross  
 Again (REXL) No choreo  
 Agatha (Dancelife) Tango III+0+2, Ross  
 Agua De Mar (Alejandro Fernandez)+ 3 pc Bolero V+1, Goss-Figwer  
 Ah! Leah! (Donnie Iris) West Coast Swing V, Ross  
 Ai No Corrida (Ross Mitchell) Cha V+2+3, Nelson Cha Cha Corrida
 Ai Se Os Meus Olhos Falassem (Luis Filipe Reis) Rumba IV+1, De Mello  
 Ain't Cha Glad (Grenn) 2-step II+1, Craven 2-step II+2, Paull
 Ain't Gonna Bump No More (Joe Tex) Cha-TS V, Scott  
 Ain't Got No Home (Clarence Frogman Henry) Single Swing IV, Ross  
 Ain't got nothin on us (John Michael Montgomery) 2-step II+1, Baldwin  
 Ain't It Funny (Lia) edited Samba IV+1+1, Schmidt  
 Ain't Misbehavin' (Hank Williams Jr) Westcoast Swing IV+2, Barton 2-step-Jive IV, Wilhoit
 Ain't No Love ( Ballroom Orch & Singers) Cha IV, Ross  
 Ain't No Woman (Four Tops) Rumba IV+1, Knight  
 Ain't Nobody (Dancelife) - faded Samba IV, Ross  
 Ain't Nobody Here But Us Chickens (Asleep at the Wheel) Alternate  
 Ain't Nobody Here But Us Chickens (Louis Jordan) 2-step II, Kincaid  
 Ain't Nobody Who Can Do It Like Leslie Can (Paul Revere & Raiders) Jive IV, Simpson  
 Ain't Nobody's Business (Hank Williams) 2-step & Jive IV, Wilhoit  
 Ain't Nothin'Beer Cant Fix - Thomas Rhett Rumba III+1, Dean  
 Ain't She Sweet (HiHat)) Two-step II, Connelly  
 Ain't She Sweet (Tony Willock) Foxtrot - Jive IV+2, Heiny  
 Ain't That A Kick In The Head (Dean Martin) Foxtrot IV, Pratt Foxtrot V+1, Cantrell
 Ain't That a Shame (8 to the Bar) Jive V+1+1, Gloodt  
 Ain't That Just The Way (Anna Book) Rumba III, Burger  
 Ain't that Just the Way (Lutricia McNeal) - 20pc Foxtrot IV, Ross  
 Ain't Too Proud to Beg (The Temptations) West Coast Swing VI, Ross  
 Ain't we got fun [Olstead] 2-step II, Parker  
 Ain't What You Do (Ballroom Fantasy) Quickstep V+1+3, Schmidt  
 Air On G-String (Japan) Fox V+2, Doi  
 Al Di La - Hisao Sudou Rumba V+2, Ross  
 Alabama Jubilee (Red Skunk) Jive V+0+1, Naylor  
 Alabama Waltz - (Grenn) Waltz II, Smithwick  
 Alabaster Box - CeCe Winans - shortened Bolero V, Kline Hard music to dance to
 Aladambama (Roger Miller) 2-step-Single Swing IV+1, Woodruff  
 Alaska Flag Song (Adele Morgan) Bolero IV, Rogers  
 Alberta Bound (Gordon Lightfoot) Quickstep-2-step-foxtrot III+1, Rosenthal  
 Albinoni's Adagio (Japan) Rumba IV+2+1, Doi  
 Albuquerque (Chuck Mead) Rumba III, Singleton  
 Aleena (Cherokee Boogie) 2-step II, Bond  
 Alejandro (Lady Gaga) Edited Samba V+0+2. Garza  
 Alexanders Rag (Japan) 2-step-quickstep III+1, Ito  
 Alexanders Ragtime Band (Hoctor) Quickstep-TwoStep III, Croft-De Zordo Mixer I, Urban
 Alexandrovski (Japan) Waltz III+1, Doi Waltz V+2, Doi
 Alfie (Lilly Allen) Cha-Nerengue III+2, Woodruff  
 Algo Contigo - New 101 Strings Orchestra Bolero III, Ross  
 Algo Tienes (Marta Sanchez) Cut Bolero V+1, Lankuttis  
 Alguien Canto (Matt Monroe) Bolero VI, Hicks (The Music Played)  
 Alguien Como Tu (Angela Carrasco) Rumba VI, Preskitt  
 Alhambra (Sarah Brightman) Long version Waltz V+1+1, Shibata  
 Alhambra (Sarah Brightman) Waltz IV+1, Lamberty Waltz V+1+1, Shibata
 Ali Baba Cha Cha (Prandi) Cha IV+2+1, Dierickx  
 Alibis (Tracy Lawrence) WZ IV, Mitchell, II+1, Wacker, Scott  
 Alice Blue Gown - Babs Waltz IV, Preskitt  
 Alice Blue Gown (Tony Evans) Waltz III+1, Eckley (Blue Gown Waltz)  
 Aline (Adamo) STS V, Cibula  
 Aline (Christophe) STS V, Cibula  
 Aline (Paul Mauriat) Hes-Can Waltz IV+2, Dierickx  
 Alive & Kickin' (Roy Rogers) Two-step II+1, Wacker Two-step II+1, Dick
 Alive (Empire of the Sun) Cha III, Ross  
 All About That Bass (DJ Mitya feat. Ella) Cha VI, Worlock  
 All About That Bass (Meghan Trainor) Jive IV+1, Ahart  
 All about That Bass (Postmodern Jukebox) Foxtrot VI, Hurd  
 All About That Bass (Swingpop) Foxtrot V+0+1, Davenport  
 All About We (Neil Diamond) Foxtrot-Jive V, Weiss  
 All About You - Vio Friedmann Foxtrot IV, Ross  
 All Alone - John Warren Waltz V+1, Ross  
 All Alone - Johnny Howard & His Orchestra - (Irving Berlin's Hit Parade) - PR - TO,EV,EN (1) Johnny Howard & His Orchestra Waltz II, Gruender
 All American Country Boy - Alan Jackson 2-step II+2, Hilton  
 All American Girl (The Statler Brothers) 2-step III, Baldwin  
 All Around the World - Lou Rawls Jive IV+1+3, Cantrell Jive III, Maguire
 All at once (Alex Bollard) shortened Slow-2-step IV+1+3, Diericlx  
 All By Myself - Ray Conniff Foxtrot V, Van Acker Foxtrot IV+1, Dierickx
 All By Myself (Wilmore Franco feat. Judy Santos) Bachata Unphased, Hicks  
 All Dressed Up (Reba McEntire). Rumba III+2, Baldwin  
 All Fall Down (George Jones-EmmyLou Harris)+8pc Bolero III+2, Nelson  
 All for Love (Brian Adams-Sting-Rod Stewart) - speeded 15% Bolero VI, Ross  
 All For The Love of Sunshine (Frank McCaffrey) Shortened and Slowed 5pc Waltz IV+1, Dierickx  
 All for the Love of Sunshine (Hank Williams Jr)-4pc Waltz IV+1, Hichman Waltz III+0+1, Tennant
 All Good Things (Vio Friedmann) Cha III, Ross  
 All His Children (Henry Mancini) Waltz IV, Smelser,Waltz III+1 - Harris Waltz II,+2, Gloodt
 All His Children-Mancini Waltz IV, Smelser  
 All I Ask -- Helmut Licht Rumba III+2, Rumba IV Baldwin
 All I Ask of You (Barbara Streisand) Slow-2-step VI, Rumble  
 All I Ask Of You (Karl Schmidt Big Band) Foxtrot IV+1, Rotscheid  
 All I Ask Of You (Ricci - Arholm) Waltz II, Watanabe  
 All I Ask of You (Ross Mitchell) Rumba III+1, Drake Rumba V+1, McGee
 All I Can Be (Collin Raye) 2-step II, Bartlette  
 All I do is Dream of You (Dean Martin) Alternate  
 All I Do Is Dream Of You (Michael Buble) Jive IV+2+1, Hurd  
 All I do is dream of you (Roper) Fox IV, Wright; IV+2+1, Brann Fox VI, Moore
 All I do is dream of you (Windsor) Cha III, Palmquist  
 All I Had Going Is Gone (Gary Allan) Waltz IV, Ross  
 All I Have To Do (Everly Brothers) WCS III+2, Wahle, Foxtrot IV, Francis WCS V+1, Woodruff (cue card)
 All I Have To Do Is Dream - Everly Brothers 2-step II+2, Sanders (Dream Dream Dream)  
 All I Have To Do Is Dream (Barry Manilow) Rumba III+1, Rumble  
 All I Need Is the Girl (Frank Sinatra) Foxtrot V, Ross  
 All I Need Is You (Des O'Connor) Foxtrot IV, Gruender  
 All I See (Kylie Minogue) West Coast Swing IV, Ross  
 All I Wanna Do - Sheryl Crow West Coast Swing V+0+3, Ross  
 All I Wanna Do Is Make Love to You - Heart Fox IV, Ross  
 All I want is you (Swing Cats) Single Swing IV+1+1, Townsend-Manning  
 All In A Night's Work (Dean Martin)x Fox V+2, Molitoris Fox V+1, Blackford (A Night's Work)
 All in My Heart (John Michael Montgomery) edited for McKenrick Waltz III+2, McKenrick  
 All in my Heart (John Michael Montgomery) Waltz II+2, Cavness  
 All in the Game (Ross Mitchell) Waltz IV+2, Buck  
 All Kinds of Everything (Dana) shortened Waltz III, Dierickx  
 All Kinds Of Everything (Dana)-5 pc Waltz VI, Vogt; III+2, Molitoris Waltz II+2, Tennant
 All My Exes Live In Texas (George Strait) 2-step II, Crapo or Sanders  
 All My Life -Linda Ronstadt and Aaron Neville Bolero III+2, Mee  
 All My Love (Grenn) Waltz II, Ward Waltz II+2, Daviau
 All My Love's Laughter (Ed Ames)+ 7 pc Waltz III, Ross  
 All Night (Brothers Osborne)) Cha IV, Cox  
 All Of Me (Anne Murray) 2-step II+2, Betzelberger  
 All Of Me (Michael Buble) Foxtrot-Jive IV, Goss  
 All of You (Iglesias-Ross) Bolero V+1, Cibula  
 All of You (Johnny Howard) STS III+2, Pearson Foxtrot IV+1, Gloodt
 All of You (Sammy Davis Jr) Foxtrot VI, Cantrell  
 All Over Again Fox VI, Slater  
 All Over Me - Josh Turner 2-step II+0+1  
 All Over The World (ELO) edited by Annette Cha IV+2+1, Byrd  
 All Over the World (Katie Melua) Slow-2-ste[ IV+2+2, Weiss  
 All Over the World (Nat King Cole) Waltz II, Gotta  
 All Over the World (Special Pressing) Waltz II, Gotta Viennese tempo
 All She Wants To Do Is Dance (Don Henley) - faded West Coast Swing V+0+several  
 All Shook Up (Elvis Presley) 2-step II, Becker  
 All Star (Smash Mouth) Jive-Cha III, Simpson Cha IV, Burger
 All That Jazz (Hoctor) Alternate  
 All That She Wants (Ace of Base) + 17pc Foxtrot IV, Ross  
 All the Fun (Paul Overstreet) 2-step II+1, Rotscheid 2-step II, Harris
 All The Love In The World - Vio Friedmann Rumba V, Ross  
 All The Love In The World (The Corrs) Bolero V+1, Kline  
 All the Man That I Need (Whitney Houston) - speeded 15% Bolero III, Ross  
 All The Same To Me (Anya Marina) Cha-2-step IV+2, Woodruff  
 All The Stars in Athens (Kristina Bach) - 5% & Shortened 2-step III, Dierickx  
 All the Stars in the Sky (Joanie Bartels) Waltz II+2, Chadd Waltz IV, Francis
 All The Things You Are (Carly Simon) Alternate  
 All The Things You Are (Ella Fitzgerald) Maybe Moore's fox VI 2002  
 All the Time (Special Pressing) .2-step III, Harris 2-step III+1, Collipi
 All the Time in the World - Louis Armstrong Bolero III+2, Lankuttis  
 All The Time In The World (Tony Evans) Rumba III, Bradt  
 All The Way (Frank Sinatra) Smith to Hi Hat 1971  
 All The Way Home - Peter Douglas Waltz IV+2+1, Hixson Premium Standard - Ballroom Elegance
 All The Ways (Meghan Trainor) West Coast Swing VI, Worlock  
 All The While (Ross Mitchell) Jive PH III+2 (Kincaid)  
 All These Things (Joe Stampley) Foxtrot-Jive III+2, Schappacher  
 All This Time (Maria Mena) - 12 pc Foxtrot III+2, Hollenbeck  
 All This Time (Reba McEntire) + 25pc Slow-2-step IV+1, Stairs  
 All Time High (Pan FluteDreamsound) Slow-2-Step IV+1, Wilaby  
 All Time High (Rita Coolidge) Slow-2-step V, Prow  
 All to Myself (STAR-Boat to China) FT VI, Bahr; IV, Couey; IV+1, Kolshorn IV, Chico, VI, Esqueda; TS Auria, Woolcock
 All Together Now (Patrick & Eugene) Cha III+2, Woodruff  
 All Winter is gone (Rita) Waltz IV+1, Matthews  
 All You Ever Do Is Bring Me Down (Mavericks) 2-step II+1, Seurer  
 Alleen (John Larry) Rumba IV+1+2, Dierickx  
 Allegheny - Helmut Licht Fox IV+1, Baldwin  
 Allegheny Moon - Al Russ Waltz III+2, Ross  
 Allegheny Moon (Patti Page)+20 pc Waltz IV, Hinsley; IV+1, Harris; II+2, Woolcock Waltz II, Robertson (Lamp of Love)
 Alley Cat (Bent Fabric) 2-step II, Schmidt, Croft-De Zordo, Kaminski, Buckmaster-Reigel
 Alley Cat (Bill Pursell - great quality) 2-step II+1, McKendrick  
 Alley Cat (Bill Pursell) +7pc Jive IV+2+1, McKenrick  
 Alley Cat Blues (Diana Frangi) Foxtrot IV, Davenport  
 Allez Vous En (STAR 141) Waltz IV, Sanders  
 Alligator Stroll (Josh Turner) West Coast Swing IV+2+3, Gloodt 2-step II+2, McKenrick
 Alligator Walk (La56) 2-step II+1, Beaulieu  
 Alma Andalucia (Roper 128) Paso VI, Roberts  
 Almost Grown (Chuck Berry) Single Swing III, Ross  
 Almost Like Being In Love (Frank Sinatra) Quickstep, Preskitt  
 Almost Like Being In Love (from 'Brigadoon' - Gabriel Rice) -4pc Quickstep IV, Brewer  
 Almost like being in love (Hoctor) 2-step II+1, Slater  
 Almost Like Being In Love (Nat King Cole)-5pc Quickstep IV+1, Cantrell  
 Almost Like Being In Love (Natalie Cole) 2-step II+1, Slater  
 Almost Like Being In Love (Paola Fabris) 2-step-quickstep, Cavness  
 Almost Like You Never Went Away - Mel Tillis 2-step II, Ross  
 Almost Over (Getting Over You) Pam Tillis - Billy Gillman 2-srep II+1, Speranzo  
 Almost Persuaded (David Houston) Waltz II, Crapo  
 Almost Persuaded (Jack Greene) Waltz II+2, Tennant  
 Almost There (Andy Williams) - 5 pc Bolero III+2, Collipi  
 Almost Tomorrow (Dreamweavers) Waltz V+2, Bond  
 Aloha Is (Moe Keale) Waltz II+2, Weiss  
 Aloha Oe (Japan) Bolero IV+2, Doi  
 Alone (Heart) Bolero IV+1, Prow  
 Alone (Kenny G) Solo Bolero, V+1, Hurd  
 Alone (Sarah Williams) Waltz IV, Ross  
 Alone (The Four Seasons) Cha III+2, Booz  
 Alone (Why I Must Be Alone) (The Four Seasons) Cha III+2, Booz  
 Along Came Jones (The Coasters)-12pc 2-step II+1, Booz  
 Alphabet of love - Suburbans No choreo  
 Alright (Janet Jackson) - faded Cha III, Ross  
 Alright Already (Larry Stewart) 2-step II, Healea JV-WCS V, Robertson
 Alright, Okay, You win (Peggy Lee) Jive VI, Childers  
 Alta Sociedad (Dance and Listen) Cha V, Maguire  
 Alto Songo (The Chakachas) Mambo III, Ross  
 Alvarez Tango - Prandi Tango III, Gruender (Tango Alvarez)  
 Always - Arthur Murray Waltz V+2, Ross Waltz V+2+4, Eum=Ray
 Always (Bobby Darin) Foxtrot IV+1, Kincaid  
 Always be This Way (Martina McBride) 2-step II, Defore  
 Always Believin' (Marsha Thornton) Waltz IV, Ross [R4-12]  
 Always In My Heart (Los Indios Tabajaras) Bolero V, Szabo (also III+2) Bolero IV, Wacker; IV+2, McKenrick
 Always Look On The Bright Side (Monty Python) Foxtrot IV+1, Bradl  
 Always On My Mind (Ballroom Orch & Singers) Rumba III, Ross  
 Always On My Mind (Willie Nelson) Bolero III+2, Seurer  
 Always Something There To Remind Me (Naked Eyes) Single Swing IV+2, Hichman  
 Always There (Chacra Music) Rumba III, Kline  
 Always Together - Woolcock - FT III+2 Foxtrot III+2, Woolcock  
 Always Together (Rosemary Clooney) Waltz II, Ross  
 Always True To You In My Fashion - Julie London Fox VI, Ross  
 Always Wanting You (Merle Haggard) +6.4pc Rumba IV+1,  
 Always You (Grenn) Waltz II+1, Lucius Waltz II, Buckmaster-Reigel
 Am I Blue (Linda Ronstadt & Nelson Riddle Orch.) Foxtrot VI, Lamberty also IV: Am I blue 4U
 Am I Blue (Linda Ronstadt) Slow-2-step IV+1+3, Hichman  
 Am I Blue [Sp Press] Fox IV+2, Slater  
 Am I Crazy - Statler Brothers Cha III+2, Toles  
 Am I Losing You (Jim Reeves) Bolero IV, Waldorf  
 Am I That Easy To Forget (Humperdinck) 2-step II+2, Holub, 1984 Maybe 2-step/jive III+2, Hooper
 Am I That Easy To Forget (Johnny Duncun) No choreo  
 Am I too Blue (Isabelle) Slow-2-step IV+1, Healea  
 Am Rio Negro (Dancelife) Tango III+0+2, Ross  
 Amada Mia (Hoctor) TS-RB III, Navage  
 Amado Mio (Dancelife) Rumba VI, Ross  
 Amado Mio (Pink Martini) shortened & slowed Cha IV+1+1, Van Acker  
 Amairo (Enjoy Dance Music 16) Rumba III+2, Ito  
 Amame - R Mitchell Rumba IV+1 or V+2, Kincaid  
 Amame Una Vez Mas - RB - Ross Mitchell Rumba V+2, Kincaid  
 Amanda (Don Williams)- 2pc Waltz II, Koozer  
 Amante del Amor (Luis Miguel) Bolero V+2, Hata ; Bolero V+1, Nelson Bolero III or Bolero IV, Hilton
 Amapola (Frank Michael In French) Awaiting a choreographer  
 Amapola (Joe Bourne) Mambo III+2, Gruender (Poppy Mambo)  
 Amapola (Mantovani) - Shortened & -5pc Rumba V+0+1, Dierickx  
 Amapola (Pretty Little Poppy) Bolero-Rumba VI, Toyama-Muraoka  
 Amapola (Tommy Dorsey) Mixed III+2, Pierson  
 Amapola (Tony Evans) Rumba VI, Rumble Rumba III+2, Kennedy
 Amapola Cha (Japan) Cha III+2, Doi  
 Amar Haciendo el Amor (Vio Friedmann) - faded Samba IV, Ross  
 Amar y Vivir (Gigliola Cinquetti y Trio Los Panchos) Rumba V+1, Dierickx  
 Amarantine - Enya - +10pc Bolero V+0+1, Dierickx  
 Amarantine (Enya) Slow-2-step IV+1+bunch, Matthews  
 Amarantine (Hisao Sudo) Waltz IV+2, Dierickx  
 Amarcord (Ballroom Orch & Singers) Foxtrot IV, Ross  
 Amargura ((Stanley Black) Tango VI, Rumble  
 Amarillo By Morning (George Strait) Foxtrot IV, Toles, 1993 Rumba IV, Francis; 2-step II, Sanders
 Amateur (Aimee Mann) - faded & slowed 7% Waltz IV, Ross [R4-13]  
 Amazed (Lonestar) Slow-2-step III+0+3, Ross  
 Amazed (Lonestar)+11pc Bolero V, Matthews Fox-Rumba V+1, Malthouse
 Amazing Grace - Charlie Rich Jive IV+1, Speranzo-Slater  
 Amazing Grace (Hayley Westenra)+14.5 pc Waltz V+2, Ito  
 Amazing Grace (Joel Sonnier) Waltz IV, Dufrene  
 Amazing Grace (Phil Coulter) Waltz IV, Shane  
 Amazing Grace (Red Rose Dance Collections) Waltz IV, Scherrer  
 Amazing Grace (Slow Waltzes- Kawai) Alternate (Etienne Cap)  
 Amazing Grace (Statler Brothers) short Patriotic  
 Amazing Grace Bolero (Japan) Bolero III`2, Doi  
 Amazing Grace Waltz (Japan) Waltz IV, Doi  
 Amazing Love (Charley Pride) Rumba IV, Francis  
 America (Neil Diamond) Cha III+1+1, Barhill (Coming to America)  
 American Beauty Rose (Frank Sinatra) Quickstep V, Ross  
 American Honky-Tonk Bar Association (Garth Brooks) 2-step II+1, Townsend-Manning  
 American Kids (Kenny Chesney)- 9 pc 2-step II+2, Gatchell-Rivenburg 2-step II+2, Collins
 Americana (Moe Bandy) Cha III+2, Gill  
 Amiga do Vento (Julia Graciela) Bolero V+0+2, Dierickx  
 Amigo's Guitar (Kitty Wells) (conflicted) Rumba III, Hichman Rumba III+2, Tennant
 Amigo's Guitar (Kitty Wells) Rumba III, Hichman  
 Amigos Para Siempre (Brightman & Carreras) Alternate  
 Amigos para Siempre (Ross Mitchell) Rumba IV+1, Neubert ; IV+2, Pinks Rumba - cha IV+2, Woodruff
 Amistad - Carmen Soarez - (Latin Music 8) Bolero V, Kenny Rumba IV+2, Beaulieu
 Among my Souvenirs (Marty Robbins) STS or Bolero - No choreo  
 Among the Wicklow Hills (The Shannon Singers) Foxtrot III+2, Hilton  
 Amor Adolecente (Julia Graciela) Rumba V+2, Dierickx  
 Amor Amor (Chacra) Rumba IV+1, P. Connelly  
 Amor Amor Amor - Orquestra Romanticos de Cuba Rumba IV+2, Hoffman Tres Amor
 Amor Amor Amor (Liscio Mania) - Shortened Rumba V+0+1, Dierickx  
 Amor Amor Amor (Olivia Molina) Rumba-cha V+1, Weiss  
 Amor Amor Amor (Tony Evans) Rumba V+1, Weiss Rumba III+1+1, Koozer
 Amor No Te Vayas Nunca (Sparx) Bolero V, Dierickx  
 Amor Y Cha Cha Cha (Gianni Morandi) - Shortened Cha V+0+2, Dierickx  
 Amor Y Cha Cha Cha (Gianni Morandi) shortened & slowed 5pc Cha V+0+1, Dierickx  
 Amor, Amor, Amor (Julio Iglesias) Latin Love 2-step-samba IV, Wilder
 Amorcito Corazon (Julia Graciela)+10pc Rumba IV+2 or Bolero V+0+1, Dierickx  
 Amorcito Corazón (luis Miguel) Rumba IV, Dierickx  
 Amore Baciami (Barimar) - 15pc Waltz V+1+1, Dierickx  
 Amore E Musica (Russell Watson) - faded & slowed 10% Waltz IV, Ross [R4-14]  
 Amore Secondo (Stan Slotter) Rumba IV+1, Moore  
 Amore, Amore (David Hasselhoff) Slowed 3 pc & Shortened Rumba-Cha V+1+3, Dierickx  
 Amores Como el Nuestro (Jerry Rivera) - faded & slowed 10% Mambo III, Ross  
 Amos Moses (Jerry Reed) Line Dance, very easy  
 Amour secret (Helene), -5pc, shortened Slow-2-step V+0+several, Dierickx  
 Amparita Roca (Louis Funny Group) Paso V, Schmidt  
 Amparita Roca March (Telemark) Paso doble -no choreo  
 Amparito Roca (Roper) Paso V+2, Folwell-Butcher Dance = Paso Fiesta
 An Affair to Remember (Slater's Fox) Foxtrot V, Slater  
 An American Dream - Nitty Gritty Dirt Band Rumba IV+0+1, Hichman  
 An Angel Sleeps Beside Me Every Night (Eddy Arnold) 2-step II, Dierickx  
 An Attitude of Gratitude (Jimmy Buffet) Rumba III, Healea  
 An Illusion (Nat King Cole) Foxtrot III+2, Cantrell  
 An meiner Seite (Vanessa Neigert) 2-step II, Henerlau  
 An Occasional Man - Don Tiki Cha IV, Weiss  
 An Old Love Turned Memory (Charlie Pride) Waltz III+2, Francis  
 An Old Man's Last Ride (Wylie and the Wild West) Jim Hattrick's waltz II See cue-cards
 An Out of Control Raging Fire - Tracy Byrd & Dawn Sears Waltz IV+1, Ross  
 Anacapa Farewell Lite. Waltzes by Otto: V+0+1 or IV+0+1 Shortened version
 Anacapa Farewell Waltzes by Otto: V+0+1 or IV+0+1 Same music as Ashokan Farewell
 Anastasia (Journey To The Past) Rumba VI, Worlock  
 Ancient History (Pam Tillis) 2-step II, Barrett  
 And Fade Away (Sugar Ray) STS IV+1, Simpson  
 And I Love Her (Ballroom Diamond Orch) Rumba IV+1, Hoffman  
 And I Love Her (Dinu Radu) Rumba IV+2, Hoffman (The Magic Flute)  
 And I Love Her (Doi) Bolero IV, Doi  
 And I Love Her (Instr.Santo & Johnny) Bolero IV, Doi Not Or. music
 And I Love Her (Julio Iglesias) Rumba V, Parker  
 And I Love Her (The Beatles) Rumba IV+2+1, Noble or Garza Rumba IV, Francis or Dodge
 And I Love Him - Ross Mitchell Rumba III, Watanabe Dance is "Cradle"
 And I Love Him (Esther Phillips) Rumba IV+1, Kincaid  
 And I Love Him (Lynn Alice) Bolero IV+1, Kincaid  
 And I Love You So (Tony Evans) Rumba III+1 or IV+2, Byrd  
 And That Reminds Me (Al Martino) Foxtrot V+2, Vogt  
 And That Reminds Me (Della Reese) Fox IV and fox-jive III+2, Clark  
 And that reminds me (Prandi) Foxtrot IV+2, Dierickx  
 And the Angels Sing (Martha Tilton) - Faded Foxtrot III, Ross  
 And The Beat Goes On - The Whispers West Coast Swing IV, Ross  
 And the Beat Goes On (The Whispers) West Coast Swing IV, Ross  
 And Then You're Gone (Pink Martini) Tango-mambo IV+1, Parker  
 And We Were Lovers (Matt Monroe) Rumba IV+2+1, Lawrence Rumba V+2, Blackford
 And When I Dance with You (Gunter Noris) Cha IV, Dierickx  
 Andalucia (Shall We Dance) Waltz II+1, Gomez-Lee  
 Andante (Deer Hunter Theme) Waltz VI, Howard  
 Andante (Telemark) Waltz VI, Howard  
 Andante Cantabile (Al Stratton Ensemble) Waltz V, Moore  
 Androgyne (Amore All' Armonia) Waltz IV, Ross [R4-15]  
 Angel (Sarah McLachlan) short & slowed WZ VI, Dechenne  
 Angel (Vio Friedmann) Waltz IV, Ross [R4-11]  
 Angel Baby (Dean Martin) Foxtrot IV, Kurczewski  
 Angel on my Shoulder (Shelby Flint) Fox IV, Gloodt  
 Angel on My Shoulder (The Cascades) Rumba III+1, Watanabe  
 Angel Smile (Nat King Cole) Jive III+1+2, Kurczewski  
 Angel Waltz (Sound Express) Waltz III, Chadd  
 Angel With a Broken Wing (Heidi Hauge) - Shortened Rumba IV+0+1, Dierickx  
 Angelica (Chacra Music) Waltz III+2+1, Maguire  
 Angelica (World of Standard)- 7 pc Waltz V+1, Dierickx Waltz III+2+1, Maguire
 Angelina (Lou Bega) Cha V+2, Worlock  
 Angelina MB IV+2, Collipi  
 Angelique (Caravelli) -10% Hes-Canter Waltz V+1, Dierickx  
 Angelito (Herb Alpert) Cha IV+1, Hoffman Rumba IV+1, Coffeen
 Angelitos Negros (Eartha Kitt) Rumba V+1, Dierickx  
 Angelitos Negros (Nana Mouskouri) Bolero V+1+3, Scherrer  
 Angels Don´t Lie (Jim Reeves) Rumba III, Logan  
 Angels Don't Fly - James Prosser Waltz II, Speranzo  
 Angels Don't Fly (George Jones) Waltz II+1, Ring  
 Angels Fall Sometimes (Josh Turner) Foxtrot III+1, Betzelberger  
 Angels In waiting (Tammy Cochran) Bolero IV, Gerdes Dance = Angel Wing
 Angiers Waltz - Dble M Waltz II, Lewis Beyond Romance
 Angustia (Ballroom Latin Dance) Paso VI+1, Ross  
 Anita ( Armin van Buuren & Timmy Trumpet) Mambo IV, Ulbrich  
 Anita (Chinook) Rumba IV+1, Sobala  
 Anna - Arthur Murray Samba V+1, Ross  
 Anna - Roper 121 Samba IV, Anderson  
 Annabelle (Daniel Boone 1972) No choreo  
 Annabelle (Guenter Kallmann) Waltz III+1, Kilner  
 Annie I'm Not Your Daddy (Kid Creole & Coconuts) Cha III, Ross  
 Annie Laurie (Japan) Cha III+1+1, Doi  
 Annientamento - Charles Barlow Tango V, Ross  
 Annientamento (Tony Evans) Tango VI, Cunningham  
 Annie's Song (Henry Mancini) slowed 7.5pc Waltz IV+2, Tom Fenais  
 Annie's Song (John Denver Viennese Waltz VI, Eum Waltz II+1, Ellis
 Anniversary Song (Andy Williams) No choreo, alternate  
 Anniversary Waltz (Belco) Waltz II, Peavey Waltz II, Croft-De Zordo
 Anniversary Waltz (Connie Francis) Waltz III, Dierickx Waltz III+1, Barnhill
 Anniversary Waltz (Lawrence Welk) Waltz II, Knight  
 Anniversary Waltz (Roper) Waltz II, Paull; II+1, Morrison Waltz IV, Szabo or Raybuck
 Anniversary Waltz (Tony Evans) Waltz II+1 or IV, McKenrick  
 Another Done Somebody Wrong (B.J. Thomas) 2-step II+1, Sanders  
 Another Man Done Gone - Marie Laveau - Bobby Bare 2-step II, McFarlane (Halloween)  
 Another One Bites The Dust (Queen) Cha IV+1, Simpson  
 Another Part of Me (Michael Jackson) - faded West Coast Swing IV, Ross  
 Another Place, Another Time (Don Williams) 2-step II+1, Speranzo-Mitchell Foxtrot V+2, Warner
 Another Sad Love Song (Toni Braxton) - faded Rumba V, Ross  
 Another Saturday Night (Jimmy Buffet) 2-step II, Little  
 Another Saturday Night (Sam Cooke) 2-step II, Little  
 Another Sleepless Night- (Anne Murray) Cha V, Rogers  
 Another Somebody Done Somebody Wrong - Ace Cannon 2-step II+2, Hoffman  
 Another Somebody Done Somebody Wrong - B.J. Thomas Foxtrot III+2, Ahart  
 Another Time (Freedom) Foxtrot IV, Gruender  
 Another Time Another Place - Tony Evans Quickstep IV, Ross  
 Another You (Andy Williams) Foxtrot IV+0+1, Chico  
 Another You (Rosemary Clooney) Foxtrot IV+0+1, Chico  
 Answer me (Dancelife Ballroom Orchestra Singers) Alternate  
 Answer Me (Hoctor Version) Palmquist, Classic  
 Answer me (Ultimate Waltz Collection) Alternate  
 Answer me Cha (Special Pressing) Cha V+1+1, Anderson Cha III+1+1, Anderson
 Answer Me My Love - Joe Bourne (Not slowed) Cha III, Nelson or McKenrick Cha IV+1, Kirsch; Cha VI, Hagiwara
 Answer Me My Love (Johnny Rivers) Jive V+2+1, Hagiwara  
 Answer Me My Love (Tony Evans) Waltz IV, Shigeyuki-Yamashita  
 Answer Me, My Love (Nat King Cole) WZ VI, Reinhard WZ V, Reinhard (Please, Answer me)
 Answer to He'll have to go (Connie Smith) See "Put your sweet lips"  
 Anterctica (Japan) Waltz III+2, Ito  
 Antichi Ricordi (Casa Musica) Waltz VI or III+2,, Molitoris  
 Anticipation - Secret Garden Waltz VI, Goss  
 Anticipation (Ballroom Nights 5) Waltz IV+1, Dierickx  
 Antonio (Kristina Bach) slowed 7 pc & shortened Cha IV+2+2, Dierickx  
 Ants On A Log (Randy Travis) 2-step II, Lewis  
 Anxiety (Ray Connif) -10pc Foxtrot V, Dierickx  
 Any Day Now (Ronnie Milsap) Rumba IV+1, Francis  
 Any Dream Will Do (Clayderman & Last) Instr. Alternate - instrumental  
 Any Dream Will Do (Dancelife) 2-step I+1, Cavness  
 Any Dream Will Do (Donny Osmond) STS V+1, Bond  
 Any Dream Will Do (Jason Donovan) Alternate  
 Any Dream Will Do (Ross Mitchell) Fox IV, Folwell & Butcher  
 Any Man of Mine (Aine Crehan) Shortened & slowed 2-step II+2, Dierickx  
 Any Man Of Mine (Shania Twain) - short Shortened - no choreo
 Any Man Of Mine (Shania Twain) 2-step II+1, Scott  
 Any Time (Anne Murray) Fox IV+1, Woodruff  
 Any Turkey Can Tango (Silly Sally) Tango III, Ross  
 Anymore (Travis Tritt) + 15 pc Rumba IV, Mason  
 Anymore (Whitney Houston) - faded Cha IV, Ross  
 Anymore Waltz (Brad Morley) Waltz IV, Ross [R4-16]  
 Anyone (Justin Bieber) Rumba III, Kline  
 Anyone Else but You (Ricky Nelson) 2-step II, Seurer  
 Anyone Of Us - Tony Evans Rumba IV, Baldwin  
 Anyone Of Us (Vio Friedmann) Cha III, Chadd  
 Anything But Love (Squirrel Nut Zippers) Fox-jive III+2, Scherrer  
 Anything Can Happen (Linda Eder) Waltz VI, Goss  
 Anything can Happen Mambo (Windsor) Mambo IV+1, Buck Dance = Anything Goes Mambo
 Anything Goes (Frank Sinatra) Foxtrot III+2, Toth Foxtrot V, McDonald
 Anything Is Possible - Joanie Bartels Cha-MR III+1, Mouser  
 Anytime (Des O'Connor) Alternate  
 Anytime (Eddie Arnold) Alternate  
 Anytime (Eddie Fisher) Foxtrot IV, Hartzell  
 Anytime (Grady Martin) 2-step II+1, Clem  
 Anytime (Windsor) 2-step I, Buckmaster-Reigel  
 Anytime Anywhere (Prandi) instrumental Waltz VI, Moore  
 Anytime Anywhere (Prandi) vocal Vocal alternate Moore's waltz to instrumental
 Aoba Yo Castle Bolero VI, Shibata  
 Apasionata (Musica & Poesia Orch) Waltz IV+2, Dierickx  
 Apasionata (Ultimate Ballroom 3) Waltz V, Finch  
 Aphrodisia (Roper) RB IV+2, Kincaid  
 Apocalypse Des Animaux (Russel B.) faded Waltz IV, Ross  
 Apologize (Timbaland) Slow-2-step IV+2+1, Valenta  
 Appalachian Lullabye (Casa Musica)) Waltz VI, Worlock
 Appassionata (Prandi) Waltz III+2 or IV+2, Byrd  
 Appassionata (Secret Garden) Edited Waltz II+1, Wilaby  
 Applause (Lady Gaga) - faded Mambo III, Ross  
 Apple Blossom Time (Bill Haley & the Comets) 2-step II+2, Taylor  
 April Fool's Day (Marty Robbins) 2-step II, Woolcock  
 April in Portugal (Galhardo Ferrao - STAR) Tango VI, Goss Tango in Portugal
 April In Portugal (James Last) 2-step-tango III, De Maine  
 April In Portugal (Les Baxter) Unphased, DeMaine Cha-tango IV+1, Dunn
 April Love (Joe Loss) Foxtrot IV, Lee  
 April Love (Pat Boone) No choreo  
 April Showers (Carol Burnett) 2-step II+1, Martin  
 April Waltz (Perpetual Motion) edited Waltz II+2, Jim Ellis  
 Aquellos Ojos Verdes (Nat King Cole) Rumba IV, Parker cs = Pretty Green Eyes
 Aquisgrana (Michael Holz) Tango V+2, Ito  
 Aramis Confessional Waltz III & waltz IV, Bingham  
 Are You Gonna Dance (Shibata) Cha VI, Shibata  
 Are you lonesome tonight - Francis Goya Waltz IV+2, Dierickx  
 Are You Lonesome Tonight (101 Strings) Waltz IV, Chico; Brauer II+1
 Are you Lonesome Tonight (Barry Manilow) Waltz IV, Powell/Brosie  
 Are you Lonesome Tonight (Elvis laughing) Hilarious Substitute  
 Are You Lonesome Tonight (Elvis) Alternate  
 Are You Lonesome Tonight (Humperdinck) Alternate  
 Are You Lonesome Tonight (Norah Jones) Alternate  
 Are You Lonesome Tonight (Pat Boone) Alternate  
 Are you Lonesome Tonight (Roper) Waltz V, Slater; IV+2, Liggin; II+2, Sobala IV+1, Taravella; III+2, Meads
 Are You On The Road To Lovin' Me Again - Debbie Boone 2-step II+1+1, Matthews  
 Are You Ready (Tony Evans) Rumba IV+1, Baldwin  
 Are You Really Mine (Jimmy Rogers) Foxtrot V+1, Valenta  
 Are you Satisfied - Janie Frickie 5 CT II , Dick Taylor Dance = Satisfied
 Are You Still Mine (Heidi Hauge) Foxtrot IV+2, Dierickx  
 Are You Sure - Helmut Lotti Fox IV, Speranzo  
 Are Your Eyes Still Blue (Shane Mcanally) 2-step II+1, Speranzo  
 Argentango (Roberto Perazzolli) Tango V+2+2, Schmidt  
 Argentinos (Massimiliano Lazzaretti) Tango V+2, Lamberty  
 Arial's Waltz (John Snyder) Waltz V+1, Scherrer  
 Ariane (Hugo Strasser) Waltz IV+1, Dierickx  
 Arirang (Japan) Waltz III+2+1, Doi  
 Arizona (Mark Lindsay) 2-step II, Auria  
 Arizona (Rex Allen Jr - Sr) Waltz III+1, Harris  
 Arizona (Scorpions) - faded Tango III, Ross  
 Arizona (Sikorsky) Waltz V+1, Weiss Waltz III+1, Harris
 Arizona Moon (Rance Romance) - faded Waltz IV, Ross  
 Arizona Waltz (Rex Allen - for Heiny) Waltz III, Heiny (Let me Hold You in My Arms)  
 Arizona Waltz (Rex Allen Jr) Waltz II+2, Weiss  
 Arizona Waltz (Scott Ludwig) Waltz II, Buckmaster-Reigel  
 Arkansas Traveler (National Park Project) 2-step II+1, C&F Fisher  
 Armadillox - Sydney Thompson Samba V+1+1, Ross  
 Armageddon It (Def Leppard) - faded Tango III, Ross  
 Arms of Mary (Quiver) Rumba IV+1, Wright  
 Around The World (Boris Myagkov) Waltz III+1+1 or IV+1, Dierickx  
 Around The World (Columbia Ballroom Orch) Waltz III+1, Parker  
 Around The World (Prandi) Tango V+1, Preskitt Dance = Tango Around The World
 Around the World (Roper) Waltz II, Ross  
 Around the World (Shibata medley) Mixed V+2, Shibata  
 Around You (Helmut Lotti) Foxtrot V, Townsend-Manning  
 Arrasando (Thalia) - faded & slow 95% Merengue IV, Ross  
 Arrivederci Maria (Janu) Rumba-Cha V, Dierickx  
 Arrivederci Roma (Arthur Murray Orch) Cha IV+2, Dierickx  
 Arrivederci Roma (Roper) Fox Wolcott; Fox VI, Dechenne; Fox-Jive V+1, Hoffman
 Arrivederci Roma (Stefano Nanni) Slow-2-Step IV+1+1, Ito  
 Arrivederci Roma (Versaillesstation) Rumba V+0+1, Dierickx  
 Artificial Flowers (Bobby Darin) Quickstep V+1, Woodruff  
 Artist's Life (Strauss) Viennese IV, Garza  
 As Any Fool Can See (Tracy Lawrence) 2-step II, Seurer  
 As I Lay Me Down (Sophie B. Hawkins) shortened Samba V, Lamberty Dance = Whisper
 As If (Andy Fortuna) - faded Cha V, Ross  
 As If I Didn’t Know - Adam Wade Slow-2-step IV+0+1, Sperry  
 As Long As He Needs Me (Klaus Hallen) Foxtrot IVa, Ahart  
 As Long As You Belong To Me (Holly Dunn) Jive IV+2, Woodruff  
 As Long As You Love Me (Count Dee) Foxtrot V, Ross  
 As She's Walking Away - Zac Brown Band 5-Count III, Dodge  
 As Tears Go By (Rolling Stones) Slow-2-step IV+1+1, Gotta  
 As The Music Played (Roper264)-6pc Rumba III, Baldwin  
 As Time Goes By (Instrumental) 2-step II+2, McCord  
 As Time Goes By (Limelights)-5pc Cha IV, Hagiwara  
 As Time Goes By (Peter Bauchwitz) Foxtrot-Two-step III+2, Hagiwara  
 As Time Goes By (Roberto Siroli) Foxtrot V, Adcock  
 As Time Goes By (Victor Silvester) ) Fox III, Ross 2-step II+2, McCord
 As Usual (Brenda Lee) Bolero IV+2, Max Bassett  
 Ashokan Farewell (edited for Anacapa Farewell short) Waltz II, Combs Same as Anacapa Farewell
 Ashokan Farewell (HarpSong) Waltz VI, Eum  
 Ashokan Farewell (Jimmy Sturr) Waltz II+1, Shane  
 Ashokan Farewell (Misty Rivers) Waltz II+1, Combs Cue-card only
 Ashokan Farewell (Phil Coulder-James Galway) Waltz II, Combs  
 Ashokan Farewell (Ungar-Mason) Waltz III+2, Collins  
 Asi Asi - Claude Blouin (cut for Hichman)) Mambo IV+0+1, Hichman  
 Asi Asi Mambo (Special Pressing) Mambo VI, Shibata  
 Así Es la Vida (Olga Tanon) Merengue III, Ross  
 Ask Me (Elvis Presley) Bolero IV+2, Slater  
 Aspenglow (John Denver) Waltz II+2, Chadd  
 At Last - Martina McBride +5pc Slow-2-step IV+1+2, Nelson  
 At Last (Etta James) Hesitation Canter Waltz VI, Goss
 At Last (Etta James)+ 10pc STS VI, Dechenne
 At Long Last Love (Frank Sinatra) Fox III+2, Oren Jive V+1+2, Childers
 At Long Last Love (Peter Douglas) Foxtrot VI, Preskitt Dance = At Long Last Foxtrot
 At Sundown Quickstep Quickstep IV+1, Callen  
 At the beginning (Lewis-Marx) Rumba-Cha IV+0+1, Wilaby  
 At the End of Sorrow (La maison est en ruines) Slow2-step IV+2, Ito  
 At the Hop (Danny & Juniors) 2-step II+1, Francis  
 At The Hop (Danny & Juniors)-10pc 2-step-Single Swing III+2, Kincaid  
 At the Movies (Hot Butter) No choreo Flip of Popcorn
 At the Party (Dancelife) Single Swing IV, Ross  
 At This Moment (Instrumental) Waltz V+1, Collier  
 At This Moment (Michael Bublé) Waltz VI, Goss-Figwer  
 Atrevete (No Puedes Conmigo) (DLG) - faded & slowed 14% Mambo III, Ross  
 Attention (Charlie Puth) - speed +10% Merengue III, Ross  
 Au Revoir (Lynn Garner) Fox IV+1, McCue  
 Au Revoir (Ross Mitchell) Foxtrot VI, Ito  
 Au Revoir Paris (Andy Williams) Waltz VI, Preskitt Waltz III+1, Chadd
 Auf dünnem Eis getanzt. (Kristine Bach) Bolero IV+1, Dierickx  
 August Moon Rumba V, Moore  
 Auld Lang Syne (Sheridan) Cha IV+2, Sheridan  
 Auld Lang Syne (Susan Boyle) Slow-2-step IV, Goodman  
 Aurora - Ernesto Cortazar Skow-2-step IV+0+2, Dierickx  
 Aurora - Star Waltz II+1, Baldwin  
 Aurora Waltz (Helmut Licht) Waltz IV, Baldwin  
 Auslaufen (Dancelife) Foxtrot III, Ross  
 Autograph (Dallas Smith) Slow Dancing II, Ross  
 Autumn (Ballroom Desire)+2pc Waltz III+1 or IV, Kenny Waltz II, Davenport; waltz VI, DeChenne
 Autumn (Prandi) Waltz VI, Preskitt  
 Autumn Concerto (Gunter Noris) - With 2 meas Intro Bolero V+0+2, Dierickx  
 Autumn Leaves (Hisao Sudo) Rumba V+0+1, Dierickx  
 Autumn Leaves (The Islanders - Mayflower) 2-step/samba III, Pell Dance = Leaves of Autumn
 Autumn Leaves Tango (Claudio Novelli) Tango VI, Preskitt  
 Autumn Tango Tango III, van den Oetelaar  
 Autumn Winds (Ballroom Orchestra & Singers) Waltz II, Ross  
 Aux Bougies (Line Adam) Waltz II+1 Dance = By Candlelight
 Aux Champs Elyses (Joe Dassin) Slow-2-Step-Cha IV+1+1, Woodruff  
 Aux Champs Elyses (Smooth Ballroom Band) Alternate  
 Ave Maria (Etienne Cap) Bolero IV, Dierickx  
 Ave Maria (WZ) Waltz IV+2, Ito  
 Ave Maria Cha Cha IV+2, Doi  
 Ave Maria No Moro - Francis Goya Rumba IV+2+1 or V+2, Dierickx  
 Aventure (Prandi) Tango IV+2, Schmidt  
 Avocado - Billy Ternent Tango VI, Ross  
 Awesome God (Rich Mullins) No choreo Maybe Tim Eum
 Axel F (Crazy Frog) Fast cha, for youngsters See cue-cards
 Axel F. (from 'Beverly Hills Cop') Samba V+1, Cunningham  
 Ay Ay Ay (Gunter Noris) Rumba IV, Spence  
 Ay Novia (Francesca Lota) Rumba V+2, Dierickx  
 Ayudame Dios Mio (Tamara) Bolero V+0+2, Dierickx  
 Azabache (Miguel Calo & Raul Beron) Tamgo VI+2+2, Ross  
 Azucar Negra (Celia Cruz) Bachata VI, Garza  
 Azul (Cristian Castro) shortened Merengue III, Ross  
 Azurro (Ballroom Orch & Singers) Paso VI, Ross  
 Babe (Gold Star Ballroom Orch) Rumba V, Francis  
 Baby Baby (Amy Grant) Cha III, Seurer  
 Baby Beluga (Billy Gilman)+11pc 2-step III, Hilton  
 Baby Blue- Susan McCann Slow-2-step V+1+2, Dierickx  
 Baby Chicks (Kimbo)+3pc 2-step II, Woodruff  
 Baby Close Your Eyes (Linda Sampson) Waltz IV, Ross  
 Baby Come Back To Me (Manhatten Transfer) 2-step II+2, Taylor  
 Baby Come to Me ( Dancelife) Samba IV, Ross  
 Baby Don't Get Hooked On Me (Mac Davis) 2-step II+1, Crapo  
 Baby Don't Get Hooked on Me (Mac Davis)+ 10pc Slow-2-Step III+2, Noble  
 Baby Dream Your Dream (Tony deSare) Foxtrot-Jive V+2, Molitoris  
 Baby Elephant Walk (Henry Mancini) Baby Elephant Walk Jive V+2, Waldal-Bushue
 Baby Elephant Walk (Lawrence Welk) Merengue & 2-step III+0+1 Buckmaster-Reigel
 Baby Face - HH 879 2-step II+1, Sanders  
 Baby Get Higher (Ballroom Orch & Singers) Tango IV+0+1, Ross  
 Baby I'm Gone (Greg Piccolo) - 10 pc West Coast Swing VI, Ross  
 Baby I'm Ready (Ricky Van Shelton) 2-step II+2, Gloodt or Chambers 2-step II+1, Tennant
 Baby I'm Right (Darius Rucker) 2-step II, Seurer  
 Baby I'm Yours (Barbara Lewis) Rumba III, Klein  
 Baby I'm Yours (Tanya Tucker) Rumba IV, rancis  
 Baby Keep Smiling (Lou Bega) 2-step II+2, Hilton  
 Baby Let's Lay Down and Dance (DJ Garth) Cha III+1, Parker  
 Baby Likes To Rock It (The Tractors) TS-SS III, Carver; TS-cha III, Bond TS Scott, Flint; SS III+2, Cunningham
 Baby Love (Ballroom Orch & Singers) Jive VI, Ross  
 Baby Love (The Supremes) 2-step II, Cavness  
 Baby Mine (Allison Krause) Hes-Can Waltz IV+1, Davis  
 Baby Mine (Grenn 14292) 2-step II, E.Hawkins  
 Baby One More Time (Britney Spears) Rumba-West Coast Swing V+1+1, Simpson  
 Baby Talk (MGR005) 2-step II, D&C Taylor (When My Baby Smiles at Me)  
 Baby Wants to Boogie (Bobby Bare) Merengue & 2-step IV, Skillett & Terrell  
 Baby Watcha Want Me to Do ( Ballroom Orch & Singers) Jive IV, Ross  
 Baby What's Wrong (The Animals) slowed 5pc Quickstep V, Ross  
 Baby You Know Where I Am (Scooter Lee) 2-step II, Parker  
 Baby You've Got What It Takes (Brook Benton) 2-step II+1, Kilner  
 Baby You've Got What It Takes (Michael Buble) Jive III+1, Parker  
 Baby, You're Something ((John Conlee) Waltz II, Ross  
 Baby's Got Her Blue Jeans On (Mel Mcdaniel) Cha III+0+1, Koozer; CH-JV III, Chico 2-step III or CH IV, Francis
 Babysitter Boogie (Ralf Bendix)- 7pc Jive IV+2, Sheridan
 Babysitter Boogie (Ralf Bendix) Jive IV+2, Sheridan
 Back At One (Brian McKnight) Rumba V, Ross  
 Back Down South (Kings of Leon) Foxtrot VI, Ross  
 Back For Good - Tony Evans Rumba III, Ross  
 Back Home Again (John Denver) Dance by Mueller to Windsor 1986  
 Back Home In Tennessee - Charles Barlow Quickstep VI, Ross  
 Back In Baby's Arms (Patsy Cline) + 2pc Cha III+0+1, Helton Cha IV+0+1, Kenny
 Back In Baby's Arms (Patsy Cline) -7pc Quickstep IV+1, Callen  
 Back in the USA (Linda Rondstadt)-16 pc Jive IV, Gomez  
 Back Jack (Dancelife) Cha V, Ross  
 Back On The Corner (Dancelife) Quickstep III, Ross  
 Back Porch Swing (Lorie Line) + 11pc Cha-Rumba III+2, Hopper  
 Back To Back (Clint Black) 2-step II+1, Buckmaster-Reigel  
 Back to Stay (Johnny Rodriguez) Cha - no chreo yet  
 Back where I belong (Ballroom Emotions) Fox IV+, Read Foxtrot-Jive IV,
 Backwoods Barbie (Dolly Parton) 2-step III, Dierickx  
 Bad (Tony Evans) shortened Cha IV+2, Herr  
 Bad (Tony Evans) Cha IV, Baldry-Horsfield  
 Bad Boy Good Man (Tape Five feat. Henrik Wager)shortened Jive III, Ross  
 Bad Boys (Toots Thielemans) Quickstep IV+2, Van Acker  
 Bad Businessman (Remastered) faded & slowed 10 pc Quickstep III, Ross  
 Bad Dog No Biscuit (Daron Norwood) 2-step II, Speranzo  
 Bad for Business (Heather Rigdon) cut Foxtrot IV+1+1, Finch  
 Bad Guy (Watazu) Cha IV+1, Burger Cha-Rumba IV+1+2, Collins
 Bad is Bad (Huey Lewis) Westcoast Swing V+1, Simpson  
 Bad Leroy Brown (Roper JH-419) Jive IV+1, Schmidt; IV+2, Scott Jive V, Scott
 Bad Moon Rising (Creedence Clearwater) 2-step III, Jenks  
 Bad Things (Jace Everett) Jive IV+2, Townsend-Manning  
 Bad to the Bone (George Thorogood & The Destroyers) - cut & faded West Coast Swing IV+0+3, Ross  
 Bad, Bad Leroy Brown (Jim Croce) - 9pc Jive VI, Urquhart (Leroy Brown Jive)  
 Bad, Bad Leroy Brown (Jim Croce) 2-step II+2, Junk  
 Badger Dance (Michael Hurwitz) 2-step II+1, Weiss  
 Bahama Mama (Beach Boys) Alternate, very good Doctored (shortened)
 Bahama Mama (Boney M) Shortened Cha IV+2+1, Dierickx  
 Bahama Mama Cha IV+2, Rumble  
 Bahia Blanca (Florindo Sassone) Arg Tango VI, DeChenne  
 Bŕi Tango Cho Em (Khanh Ly) Tango V, Ross  
 Baia (Grenn) Rumba V, Parrott  
 Baila Baila (Gloria Anna) Samba IV+1, Cibula  
 Baila Casanova (Dancelife)- faded Samba V+0+2, Ross  
 Baila Conmigo (STAR) Cha III, Watanobe  
 Baila Morena (Best of Latin 33) Cha IV+1+1, Ito  
 Baila Rumba, Baila Son (Dancelife) Samba V+0+3, Ross  
 Bailamos (Barry-Tailor) Merengue IV+2, Taylor  
 Bailamos (Enrique Iglesias) -320 kbps Samba IV+1, Cantrell  
 Bailamos (for Ito's dance) Cha IV+2, Ito  
 Bailamos (Latin Bast - Michael Wilson) 2-step II, Kincaid  
 Bailamos (Martin Lopez) - Shortened & Slowed Cha V+2+1, Dierickx  
 Bailando (Texas Tornado) Rumba-Cha V+1, Dierickx  
 Baile de Amor (Special Pressing) Bolero VI, Rother  
 Baker Street (Ross Mitchell) Rumba IV+2, Volkaert-Hautman  
 Baking Day - Michael Allen Harrison Waltz VI, Hicks  
 Bali Hai (Peggy Lee0 Alternate  
 Bali Ha'i (Ross Mitchell) Rumba VI, Dechenne Rumba III+2, Maisch
 Ball and Chain (Connie Britton & Luke Chase) 2-step II+1, Sonnier  
 Ballad of the Green Berets 2-step II, Hilton  
 Ballade (Noirot Laurente) Waltz IV, Ross  
 Ballade Pour Marie Laforet (Claude Ciari) Slow-2-step IV+2+several, Dierickx  
 Ballerina Girl (Lionel Richie) Bolero VI, Ross Slow-2-step VI, Urquhart
 Ballin' The Jack (Georgia Gibbs) Jive-fox IV+1, Molitoris  
 Bambino ( Lynn Garner) Waltz II, Watanabe  
 Bambino (Eddie & Dutch) Waltz IV+1, Baldwin  
 Bambino (Eddy & Dutch) Foxtrot IV+1, Baba  
 Bamboleo (Special Pressing) Samba IV, Broadwater (Bambolero)  
 Bamboleo (Tony Evans) Samba V, Ross  
 Bamboozled - Dean Martin - 7pc Viennese, Schmidt Viennese IV+1, Hurd
 Banana Boat Cha (Harry Belafonte) Cha V+2+1, Anderson Cha IV, Filardo
 Banana Ooh Na Na (Camila Cabello) Cha IV, Booz  
 Banana Split for My Baby (Louis Prima) - 10% Foxtrot IV, Ross  
 Banane e Lamponi (Blue Angels) - Shortened Cha V+1+2, Dierickx  
 Band of Gold (Freda Payne) Cha III, Cha V, Cunningham  
 Band Of Gold (Ross Mitchell) Cha V or III, Cunningham
 Bandara (Mona McCall) Waltz II, Barhill (cue-card)  
 Bandido (Latin Mega Hits 5) Cha IV+0+1, Dierickx  
 Bandido Cha (Ross Mitchell) Cha V+2, Goss  
 Bandstand Boogie (Ross Mitchell)-8pc SS V, Easterday, also 2-step II_1 SS & 2-step III, Parker (American Boogie)
 Bang a Gong (T.Rex) - faded West Coast Swing IV, Ross  
 Bang Bang ( Dancelife) -3pc Cha IV+1, Gomez  
 Banjo Rumba (Peter Mezoian) Rumba V, Brosie-Powell  
 Banjos Back in Town (Sammy Kaye - Remastered) Quickstep VI, Ross  
 Banks of The Ohio (Heidi Hauge) Foxtrot IV+0+1, Dierickx  
 Banto (Kaoma) - faded Samba V+0+2, Ross  
 Bantry Bay (Phil Coulter) + 6pc Bolero III, Kline  
 Barbara Ann (The Beach Boys) Jive IV+1+2, Pierce Jive III, Pierce
 Barcarolle (Bruno Ribera) Slow-2-step IV+2+1, Dierickx  
 Bare Feet (Caroline Jones) Cha III, Kline  
 Barefootin' (Scooter Lee) 2-step II+0+1, Parker  
 Barrel House Bessie (Merrill Moore) 2-step II+1, Weiss  
 Basie Mood (Prandi) Foxtrot V+1, Schmidt  
 Basin Street (Rampart Street Six, Kimbo Records) TS II+1, Winter TS II, Wilder
 Basin Street (Special Pressing) Jive VI, Noble  
 Basket Case (jazz chill version, Berk & The Virtual Band) One Step-Two Step-Foxtrot III, Woodruff  
 Batman (Neal Hefti) 2-step II, Dunn  
 Baubles Bangles And Beads (Telemark 929) Waltz II+1, Balldwin  
 Bayroo Bayou (Dance with me) Cha IV+2, Easterday  
 Bayroo Bayou (Tony Evans) Cha III, McKenrick  
 B-B-Burning Up with Love (Eddie Rabbit) 2-step II, Barnhill  
 Be a Light (Thomas Rhett) Rumba IV, Ahart  
 Be Bop a Lula (Eddie Cochran) alternate  
 Be Bop A Lula (Gene Vincent) Jive V+1+1, Scott 2-step II+0+1, Elder
 Be Bop Baby - Ricky Nelson Single Swing IV+1, Taylor  
 Be Bop Blues - Instrumental (Rawhide) TS II or FT III or JV IV, Kline  
 Be bop Blues-Vocal (Rawhide) TS II or FT III or JV IV, Kline  
 Be Bop N' Boogie (Ross Mitchell) Jive III+2, Pierce 2-step II+1, Parker
 Be Careful, It's My Heart - Eydie Gorme 2-step III, Hoffman  
 Be Country With Me (Meghan Patrick) Waltz II, Jestin  
 Be Here To Love Me (Dancelife Studio Orch) Waltz IV, Ross  
 Be My Angel (Lionel Cartwright) 2-step II+1, Matthews  
 Be My Baby (The Ronettes) 2-step-jive III+2, Bosley, 1991  
 Be my Baby tonight (John Michael Montgomery) 2-step-jive III+1, Bosley  
 Be My Guest (Fats Domino) Jive III, Gruender  
 Be My Guest Tonight (Alex Marshall) - 7pc Jive IV+2+2, Dierickx  
 Be My Love (Al Russ) Waltz II, Buckmaster-Reigel  
 Be My Lover (Hustle) Hustle VI, Shibata  
 Be our Guest (Michael Franic) Quickstep V+2, Nelson Dance = At Your Service
 Be Thou My Vision (Eden Symphony Orch) Waltz III+2, Matthews  
 Beachwood 45789 (The Marvelettes) TS II, Seurer  
 Beale Street Blues (Casa Musica) Jive V+0+1, Lillefield  
 Beat It - cut (Berk & the Virtual Band) WCS IV+1+3, Lamberty  
 Beat of the Music (Brett Eldredge) Rumba IV, Francis Cha III+1, R.Anderson
 Beautiful (Vio Friedmann) Waltz IV+1, Ross  
 Beautiful Brazilia (Azzurra Music) Samba V+0+4, Ross  
 Beautiful Day (Marie & The redCat) Cha III, Chadd  
 Beautiful Day For Goodbye (George Strait) Waltz IV, Speranzo Waltz II+2, Ring
 Beautiful Dreamer - Ricci Ferra Waltz V, Hoffman Dance is called Trumpeters Waltz
 Beautiful Dreamer (HH903) Waltz II, Sandeers (Dreamers Waltz)  
 Beautiful Dreamer (Lennart Axelsson) Waltz III+1, Matthews  
 Beautiful Dreamer -DARRCD 517 Waltz II, Kropf  
 Beautiful Dreamer Waltz V+, Noble Waltz III, Williams
 Beautiful Isle Of Somewhere (Phil Coulter) Waltz IV+2, Preskitt; IV, Matthews Waltz III+2, Taylor
 Beautiful Lady in Blue (Dennis Hayward) cut Waltz IV, McKenrick  
 Beautiful Love Rumba -Star 511 - Ross Mitchell Rumba V+1, Vincent  
 Beautiful Maria (Andy Fortuna) Alternate  
 Beautiful Maria (Antonio Banderas - Eng) Alternate  
 Beautiful Maria Of My Soul (Antonio Banderas) Beautiful Maria Rumba V, Lamberty
 Beautiful Maria Of My Soul (Mambo Kings) Alternate  
 Beautiful Noise (Neil Diamond) Cha III+2, Lockeren-Bolton Cha IV+1+1, Hichman; RB IV+1, Matthews
 Beautiful Ohio (Billy Vaughn) Waltz IV, Scott  
 Beautiful Ohio (Guy Lombardo) Alternate  
 Beautiful Ohio (Hisao Sudo) Waltz IV+0+1, Dierickx  
 Beautiful Ohio (Japan) Waltz VI, Doi  
 Beautiful Rose (Gunter Norris) 2-step III, Dierickx  
 Beautiful Sunday (Daniel Boone) - 8pc Cha IV, Scott; Cha IV+1, Malthouse
 Beautiful Sunday (Daniel Boone) Cha IV+2+1, Francis  
 Beautiful Tango (Malando) Tango IV, Woodruff  
 Beautiful That Way (Noa) Tango IV, Viscanti-Mikenas  
 Beautiful Things (Casa Musica) Foxtrot VI, Lamberty  
 Beauty & The Beast (Dion & Bryson)+8 pc Bolero V+2, Kincaid Bolero IV+2, Kincaid
 Beauty and the Beast (A. Grande & J. Legend) Bolero IV+1+2, Parker  
 Beauty in the World (Dami Im) +15pc 2-step II, Hayami-Ogasawara  
 Beauty on the tv screen (Lou Bega) Jive V+1+2, Woodruff  
 Because (Dave Clark Five) Rumba IV+2, Zofrea or Hoffman (Give me One Chance) Rumba III+2, Byrd
 Because I Love You (Shakin' Stevens) Bolero V, Murphy  
 Because of You (Al Russ) Waltz II, Byrd  
 Because You Believed In Me (Gene Watson) Waltz IV+2, Dierickx  
 Because You Live (Jesse McCartney) Rumba III, Ross  
 Because You Loved Me (Celine Dion) Slow-2-step V, Robinson  
 Bed of roses (Statler Brothers) 2-step II+2, Baldwin  
 Bee-Bop N' Boogie (Ross Mitchell)-13pc ive III+2, Pierce  
 Been there, Done that (Francine Reed) Jive VI, Rumble Jive IV, Mighetto
 Beer Barrel Polka (Bobby Vinton) Bassett, Trudeau, Person...  
 Beer in Mexico (Kenny Chesney)faded 2-step I, Ross  
 Beer with My Friends (Kenny Chesney & Old Dominion) Cha III+1, McKenrick  
 Beers And Sunshine (Darius Rucker) 2-step II+2+1, Adcock  
 Beers to You (Clint Eastwood and Ray Charles 2-step II+1+1, Hartzell-Ferris  
 Before I Go (Yanni) shortened Bolero IV, Kenny  
 Before The Next Teardrop Falls (Freddy Fender) Rumba IV, Hoffman STS IV+2, Hichman; V+1 Cronkite
 Before You Accuse Me - Eric Clapton WCS V, Ross  
 Beg Your Pardon (Billy Vaughn) Jive IV+1, Woodruff  
 Beggar to a King (The Big Bopper) Waltz III+1, Hilton  
 Begin The Beguine - Artie Shaw - 5pc 2-step-foxtrot III+2, Betzelberger  
 Begin The Beguine (Big Bands Lounge) Rumba V+2, Dierickx  
 Begin the Beguine (Patrick Norman) edited Rumba IV+1, Cantrell  
 Begin the Beguine (Sheryl Crow) Rumba IV+2, Pilachowski & DeLauter
 Begin to Color Me (Special Pressing) Waltz VI, Read  
 Behind Closed Doors (Charlie Rich) Slow-2-step IV+1+2, Simpson  
 Behind Closed Doors (Charlie Rich)+6.6pc Cha III+1, Helm FT V, Francis
 Behind Closed Doors (Floyd Cramer) Slow-2-step V  
 Behind The Day (Gianni Pavesi) Waltz II, Ross  
 Bei Mir Bist Du Schoen (Guy Lombardo - 1938) Quickstep IV+2+1, Sperry  
 Bei Mir Bist Du Schoen Jive IV+2, Doi  
 Bei Mir Bist Du Schon (Robin McKelle) cut Argentine Tango and cha cha VI, Hicks  
 Bei mir bist du shein (Andrews Sisters) 2-step II, Schwarz  
 Believe in the power of dreams (Monika Martin) Waltz IV, Dierickx  
 Believer (American Authors) Cha IV+1, Lee  
 Belinda (Sweet People) Slow-2-step IV+2+3, Dierickx  
 Bell Bottom Blues (Alma Cogan) TS II+2, Molitoris  
 Bell Tango (Palmquist) Tango by Palmquist  
 Bella Bella Signorina (Patrizio Buanne) Mambo V+0+2, Dierickx  
 Bella Corsica (Versaillesstation) Rumba III+2, Hoffman  
 Bella Italia (Patrick Lindner) Pasa Doble-Tango IV, Dierickx  
 Bella Morenita - Juan Erlando & His New Latin Band - Dancelife Rumba III, Brown-Pugh  
 Belle (from Belle Et Sebastien) Waltz II+2, Herr  
 Belle (Jordane) Waltz II+2, Jordane  
 Belle Chitarra (Andy Fortuna) Rumba III, Ross  
 Belle Starr (Joni Harms) Cha IV, Weiss  
 Ben (Michael Jackson) not slowed Slow-2-step V+1+3, Hilton  
 Ben (Tony Evans) Waltz II, Ross  
 Bend Me (Ned Evett) 2-step II+2, Prow  
 Beneath Still Waters - Emmylou Harris Bolero IV+1, Adcock  
 Berkeley Square (Ross Mitchell - Sweet Beat) Fox V, Goss  
 Berkeley Square Foxtrot (Roper) Alternate  
 Bernadine (Pat Boone) 2-step II+1, Gotta  
 Besame Cha (Andres Ballinas)shortn'd CH VI, Read  
 Besame much (Andrea Bocelli)shortened Rumba V+2, Rumble  
 Besame Mucho ((Japan Dance Ranch) Rumba III+1, Doi  
 Besame Mucho (Chris Isaak) Rumba III+2, Lamberty  
 Besame Mucho (Columbia Ballroom Orch) Rumba III+2, Sperry  
 Besame Mucho (Dave Pitt) Rumba VI, Armstrong  
 Besame Mucho (Diana Krall) Rumba III+2+1, Cantrell  
 Bésame Mucho (Maravella) slowed 5% Cha-Rumba V+1+several, Dierickx  
 Besame Mucho (New Style Of Party Time Vol 15 -4%) Cha VI, Ito  
 Besame Mucho (Whyman's choreo) Rumba, Whyman  
 Besame Mucho Tango (CD Classic Dance) Tango III+1, Chico Intro: Wait 1; Ending: + 1
 Besame Tango (Prandi) Tango IV, Ito  
 Best Day Of My Life (American Authors) Westcoast Swing VI, Worlock Cha III+2,
 Best of Friends (Dave Sheriff) Rumba IV+2, Dieerickx  
 Best Of My Love Rumba IV+2, Shibata  
 Betcha Never - Cherie Rumba IV+1, Jenks Mambo IV+1+2, Koide
 Beth - KISS Foxtrot IV, Couey  
 Bette Davis Eyes (Kim Carnes) Rumba III+1, David Mallen  
 Better Dig Two (The Band Perry) 2-step II, Cox  
 Better Listen To Me Now (Casa Musica) - 16 pc Jive V+1+2, Schmidt, 2003  
 Better Listen To Me Now (Casa Musica) - 20 pc Jive V+1+2, Schmidt, 2003  
 Better Place (The Latin League) Rumba III+1, Yoshikawa Rumba V+2, Johnson
 Better When I'm Dancin' (Meghan Trainor) Cha III+0+2, Beaulieu; Merengue V+2, Kincaid Merengue III+2 or V+1+1, Townsend-Manning
 Betty And Dupree (Chuck Willis) WCS VI, Bond  
 Betty's Being Bad (Sawyer Brown)- 10 pc 2-step II, Hattrick Cue-card only
 Between A Woman And A Man Reba McEntire) Cha III+2, Hilton  
 Between Now and Forever (Bryan White) Waltz II+2, Ritchie Waltz II, Parker
 Between Two Love - Kim Yoon Waltz III+2, Ito  
 Beverly-Anne Waltz (Bryan Smith Orch) Waltz II+1, Harris  
 Bewitched Theme (Peter Seymour) Quickstep III, Ross  
 Bewitched Quickstep IV, Powell-Brosie  
 Beyond (Shibata) Rumba V+2, Shibata  
 Beyond Romance - Instrumental Waltz IV, Lewis  
 Beyond Romance - Statler Brothers Waltz IV, Toles  
 Beyond the Reef (Marty Robbins) Bolero IV+2  
 Beyond The Sea (STAR) Fox IV, Kennedy  
 Beyond The Sea (Bobby Darin) foxtrot-jive IV, Chico  
 Beyond the Sea (Rod Stewart) Foxtrot V+0+1, Slater Foxtrot III+2, Byrd
 Beyond the Stars (Harry London & Victor Rossini) Foxtrot IV, Ross  
 Beyond You (Crystal Gayle) STS IV+1, Francis  
 Biagina - Olivato Dancesport Orchestra Waltz IV+2, Cavness  
 Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo (Gaby Goldberg) - 4pc Foxtrot V, Chadd  
 Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo (Klaus Hallen) Foxtrot III+2, Ito Foxtrot-Jive III+1, McKenrick
 Bible Belt (Travis Tritt) - 4pc 2-step II, Oren-Pepper  
 Biding My Time (Casa Musica) Foxtrot V, Noble  
 Big Bad Handsome Man (Imelda May) RB IV+2, Baldry  
 Big Big Love (Waylon Jennings) 2-step II, Hichman  
 Big Blonde and Beautiful (Queen Latifa) WCS V+2, Goss  
 Big Blue Frog (Peter, Paul & Mary) 2-step II+2, Scherrer  
 Big Blue Note (Toby Keith) CH IV, Speranzo  
 Big Boned Gal (KD Lang) 2-step III, Hilton  
 Big City (Merle Haggard) 2-step II+1, Hichman  
 Big Daddy (Blue Suit Daddies) Quickstep IV+1, Worlock  
 Big Foot Stomp (Asleep At The Wheel) 2-step II+0+1  
 Big Girl - Mika Short 2-step II+1+1. Grob  
 Big Girls Don't Cry (Frankie Valli & Four Seasons) 2-step II, Seurer  
 Big Girls Don't Cry (John Lloyd Young) Jive III+2+1, Byrd  
 Big Girls Don't Cry (Lynn Anderson) Waltz II+2, Ring  
 Big Jet Plane (Angus & Julia Stone) Paso V, Ross  
 Big Mamou (Hank Williams) Viennese Waltz - no choreo  
 Big Man (Four Preps) Jive III+1, Molitoris/Gareis  
 Big Quartet Blues (Winnie Becks) edited Jive III, Lewis-Samborsky  
 Big Spender (Peggy Lee) Foxtrot VI, Vogt  
 Big Wheels in the Moonlight by Dan Seals 2-step II_1, Betzelberger  
 Big-Boned Girl - KD Lang 2-step III, Hilton  
 Bilitis (Franck Pourcel)+25pc Bolero IV+2, Hixson  
 Bill Bailey Charleston (MGR) 2-step II+1, Blackford  
 Bill Bailey, Won't you Please come Home Quickstep, no choreo  
 Billie Jean - Michael Jackson (shortened) Cha V, Wilaby  
 Billy (Kathy Linden) Alternate for 2-step II, Harris  
 Billy a Dick (Klaus Hallen)-10% Quickstep III+2, Scherrer Billy Quickstep
 Billy a Dick (QS-Dancelife) Quickstep III+1, Brewer  
 Billy Bayou (Jim Reeves)-9pc 2-step II+2, Shibata  
 Billy Dale (DARR535) Fox III+1, Carigg  
 Billy Dale (Dolly Parton) Foxtrot III+1, Carrigg Seq: Intro ABAAB Ending
 Billy-A-Dick (Bette Midler) - 6pc Quickstep V, Worlock  
 Billy's Got his Beer Goggles On (Neal McCoy) 2-step II, Woodruff  
 Biloxi Lady (Leon Raines) Rumba IV+1, Eddins  
 Bim Bam (Ballroom Orch & Singers)) Single Swing VI, Ross  
 Bim Bam Boom (RL Remix - Adam Routh) Cha IV+2, Heiny Cha III+2, Byrd
 Bimbo (Jim Reeves) 2-step-5count II, Buckmaster-Reigel 2-step II+2, Tennant
 Bimbombey (Jimmie Rodgers)) 2-step II, Molitoris  
 Bin Kein Engel (Kristina Bach) Cha V+1, Dierickx Dance = I'm No Angel
 Bing Bang Boom (Highway 101) 2-step II+2, Wright  
 Bingo Waltz Waltz Mixer, Castner Ashton records RD-101-B
 Birdlegs and Pigtails (Charlie Robertson) 2-step II+2, Oren  
 Birds (Imagine Dragon) shortened Slow-2-step V+1+2, Lankuttis  
 Birds and Bees (Jewel Akins) 2-step II, Taylor  
 Birth of the Blues (McGuire Sisters) Alternate to the classic  
 Bisou Zou Bisou (Gilles Dutey) Cha VI, Froelich  
 Bit By Bit - John Landry - 5pc 2-step II, Jestin 2-step II+1, Heiny
 Bittersweet Faith (Bitter Sweet) Cut Rumba VI, Goss-Figwer  
 Bitty Boppy Betty (Pink Martini) 2-step II+2, Dierickx  
 Bla Bla Cha Cha (Don Tiki) trimmed Cha VI, Garza  
 Black & White (Three Dog Night) Cha III, Kline  
 Black and White Rag (Asleep at the Wheel)43.5 2-step II+2, Smith  
 Black and White Rag (Tony Evans) Quickstep IV+1, Bingham  
 Black Angel - Pepe y Carmen Cha IV+2, Ito  
 Black Bottom (The Troggs)-5pc Cha IV+1, Woodruff  
 Black Cadillac (Joyce Green) - 8 pc WestCoast Swing-Jive IV+1+1, Schmidt  
 Black Coffee (Lacy J Dalton) Rumba V, Stowe Rumba IV+2+1, Ryder
 Black Horse And The Cherry Tree (K T Tunstall) Cha IV, by Jim Hattrick Cue-card
 Black is Black (Paul Mauriat) Cha IV+1+1, Hichman  
 Black Is Black [Babs] Cha V+2+2, Hichman  
 Black Magic Woman (Santana) Rumba-cha IV, Scherrer  
 Black Satin - Katie Webster Jive IV+2+1, Gloodt  
 Black Tango Tango VI, Tonks (Tango Noir)  
 Black Tie Tango (Carlos Ortega) shortened Tango IV+1, Moore  
 Black Velvet (Alannah Miles) CH IV+2, Francis WCS V+2, Crapo
 Black Velvet -(Robin Lee) short Cha III+2, Kilner  
 Black Velvet (Robin Lee) Cha V+2, Lawson; WCS IV+2+1, Dodge WCS V+2, Crapo
 Blackpool Bounce (Ross Mitchell) Quickstep IV, Van Acker  
 Blame It On That Red Dress (Gord Bamford) Cha IV+1, Jestin  
 Blame It On the Boogie (Dancelife) Cha IV, Ross  
 Blame It On the Bossa Nova (Jane MacDonald) 2-step II, Foster  
 Blame it on the Bossa Nova (Eydie Gormé) 2-step II, Arnfield; II+2, Harris Mambo IV+1+several, Dierickx
 Blame It On Your Heart (Patty Loveless) 2-step II+2, Molitoris 2-step II+2, Dierickx
 Blaze Of Glory (Kenny Rogers) Cha III, Baldwin  
 Bleeding Love (Leona Lewis) Bolero V, Ross  
 Bleib heut Nacht bei mir - Frans Bauer Rumba V+0+1, Dierickx  
 Bless the Beasts and Children (De Vorzon-Botkin) No choreo  
 Blessed (Andy Fortuna) Rumba IV+0+1, Nolen-Wulf (Twice Blessed)  
 Blessed (Ballroom Orch & Singers) Rumba IV+2, Hilton Rumba III+2, Cavness
 Blessed (Elton John) shortened Rumba V+2, Chadd  
 Blessed (Elton John) Rumba III, Voelkl (cue-card)  
 Bloody Mary (Dancelife) Foxtrot III, Ross  
 Blow Me One Last Kiss (Pink) - Faded Cha V+0+1, Ross  
 Blow the Wind (Bryan Smith Orch) Waltz IV+1+1, Pelton  
 Blowing Bubbles (Special Pressing) Foxtrot V, Slater (Forever Blowing Bubbles)  
 Blown Away (Vic Damone) Foxtrot VI, Worlock  
 Blue (Leanne Rimes) Cha III, Baldwin  
 Blue Ain't Your Color (Keith Urban) Slow-2-step IV+2+1, Ahart  
 Blue Bayou (Anthony Ventura) Bolero V, Dierickx  
 Blue Bayou (Linda Ronstadt) Rumba III, Callen Rumba IV, Carnevale, IV+2 Seely
 Blue Blooded Woman (Alan Jackson) 2-step III, Ross  
 Blue Blue Day (Don Gibson) 2-step II+1, Woolcock  
 Blue Brown-Eyed Lady (Jack Jersey) slowed 7pc Rumba V+0+1, Dierickx  
 Blue Canadian Rockies (Jim Reeves)+5pc Waltz III+1, Dierickx  
 Blue Canadian Rockies) Jim Reeves Waltz III+1+1, Woolcock Waltz III+1, Dierickx
 Blue Canary (Dinah Shore) - slowed for Doi Rumba/jive III, Doi  
 Blue Canary (Dinah Shore) 2-step, Woodruff  
 Blue Dance (Jumptown Daddies) - 20pc Jive V+1+1, Pelton Jive III+1+1, Pelton
 Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain (Willie Nelson) 2-step II, Carver Slow-2-step IV+1+2, Hichman
 Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain -Roger Whittaker Foxtrot IV+2, Dierickx  
 Blue Eyes Don't Make An Ange (Zella Lehr)l 2-step II+1, Baldwin  
 Blue Finger Lou (Anne Murray) = Boogie Time (Gloodt) = Boogie with Me (Read); 2-step II, Seurer
 Blue Gardenia - Paola Fabris Waltz V+0+1, Moore  
 Blue Gipsy Eyes (Alfred Hause) Bolero IV+1+1, Dierickx  
 Blue Kentucky Girl (Emmylou Harris) 2-step II, Ring  
 Blue Magic (Collin Raye) 2-step II+1, Woodruff  
 Blue Monday (Fats Domino) Jive III+2, Ball  
 Blue Monday Blues - Big Joe Maher West Coast Swing VI+, Ross  
 Blue Montana Moon (Joni Harms) Foxtrot IV+2, Weiss  
 Blue Moon (Billy Vaughn) WCS IV+2+2, Doi  
 Blue Moon (Chris Isaak) shortened STS IV+1, Woodruff  
 Blue Moon (Frank Sinatra, 1998 Digital Remaster) Foxtrot-Jive IV+2, Byrd  
 Blue Moon (Henry Jerome) Foxtrot IV, Byrd  
 Blue Moon (Sinatra) Foxtrot VI, Rumble  
 Blue Moon (Steve Holly) STS IV+1+1, Jones  
 Blue Moon Cha Cha (The Roadrunners) Cha III, Ross Cha III+2, Baldwin
 Blue Moon Nights (John Fogerty) Rumba IV  
 Blue Moon Of Kentucky (Boxcar Willie) edited Two-step II+2, Gruender  
 Blue Night Shadow (Two of Us) short Cha IV+1+1, Woodruff  
 Blue Oasis (Prandi) Waltz V+2, Hata  
 Blue Orchids FT IV+1, Liberti  
 Blue Rain Foxtrot (Special Pressing) Foxtrot IV+1, Hichman Foxtrot V+2, Hichman (Rainy Blue FT)
 Blue Ribbon (Susan Werner) West Coast Swing IV+1+2, Lewis-Olson  
 Blue Roses (Ballrom Desire, Casa Musica) Waltz IV+2, Schmidt or Lamberty Waltz II, Watanabe; IV+1, McKenrick
 Blue Roses (Pam Tillis) Foxtrot IV, Speranzo/Mitchell, 2000 2-step II+2, Bedillion
 Blue Satin (Erich Bachman) -7pc Foxtrot IV+2, Dierickx  
 Blue Side Of Lonesome (Instrumental) Waltz II, Grier  
 Blue Side of Lonesome (Jim Reeves) - Shorter version No choreo  
 Blue Side Of Lonesome (Jim Reeves) Waltz III+2, Griffin; II+2, Ring & several other cue-sheets
 Blue Side Of Lonesome (Tom Perry) Waltz II, Grier  
 Blue Skies (Johnny Howard & Orch.) Rumba V+2+4, Hichman  
 Blue Skies (Rod Stewart) Foxtrot III+2, Gomez Foxtrot IV+2, Ito
 Blue Sky Lullaby See Cue-cards  
 Blue Suede Shoes (Carl Perkins) 2-step II, Kirsh  
 Blue Tango - Jack Hansen Tango IV+1, Ross  
 Blue Tango (Alfred House) Alternate  
 Blue Tango (Amanda Lear) Tango IV+2, Dierickx  
 Blue Tango (Hugo Winterhalter) Tango V+2, Folwell-Butcher Tango IV, Koozer
 Blue Tango (Roper) Tango IV, Koozer Tango III, Stockfeder (Betsy's Blue TG)
 Blue Tango (SP) IV, Martin American Blue Tango
 Blue Tango (Tony Evans) Tango IV+2+1, Schmidt  
 Blue to Gold (Special Pressing) No choreo  
 Blue Tomorrow [Vaughn] Fox V+2+1 - Lovelace  
 Blue Velvet (Lana Del Rey) Rumba V+2+1, Dierickx  
 Blue Velvet [Bobby Vinton] Bolero IV, Speranzo  
 Blue Wings (Fabuloso) Phase IV Waltz, Moore  
 Blue World (Moody Blues) - 10pc Foxtrot VI, Taylor or V+2+1, Taylor  
 Blue, Blue Day (Don Gibson) 2-step II+1, Woolcock  
 Blueberry Hill (Chuck Berry) Alternate  
 Blueberry Hill (Fats Domino) Westcoast V+1, Buck  
 Blueberry Hill (James Conway) Slow-2-step IV+1, Hoffman Dance = Fats is Back
 Blueberry Hill (Louis Amstrong) STS & WCS V+2, Woodruff  
 Bluebird Waltz (Joe Leahy - HH 899) Waltz II+0+1, Buckmaster-Reigel  
 Bluer Skies (Dancelife) shortened Tango V+2, Worlock  
 Blues For Dixie (Asleep at the Wheel) WCS V, Sperry  
 Blues House ( Dancelife) Cha VI, Ross  
 Blues in '42 (Paul Freitas) Tango IV+0+1, Garza  
 Blues Stay Away From Me (Lenny Dee) Foxtrot III+2, Eckley  
 Blueskies Tango VI, Worlock  
 Blurred Lines (Robin Thicke) shortened - 7% Merengue-Cha IV+1, Woodruff  
 Boat On The River (Boney M) edited Cha IV, Hanhurst  
 Bob Robert's Society Band WCS V+1, Hurd  
 Boca de Angel (Tamara) Rumba V+2+2, Dierickx  
 Body and Soul (Shibata) Foxtrot V+2, Shibata  
 Body Like A Back Road (Sam Hunt) ha III+1, Hipkins  
 Bogged Down In Love (Charlie Daniels) Westcoast Swing VI, Shibata  
 Bohemia Enamorado (Latin Mix 2) Rumba VI, Ito  
 Bohemian Rhapsody - Slowed Down - David Read Waltz IV+1, Dierickx  
 Bohemian Rhapsody (Rose's Band) Waltz IV+1, Burger  
 Bolero de Amor (Petite Fleur d Amour, Zantalino)-10pc Bolero VI, Taylor  
 Bolero de Luna (Dancelife) Bolero IV+2, Nolen  
 Boll Weevil Song (Eddie Cochran)-11pc Jive III, Ross  
 Bon Soir Dame (Ed Ames) Cha IV+2, Hilton  
 Bonaparte's Retreat - Glen Campbell - 8pc 2-step II, Ring  
 Bonaparte's Retreat (Glenn Campbell) Quickstep IV+1, Bassett  
 Bones In The Sky (Dan Fogelberg) Foxtrot III+2, Hollenbeck  
 Boney M Mega Mix Cha cha IV, Baldry  
 Bonita (Alvaro Soler) Mambo IV, Haltmayer  
 Bonitas AKA Se Ven Bonitas (Puerto Rican Power) slowed 10% & faded out Mambo IV, Ross  
 Bonnie and Clyde (Lucia Beltrami) Quickstep IV, Armstrong  
 Bonnie Portmore (Casa Musica) Waltz IV+2, Lamberty  
 Bonus Track (Cesta All Stars) slowed 15% & faded Salsa IV, Ross  
 Bony Moronie - Larry Williams Jive V+0+2, Ross  
 Boo Hoo (Guy Lombardo) Quickstep V+1+1, Stone  
 Boogie Blues (Claude Blouin) Jive VI, Easterday Jive IV+2, Garza
 Boogie Bumper (Red Hot Boogie Bumpers) Quickstep IV+1+1, Schmidt  
 Boogie Fever (Studio 54 - Silvers) 2-step-jive III, Del Matteo  
 Boogie Oogie Oogie (a Taste Of Honey) Cha IV, Booz  
 Boogie Oogie Oogie (Countdown Mix Masters) Cha III, Bartlette  
 Boogie Shoes (K.C. and The Sunshine Band) Cha-Jive IV+1, Parker 2-step I, Watanabe; Jive V, Francis
 Boogie Time (Boogie With Me) Jive IV+1, Gloodt  
 Boogie Woogie (Lawrence Welk) Jive III+1+1 (Woodruff)  
 Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy (Andrew Sisters)-17 pc Same, slow  
 Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy (Andrews Sisters) TS II, Seurer  
 Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy (Bette Midler) 2-step II, Hurst  
 Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy (Marie Osmond)) 2-step II, Francis  
 Boogie Woogie Choo Choo Train (The Tractors) = Baby Likes to rock it, TS II+ Wilson, Scott, Mitchell, Flint, Bond
 Boogie Woogie Sheriff (Dave Sheriff) 2-step II+1, Woolcock  
 Boogie Woogie Wash Rag Blues (Hap Palmer) Jive IV+1, Gloodt  
 Boom (Andy Williams) Fox V, Schmidt C/S unreleased
 Boom Boom - Dance House, Latin Music 3 Cha V+1+.., Rumble  
 Boom Boom (Ce Perez) cut & slowed Merengue IV+2, Kincaid  
 Boom Boom Bailando (Jan Smit) - 5 pc Cha IV+1, Dierickx  
 Boom Boom Boom (Charlene) Shortened & slowed 5pc Cha IV+1+1, Dierickx  
 Boom Boom Boomerang (De Castro Sisters 1955) 2-step II, Murphy  
 Boom Boom Goes My Heart (Alex-Oscar) Fox-Jive IV+2, Weiss  
 Boom Clap (Charli XCX)) Cha V+0+1, Hilton Westcoast Swing IV+2+1, Okino
 Boot Scootin' Boogie (Asleep At The Wheel) Alternate  
 Boot Scootin' Boogie (Brooks And Dunn) Jive III+1, Koozer; many others 2-step Gomez-Peterson, Francis etc.
 Bop (Dan Seals) Jive IV, Guenther, 2-step III, Francis Jive-fox IV+1, Valenta
 Border of the Quarter (Leon Redbone) WCS V+1, Hilton  
 Born Free - Ray McVay Tango V+1, Ross  
 Born Free (1966 - Matt Monro) WZ VI+2, Eum-Ray  
 Born Free (Blackpool Legends) Rumba III, Baldwin  
 Born Free (Ken Turner) Rumba III, Kirsch  
 Born Free (Roger Williams) Dance by Moss  
 Born This Way (Lady Gaga) - faded Paso IV+0+1, Ross  
 Born to Dance (Grenn) Multi III+2, Pierson  
 Born to Lose (Boots Randolph) Fox V, Hoffman  
 Born too late (Ponytails) TS II+2, Chico, Schindler  
 Born Under A Bad Sign - Albert King Westcoast Swing IV, Ross  
 Borombon (Camilo Azuquita) Cha -Rumba IV+1, Halbert  
 Bossa Nova Baby (Elvis Presley) 2-step II+2+1, Chico  
 Both Sides Now - Andy Williams - edited Rumba IV+2, Hixson  
 Both to Each Other (Eddie Rabbit & Juice Newton) - 7% Waltz III, Ross  
 Bottle of Wine (Jimmy Gilmer) No choreo to this yet  
 Boulevard Of Broken Dreams - Hoctor Tango III, Ross  
 Boulevard Of Broken Dreams (Tony Bennett) Tango VI, Goss  
 Bounce me Brother (Broadway Cast) Quickstep V, Lillefield  
 Bounce With Me (Kreesha Turner) Samba V+2+1, Ross  
 Bouquet of Roses (DARR507) 2-step II+2, Kropf  
 Bouquet Of Roses (Living Strings) -5pc Bolero IV+0+1, Dierickx  
 Box of Secrets (Zarif) Quickstep IV+1+2, Gomez  
 Boy From New York City (Darts) 2-step II+2, Woodruff  
 Boy From New York City (Manhattan Transfer) 2-step, several cue-sheets  
 Boy Of My Dreams (Dancelife) Foxtrot III, Ross Foxtrot V, Dierickx
 Boy On A Dolphin (Japan) Bolero IV+2, Doi  
 Boyfriend (Lou Bega) Mambo IV+2, Hilton  
 Boys Are Back In Town (Busboys) - 11pc Jive IV+2+2, Oren  
 Boys Do Cry (Joe Bennett & The Sparkletones) 2-step II, Wrzenski, 1991  
 Boys Like You (ft. Meghan Trainor, Ariana Grande) Cha-Rumba III+1+1, Molitoris  
 Brahms Waltz 15 (Opus 39, Werner Tauber) Waltz IV+2, Woodruff  
 Brand New Key (Melanie) 2-step II, Scherrer; II+1, Woodruff  
 Brand New Man (Brooks & Dunn) 2-step III, Francis  
 Brand New Star (The Oak Ridge Boys) 2-step II+1+1, Sprosty  
 Brandy - Looking Glass 2-step II, Oren 2-step II+2, Matthews
 Brasilia (Julius Wechter & Baja Marimba Band) 2-step II, Woolcock  
 Brasilia (Special Pressing) Rumba VI, Winter (Brazaila)  
 Brazil - Johnny Mathis edited Samba V+1+1, Webb  
 Brazil - The Latin All Stars Samba IV+1, Ross  
 Brazilia (Grenn) 2-step II, Smithwick  
 Bread And Butter (The Newbeats) 2-step II, Klein  
 Break My Heart (Korotkoff) Cha IV+2+3, Burger  
 Break My Stride (Matthew Wilder) Cha-fox III+0+3, Allred  
 Break Up to Make Up (The Stylistics) +5% Waltz IV, Ross  
 Break Your Heart (Taio Cruz) No choreo - Cha Spoken words at start removed
 Breakaway (Kelly Clarkson) Hes Canter Waltz IV, Kincaid Intro to the rhythm
 Breaking Up Is Hard To Do (Everly Brothers) 2-step-jive II+2, Defore  
 Breaking Up Is Hard To Do (Neil Sedaka - SLOW) Slow-2-step V+2, Bingham  
 Breaking Up Is Hard To Do (Neil Sedaka) 2-step II+2, Defore or Francis Jive IV, Croft-De Zordo
 Breaking Up Is Hard To Do (The Carpenters) 2-step II+1, Ring  
 Breakout (Swing Out Sister) Foxtrot IV, Ross  
 Breathe Again - Toni Braxton (shortened) Slow-2-step IV+0+3, Ross  
 Breathe In (Dancelife) ) Tango III+0+3, Ross  
 Breathless (Rimini Vol 5) Fox VI, Moore  
 Breathless (The Corrs) CHa IV, Defore Jive III+2, Sprosty
 Breezin' Along With The Breeze (Four Lads) Foxtrot-Jive V+1, Gloodt  
 Brian's Song - Peter Nero Unphased dance by Utley 1978  
 Brian's Song (Henry Mancini) Foxtrot V+2, Hicks  
 Bright Lights Of Brussels (Guy Lombardo) 2-step II, Smith Quickstep-samba IV, Woodruff
 Bright Lights, Big City (Jimmy Reed) Westcoast swing drills  
 Bright Lights, Big City (Sonny James) Jive IV+2, Rother Jive V+0+1, Kirsch
 Bright Side Of The Road (Van Morrison) Single Swing & 2-step III, Froelich  
 Brilliant Conversationalist (T. Graham Brown) Westcoast VI, Shibata Jive III+2, Parker
 Bring a Torch (Manheim Steamroller) Waltz IV, Lamberty  
 Bring Flowers of the Fairest - Phil Coulter+5pc Waltz III, Glenn  
 Bring It All Back (Ross Mitchell) Samba V+2, Fisher  
 Bring it Back (Hot Rhythm 2) Rumba V+2, Goss  
 Bring It On Home To Me (Sam Cooke) Slow-2-step V, Davis Slow-2-step IV+0+2, Vantiger
 Bring me Sunshine (Morecombe and Wise) Alternate - No known choreo  
 Bring Me Sunshine (Ted Taylor) Quickstep IV, Ross  
 Bring Me Sunshine (Willie Nelson) Quickstep IV+2, Hoffman (Sunshine Quickstep) TS II, Sanders
 Bringing In A Brand New Year (B.B.King) Jive IV+1, Rotscheid  
 Brisas De Malaga (Orquesta Tarde De Torros) Paso IV+2, Lankuttis  
 Broadway Baby (Ross Mitchell) Fox V, Goss  
 Broadway Quickstep - Star 250CD Quickstep/2-step III+1, Hamilton  
 Broke Away (Vio Friedmann) Waltz V, Ross  
 Broken (Lovelytheband) Cha IV, Ross  
 Broken Hearted Melody (Sarah Vaughn) 2-step II+2, Gilder-Trankel  
 Broken Hearts, Broken Promises (Parker & Penny) Slow-2-step IV+1, Woodruff  
 Broken Heartstrings - Rita MacNeil Waltz III, Ross  
 Brother Jukebox (Mark Chesnutt) TS II+2, Becker  
 Brother Louie (Modern Talking) Cha V+1+several, Dierickx  
 Brothers (Phil Coulter) Waltz V+1, Scott  
 Brown Eyed Girl (Jackson Browne) TS II, Seurer or Sanders Adjust seq, not orig, music
 Brown Eyed Girl - Jimmy Buffet Cha IV+2, Francis  
 Brown Eyed Girl (Eagles) TS II, Seurer  
 Brown Eyed Girl (Jimmy Bufet) CH IV+2, Francis
 Brown Eyed Girl (The Moody Brothers) 2-step III, Sanders 2-step II, Seurer
 Brown Eyes [Sarah Brightman] Bolero IV+1, Dufrene
 Brown Girl in the Ring (Boney M - for Cibula's dance) CH-SB IV+1, Woodruff See Cue-cards
 Brown Girl in the Ring (Boney M - shortened)ed CH-SB IV+1, Woodruff See Cue-cards
 Bubbles In the Wine (Lawrence Welk) Fox V, Bingham  
 Bubbly - Alec Medina 2-step II+2, Nolen  
 Bubbly (Colbie Caillat) Slow-2-step III+2+1, Schidler  
 Buckaroo (Lee Ann Womack) 2-step II, ...  
 Buckle Bunny Boogie 2-step, Hattrick See Cue-cards
 Budapest (George Ezra) Jive VI, Ross 2-step II+1, Simondson
 Buddy Love - Ross Mitchell Cha III+1, Herr  
 Buenas Noches Mi Amor (Dance Along) CHa V+2, Lovelace  
 Buenos Dias Argentina - Marty Robbins Rumba IV+1, Ross  
 Buenos noches mi amor (Columbia Ballroom Orch) Rumba V+0+1, Dierickx  
 Bugaloo (The Chakachas) Mambo VI, Ross  
 Buicks to the Moon (Alan Jackson) 2-step II+1, Kline  
 Build Me Up Buttercup (Foundations) 2-step II, Seurer  
 Build Me Up Buttercup (The Foundations) Jive IV+2, Buttercup Jive
 Bulin Mis Amores (Dancelife) - faded Tango V, Ross  
 Bulletproof (Pomplamoose) Cha-Jive III+2, Simpson  
 Bulletproof Love (The Corrs) Rumba III, Kline  
 Bumble Boogie (B. Bumble And The Stingers) 2-step III, Woodruff Jive-2-step III+2, Maisch
 Bumm Bumm Danz (The Colibris or Kolibris) Mixer 2-step II, Geiger  
 Bumming Around - Stefano Nanni Foxtrot III+2, Hoffman  
 Buona Notte Bambino (Rocco Granata) Rumba V+1+1, Dierickx  
 Buona Sera (Ballroom Orch & Singers) shortened) Single Swing V, Ross  
 Buona Sera Signorina (Dean Martin) Tango-Jive III, Kurczewski  
 Burbujas De Amor (Juan Luis Guerra) Rumba IV, Woodruff Dance=Love Bubbles
 Burbujas De Amor (Sharlene Flores) alternate  
 Burgers and Fries (Charlie Pride) 2-step II, King 2-step III, Francis
 Burlesque Tango (Roberto Scaglioni) Tango III+2+1, Oren  
 Burn (Ballroom Orch & Singers) Rumba VI, Ross  
 Burn for You (Toby Mac) Cha IV , Diamond  
 Burnin' (Eddie Rabbitt) TS II, Rumble  
 Burning Bridges (Jack Scott) Burning Bridges - Elder, Waltz IV  
 Burning Bridges (Ronnie McDowell) Waltz II + 1, Sebree  
 Burning Light (Japan) Tango III+2, Doi  
 Burning Love (Elvis) 2-step III, Francis  
 Burning Memories (Ray Price) Foxtrot IV+2, Hichman  
 Bus Stop - Hans Zimmer Waltz V, Dierickx Cue-sheet: see Spanglish
 Bus Stop (Prandi) Waltz VI, Finch  
 Busy Man (Billy Ray Cyrus) TS II, Seurer  
 But I Do (Clarence Frogman Henry) Foxtrot III+2, Miller  
 But I Do Love You (LeAnn Rimes) - speed 114% Bolero III, Ross  
 But It's Alright (JJ Jackson) Cha IV+0+1, Simpson  
 But My Love - (Enjoy Dance Music 16) Cha III+1, Ito  
 But Not For Me (Dance My Life 9) Rumba III+2, Hagiwara  
 Butter (BTS) Cha V+1, Goss  
 Butterfly (Andy Williams) 2-step II, Woodruff 2-step II, Woolcock
 Butterfly (Frank Valdor) - Shortened 2-step II+2, Dierickx  
 Butterfly (FromTokyo Ghoul - Avera) Waltz IV, Ahart  
 Butterfly (Rolf Lovland) Waltz VI, Lamberty  
 Butterfly (SP - Golden Hubbel Orch) Foxtrot III, Procter  
 Butterfly Lovers Violin Concerto (Lonon Philharmonic - Vanessa Mae) shortened + 8pc Foxtrot VI, HO-Hicks  
 Button off My shirt (Ronnie Milsap) Cha IV, Francis  
 Button Up Your Overcoat Quickstep IV+1, Rotscheid  
 Buttons (The Pussycat Dolls) West Coast Swing IV, Ross  
 Buttons and Bows (Starlite Orch) 2-step II+1, Bartlette  
 Buy Her A Rose (Kenny Rogers) Rumba V+1, Maisch  
 Buy Me A Rose (Luther Vandross) Rumba IV+2, Hanna  
 Buy Me A Rose [Bill Sugarman] Rumba-Cha IV+2, Read Rumba IV+2, Wright
 Buzz Buzz Buzz (Hollywood Flames) Alternate  
 Buzz, Buzz, Buzz (Huey Lewis) 2-step II, Byrd  
 Buzz, Buzz, Buzzing (Tim Hicks) -8pc Slow-2-step III+0+3, Ross  
 By The Lakeside (XQ) Waltz II, Ross  
 By The Phone (Grenn 17015) Waltz II, Baldwin  
 By the Time I Get to Phoenix (Tony Evans) Foxtrot V, Ross  
 By the Time This Night Is Over(Kenny G & Peabo Bryson) - Faded Rumba VI, Ross  
 Bye Bye Blues (Bert Kaempfert) 2-step , Eberhart; 2-step II, Neeley; Foxtrot IV, Eckley
 Bye Bye Blues (flip of Sweet Ida) Fox, unphased, Palmquist III+1, Tikkanen (Bye Bye Foxtrot)
 Bye Bye Bye (Michael Schulte) Cha III+1, Gruender  
 Bye Bye Bye ('N Sync)+ 15 pc Cha III+1, Chadd  
 Bye Bye Love - Anne Murray 2-step-Single Swing III+2, Sperry  
 Bye Bye Love (Everly Brothers) 2-step III, Vogt  
 Bye Bye Mambo (David Civera-Remix)edited & slowed Mambo VI, Rumble  
 Bye Mom (Chris Janson) cut and -10pc Foxtrot III, Lewis  
 Bygone Days (Werner Tauber & Rias Dance Orch) -5pc Waltz IV+1, Bradt Waltz IV+2+1, Dierickx
 C C Rider (Special Pressing) West Coast Swing IV+1+1, Scherrer  
 Ca C'est Du Poulet (Chakachas) Mambo IV+1, Ross  
 Cab Driver (The Mills Brothers) 10 2-step cue-sheets, 1 jive  
 Caballero (Mario Riccardi)- Shortened Rumba V+1 or IV+2+1, Dierickx  
 Caballero, Caballero (Kristina Bach) Paso IV+1+1, Dierickx  
 Caballo Blanco (Juan Luis Guerra) Rumba IV+2, Murphy  
 Cabaret (Golden Alhambra Piano) 2-step III, Heiny  
 Cabaret (Roper)+ 10 pc QS-TS III+1, Floden  
 Cabeca Inchada Samba IV, Ross  
 Cabo San Lucas (Toby Keith) Rumba III+1, Cook  
 Cachito (Nat King Cole) Rumba-cha III+2, Molitoris Rumba-cha IV+2, Ito
 Cada Día (Tamara) - Shortened & - 10 pc Rumba-Cha V+0+2, Dierickx  
 Cada Noche (SPARX) 2-step II+2+1, Woodruff  
 Cadillac Cowboy (Chris Ledoux) Cha & two-step III+1, Kline  
 Cadillac Ranch (Rick Trevino) 2-step II+1, Seurer  
 Cadillac Red - The Judds 2-step II+1, Springer  
 Cafe Del Rio (Heidi Hauge) Shortened Rumba V+1+Some, Dierickx  
 Cafe En Mi Balcon (Sparx) Mambo IV+2+1, Dierickx  
 Caigo (La Sucursale S.A.) slowed 10% & faded Salsa IV, Ross  
 Cain's Blood (4 Runner) Rumba IV, Speranzo/Mitchell  
 Cajun Baby (Doug Kershaw & Hank Williams Jr.) 2-step II+2, Baldwin  
 Cajun Fiddleman 2-step II, Hintz  
 Cajun Moon (Ricky Skaggs) 2-step-cha unph, Bush 2-step II, Hoss-Waldorf; cha III+1,McBride
 Cake by the Ocean (DNCE) Cha IV, Ross  
 Calahan (TNT) 2-step, Parrott, Gloodt  
 Calcutta (Lawrence Welk) + 14pc Cha III+1+1, Sperry 2-step II, Byrd
 Calcutta (Petula Clark) Samba IV+1, Molitoris  
 Caldonia (Steve Tropic & the Pinstripes)-15pc Jive VI, Worlock  
 Caledonia (Celtic Thunder) Waltz IV+1, Kline  
 Calendar On The Wall (The Proclaimers) Rumba IV, Kline  
 Caliente (Andy Fortuna) - faded Samba V+0+3, Ross  
 California Blue (Fernando Lopez) Rumba III+1, Barnhill  
 California Blues (Randy Travis) 2-step II+2+1, Woolcock  
 California Dreamin' (Queen Latifah) Rumba VI, Goss  
 California Dreaming - Mama's & Papa's Rumba III+1, Seurer  
 California Girls (Beach Boys) Slow-2-step-Jive IV+1+2, Byrd  
 California Girls (David Lee Roth), Roberts WCS-Jive V+2, Roberts Jive IV, Seurer
 California Melody - Tony Evans Rumba V+2, Ross  
 California Strut (Walter Murphy) No choreo  
 Call and say Hello - Daniel O Donnell - 5pc 2-step III  
 Call Me (Peter Douglas) Foxtrot VI, Prow  
 Call Me Irresponsible (Prandi Daydreaming 6, Bassano Open) Foxtrot IV, Bishop  
 Call me Irresponsible (Bobby Darin) for Rumble Fox VI, Rumble  
 Call me Irresponsible (Bobby Darin) Fox V+1, Nelson Fox V, Francis
 Call Me Irresponsible (Michael Bublé) full Foxtrot-Jive IV+2+1,  
 Call Me Irresponsible (Michael Bublé) shortened Fox V, Collipi Official music in March 09
 Call Me Irresponsible (Sydney Thompson) Foxtrot IV+1, Ross  
 Call Me Maybe (Carly Rae Jepsen) Cha cha IV, Chatos Cha cha V+0+2, Voelkl (cue-card)
 Call me Senorita (DJ Mitya) Cha IV+0+1, Collins  
 Call Me Senorita (Shawn Mendes & Camila Cabello) - 8pc Rumba V+0+1, Lewis-Olson  
 Call On Me (Engelbert Humperdinck) Rumba III+2, Hagiwara  
 Calle Preciados (Sergio Y Estabiliz) Cha IV+1+1, Woodruff 2002  
 Calling (Vio Friedmann) Rumba III, Ross  
 Calling Doom Dada (Ballroom Orch & Singers) Single Swing III, Ross  
 Calling the School Joke  
 Calm after the Storm (The Common Linnets) Rumba III, Voelkl Cue-card
 Calypso Caribe (Ross Mitchell) Samba IV+1, Muraoka-Yoyama  
 Cambalache (Julio Iglesias) Tango VI+2, Ross  
 Cambio Dolor (Natalia Oreiro) Samba IV+, Patik  
 Cameleon (Dancelife) Cha III, Ross  
 Cameo (101 Strings Orch) Waltz IV+1, Booz  
 Camerero - Velasquez Merengue IV, Ross  
 Caminemos (JP) Rumba IV, Ito  
 Caminito (Worlock) Int tango V+2, Worlock  
 Caminito Tango (Maurice Larcange) No choreo  
 Campfire - Hollywood Movie Strings - (Ballroom Moods)    
 Can I See You Tonight (Tanya Tucker) Rumba IV or TS II+1, Francis  
 Can I Steal a Little Love (Special Pressing) Foxtrot V, Blackford  
 Can It Be True (Linda Ronstadt) Rumba IV+2, Hixson  
 Can One Man Save The World (Five for Fighting) 2-step II, Buckmaster (cue card)  
 Can You Feel It (Tony Evans) Tango VI, Ross  
 Can you feel the love tonight (STAR) RB V+2, Mc Gee RB III+1, Seurer
 Can You Feel The Love To-Night (Zamfir) Not same as STAR Slow, Bolero music
 Can You Read My Mind - Maureen McGovern Bolero V+2+1, Kincaid  
 Can you read my mind (Meco) Bolero V, Scott  
 Canadian Man (Paul Brandt) + 16pc 2-step II+2, Zeeman-Dodds  
 Canadian Sunset - Archie Blyer 2-step III, Lamberty  
 Canadian Sunset (Andy Williams) Alternate for several c/s, Pell, Maguire Thornton, Robertson, Hutchinson, Newberry
 Canadian Sunset (Hugo Winterhalter) FT IV+2, Maguire, V+2, Robertson  
 Canalla (The Chakachas) Mambo III, Ross  
 Canchero - Edmundo Rivero Argentine Tango IV+0+Bronze, Ross  
 Cancun (Bossa for a Coup) Rumba V+1, Cantrell  
 Candida (Orlando-Dawn) Rumba IV+2, Filardo Rumba III+2, Seurer
 Candle In the Wind (Elton John) Rumba V, Ross  
 Candle on the Water (Cartoon Songs for Dancing) Waltz III+1, Hagiwara  
 Candle On The Water (Full- Gaby Coldburg) Waltz V+2, Preskitt  
 Candle On The Water Mod (Gaby Coldburg) Waltz V+1, Callen  
 Candlelight (Masters of Modern 18) Waltz V, Goss  
 Candlelight (Toni Braxton) Bolero V, Ross  
 Candlelight Carol (Neil Diamond) Waltz IV, Woolcock  
 Candlelight Waltz (Windsor 4761) Waltz IV, Baldwin  
 Candy (Dance Superstars 9) WCS V+2, Ito  
 Candy (Robbie Williams) Cha III+0+1, Lankuttis  
 Candy Cane Lane (Sia) 2-step II+2, Toms  
 Candy Heart (Valentine) Fox III, Charlie Brown See Cue-Cards
 Candy Kisses (Danny Kaye) Foxtrot-Jive IV+1, Molitoris  
 Candy Kisses (Lorrie Morgan) 2-step, Chico 2-step II+1, Seurer
 Candy Man (Christina Aguilera) 2-step II+1, Cavness  
 Candy Man (Roy Orbison) 2-step II+2, Francis  
 Candy Man (Sammy Davis Jr) (conflicted) Fox-2-step III+1, Chico; Jive V, Francis 2-step III, Francis, II, Sanders; JV IV Filardo
 Candy Man (Sammy Davis Jr) Fox-2-step III+1, Chico; Jive V, Francis 2-step III, Francis, II, Sanders
 Cannelloni Mambo (Daniela Cavanna) - 10pc & Shortened Mambo IV+2, Dierickx  
 Can't Be Tamed (Miley Cyrus) Tango IV, Ross  
 Can't buy Me Love - Ross Mitchell 2-step III, Watanabe  
 Can't Buy Me Love (Mackintosh) 2-step II, Watanabe  
 Can't Buy Me Love (The Beatles) 2-step II+1, Chico  
 Can't Even Get the Blues (Reba McEntire) Jive IV+2, Hilton  
 Can't Fight The Moonlight (Leanne Rimes) Cha V+1, Schoenig-DeJong  
 Can't Fight the Moonlight (Vio Friedmann) Cha III+1, Chadd  
 Can't Get Enough (Dancelife) Jive V, Ross  
 Can't Get Out of This Mood (Studio Musicians) Foxtrot V, Simpson  
 Can't Get You Out of My Head (Kylie Minogue) - Faded Cha IV, Ross  
 Can't Help Falling In Love (Al Martino) Fox VI, Martin (Falling)  
 Cant Help Falling In Love (Boris Myagkov) Waltz III+1, Yoshikawa  
 Can't Help Falling In Love (Elvis Presley) - 4 pc Slow-2-step V, Rumble; III+2, Kincaid Hesitation Canter Waltz VI, Webb
 Can't Help Falling in Love with You (Doi) Bolero III+2, Soi  
 Can't Help It (Scooter Lee) Foxtrot-Jive III+2, Weiss  
 Can't Help It (Scooter Lee)short Jive V+1 or III, Weiss  
 Can't Help Myself (The Four Tops) 2-step II+2, Francis  
 Can't Smile Without You (Dancelife) Foxtrot IV, Gruender  
 Can't Stop Loving You (Vio Friedmann) Single Swing IV, Ross  
 Can't Stop The Feeling (Anna Kendrick & Justin Timberlake) Cha-Rumba V+1, Woodruff  
 Can't Stop The Feeling (Justin Timberlake) Cut & Slowed for Worlock West Coast Swing VI, Worlock  
 Can't Stop The Music (Mira Quien Baila Orquestra) -6pc & shortened Cha-Rumba IV+1+several, Dierickx  
 Can't Stop This Thing We Started - faded West Coast Swing VI+4, Ross  
 Can't take my eyes of off you (Frankie Vallie) Cha IV+1+1, Booz  
 Can't Take My Eyes Off You (Andy Williams)-5pc Cha V+1+1, Preskitt  
 Can't Take My Eyes Off You (Casa Musica) Cha III+2+1, Ito  
 Can't Take My Eyes Off You (Japan) Cha III+2, Doi  
 Can't take my eyes off you (Jay & the Americans) Rumba IV+2, Betzelberger  
 Can't Take My Eyes Off You (Paul Kuhn) Cha III, Blackford  
 Can't Take my Eyes Off You (Special Pressing) Cha VI, Shibata  
 Can't Wait Until Tonight (Max Mutzke) - Steven Rumba III+1, Geiger-Jarmuth cue card Sidney Steven, Latin Music 6
 Canta (Merengue Latin Band) Merengue III+1, Cunningham  
 Cantina Band (The Swingtips) -11% Quickstep IV+2+1, Weiss  
 Canzona (Secret Garden) Waltz IV or V, Dierickx  
 Canzone D'amore (Hansi Hinterseer) Foxtrot IV, Dierickx  
 Capone (Ian Lumley) Foxtrot V+2, Armstrong Foxtrot IV +2 or V, Dierickx
 Capri im Schnee (Patrick Undner) Rumba V, Dierickx  
 Capri Serenade (Frank Chacksfield) Rumba V+2, Gl;oodt  
 Caprichosa ( Vio Friedmann) Rumba V, Ross  
 Caprichoso - Columbia River Group Bolero III, Ross  
 Capri-Fischer (Ernst Kuegler) slowed 3pc Foxtrot IV+2+1, Dieerickx  
 Capri-Fischer (Gunther Noris) Rumba IV+2+1, Dierickx  
 Captain Harris (907Britt) Cha III+2+1, Weiss  
 Cara Angelical - Tamarindo Merengue III, Ross  
 Cara Mia (Ballroom Orchestra & Singers) ) Tango III+0+2, Ross  
 Caramel - Suzanne Vega Rumba IV+0+1, Byars  
 Carbaret (Sedler) 2-step II+1  
 Careless Whisper (Blowing Free) Rumba IV+1, Matthews  
 Careless Whisper (George Michael) - faded & speed 115% Bolero III, Ross  
 Caribbean Queen (Billy Ocean) Cha IV+1, Sonnier CH-JV IV+2, Ballard
 Caribbean Sunset (Bryan Smith) Rumba V, Preskitt Rumba IV+1, Ferris-Hartzell
 Caribbean Twostep Tango (Nancy Hays) Samba IV+1, Molitoris; Cha III+2+1, Healea 2-step II+2, Hoffman; 2-step II+1+1, Tennant
 Carmelita (Dixie Aces) +7 pc Rumba V, Dierickx  
 Carmen (El Paso Lady) (Gene Watson) Rumba III, Sobala, Woolcock Rumba III+2, Harrington
 Carmen (PD) Paso VI, Imamura  
 Carmen March (Marc Reift)-10pc Paso Doble/Five-Count V, Woodruff  
 Carmen-Carmela (Hi Hat) FT IV+1, Knowles  
 Carnival (Manuel & The Music of the Mountains) Rumba IV+1, Dierickx  
 Carnival (Roper 223B) Bolero IV+1, Kincaid  
 Caro Mio (Lynn Garner) WZ III+1, Baldwin; II, Watanabe II+2, Labelle; IV+2+1, Harcourt; Pinks
 Caro Tango (Castellina Pasi) Tango VI, Linden-Kasznay  
 Carolina (Dancelife) - faded Cha V, Ross  
 Carolina in the Morning (Grenn) 2-step II, Kinnane  
 Carolina In The Pines (Michael Martin Murphy) -5 pc Cha IV, Geiken  
 Carolina Moon (Connie Francis) + 10pc Rumble waltzes:III+2 or VI  
 Carolina Moon (Patti Page or Pasty Cline) Alternate  
 Carousel Waltz (Grenn) Waltz II, Capon  
 Carrickfergus (Phil Coulter) Slow-2-step VI, Preskitt  
 Carring You (Japan) Waltz II+2, Ito  
 Carrousel (Dancelife) Tango IV, Ross  
 Casate y Veras (New 101 Strings) Cha III, Ross Wedding Dance
 Casey Jones (Dancelife) Quickstep IV, Ross  
 Casi Te Envidio (La Colombian Power) slowed 10% & faded out Mambo V, Ross  
 Casí un Bolero (Ricky Martin) shortened for Ross Bolero IV, Ross  
 Casí un Bolero (Ricky Martin) shortened for Wilaby Rumba III+0+1, Wilaby  
 Casi un Hechizo (Jerry Rivera) slowed 10% & faded out Mambo IV+2, Ross  
 Castaway (Zac Brown Band) Cha IV+1, Wulf Cha III, Hartzell-Ferris
 Castles in the Air (Don McLean) No choreo  
 Casualidad - Los Hermanos Rodriguez Bolero V, Ross  
 Cat Daddy (Steve Mitchell) Jive, soft VI or IV+1, Blackford  
 Catch A Falling Star - SydneyThompson-EP607 Rumba III, Jestin  
 Catch A Falling Star (Perry Como) Rumba-jive IV, Saito; fox IV+2, Kilner Fox-jive IV, Burkhardt. rumba-fox III, Koozer
 Catch A Moonbeam (Andy Williams) Waltz VI, Casey Waltz IV+1, Scott (Noelle)
 Catch a Wave - Beach Boys 2-step II, Ring  
 Catch My Disease (Ben Lee)+10pc 2-step II, Tulloch  
 Caterina - Helmut Lotti + 5 pc 2-step II+1, Speranzo  
 Caterina (Caravelli) 2-step II+2, Dierickx  
 Catfish Bates (Don Williams) 2-step II+2, Baldwin  
 Caught Up (Usher) West Coast Swing IV, Ross  
 Caught Up In the Rapture (Anita Baker) Bolero VI, Ross  
 Cavatina (Dancelife) Waltz IV+1+1 or V, Dierickx  
 Ce Vendredi la (Ballroom Dance Collection) Foxtrot V, Ross  
 Cecilia (Simon & Garfunkel) Samba IV+1+1, Crapo  
 Celebrate (Three Dog Night) Cut Foxtrot IV, Byars  
 Celebrate Me Home (Kenny Loggins) - faded & slowed 5% Waltz IV, Ross  
 Celebration (Kool and the Gang) (conflicted) Cha III+1 or CH IV+1+3, Filardo Cha V, Seurer
 Celebration (Kool and the Gang) Cha III+1, Filardo Cha V, Seurer
 Celery Stalks at Midnight - Will Bradley & His Orchestra - slowed 14% Lindy-Foxtrot-Jive-Single Swing V, Webb  
 Cell Block Tango (for Worlock) Tango VI, Worlock  
 Cell Block Tango (Moondance, Casa Musica) Tango V+1+1, Woodruff  
 Celos Cha IV, Bradt Cue-card only
 Center of my World (Chris Young) Cha IV+1, Speranzo  
 Centerfield (John Fogerty) cut for Gotta 2-step II, Gotta  
 Centerfield (John Fogerty) 2-step II, Fogle  
 Central Park (Italian Ballroom with Andrea Quadri) [30 bpm] Foxtrot V, Hoffman  
 Cerezo Rosa (Japan) Cha IV+2, Doi  
 Cerisier rose et pommier blanc (Paul Mauriat) Cha-fox III+1, Bartlette When we're in love
 Ces bottes sont faites pour marcher (Eileen) Jive IV, Halbert  
 C'est Bon Pour Le Moral (La Compagnie Creole) Merengue-Reggae-Bachata III, Cibula  
 C'est Ça Qui Est Bon (Dany Brillant)- 15% Foxtrot 4, Ross  
 C'est La Vie (F.R.P.) Cha III+2+1, Race Cha IV, Heiny
 C'est la vie (Bob Seger & the Silver Bullet Band) TS II+1, Oren  
 C'est magnifique - Kay Starr 2-step II, Hicks  
 C'est magnifique (Instrumental -.Tony Evans) Foxtrot-Jive III+1, McKenrick  
 C'est Magnifique Oh La La La (Dean Martin) Foxtrot V, Valenta, 2002  
 C'est mon Histoire (Renee Martel) Slow-2-step V+0+1, Dierickx  
 C'est Si Bon - Mirelle Mathieu - 5 Slower Foxtrot IV+1, Dierickx  
 C'est Si bon - Roper 278 Fox III+1- Paull, IV+1-Liggin V+1-Fisher, VI-Lawson
 C'est Si Bon (Ross Mitchell) Cha V+0+3, Dierickx  
 C'est si Bon Cha (Tony Evans) Cha VI, Migliorini, Cha IV+2, Nelson Cha III, Kammerer
 C'est Toi (Dany Brillant)-4pct West Coast Swing VI, Ito  
 Cha Cha Brasilia (Bert Kaempfert) Cha III, Woodruff (True Cha Cha III) Cha IV+1, Dierickx
 Cha Cha Cha (Al Russ - CEM) No choreo  
 Cha Cha Cha (Raymond van het Groene Woud) Cha IV+2, Dierickx  
 Cha Cha Cha d'Amour - Tony Evans Cha IV, Ross  
 Cha Cha Cha D'Amour (Dean Martin) Cha IV+0+2, Dierickx  
 Cha Cha Cha DAmour (Peter Douglas) Cha III+1+1, Preskitt  
 Cha Cha Cha de Amor (Havana Mambo) Cha IV, Hoffman  
 Cha Cha Cha Des Thons (Casa Musica) Cha VI, Hagiwara  
 Cha Cha Charleston (Two-stepping Millie) (Grenn) 2-step II+1, Tirrell Two-Stepping Millie
 Cha Cha Dancing - Medley(Tanzorchester der Militamusik))    
 Cha Cha Finzy (Finzy Contini) (Radio Edit) With Intro Cha IV+2+bunch, Dierickx  
 Cha Cha Frenesi (Special Pressing) Cha IV+2, Slomcenski  
 Cha Cha Heels (Ralphi Rosario Radio Edit) - faded & slowed Cha V, Ross  
 Cha Cha Hips (Special Pressing) Cha V+2, Lefeavers  
 Cha Cha King (Willi The Cha Cha King - Remix) - Twins Project Cha III+2+1, Pelton  
 Cha Cha Simpatico (Ambros Seelos) Cha V+1+3, Dierickx  
 Cha cha Souris (Versaillestation) Cha IV+0+1, Dierickx  
 Cha Cha Torrero ( ) Cha V, Moore  
 Cha Medley (McGee) Cha IV+2, McGee  
 Chacharini (Telemark) Cha V+1+1, Du Bois-Stewart  
 Chain Gang (Sam Cooke) 2-step II+1, Eum  
 Chain Of Fools (Aretha Franklin) Westcoast Swing IV+2+3, Garza  
 Chain of Fools (The Commitments) Mixed Swings IV+1, Cantrell  
 Chain Reaction (Diana Ross) Jive IV, Bradl  
 Chains - Tina Arena WCS VI, Read I'm in Chains
 Chains-- Patty Loveless West Coast Swing IV, Koozer  
 Chalita (Michael Sahl) Arg Tango VI, Goss  
 Champagne Promise (David Nail) Rumba IV, Seurer  
 Champagne Time (Lawrence Welk) Same routine as Dancing Shadows Foxtrot IV, Eckley
 Champagne Waltz (Roper) Waltz II+1, Easterday (Champagne Dream) Waltz III+2, Paull; V+1, Kilner
 Chan Chan (Buena Vista Social Club) - faded Mambo III, Ross  
 Chances (Jill Barber) Slow-2-step III+1, Lawrence  
 Chances are (Johnny Mathis) 5-Count III+2, Lawson  
 Chanel - Alessandro Olivato Waltz VI, Preskitt  
 Change (Mavis Staples) Jive IV+2+1, Hilton  
 Change (Vio Friedmann) - faded Samba VI, Ross  
 Change of Heart (Classics IV) Foxtrot V, Francis  
 Change Of Seasons (Fabuloso) Waltz VI, Blackford  
 Change Partners (Ross Mitchell) Rumble Fox IV, Dewayne, VI, Folwell-Butcher V, Heiny; VI, Rumble
 Change Partners (Vic Damone) Lamberty Fox VI, Lamberty  
 Change The World (Eric Clapton) Cha V, Scott Rumba IV+2, Weiss
 Changing Partners (Patti Page)+ 12 pc Waltz III+2. Doi Walz II, Smith
 Chanson D'Amour (BZN) Slow-2-step V+0+2, Dierickx  
 Chanson D'amour (Lucille Star)-4 pc STS-Jive IV+2, , Gloodt  
 Chanson D'amour (Manhattan Transfer) STS-Jive IV+2, , Gloodt Not original music
 Chanson D'Amour (Ray McVay) Fox V+1, Ross  
 Chansons D'Amour (Art & Dotty Todd) STS-Jive IV+2, Gloodt  
 Chantal (Hugo Strasser) Waltz V+0+1, Dierickx  
 Chantilly Lace (Big Bopper) - 10 pc 2-step III, McFarlane  
 Chapel By The Sea (Billy Vaughn) Foxtrot V, Kenny  
 Chapel by the Sea (Hi Hat) 2-step-foxtrot III, Mack  
 Chapel of Love (Dixie Cups) Rumba IV+2, Helm  
 Charade (Henry Mancini) Waltz IV, Slater  
 Charade (Sammy Kaye) 2-step II+1+1, Winkler  
 Charade (WZ - Tony Crane) Waltz III+1, Kammerer  
 Chardonnay (Easterday) 50 rpm Waltz VI, Easterday (Hymn)  
 Charleston (Roberto Perazzoli) 2-step-quickstep III+2, Woodruff  
 Charleston (Warren Covington) Quickstep III, Hooper  
 Charleston Darling (Gunter Noris) 2-step III+0+1, Dierickx  
 Charley, My Boy (Andrews Sisters) Alternate  
 Charley, My Boy (Sammy Kaye) Quickstep III, Handy Quickstep V+1+3, Bahr
 Charlie And Betty (Lorrie Morgan) 2-step II+1, Rod Windhorst  
 Charlie Brown (The Coasters) Jive IV+1+1, Gruender  
 Charlie Chaplin (Mieke) Intro to foxtrot, Woodruff  
 Charlie's Shoes (Billy Walker) 2-step II, Hichman  
 Charlotte's in North Carolina - Keith Whitley Rumba III, Healea  
 Charmaine (Danny Malando) Waltz IV+2+1, Dierickx  
 Charmaine (Dennis Hayward) Waltz IV, McKenrick  
 Charmaine (Jim Reeves) Fox-Jive III+2, Paull  
 Charmaine (Roland Cedemark) Working bench  
 Charmaine (The Bachelors) Foxtrot V+1, ...  
 Charmaine 2 2-step II, Smarelli  
 Charmed Life (Diana Krall) Foxtrot IV+2, Finch  
 Charmer (Japan) Waltz II+, Ito
 Charro - Dancelife Paso Doble IV+0+1, Ross  
 Cha's Cha Cha (Charlie Brisette) Cha III+2, Heiny  
 Chasin That Neon Rainbow (Alan Jackson) 2-step II, Lewis 2-step II+1, Dierickx
 Chasing Cars (Rumba) edited Rumba VI, Goss  
 Chasing The Sun (Miss Stella) Rumba IV+2, Collins  
 Chasing The Wind (Belco Rhythm Boys) 2-step II, Helms or C.Brown  
 Chattahoochee (Alan Jackson)- 5 pc 2-step Bond, Chico, Thompson  
 Chattanooga Choo Choo (Ross Mitchell)-5pc Cha III, Seurer; Cha IV, Schneider Cha IV+1, Hagiwara
 Chattanooga Shoe Shine Boy (Belco) 2-step II, Tracy  
 Che Bandoneon (Susy Leiva) Argentine Tango IV+0+3, Ross  
 Cheap Seats (Alabama) 2-step II+1, Speranzo  
 Cheap Thrills (Sia) Cha III+1, Hebert  
 Cheatin Songs (Midland) Rumba III+2+2, Taylor  
 Cheating On The Blues Tonight (Brooks & Dunn) TS/Single Swing III, Chico  
 Check Yes or No (George Strait) 2-step II+2, Berka  
 Cheek to Cheek (Doris Day) Foxtrot, Michaelson I'm in Heaven
 Cheek To Cheek (Finzy Kontini) Cha V+2, Cibula  
 Cheek To Cheek (Frank Sinatra) Quickstep V+1+1, Davenport  
 Cheek to Cheek (Hoctor) Quickstep Grady & Coleman  
 Cheek to Cheek (Yannick Bovy) Cha III, Fisher  
 Cheerleader (Omi) Rumba III, Ross  
 Cheri Cheri Lady (Modern Talking) shortened & slowed 10pc Quickstep IV+2, Hicks-Ho  
 Cheri Cheri Lady (Modern Talking) Cha IV+2+some, Dierickx  
 Cherish (Madonna) faded Jive III, Ross  
 Cherish The Treasure (Steve Green) Waltz V+1, Rogers  
 Chermaine ( Ballroom Orch & Singers) Waltz II, Ross  
 Cherry Bomb (John Mellencamp) Westcoast Swing VI, Ross  
 Cherry Heart (The Mummers) for Shibata Foxtrot V+1+2, Shibata  
 Cherry Heart (The Mummers) Foxtrot VI, Ross Foxtrot V+1, Shibata
 Cherry Hill Park (Billy Joe Royal) Jive, Filardo  
 Cherry Pie (Skip & Flip) 5 Count III+0+1, Murphy  
 Cherry Pink (Ken Turner) Cha IV+0+1, Gloodt  
 Cherry Pink And Apple Blossom White - Arthur Murray Rumba V+1, Ross  
 Cherry Pink And Apple Blossom White (Perez Prado) Cha cha IV, Bahr  
 Cherry Poppin' Daddy Strut (Cherry Poppin' Daddies) Foxtrot V, Ross  
 Cheryl Moana Marie - Theo van Cleef Foxtrot V, Dierickx  
 Cheryl Moana Marie (Lenny Dee) STS IV, Koozer  
 Chewing Gum (Casa Musica) Quickstep IV, Moore  
 Chez Laurette (Ballroom Memories) Waltz V, Ito  
 Chez Paris (Ratatouille - Fred Mollin) edited Jive IV+1+2, Chadd  
 Chi Mai (Hisao Sudo) Waltz II+2, Brewer  
 Chica Boo Charleston (Grenn) 2-step II+2, Parrott Dance = Just Plain Funky
 Chica Good Good - Merengue Fever Merengue III+, Ross  
 Chicago - Al Russ 2-step I + 2, Ross  
 Chicago - John Warren Quickstep V, Ross  
 Chicago (Peter Douglas) Quickstep IV+2+1, Preskitt  
 Chicago (Sinatra) Jive V+1, Easterday 2002  
 Chicago's My Town (Sally Roberts) . Foxtrot IV or 2-step II, Stairwalt 2-step = Chicago's My Town
 Chick-A-Boom (Guy Mitchell) Cha III, Shane  
 Chicken Dance Song (Lawrence Welk) It's Belgian, you know!  
 Chicken Feed (Bent Fabric) Mixer 2-step II, Staff, 1966  
 Chicken Fried (Zac Brown Band) 2-step II, Garza  
 Chico Chia Cha Cha Cha IV, Paull  
 Chihiro (Japan) Waltz IV+2+2, Araki-Ohama  
 Chihuahua (Dancelife - high quality) Alternate  
 Chihuahua (DJ Babbitt) Mambo V+2, Worlock  
 Chihuahua (DJ Bobo) Mambo IV, Patik  
 Chihuahua (for Scherrer's dance) Mambo IV+1, Scherrer  
 Child Of Mine (Bill Staines) Speed + 18 % Slow-2-step IV+1+1, Kline  
 Childhood (Dennis Delano) Waltz IV+0+1, Lankuttis  
 Children, Children (Sammy Davis Jr) Waltz VI, Tom Hicks  
 Chili Cha Cha (Dancelife) cut - cut 1min40 sec off front Cha III, Townsend-Manning  
 Chili Cha Cha (Petre Geambasu) V+1+several, Dierickx  
 Chill Of An Early Fall (Geroge Strait) Slow dance, Ross, IV  
 Chilly Cha Cha (Jessica Jay) - short Cha III+2, Brown Short version
 Chilly Cha Cha (Jessica Jay) Cha V+2, Valenta 2002  
 Chilly Chilly Cha (Lottie) cut & slowed Cha VI, Shibata  
 Chim-Chim-Cheree (Mary Poppins) Viennese waltz V+1, Hurd  
 Chinese Milk Vetch (Japan) Rumba IV+2, Doi  
 Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (Paul Mauriat) Cha IV+2+1, Soos MX III+1, Hagiwara
 Choo Choo Ch' Boogie (Tony Crane)-12pc Jive VI, Goss  
 Choo Choo Ch Boogie (Tony Crane)-5% Same  
 Choo Choo Cha Cha (Rinky Dinks) Cha III+2, Nelson Cha Cha Ville
 Chopin Opus 69 No. 1 (Charles Barlow),-3pc Waltz IV+2 , Dierickx  
 Chopsticks (Japan) Quickstep V+2, Doi  
 Choro II (Charlie Byrd & Laurindo Almeida) Rumba IV+0+1, Woodruff  
 Chouchou (The Chakachas) Mambo IV, Ross  
 Chug-A-Lug (Roger Miller) 2-step II+1, Weiss  
 Church (Lyle Lovette) 6 min TS hash gospel music Robin Young
 Ciao Amici (La Banda Della Musica) - Shortened & Slowed 7pc Mambo-Merengue V+1+several, Dierickx  
 Ciao Ciao Bambino (Roper) Foxtrot IV+2, Valenta  
 Cider House Rules - Main Title - Rachel Portman Waltz IV+1, Crow-Froelich  
 Cielito Lindo - Ray McVay Samba V, Ross  
 Cinco De Mayo In Memphis - Jimmy Buffet Rumba IV, Hichman  
 Cinco Robles (Les Paul and Mary Ford) Waltz II, Woodruff  
 Cinderella - Paul Anka Quickstep V+2+1, Hagiwara  
 Cinderella (Ballroom Pops) Quickstep V+2+1 or III+1, Hagiwara  
 Cinderella (Lionel Richie) Cha IV+0+1  
 Cinderella (Steven Curtis Chapman) Hesitation Canter Waltz VI, Worlock  
 Cinderella (Vio Friedmann) - faded Samba V+0+2, Ross  
 Cinderella Rockefella (Star) Disco-jive 4 count IV, Easterday  
 Circle In The Sand (Belinda Carlisle) - edited Rumba V, Kenny  
 Circle of Life (Robin Spielberg) Bolero III+2+1, Kincaid  
 Circle Of Life (The Skycloud Play House)+ 6pc Bolero III+2+1, Kincaid  
 Circles (Post Malone) -7pc Foxtrot IV+2, Collins Rumba IV, Matthews
 Circumstances (Billy Walker) 2-step II+2+1, Hichman  
 Ciribiribin (Manuel Das) Waltz II, Sperry  
 Ciribiribin (Windsor) Viennese waltz II, Barton  
 Citadel Stomp (Alexander Brothers) 2-step II, Pinks  
 City Lights (Mickey Gilley) 2-step II+1, Speranzo  
 City of New Orleans John Denver 2-step III, Francis 2-step, Jennings
 City of Stars (Hollywood Remix) Foxtrot V+2+1, Armstrong  
 City of Stars (Swingpop) Foxtrot III+2, Yoshikawa  
 Clancy's Theme (Bruce Rowland) Waltz IV, Ross  
 Clap For The Wolfman (Guess Who) Cha-2-step III, Booz  
 Clap Your Hands (The High Flying Beau Marks) cut short 2-step II, Woolcock  
 Clapping Cha (Helmut Licht) Cha V+1+1, Young-Woodruff Clapping Fiesta
 Clarinet Polka (Myron Floren) 2-step II, Sa  
 Classic Movie Themes (Flashback Records) Mixed IV, Dunn Mixed V, Pierson-Hanson (Hollywood Carousel)
 Clavelis - Roper 247 Paso IV+2, Mandel  
 Clear Blue Sky (George Strait) TS II, Seurer  
 Clemencia (Joe Valle) Bolero IV, Ross  
 Clementine (Bobby Darin) 2-step II+1, Sanders  
 Clementine (Westlife) Multi IV+2, Woodruff  
 Climax (Stefano Nanni) Waltz III (Climax III)  
 Clocks (Coldplay) - faded & slowed 5% Cha IV, Ross  
 Close But No Guitar (Toby Keith) TS II+1, Jones  
 Close Every Door (Ross Mitchell) Waltz VI, Goss Waltz III or V, Gomez
 Close to Crazy (Reba McEntire) + 4.5 pc Rumba III, Baldwin  
 Close to You (Carpenters) Bolero IV+1, Heath  
 Close to You (Carpenters)+5pc STS & Jive IV+1+1, Chico  
 Close to You (Perry Como) +12pc Foxtrot V, Shibata  
 Close to You (Roper) Fox V, Heiny  
 Close To You (Tony Evans) Foxtrot III+2 or IV, Byrd  
 Close Up The Honky Tonks - Amber Digby 2-step II, Ring  
 Close Your Eyes (Dancelife) for Parker Rumba IV, Parker  
 Close Your Eyes (Dancelife) Samba VI, Ross  
 Close Your Eyes (Vic Damone) Foxtrot V+1, Noble  
 Closer (Billy Ternent) Fox V, Ross  
 Closest thing to crazy (Tony Evans) Waltz IV+2, Baldwin  
 Closest Thing to Heaven (Tony Evans) Rumba IV, Ross  
 Closing Time (Leonard Cohen) shortened Cha IV+1, Woodruff  
 Club at the End of the Street (Elton John) Jive VI, Ross  
 C'mon Everybody (Eddie Cochran) Single Swing - no choreo  
 Coal Miner's Daughter (Loretta Lynn) 2-step III, Francis  
 Coat Of Many Colors (Dolly Parton) 2-step II, Tomlinson  
 Coca Cola Cowboy (Belco 304-400) 2-step I, Buckmaster-Regel (cue-card)  
 Cocktail Time (Rimini Open Ballroom) Foxtrot VI, Moore  
 Cocktails For Two (Tony Evans) Cha IV+2, Heiny  
 Coco (Tony Bennett) Waltz VI, Ross  
 Coco Beach (Prandi Sound) Foxtrot VI, Prow  
 Coco Jambo (Mr President) 320 Merengue/salsa, Cibula  
 Coconut Grove (Fontane Sisters) 2-step II, Turner Cue-card
 Codigo (George Strait) edited 2-step II, Woolcock  
 Cold Beer (Tracy Lawrence) shortened WCS IV+0+several, Ross  
 Cold Cold Heart (Elton John & Dua Lipa) shortened & slowed West Coast Swing IV+2+1, Ho  
 Cold Day In Hell (John Anderson) Slow-2-step IV, Kenney Dance = It's a Cold Day
 Cold Kisses (Steve Holy) Bolero IV+2, Sprosty  
 Cold Kisses Bolero IV+2, Sprosty  
 Cold Wind Field (Djelo Jusic) Waltz III+1+1, Dierickx  
 Cold Wind Field (Djelo Jusic) Waltz IV+1, Dierickx  
 Colonel Bogey March (Grady Martin) No known choreo  
 Colonel Bogey March (Mitch Miller) Alternate  
 Color Me Country - Jerry Lambert 2-step II+1, Baldwin  
 Colors of Autumn (Aldo Capicchioni) Waltz III+2, Chadd  
 Colors Of The Wind (Vanessa Williams), edited for Harzell Bolero V, Harzell-Ferris  
 Colour of the wind (Vanessa Williams - Pocahontas) Bolero Rumba Unphased, Stoltw-Guardado  
 Colourblind (Tony Evans) CH III+1, Baldwin  
 Colours Of The Wind (Klaus Hallen) Phase IV+2 RB (Colours) or ph VI by Read Come Paint the Wind (III+1), Hoffman
 Colours of the wind (Pan Flute) Rumba III+1+1, McKenrick  
 Colours Of The Wind (Ross Mitchell)) Rumba III+2, Clements  
 Columbus Stockade Blues (Decca, Lenny Dee) 2-step II+1, Funk  
 Columbus Stockade Blues (TNT 282) 2-step II, Edge  
 Combo Cha (STAR) Cha III+1, Clark  
 Come a little bit Closer (Jay and The Americans) = In a little Cafe, rumba III+1, Seurer Cha III+2, Bode; 2-step II+2, Ritchie
 Come a Little Closer (Don Williams) 2step-cha III, Woodruff  
 Come Along (Toyota Prius -Fabienne Delsol) 2-step II, Murphy  
 Come And Get It (John Newman) Mixed IV, Woodruff  
 Come and Get Your Love (Redbone) West Coast Swing & Jive V, Simpson  
 Come As You Are - Wild Orchid Rumba V, Ferry  
 Come As You Are (Jaci Velasquez) Alternate  
 Come As You Are (Jones & Burke) Rumba III+2+1 & rumba IV, Byrd Rumba III, Lankuttis
 Come Away With Me (Dancelife) Waltz IV+2+1, Molitoris Waltz III, Chadd
 Come Away with Me (Norah Jones) American Waltz VI, Goss  
 Come Baby Come (Elvis Crespo) shortened Merengue III, Ross  
 Come Back (Square Dancing Hash)    
 Come Back My Love (Danceband) Jive III, Ross  
 Come back to me (Manhattan Transfer) 2-step II+1, Parker  
 Come back to Sorrento ( Ross Mitchell)- 5pc Waltz VI, Dechenne Waltz IV+0+1, Dierickx or Gruender
 Come back to Sorrento (Japan) Rumba IV+2, Doi  
 Come Back When You Grow Up (Bobby Vee) Rumba-2-step III, Buckmaster/Reigel  
 Com'e Bello Far L'amore Quando E Sera (Claudio Novelli) Foxtrot V+1, Molitoris-Van Acker (cue-card)  
 Com'e Bello Far L'amore Quando E Sera (Rice-Fabris) +5 pc Foxtrot IV+1+1, Dierickx  
 Come Blow Your Horn (Dancehouse) Fox III, Ross  
 Come Blow Your Horn (Hoctor) 2-step II, Slater  
 Come By the Hills - Phil Coulter Waltz III+2, Molitoris; Waltz V, Hoffman Waltz II+2, Matthews
 Come Closer To Me (Nat King Cole) Rumba IV+1, Toth; IV+2, Doi Rumba IV+2+1, Dierickx
 Come Closer To Me Rumba III+1, Defore  
 Come Dance With Me (Michael Bublé) - 8 pc Cha IV, Grote; Cha VI, Finch Cha VI, Shibata
 Come Dance With Me (Nancy Hays) 2-step II+2+1, Schappacher Foxtrot IV+2+1, Dierickx
 Come Dancing (The Kinks) Mambo IV+2, Simpson  
 Come Early Morning (Don Williams) (conflicted) 2-step II, Koozer; 2-step II+2+1, Tennant 2-step III, Kropf
 Come Early Morning (Don Williams) 2-step II, Koozer 2-step III, Kropf
 Come Fly With Me - Michael Bublč - 5pc Foxtrot V+2, Filardo  
 Come Fly with Me (Roper) Foxtrot V+1, Scott Foxtrot VI, Teague
 Come Flying With Me (Morgan Cooper) Waltz IV+2, Schmidt Waltz III+2, Blackford
 Come Go With Me (Beach Boys) Jive V+1, Filardo  
 Come Go With Me (Dell-Vikings) TS, Glenn; Raylor; Hoffman; TS-jive, Gabler Jive, Graham; Maguire
 Come Here You (Carlene Carter) shortened West Coast Swing IV+2+3, Nelson  
 Come In Out of the Rain (Wendy Moten) - faded & slowed 5% Rumba III, Ross  
 Come Monday (Jimmy Buffett) Rumba III+1, Orme  
 Come Next Monday (Kt Oslin) Cha IV, Francis  
 Come on a my House (Della Reese)-10pc Cha V, Lamberty  
 Come On And Dance (B.Z.N.) Cha IV+1+1, Vanacker-Dierickx  
 Come On And Dance (Cat Stevens)-5pc Jive IV+1, Krause  
 Come on and dance (Hansi Hinterseer) Shortened & Cha III+2+1, Dierickx  
 Come on Back - Carlene Carter 2-step II, Ross  
 Come on Over ((Shania Twain) No choreo  
 Come On Over Baby (Christina Aguilera) - faded Cha VI, Ross  
 Come On Strong (Vanessa Williams) Fox V, Parker  
 Come Prima (Tony Crane) Rumba III+1, Dodge Rumba IV+0+3, Heiny (I Will Love You)
 Come Softly to Me (The Fleetwoods) Slow-2-step IV+1, Hoffman  
 Come Take My Hand (Dancelife) Waltz IV, Sperry  
 Come Thou Fount - Eugenio feat. Alex Hughes Waltz II, Yoshikawa (Every Blessing)  
 Come To Me (Dancelife) Quickstep-2-step III, Hagiwara  
 Come To Me (Goo Goo Dolls) Cha IV, Matthews  
 Come To Me (Ricky Martin) faded & -23pc Slow-2-Step III+0+3, Ross  
 Come to me, Bend to me (Andy Williams) WZ VI, Lamberty  
 Come To The Cabaret (Michael Holz) Quickstep VI, Ito  
 Coming Back As A Man (Dancelife) Foxtrot V, Dierickx  
 Comme ci, comme ca (Andy Williams) 5- count treated as Cha/Jive IV+2  
 Comme un garcon (Sylvie Vartan) Cha-foxtrot III+2, Woodruff  
 Cómo (Luis Miguel) Bolero VI, Nelson  
 Como Baila (Grupo Mania) - Faded Merengue VI, Ross  
 Como Dos Tontos.(Cristian Castro) Bolero V+2, Goss  
 Como Duele Eso Nene (Dancelife) Cha VI, Ross  
 Como Fue - Star Bolero VI, Goss  
 Como Han Pasado los Anos (Rocio Durcal) BL IV+0+2, Parker(Years Have Passed); BL VI, Hagiwara BL IV+2, Froelich; Rumba V+2, Blackford
 Como La Flor (Selena Quintanilla) Cha IV+1+1, Francis  
 Como me Gusta (Tamara) Bolero V+0+several, Dierickx  
 Como se Dice (Sweethearts of the Rodeo) Rumba V+2+1, Brownrigg  
 Como Tu Mujer (Rocio Durcal) - shortened Bolero V+0+2, Dierickx  
 Como Tu Quieres (Ross Mitchell) Bolero IV+2, Buck  
 Compass (Lady Antebellum) Cha IV+2+1, Callahan-Cowan  
 Completely (Caro Emerald) Jive IV+2+2, Schmidt Jive IV, Hicks
 Complicated (Tanya Tucker) edited 2-step II+2, Nelson  
 Con La Misma Moneda (Gisselle) + 10pc Bolero VI, Shibata (With the Same Coin)  
 Con Los Anos Que Me Quedan - Ballroom Orchestra & Singers Rumba III, Ross  
 Con Sentimiento (The Midland Big Band) Tango VI, Ross  
 Con Todo Mi Corazon (Prandi) Tango V+2+1, Harris; Tango VI, Hagiwara or IV+1 (With all my heart)
 Con tus Besos (Luis Miguel) Cha IV, Walz  
 Concert Rumba (Special Pressing) No choreo  
 Concerto Nela Notte (Prandi) Waltz V+2, Dierickx  
 Conchita (Cha-Cha Version - Lou Bega) Cha III+0+1, Cavness  
 Concierto De Aranjuez - Stefano Nanni Bolero IV, Nolen  
 Concierto de Printemps (Strings of Paris) edited Slow-2-step IV+1+several, Dierickx  
 Coney Island (John Barry) Waltz V+2, Shibata Waltz II+2, Betzelberger
 Confident (Demi Lovato) Jive V+0+1, Townsend-Manning  
 Connecticut Waltz (Grenn) Waltz II, Ward Waltz IV, Robertson
 Conquest of Heaven (Alessandro Olivato) Waltz VI, Hurd  
 Conquest of Paradise (Dana Winner) + 17% Waltz V, Ross  
 Conquistador - F.R.P. Tango V+1, Froese-Langer  
 Contigo (Luis Miguel) Bolero VI, Shibata Bolero III+2, Lankuttis
 Contigo (Rosana) - Shortened Rumba V+0+2, Dierickx  
 Contigo Aprendi (Luis Miguel) Bolero V+1, Grahm  
 Cool (Jonas Brothers) + 7 pc West Coast Swing IV+2, Townsend-Manning  
 Cool and Sweet (American Style Rhythm Vol 11) Cha IV+1, Halbert  
 Cool Cat (Collin Raye) Tango V+0+2, Trankel-Gilder  
 Cool Cool (Hi Hat 977) 2-step, Bieda 2-step II+2, Olds
 Cool Night Air (Harry London) Foxtrot V, Ross  
 Cool To Be A Fool - Joe Nichols Two-step II+1, Nichols Foxtrot-Jive IV, Harris
 Cool Water (Marty Robbins) Foxtrot III+1, Steinich  
 Cool Yule (Bette Middler)-10pc Jive V, Goss  
 Cooties (Hairspray) CHa III+1, Chadd  
 Copacabana (Barry Manilow) Shortened Cha III+2, Garza Cha-Samba V+0+1, Filardo
 Copacabana (Barry Manilow), full Cha-Smba V+0+1  
 Copacabana (Copacabana Band) Cha III+2+1, Byrd  
 Copenhagen Foxtrot (BD Orch MarcReift) Foxtrot V, Maguire Foxtrot IV, Berka
 Coppelia (Bryan Smith) + 9pc Waltz II+1, Gruender  
 Coppelia (Charles Barlow) Waltz VI, Palmquist  
 Coppelia Waltz (Klaus Wunderlich) short Alternate  
 Coquette (Grenn) Foxtrot-2-step III, Neitzel 2-step III, Granger
 Corazon (Lazaro Harrera, Latin Jam 5)-3pc -22 Meas Cha VI, Rumble  
 Corazon de Mujer (Merengue Fever) Merengue III, Ross  
 Corazon espinado (Santana and Mana) Example of 4&1 cha  
 Corazon Latino (Ballroom Orch & Singers) Samba IV, Ross Samba IV+2, Okino
 Corazon Se Paciente (Joe Valle) Bolero VI, Ross  
 Corazon sin Cara (Prince Royce) Rumba III, Bradt  
 Corinna Corinna (Ray Peterson) - 7 pc Rumba V, P. Lefeavers Cha III+2, Eastling
 Corn Silk (Lawrence Welk) -15pc Foxtrot VI, Sears  
 Corn Silk (Lawrence Welk) 2-step III, Dierickx  
 Cornell Crawford (K.T.Oslin) 2-step II+2, Sonnier  
 Cornsilk (Grenn) 2-step II+2, Shane  
 Corredo (Roper) 2-step II, Newby  
 Corrida Colonia (Special Pressing) Paso doble - no choreo  
 Corrientes y esmeralda (Hector Pacheco) Argentine Tango IV+0+4  
 Cortina - C. Carlos Rumba V, Ross  
 Cortina (Henry Mancini) Rumba III+1, Soos  
 Cottage For Sale (Natalie Cole) Foxtrot/Jive III, Scott, 1993  
 Cotton Candy (Al Hirt) Mambo IV+1, Bond  
 Cotton Eyed Joe (Rednex) Mixer See cue-cards
 Cotton Jenny (Gordon Lightfoot) 2-step III, Myers  
 Could I Have This Dance (Anne Murray) Waltz II, Eddins  
 Could I Have This Kiss Forever (Iglesias-Houston) Bolero III, Ross  
 Could it be Magic (Dancebeat) Cha IV+1, Baldwin  
 Could it be Magic (Tony Evans) Foxtrot V, Francis  
 Couldn't Get It Right (Climax Blues Band) Cha-Jive III+2, Simpson  
 Count On Me - Bruno Mars 2-step II+1, Krackau  
 Count on Me (Jefferson Starship) Slow-2-step IV+0+1, Shotting  
 Counting The Stars - Ernesto Cortazar Slow-2-step IV+1+2, Dierickx  
 Country As A Boy Can Be (The Nada Cowboys) 2-step II, Vernon Nelson cue-card only
 Country Boy (Alan Jackson) shortened Rumba III+1  
 Country Boy (Alan Jackson) 2-step II, Robinson  
 Country Club (Travis Tritt) Jive IV, Gooch  
 Country roads John Denver 2-step II+1, Carlatella-Shanks  
 Country Sunshine (Dottie West) edited 2-step II+1, Byrd  
 County Fair (Chris Ledoux) 2-step III, Kline  
 Covent Garden Rose (Tony Evans) Waltz IV, Hoffman  
 Cover You In Kisses (John Michael Montgomery) Rumba V+0+1, Kline  
 Cow Cow Boogie (Ella Mae Morse - 1943) West Coast Swing V+0+1, Naylor  
 Cow Cow Boogie (Mills Brothers) Maybe Rother's WCS-Jive IV+2  
 Cow Cow Boogie (The Judds) 2-step-jive IV, Parrott-Pence  
 Coward of the Country (Kenny Rogers & Dolly Parton) - Shortened & Slowed 5% 2-step III, Dierickx  
 Coward Of The County (Kenny Rogers) 2-step II, Voelkl Cha III+1, Baldwin
 Cowboy Blues (Gary Allan) edited West Coast Swing IV+1+1, Feneis  
 Cowboy Cassanova (Carrie Underwood) Jive IV+1+1, Brewer Jive V, West
 Cowboy Coffee (Joni Harms) Cha III+2, Weiss  
 Cowboy Up (Chris LeDoux) 2-step II+2, Spence  
 Cowboy's Sweetheart (LeAnn Rimes)-11pc Cha IV, Kenny  
 Cowgirl (Tracy Byrd) 2-step II+1+1, Ritchie  
 Cowgirl Swing (Dave Sheriff) 2-step II+2, Woolcock  
 Cracker Jack Diamond (Don Williams) Cha V+1, Lewis Cha IV, Pratt
 Cracklin' Rosie (Neil Diamond) Cha IV+2, Woodruff, IV+1, Francis Cha III+0+1, Maisch, 1998
 Cradle Song - Ray Hamilton Orchestra Waltz I, Ross  
 Crash and Burn (Thomas Rhett) 2-step II+2, Cox  
 Crash My Party - Luke Bryan Slow-2-step IV, Ross  
 Craving You (Thomas Rhett feat. Maren Morris) Rumba III, Ross  
 Crazy - Gnarls Barkley Cha III+1, Dodge  
 Crazy (Men at Work 1981) No choreo  
 Crazy (Patsy Cline) Slow-2-step Kammerer, Callahan, Bolero IV, Norris, Patsy Sings
 Crazy (Slater's Bolero) Bolero V, Slater  
 Crazy (Twins Project) Jive III, Gruender  
 Crazy Arms (Jimmy Fortune) + 4pc 2-step II, Kremer  
 Crazy Arms (Tanya Tucker) 2-step II+2, Driscoll  
 Crazy 'bout my baby (Randy Newman)-10pc Jive V, Voelkl  
 Crazy Cajun Stomp (Joanie Bartell) 2-step II+1, Helms/Keck 2-step II, Tani
 Crazy Enough (MercyMe) Rumba IV+1, Simpson  
 Crazy for You (Madonna) Bolero III, Ross  
 Crazy Little Thing Called Love - Queen 2-step II, Murphy  
 Crazy Little Thing Called Love - Tony Evans Jive V+1, Ross  
 Crazy Little Thing Called Love (Michael Bublé) Jive V+, Lillefield  
 Crazy Otto (Johnny Maddox)- 12pc 2-step II+1, Prow  
 Crazy Swing (DelaDap) Jive IV, Ross  
 Crazy World (from 'Victor & Victoria', Gaby Goldberg) Waltz VI, Preskitt  
 Crazy World (Henry Mancini) Waltz VI Lamberty-Swain; V, Robertson Waltz V or III, Finch
 Crazy, Crazy (Lenny Dee) 2-step II, Campbell  
 Cream (Prince & The N.P.G.) Cha III, Ross  
 Credi in Te (Patrizio Buanne) Waltz IV, Ross  
 Creep - Karen Souza + 16pc Foxtrot VI, Schidler-Tinkaus-Koegler  
 Creeque Alley (Mamas & Papas) 2-step II+1, Parsons  
 Creidim Me Fos - F.R.P. mp3 Waltz IV+2, Brewer  
 Crepuscolo (Prandi) Waltz IV, Dierickx  
 Criminal (Britney Spears) Rumba VI, Ross  
 Crocodile Rock (Elton John) 2-step II+1, Flora 2-step III, Francis
 Crocodile Song (Janis Ian) Foxtrot III, Ross  
 Cruella De Vil (Bernie Saxophone Entertainer)) Jive III+2 or IV+2, Byrd  
 Cruisin' (Smokey Robinson) - speed 106% Bolero III, Ross  
 Cruising Down The River - Red boot 999 Waltz II, Sanders On a Sunday Afternoon
 Crush - Jennifer Paige Cha V+1+1, Trankel-Gilder Cha-Rumba V+2, Matthews
 Crush on You (Ballroom Desire) Foxtrot V, Robinson  
 Crush On You (Robin M. Krive) Jive III, Parker  
 Crushed Flowers In My Lei (Teresa Bright) Rumba IV & V+2, Weiss  
 Cruz de Olvido (Luis Miguel) Slow-2-step IV+2+several, Dierickx  
 Cry Cry - Oceana Cha III, Hilpert Cue-card
 Cry For Help (Rick Astley) Slow Dance, Ross, III  
 Cry Myself To Sleep (The Judds) Cha IV, Ford, 1993  
 Cry No More (Chris De Burgh) Bolero IV+2, Hilpert-Pohl  
 Cry to Me (Hailey Tuck) Cha IV+2+several, Dierickx  
 Cry to me (Solomon Burke) Rumba IV+2, Kincaid Not slowed
 Cry, Cry Darlin' (Sammy Kershaw) + 10pc Waltz II, Ross  
 Crying (Dana Winner) Rumba V+0+several, Dierickx  
 Crying (Jay & the Americans) Rumba III, Betzelberger  
 Crying (Tony Evans) Bolero IV+2, Tulloch Rumba V+1, Sechrist
 Crying in the Chapel (Elvis) Bolero IV+1, Francis  
 Crystal Chandeliers (Charlie Pride) 2-step II, Goulet  
 Crystal chandeliers (Heidi Hauge) - Shortened & Slowed Foxtrot IV+2, Dierickx  
 Cuando (Blue Angels Orch) Rumba IV+2, Cunningham  
 Cuando Calienta El Sol (Helmut Lotti) +5pc & Shortened Hesitation Canter Waltz IV+2, Dierickx  
 Cuando Calienta el Sol (Helmut Lotti) Slow-2-step, Crapo  
 Cuando Calienta El Sol (Paul Latin) Rumba IV+1, Hoffman Dance = Your Rumba Heart
 Cuando Calienta el Sol (Roper 251) Rumba VI, Shibata =Rumba Calienta
 Cuando Calienta El Sol (Roper 280 - 2pc) Slow-2-step IV+1, Crapo  
 Cuando Estemos Viejos (John Pazoso) Rumba VI+2, Taylor (When We're Old)  
 Cuando Me Enamoro (Andrea Bocelli) Rumba IV+1, Gloodt  
 Cuando Me Enamoro [E.Iglesias-Guerra]- 2pc Cha V+2+2, Preskitt  
 Cuando Me Pierdas (Tamara) Rumba IV+0+1, Dierickx  
 Cuando Me Querias Tú (Linda Ronstadt) Rumba IV, Dierickx  
 Cuando me Querias Tu (Sppecial Pressing - Linda Ronstadt) Rumba IV+2, Hurd Dance = When You Loved Me
 Cuando Pienso En Ti (Dancelife) Bolero IV+2, Harris  
 Cuando Vuelva A Tu Lado (And the Difference is You) Rumba III+1, Moore  
 Cuando Vuelva a Tu Lado (Eydie Gorme & Los Panchos) Bolero V, Weiss  
 Cuando Vuelva A Tu Lado (What A Difference A Day Makes) Rumba III+2, Parker What a difference a day makes
 Cuando Ya No Me Quieras (Leroy Holmes) Rumba V+2, Blackford (When You No Longer Love Me)  
 Cuatro (Helmut Licht) RB-CH-TG-MR, V, Young  
 Cuba - Tony Evans Samba V+1+3, Ross  
 Cuba (Gibson Brothers) Cha IV+1, Francis Cha III+2+1, Gomez
 Cuban Pete - (Dancelife)- 10 pc Samba V+1, Hurd  
 Cuban Pete (Big Band der Bundeswehr) Cha IV+2, Bradt  
 Cubana Tango - Tony Evans Tango III+2, Meyer  
 Cuddle Up with Carolyn (The Fascinators) Cha IV+1+1, Booz  
 Cuentale a El - El Jeffrie Merengue IV, Ross  
 Cuesta Abajo - New 101 Strings Orchestra Tango IV, Ross  
 Cumparsita Argentina (Guzman - Rodriguez) Argentine Tango, Hurd  
 Cuore Tzigano (Prandi Sound -3.5%) Tango V+2, Hata Tango V, Dierickx
 Cupid (Sam Cooke) Rumba III+1, Knight; III+1, Seurer 2-step II+1, Little
 Cuppa Joe (Bellvue Cadillac) West Coast Swing VI, Goss  
 Cups (Anna Kendrick - When I'm gone) Rumba-Cha III+2, Booz  
 Curame (Javier Rios) Cha V+1, Immamura Cha IV+1+1, Foral
 Curiouser and Curiouser (Matt Monro) Waltz VI, Ross  
 Cut A Round Two Step ((Blue Star) 2-step II+1, Cutter  
 D.I.V.O.R.C.E..(Tammy Wynette) Slow-2-step III+1+2, Gruender  
 Da Bob (Nash Sosed) - Carina - (Ballroom Flavour) - Casaphon - FM,SW,EN (1) 2-step-quickstep III+2, Beaulieu  
 Da Doo Ron Ron (Shaun Cassidy) 2-step II+2, Wilaby  
 Dad (Nancy Hays) 2-step II+1, Ito  
 Daddy (Julie London) Foxtrot V+0+1, Moore  
 Daddy (Masters Of Modern Three) Foxtrot-Jive IV+2, Byrd  
 Daddy Cool (Boney M) edited Cha IV+2, Dierickx  
 Daddy Sang Bass - (Johnny Cash with June Carter)-7pc 2-step II+1, Knight  
 Daddy's Girl - Red Sovine 2-step II+1, Pelton  
 Daddy's Little Girl (Al Martino) Waltz V, Celeste  
 Daddy's Money (Alan Jackson) 2-step II, Wolff  
 Daffy Down Dilly (Roper 293) 2-step II+2, Tirrell  
 Dallas (Alan Jackson)-320k 2-step II, Ring  
 Dame Tu Vida Mi Amor (Frank Galan) Rumba V or V+1+1, Dierickx  
 Dame Una Flor (Manuel Mijares) Rumba IV+2, Nick Wright  
 Dame Vitamina - La Arana Cha IV, Johnson  
 Dance A Little Closer (Tony Evans instrumental) Fox V, Woodruff (Drill cue-cards on Weaves) Foxtrot V, Parker
 Dance A Little Closer (Tony Evans Vocal) Foxtrot V, Woodruff, also Francis III+2, Baldwin
 Dance Above The Rainbow (Ronan Hardiman) Ronan Hardiman Michael Flatley's Feet Of Flames
 Dance All Night (Japan) Cha V, Doi  
 Dance and Dream (Gunter Noris) Fox VI, Buck  
 Dance Ballerina Dance - Paul Kuhn Quintett Paul Kuhn Quintett Tanz Bar Musik
 Dance Ballerina Dance (Klaus Hallen) -5pc Cha V+1, Dierickx  
 Dance Darling Dance (Werner Tauber) Quickstep IV+0+1, Dierickx  
 Dance in the Moonlight (B.Z.N.) Rumba V+2+2, Dierickx  
 Dance in the Old Fashioned Way (Tony Crane) Foxtrot VI, Rotscheid  
 Dance Like Yo Daddy (Meghan Trainor) 2-step II+1, Cox  
 Dance Little Bird (Electronica's) Duck Dance  
 Dance Me Around Cowboy (Louise Mandrell) Waltz II, Gill  
 Dance Me To The End of Love (Amadeus) -17pc & shortened Slow-2-step IV+1+1 or FT V, Dierickx  
 Dance Mephisto (Dancelife) Tango IV, Ross  
 Dance Mephisto (Tango _ 32 BPM) Tango IV, Ross  
 Dance Monkey (Joseph Vincent) West Coast Swing IV+0+3, Schidler-Trinkaus-Koegler  
 Dance Of Love (Ross Mitchell) Rumba VI, Goss  
 Dance Of Sugar (Japan) Single Swing, Doi, III+2  
 Dance Of The Blind (Prandi) Waltz IV+2, Dierickx  
 Dance of the Blind WZ IV+2, Dierickx  
 Dance of the Hours () Alternate  
 Dance of the Hours (Jimmy Mac Orchestra) Cha/tango IV+2, Bingham  
 Dance Of The Hours (Pepe & Carmen) Cha III+2, Hagiwara  
 Dance of the Reed Flutes (Japan) Cha IV+2, Doi  
 Dance the Night Away (Debelah Morgan) Argentine TG & Cha VI, Worlock  
 Dance The Night Away (The Mavericks) shortened Mambo IV, Simpson  
 Dance the Night Away (Vio Friedmann) Cha IV, Ross  
 Dance the Two Step (Susie Allanson) 2-step II+1, Lawson  
 Dance Time In Texas (George Strait) 2-step - Waltz II+1, Auria  
 Dance to the Heartbeat (Ross Mitchell) Mambo IV+0+2, Shibata  
 Dance To The Heartbeat Quickstep (Ross Mitchell) Quickstep V+2, Hagiwara  
 Dance Tonight (Paul McCartney) 2-step II+2, Casper maybe  
 Dance With Me (Ballroom Orch) - 2pc Tango V+1, Gomez  
 Dance With Me (Debelah Morgan) Arg tango - Cha VI, Worlock  
 Dance With Me (Drifters) 2-step-rumba III, Sperry 2-step II+1, Lewis
 Dance With Me (Michael Bolton) Cha V+1, Ferry Cha IV+2+2, Pelton
 Dance With Me (Tango) (Ballroom Orch) Tango IV+1, Parker  
 Dance With Me Henry (Georgia Gibbs) 2-step-jive IV+2, Woodruff  
 Dance With Me Just One (Johnny Rodriguez)- 10 pc Once Again, waltz II, Lewis  
 Dance With Me Tonight (Olly Murs) Single Swing-Quickstep IV, Simpson 2-step II+1, Sprosty; 2-step III, Schluter
 Dance With My Father (Luther Vandross Radio Edit) cut Bolero IV+1, Klein  
 Dance With The Enemy (Ballroom Nights) Tango V, Armstrong  
 Dance With Ya (Drew Baldridge) Cha IV+2, Parker  
 Dances With Wolves 44 (Yanni & Enya) STS III+2, Linden STS IV, Linden-Kasznay 2018
 Dancez Merengue Merengue, Shibata  
 Dancin' & Dreamin' (Grenn) 2-step II+1, Helms  
 Dancin' & Whistlin' (Ray Conniff) 2-step II, Kilner  
 Dancin' (Chris Isaak -shortened)- 3% Discofox, Woodruff  
 Dancin' Away With My Heart (Lady Antebellum) - faded - slow 91% Slow-2-step VI+3, Ross  
 Dancin' Cowboys (Bellamy Bros) Cha IV+1, Francis  
 Dancin' Fool (Ross Mitchell - STAR) Quickstep V+0+2, Noble  
 Dancin' in the Kitchen (Chuck Suchy)+5pc Five-Count-2-step II+1+1, Viscanti-Mikenas  
 Dancin' Like Lovers (Mary MacGregor) Waltz IV+2, Kincaid  
 Dancin' Moon (Holly Dunn) 2-step III+1, Taylor  
 Dancin' Party (Chubby Checker) 2-step II+1 Multiple choreographers
 Dancin' Round and Round (Olivia Newton-John) Slow-2-step IV+1, Taylor Rumba III, Booz
 Dancin' 'Round and 'Round (Olivia Newton-John) Rumba IV, Booz  
 Dancin' with Myself Tonight (The Kendalls) 2-step III, Eddins  
 Dancin', Shaggin' On The Boulevard (Alabama) short Cha IV+1+1, Betzelberger Short version: AB- AB- Int - End
 Dancin', Shaggin' On the Boulevard (Alabama) West Coast Swing IV+0+2, Ross Cha IV+1+1, Betzelberger
 Dancin’ In The Country (Tyler Hubbard) Cha III+2+1, Collins  
 Dancing and Dreaming (Tony Evans) Fox IV+2, Harcourt  
 Dancing Angels (Stefanie Hertel) Rumba-Cha V+0+2, Dierickx  
 Dancing Cha Cha Cha (Ambros Seelos) Cha V+0+2, Dierickx  
 Dancing Fool (New Standards) Quickstep V, Vogt  
 Dancing in the Dark (Brisbane Ballroom Dance Combo)) Foxtrot IV+1, McKenrick  
 Dancing in the Dark (Bruce Springsteen) - 4pc & shortened 2-step II, Oren  
 Dancing in the Dark (Etienne Cap) Foxtrot V, Hichman  
 Dancing in the Moonlight (King Harvest) Foxtrot-Rumba IV+2, Simpson (Moonlight Dancing) Rumba III, Booz
 Dancing In the Moonlight (Tony Evans) Fox VI, Goss, 1985  
 Dancing in the Street (Joanie Bartels) 2-step III, Francis  
 Dancing in the Street (Martha & Vandellas) Cha IV+2, Prow Cha III+2, Ayres
 Dancing Like Lovers (Ross Mitchell) Waltz II or III, Seurer; IV, Paull V+1, Blackford; VI , Pratt
 Dancing Moon (Chantilly Rounds) Cha IV, Jonsson  
 Dancing On A Cloud (Gunter Noris) Waltz V+2, Dierickx  
 Dancing on the Ceiling (Hoctor) 2-step, Sasseen Hoctor record
 Dancing on the clouds - Ernesto Cortazar Slow-2-step IV+1+1, Dierickx  
 Dancing Princess (Brothers Grimm) Waltz VI, Cantrell  
 Dancing Queen (Abba Teens) Cha-jive IV+1+1, Dufrene  
 Dancing Queen (Abba) Cha III, Chico; Cha III+1, Seurer Cha IV+1, Prow; Cha V, Parker
 Dancing Rounds (MGR) Waltz II, Auria  
 Dancing With A Stranger (Klaus Hallen) Rumba IV+0+1, Ahart  
 Dancing with a Stranger (Sam Smith) West Coast Swing V+2, Goss  
 Dancing with Tears in my Eyes (Special Pressing) Palmquist waltz: Tears  
 Dancing With Tears In My Eyes (Tony Anderson) Waltz IV+0+1, Dierickx  
 Dancing with Tears in my Eyes (Vera Lynn) Foxtrot IV+1, Dierickx  
 Dancing With The Mountains (John Denver) shortened Cha IV, Healea  
 Dancing With You (Jeff Meegan) Foxtrot IV, Blackford  
 Dancing Woodpecker (Windsor) Quickstep, Palmquist  
 Danger Zone (Kenny Loggins) - 4 pc 2-step II, Oren  
 Dangerous (Michael Jackson) shortened Cha IV+1, Woodruff  
 Daniela (Hugo Strasser) Waltz V+2, Dierickx  
 Danke Schoen (Tony Evans) Quickstep IV+2, Gloodt  
 Danke Schön (Hugo Strasser) Fox-jive III+2, Molitoris  
 Danke Shane (Wayne Newton)- 3pc FT V+1+1, Dechenne  
 Dann Bist Du Für Mich Da - Kristina Bach Foxtrot V, Dierickx  
 Dann kommt die Nacht (Hansi Hinterseer) - 5 pc Rumba V+0+3, Dierickx  
 Danny Boy (Eric Clapton) Bolero, V+2, Weiss  
 Danny Boy (Etienne Cap) Foxtrot IV, Hoffman  
 Danny Boy (Japonese CD) Bolero V+2+1, Doi  
 Danny Boy (Peter Nero) Alternate  
 Danny Boy (Werner Tauber) Foxtrot IV, Byrd  
 Danny's Song (Anne Murray) 2-step II+1, Bartlette  
 Dans ta chambre - edited Cha IV, Ito  
 Danser encore (HK) 2-step II, Pohl (cue card)  
 Dansero (Hoctor) Mambo practice  
 Dansero Cha (Hoctor) Cha III+1, Slater  
 Danube Waves (Anniversary Waltz) - Friends & Consequences Waltz II, Jenks  
 Daria Cualquier Cosa (Chayane) Rumba IV+2, Gloodt  
 Darija (Prandi, Chrisanne Collection) shortened Waltz IV or V, Dierickx  
 Dark Eyes - Stanley Black Tango IV, Ross  
 Dark Eyes (Prandi) Tango VI, Garza  
 Dark Fire (Strunz & Farah) - faded Bolero III, Ross  
 Dark Moon (Bonnie Guitar) 2-step-Jive-Cha IV+1, Woodruff  
 Dark Moon (Jim Reeves) 2-step-jive-cha IV+1, Woodruff  
 Dark Of the Moon (Japan) Waltz VI, Ito  
 Dark Sky Island (Enya) heavily edited Waltz IV, Dierickx  
 Dark Waltz (Hayley Westenra) Waltz VI, Vogt Waltz IV+2, Dierickx
 Darlene (T Graham Brown) Rumba IV, Woodruff Rumba IV+2 , Woolcock
 Darlie Kea Lemang Jive V+1+1, Maguire  
 Darling (Twins Project) Jive IV+2+2, Hichman  
 Darling Lili (Henry Mancini) Foxtrot IV+2, McKenrick Foxtrot V, Gloodt
 Darling Lili (Johnny Mathis) Foxtrot V, Hartung  
 Darling Tomorrow (Tony Christie) Shortened & Slowed Hesitation Canter Waltz IV+1, Dierickx  
 Darling, Je vous Aime Beaucoup (Joe Bourne) Samba VI+4, Childers  
 Dat Gevoel Van Samen Zijn (Jannes)- Shortened Rumba V+1, Dierickx (That Feeling of Togetherness)  
 Dawn (Freedom) Waltz IV, Gruender  
 Dawn Over the Desna (Tol & Tol) - faded Waltz IV, Ross  
 Day By Day (Berry Lipman) Waltz II, Ross  
 Day Off (Ronnie McDowell) Cha IV, Jim Hattrick See cue-cards
 Daybreak ( Ballroom Orch & Singers)) Foxtrot IV, Ross  
 Daybreak (Barry Manilow) Fox IV, Chadd  
 Daydream - Bobby Darin Jive-Foxtrot III+1, Chico Jive-Slow-2-Step III+1+1, Chico
 Daydream (The Lovin' Spoonful) FT IV, Knight  
 Daydream Believer (Monkees) Fox III+2, Byars  
 Days Of Wine And Roses ( Frank Sinatra) Fox V, Toth  
 Days Of Wine And Roses (Paola Fabris) Waltz V+2, Hagiwara  
 De Colores (Nana Mouscouri) Rumba IV, Goovaerts  
 De Hombre a Mujer (Donato & Estefano) edited for Chadd Cha IV+2+1, Chadd  
 De Nina a Mujer (Music Makers) Rumba IV+1, Gloodt  
 De Vlinders Achterna (Dana Winner) Quickstep IV, Rotscheid Chasing Butterflies
 Dead Skunk In The Middle Of The Road (Loudon Wainwright)+ 5 pc 2-step II - Gotta  
 Dear Future Husband (Meghan Trainor) 2-step II, Molitoris 2-step & Single Swing III, Townsend-Manning
 Dear Heart (Henry Mancini) WZ IV, Seurer  
 Dear Old Galway Town (Daniel O'Donnell) 2-step II, Hattrick See Cue-cards
 Dear Old Killarney (Kerry) Waltz II+2, Hilton  
 December Makes Me Feel This Way (Dave Koz) + 8% Bolero V, Kline  
 Dedication (Musica Poesia) Waltz IV+2, Rumble  
 Deep In the Heart of Texas (Dancelife) Paso Doble V+0+1, Ross  
 Deep Inside Your Dreams (Lisa Eckdahl) Foxtrot VI (Ballroom mix 4) Noble
 Deep Love (STAR) Rumba V+2, Schmidt Rumba III, Paull
 Deep Purple (Arthur Murray) Fox V, Ross  
 Deep Purple (Charles Barlow) Foxtrot IV, Betzelberger  
 Deep Purple (Grenn) Foxtrot IV, Paull or Gale  
 Deep Purple (Nino Tempo & April Stevens)-10pc Foxtrot IV, Rogers  
 Deep River Woman (Ballroom Orchestra) - cut Foxtrot III, Ross  
 Dejame En Paz (Ballroom Orch & Singers) Tango V, Ross  
 Dejare (Andy Fortuna) - faded Samba V+1+4, Ross  
 Delbert's Tear (Jay Ungar & Molly Mason) Waltz V+1, Scherrer  
 Delicado - Percy Faith Samba IV, Ross  
 Delirio (Luis Miguel) - faded Bolero III, Ross  
 Delusion Arg Tango 102% Introductory Arg Tango, Masich  
 Demasiado Herida (Paloma San Basilio) Bolero V, Matthews  
 Demons (Imagine Dragons) Rumba +2, Hilton  
 Denk Je Nog Aan Mij Evergreen routine to different music Marcel Van Acker
 Denn Wenn Die Rosen Blühen - Hansi Hinterseer Foxtrot III+1+1, Dierickx 2-step II+1+1, Dierickx
 Der Ententanz (Frank Zander) 2-step II, Gruender (dance = Duck-Step)  
 Der letzte Akkord (Michele) + 7% Bolero V, Dierickx  
 Der Schleier Fiel (Sissi) - Hugo Strasser Foxtrot IV+1, Dierickx  
 Desert Blues (Skeets McDonald - Big Chief Buffalo Nickel) 2-step II, Smith  
 Desert Song (Special Pressing) Waltz by McGee  
 Desesperadamente (Dancelife) Cha V, Ross  
 Desidero (Prandi Claudio Novelli) Waltz V+1, Dierickx  
 Desiree (Neil Diamond) No choreo  
 Desperado Love (Conway Twitty) Cha III, Hilton  
 Desperation Road (Michael Martin Murphey) 2-step - no choreo  
 Despues de Decir Adios (Dancelife) Rumba IV, Ross  
 Despues de Todo - Julia Graciela Slow-2-step V+0+several, Dierickx  
 Destination Moon (Nat King Cole) - 12pc Foxtrot III, Ross  
 Destiny (Alfred Hause) Waltz V, Dierickx  
 Destiny (Vio Friedmann)) Tango VI, Ross  
 Detalhes (Brazilian Tropical Orchestra) Bolero IV, Ross  
 Detroit City (Bobby Bare) 2-step II+2, Hichman  
 Devil In Disguise (Elvis Presley) 2-step II, Halsall  
 Devil With the Blue Dress On (Shorty Long) WestCoast Swing V+1  
 Devil Woman - Cliff Richard 1976 Cha III+2, Booz  
 Devil Woman (Marty Robbins) 2-step II+1, Baldwin or Francis; 2-step II, Cremi 2-step-rumba EZ, Raybuck,
 Devil Woman Mambo (David Last) Mambo IV, Dierickx  
 Devoted To You (Everly Brothers) STS IV+1, Elder  
 Di Que No Es Verdad (Eydie Gorme) Rumba V+1+1, Dierickx  
 Dialogues - Emanuele Rossini Waltz IV+1, Moore  
 Diamante (Gold Star Ballroom Orch) Rumba III, Kurczewski  
 Diamond Dreams (Home Free) Cha-Foxtrot III, Kline  
 Diamond In The Dust (Mark Gray) 2-step-Cha III+1, Kammerer  
 Diamonds (Rihanna) Samba IV+1, Voelklk Cue-card
 Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend (Ross Mitchell) Quickstep IV, Parker; IV+0+1, Ito Quickstep V, Dechenne
 Diamonds Are Forever ((New Cascading Strings) Rumba V, Dierickx  
 Diamonds to Dust (Don Williams) STS IV+1, Francis  
 Diana (Instrumental) Better music for Malthouse's cha  
 Diana (Paul Anka) Jive V+, Pratt Rumba IV, Francis
 Diane (Hoctor) Waltz III, Ross  
 Diane (Sydney Thompson) Waltz II, Lizut  
 Diane (The Bachelors) Foxtrot V, Rogers  
 Did I Shave My Legs for This (Deana Carter) Waltz II+1, Ring  
 Did She Mention My Name (Irish Rovers) 2-step II+1, Viscanti-Mikenas  
 Did You Ever (Russell Watson) Bolero V, Davis  
 Did you ever have to make up your mind (The Lovin' Spoonful) No choreo  
 Didn t know how to love you (Jusic Djelo) shortened Foxtrot III+2+1, Dierickx  
 Didn't Know how to Love You (Jusic Djelo) Foxtrot IV+2, Van Acker - Dietrickx  
 Die A Happy Man (Thomas Rhett) Bolero IV, Schrant  
 Die Brücke von Avignon (Hansi Hinterseer) - Shortened from 2.15,2- 3.16,6 Rumba IV+1+2, Dierickx  
 Die ganze Welt ist himmelblau (Hugo Strasser)) Quickstep IV+0+1, Gruender  
 Die Liebe einer Frau (MIreille Mathieu) Waltz III+0+1, Dierickx  
 Die Lorelei (Anthony Ventura) - Shortened Waltz IV+1+2, Dierickx  
 Die Sterne sind Noch Da - Monika Martin Rumba V, Dierickx  
 Die Tango Bar (Ballroom Orch & Singers) Tango III+0+3, Ross  
 Different Drum (Snow Ponies) Cha III+2, Ellis  
 Digging Up Bones (Randy Travis) 2-step II, Defore or Cavness  
 Dim Dim the Lights - Bill Haley and his Comets Jive IV+2, Maguire  
 Dime (Judy Preston) Bolero IV+2+1, Kurczewski  
 Dimelo Tu (Sparx) Rumba V, Dierickx  
 Dinah Might (Grenn) Mixed IV, Tirrell  
 Ding Dong the Witch is Dead (Alex Swings Oscar Sings)short & slow Jive IV+2+1, Chadd  
 Ding Dong The Witch is Dead (Kidz Bop) Jive I, Kincaid Cue-card Halloween
 Dinosaur Rock & Roll (Joanie Bartels) Jive IV+1, Chadd  
 Diosa Marina (Ballroom Nights) Tango V+1, Schmidt  
 Diras Que Estoy Loco (Miguel Angel Minoz) Slowed 5pc Cha IV+0+1, Dierickx  
 Dirty Boogie (Ballroom Orch & Singers) shortened Single Swing III, Ross  
 Dirty Dog (Eight To The Bar) 2-step II+2, Fisher  
 Dirty Low Down and Bad (Keb' Mo') West Coast Swing V+0+1, Lankuttis  
 Disco La Passione (Dancelife) Paso Doble VI+3, Ross  
 Disney Girls (Dancelife) Waltz III, Ross  
 Disney Girls (Fabris, Ancona)edited Waltz V, Chadd  
 Disparame (Dancelife) Cha IV, Ross  
 Distant Drums (Jim Reeves) FT IV, Foxcroft 83 - Oliver 98  
 Distant Drums (Johnny Horton) Slow-2-step IV, Adams  
 Distant Melody (Alice Peterson) Waltz IV+2, Garza  
 Disturbia (Rihanna) Tango V, Ross  
 Dixie Cha Cha (Ambros Seelos) Shortened & -7pc Cha IV+1+1, Dierickx  
 Dixie Melody (Belco) 2-step II, Metzger  
 Dixie Melody (Grenn) 2-step, Auria;or Sanders Mixer, Van Antwerp Jive IV+1, Kincaid
 Dixie Quickstep (Sydney Thompson) 2-step II+1, Auria  
 Dizzy (Tommy Roe) Cha III+1, Jestin  
 Djobi Djoba (Gipsy Kings) Samba-Paso VI, Halbert  
 Do I, Do I Know You - Dance Vision Rumba III, Ross  
 Do It Again - Gaby Goldberg Foxtrot V+1, Molitoris  
 Do it Do it Again (Raffaella Carra) -10pc Cha V+2, Dierickx  
 Do it Rat Now (Bill Black) Cha III, Krueger (cue-card) Jive IV+1, Woodruff
 Do It To Me One More Time (Lionel Richie) Slow Dance, Ross, IV  
 Do not Play with Love (Gaby Albrecht) 2-step II+2, Dierickx  
 Do Nothing Till You Hear From Me (Steve Tyrell) Fox-Jive V+0+2, Woodruff  
 Do the Cha Cha Cha (Alex Swings & Oscar Sings) Single Swing IV+0+1, Hilpert-Pohl 2-step-5CT II+2, Weiss
 Do Ya (KT Oslin) Rumba IV+2, Pyles  
 Do Ya Think I'm Sexy (Glee Cast) Cha IV+2, Chico  
 Do You Believe In Love (Huey Lewis & The News) Foxtrot III, Ross  
 Do You Believe In Magic - The Lovin' Spoonful 2-step II+1,Gotta  
 Do You Know the Way to San Jose (Dionne Warwick) 2-step III, Hipkins  
 Do You Know What It Means To Miss N.O.( Rick Nelson) 2-step II+1, Young  
 Do You Know Where Your Man Is (Pam Tillis) Waltz II+2, Ring or Hipkins  
 Do You Know You Are My Sunshine (Statler Brothers) Cha IV, Baldwin  
 Do You Love As Good As You Look )Bellamy Brothers Rumba IV, Francis  
 Do You Love Me (Contours) Jive V+1, Slotsve; Jive V, Eum 2-step II+1, Townsend-Manning
 Do you love me (The Tremoloes) Alternate  
 Do You Remember (Phill Collins) RB III or V, Seurer  
 Do you remember that night in the rain (Jack Black) Foxtrot IV+2, Dierickx  
 Do You Remember These (The Statler Brothers) 2-step II+1, Brann  
 Do You Still Think Of Me (Will Tura) 2-step III+0+1, Dierickx  
 Do you wanna dance (Beach Boys) 2-step II+1, Seurer  
 Do You Wanna Dance (Dancelife) Bolero IV+2+1, Byrd  
 Do you Wanna Dance (Fabuloso album) - 3 pc Rumba IV+2 or VI, Blackford  
 Do You Wanna Dance (Mamas and Papas) Rumba V, Francis  
 Do You Wanna Dance (Ross Mitchell) 2-step II, Prow
 Do You Want Fries With That (Tim McGraw) faded 2-step I, Ross  
 Do You Want To Know A Secret - Antonio Koudele Antonio Koudele Songs From The Beatles For Dancing Vol. 2
 Do You Want to Know a Secret (Beatles) 2-step II+1, Byrd  
 Doch Tanzen will ich nur mit Dir Allein(Roger Whittaker) - 5 pc Rumba-Cha IV+2+2, Dierickx  
 Doctor Time (Rick Trevino) 2-step II+1  
 Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is (Edited) Jive IV, Byrd  
 Does Fort Worth Ever Cross Your Mind (George Strait) 2-step II+2, Ring  
 Does It Ever Change (Rita MacNeil) - faded & slowed 10% Waltz IV, Ross  
 Does your mother know (Abba) 2-step - It's a P2, good Lord Write something else to this
 Doesn't Get Better Than This (Harry London) Foxtrot III, Ross  
 Doesn't Mean Anything - DJ Mitya feat. Mirka (The Latin Mix 9) Rumba III+2+2, Brewer  
 Doggie In The Window - (Polygram) Waltz II, Goode, II+2, Wolff  
 Doggone Cowboy (Wylie & The Wild West) 2-step II, Swartz; 2-step II+2, Dodge  
 Doin' Dirt - Maroon 5 Mixed Rhythms IV+1, Simpson  
 Dolce Visione Mazurka (Prandi Balli di Gara 36) Waltz II+1, Woodruff  
 Dolce Vita (Berk & The Virtual Band)+ 15 pc Foxtrot IV, Ross  
 Dolore Caro (Giuseppe A Campo) Waltz II, Ross  
 Dolores (Vio Friedmann) shortened Single Swing V, Ross  
 Dominique Mixer Mixer II, Kimbley  
 Domino (Roper 306) Wolcott 1975, QS VI, Kannapel Fox VI, Barton; fox IV+2, Auria; IV, Sanders
 Domino Wolcott 1975, QS VI, Kannapel Fox VI, Barton; fox IV+2, Auria
 Dommage, Dommage (Roper) Waltz III+2, Wilhoit Waltz IV, Carnevale
 Don Bandidos - Prandi Tango IV+2, Pohl (cue card) Tango IV, Gruender
 Don Diego (Prandi) tANGO vi, mOORE  
 Don Juan ( Ballroom Orch & Singers) Paso IV, Ross  
 Don Juan (Lisa Bowman) Tango III, Scherrer  
 Don Paso (Special Pressing) Oasi VI, Goss  
 Don Quijote (Dancelife) Paso Doble V, Ross  
 Don Valero (Sidney Thompson) 2-step II+2, Newby  
 Don'´t Ask (Helene Fischer) - shortened 3,32 Rumba-Cha V+2, Dierickx  
 Dona Carmela - Bandit Rumba IV+1, Dierickx  
 Donauwellen (Japan) Fox III+2, Doi  
 Doncha Go Way Mad - Rosemary Clooney Foxtrot V, Ross  
 Donde Esta Tu Amor (Sons By Four) Rumba VI, Worlock Dance = Where is Your Love
 Donde Estas Yolanda (Pink Martini) Mambo IV, Parker  
 Donde Vas A Bailar (Ambros Seelos) Cha VI, Shibata Where are you gonna dance
 Donna -- Ritchie Valens No choreo  
 Donna (Hi Hat 980)-5pc Waltz IV, Baldwin  
 Donna Diana (Klaus Hallen) Cha-Tango-Jive IV+1, Woodruff  
 Donna The Prima Donna (Dion) 2-step III, Eastling  
 Don't (Shania Twain) Bolero III, Ross  
 Don't Ask Me Why (Billy Joel) Cha-samba III+2, Chico Samba V, Goss
 Don't Ask Me Why (Billy Joel)-short Samba V, Goss ABACA Ending
 Don't be a baby (TNT) 2-step II  
 Don't Be Cruel (Elvis Presley) 2-step II+1, Molitoris TS II, Seurer
 Don't be Stupid (Shania Twain)-3pc Cha III+2, Shania Twain Cha III, Matthews
 Don't Be That Way (Paola Fabris) Foxtrot V+2, Hurd  
 Don't Be That Way (Prandi - Stefano Nanni) Foxtrot IV, Byrd  
 Don't Bet your Boots (Jean Stafford) 2-step III, Dierickx  
 Don't Bogart Me (Fraternity of Man) + 15pc Slow-2-step III+1, Woodruff  
 Don't Break My Heart - D O'Donnell Fox IV, Speranzo  
 Don't Break My Heart (Dancelife) Rumba IV+2, Ito  
 Don't Break My Heart (UB40 -1985) Rumba V+1, Francis  
 Don't Bring Me Down (Electric Light Orch) Cha IV+1, Simpson  
 Don't Call Him A Cowboy (Conway Twitty) 2-step II, Seurer or Francis  
 Don't Call Me Angel (Ariana Grande, Miley Cyrus, Lana Del Rey) Rumba III, Ross  
 Don't Call My Name - Bobby Darin Jive III+2, Noble  
 Don't Cha (The Baseballs) Foxtrot V, Ross  
 Don't Close Your Eyes - Keith Whitley Bolero IV+1, Kline Bolero V+1, Tubbs
 Don't Color me Blue (Lone Blume) STS IV+1, Crapo  
 Don't Come Crying to Me (Dawn Sears - Vince Gill) 2-step II+1, Speranzo, II+2, Carman 2-step-foxtrot IV, 2-step II, Sanders
 Don't Cry For Me Argentina (Brazilian Tropical Orch) Bolero V, Sheridan  
 Don't Do Me Like That (Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers) Foxtrot IV, Ross  
 Don't Do Me Wrong (Ballroom Stars) West Coast Swing IV+2, Ito  
 Don't Ever Let Nobody Drag Your Spirit Down-320k West Coast Swing V+1+3, Johnson  
 Don't Expect Me to Be Your Friend (Lobo) 2-step II+1, McKenrick  
 Don't Forbid Me (Pat Boone) Slow-2-step III+2, Chico  
 Don't Forget Me (Glass Tiger)) West Coast Swing V+0+several, Ross  
 Don't Forget To Remember Me (Bee Gees)+ 8pc Bolero III+1, Hilton  
 Don't Gamble with Love (Paul Anka 1957). No choreo  
 Don't Get Around Much Anymore (Anne Murray) Foxtrot IV, Baldwin  
 Don't Get Around Much Anymore (Bennett-Buble) Foxtrot-Jive IV, Parker  
 Don't Get Around Much Anymore (Natalie Cole) Alternate  
 Don't Get Around Much Anymore (Rod Stewart) Fox IV, Chico  
 Don't Gimme That (The BossHoss) Cha III+2, Burger  
 Don't Give It Up - Inka Gold Rumba V, Weiss  
 Don't give it up (Touch of Joy) Cha V, Gircour  
 Don't Give Up on Me (Billy Ray Cyrus) Cha IV, Speranzo  
 Don't Give Up On Us (David Soul) Bolero VI, Ross  
 Don't It Make My Brown Eyes Blue (Crystal Gayle) 2-step II, Brownrigg; Foxtrot III+1, Hayami Slow-2-step-Jive V, Hinsley
 Don't It Make My Brown Eyes Blue DanceHouse) Fox III, Ross  
 Don't It Make Your Brown Eyes Blue (Carly Simon) Brown Eyes Blue Slow-2-sep IV+1, Maguire
 Don't Know Why (Norah Jones) Rumba V+1, Lamberty Slow-2-styep V+0+1, Ellis
 Don't Know Why (Tony Evans) Rumba III+1, Baldwin  
 Don't Leave Me In The Night Time (Kenny Rogers) - 5pc 2-step II+1+1, Beaulieu  
 Don't Leave Tonight (Lisa del Bo) Waltz V+2, Dierickx  
 Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood (Klaus Hallen) Paso V, Garza Cue-sheet = Misunderstood Paso
 Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood (Peter Bauchwitz) Paso V+1, Lankuttis  
 Don't Let Me Cross Over (Jim Reeves) slowed Waltz III+0+2, Lee  
 Don't Let Me Cross Over (Jim Reeves) Waltz III+0+2, Lee  
 Don't Let Me Touch You (Marty Robbins) Bolero IV+1, Odum  
 Don't Let Our Love Start Slippin' Away (Vince Gill) 2-step III, Admski  
 Don't Let the Old Man In (Toby Keith) Bolero VI, Davis Slow-2-step IV+1, McKenrick
 Don't Let the Sun Catch You Crying (Paul Carrack) Bolero V+1+1, Preskitt  
 Don't Let Your Feet Slow You Down (Rodney Crowell) Waltz II+2, Ensten  
 Don't Look Back (Dave Koz) Rumba V+2, Kline  
 Don't Look Back (Thalia) - Faded Cha III, Ross  
 Don't make me beg (Steve Holy) TS II+2, Jones Has not been slowed
 Don't Make Me Have To Come Down There (Dolly Parton) Foxtrot III, Kline  
 Don't Mean Nothing (Richard Marx) - speed 105% West Coast Swing IV, Ross  
 Don't Mess Around with Jim (Jim Croce) 2-step II+1, Helms-Keck  
 Don't Mess Around with Jim (Josh Turner) 2-step III, Harris  
 Don't Rock the Jukebox (Alan Jackson) 2-step II+2, Paull 2-step II+1, Sanders
 Don't Say No (Max Greger-Hugo Strasser-Ambros Seelos) Slowed Waltz III+1 or IV+1, Dierickx  
 Don't Stop (Fleetwood Mac) Cha IV+2, Oren  
 Don't Stop (Foster the People) 2-step II, Cox  
 Don't Stop (Patrick & Eugene) Jive III+2 , Ahart  
 Don't Stop Believin' (Tony Evans) Tango V, Ross  
 Don't Stop Movin' (Tony Evans) shortened Cha IV, Manley  
 Don't Stop The Dance - C.F.D. Tango IV, Ross  
 Don't Tell A Soul (Charles Barlow) Fox VI, Ross  
 Don't Tell Mama (QS, Ross Mitchell) Quickstep V+1, Finch  
 Don't tell me what to Do - Heidi Hauge Foxtrot III+1, Dierickx  
 Don't Tell Me What to Do (Pam Tillis) 2-step II+1, Hichman  
 Don't Throw me into the Briar Patch (Keith Palmer) 2-step II, Woolcock  
 Don't Turn Your Back (Shakin' Stevens) Jive IV+1, Slater Dance = Don't Turn Your Back 96
 Don't Wanna Lose You (Lynn Garner) Rumba VI, Pinks  
 Don't Want To Cry (Circle D 702) 2-step II+2, Bovard 2-step III, Holub (I don't want to cry)
 Don't Want to say Goodbye (Teddy Thompson) Waltz IV+0+1, Chase Dance = Holding a Dream
 Don't Waste it on the Blues (Gene Watson) FT-JV III+2, Eddins  
 Don't we All Have the Right (Nickel) Waltz III+1, Kumm  
 Don't We All Have The Right (Ricky Van Shelton) Waltz IV, Hardy-Niven Waltz II+1, Ring
 Don't Worry (Marty Robbins) 2-step III, Francis Foxtrot-Jive IV, McKenrick
 Don't Worry Baby (Beach Boys) - slowed 5% Rumba IV, Ross  
 Don't Worry, Be Happy (Bobby Mcferrin) 2-step II+2, Raye or Seurer  
 Don't You Worry Baby (Tom Gaebel) - 10 pc Foxtrot V+2, Schidler-Trinkaus  
 Doo Wah Diddy (Dancelife) Cha VI, Ross  
 Doo Wah Diddy Diddy (Manfred Mann) Cha III+1, Byrd  
 Doors of Life (Mariya Takeuchi) Waltz IV, Spence  
 Doo-Wah Days (Mickey Gilley) 2-step-Jive IV, Wilhoit  
 Doris Waltz (Grenn) Waltz III, Chico  
 Dornroschen-Rhumba (Chacra Music) Rumba V+1, Bradt Rumba IV+2, Maguire
 D'Oro E D'Argento (Alessandro Safina) - faded Waltz IV, Ross  
 Double Bogey Blues (Joe Bourne - Golf Goodies) West Coast Swing - Jive V, Woodruff  
 Double Diamond Waltz (Wylie and the Wild West) Waltz II+1, Jim Hattrick See Cue-cards
 Double Eagle Rag (Grenn) 2-step-quickstep III, Pierson 2-step II+1, Connelly
 Down at Papa Joes - The Dixiebelles Nardem 2-step III, Hichman
 Down at Papa Joe's (Hoctor) 2-step II, Sanders 2-step II+1, Morrison
 Down at the Twist and Shout (Mary Chapin Carpenter) for Francis 2-step III, Francis  
 Down at the Twist and Shout (Mary Chapin Carpenter) TS II+1, Seurer  
 Down By The Lazy River (The Osmonds) 2-step II+1, Byrd  
 Down By the Riverside (Dukes of Dixieland) QS &SS IV+1, Doi-Woodruff  
 Down By the Station (The Four Preps) Cha III, Molitoris  
 Down In Mexico (The Coasters) Cha V+2, Finch  
 Down in Mexico (Tony Christy) shortened & slowed Cha V+1+1, Dierickx  
 Down In Mississippi (Sugarland)-8pc 2-step II, Oren  
 Down in The Boondocks (Billy Joe Royal) 2-step II+2, Kroft, 2-step II, Seurer Rumba III+1+1, Madison (slow to 39)
 Down In The Glen - BBC Allstars Band Waltz VI, Ross  
 Down Mexico Way Cha V+2, Slater  
 Down On The Corner (Creedence Clearwater Revival) Cha IV+1, Becker  
 Down on the Farm (Tim McGraw) 2-step II, Ritchie  
 Down South Twostep (Grenn) 2-step II, Koozer  
 Down To My Last Teardrop (Tanya Tucker) WCS V, Bahr  
 Down To The Honkytonk (Jake Owen) 2-step II, Hebert  
 Down Under - Men At Work Cha III+1, Speranzo-Mitchell 2-step II+1, Goulet
 Downtown - Birgit Streibich Cha IV+1, Kirsch  
 Downtown (Peter-Douglas)-9pc Cha IV+1, Rotscheid  
 Downtown Girl (Rick's Mix) - Robert Walsh - (Ballroom Glamour) - UP - SW,EN Quickstep IV+2+1, Schmidt  
 Downtown Triple Cha (STAR) Cha IV+2, Schmidt  
 Dr Beat (Miami Sound Machine) Cha - no choreo  
 Dr. Time (Rick Trevino) 2-step II+2. Becker, 1995 2-step II+1, Wacker, 1995
 Draggin' The Line (Tommy James) - 3 pc Westcoast V+, Prow WCS V+0+1, Preskitt
 Dream - New Stanton Band Foxtrot V+2, Slater  
 Dream a Little Dream (Al Martino) Fox V, Shibata  
 Dream a Little Dream (Tony Evans) Fox III+1, Pinks  
 Dream A Little Dream Of Me - The Mamas & The Papas STS V, Preskitt  
 Dream A Little Dream Of Me (Anne Murray) Foxtrot IV+1, Betzelberger  
 Dream Away (Peter Douglas) Waltz II, Ross  
 Dream Baby (Roy Orbison) 2-step II+1, Wynn  
 Dream Catcher (Dancelife) Waltz VI, Mee  
 Dream Lover (Bobby Darin) 2-step II, Little ; Rumba IV, Jenks Rumba III+1, Dunn
 Dream Lover (Cliff Richard) (Edited for Byrd's dance) Jive IV+2, Byrd  
 Dream Lover (Ricky Nelson) Rumba IV+1, Francis  
 Dream of Me (Special Pressing) Foxtrot V+1, Broadwater  
 Dream of You (Grenn) 2-step II+1, Micketti  
 Dream On Little Dreamer (Como) Foxtrot V+2+1, Read Fox-Jive IV+1, Silvia
 Dream On Texas Ladies (John Michael Montgomery) Waltz II, Koozer; II+2, Speranzo Waltz IV+2, Brownrigg
 Dream On Texas Ladies (Rex Allen Jr) Slow-2-step IV+1, Heuer-Bibb Foxtrot IV+1, Heuer-Bibb
 Dream Street 86 (Belco) 2-step II, Meyer 2-step II+1, Gierok
 Dreamcatcher (Casa Musica) Waltz VI on the workbench  
 Dreaming - Helmut Licht Waltz II, Baldwin Waltz IV, Baldwin
 Dreaming Ballerina (Mark Whale) edited Bolero V+0+1 Dierickx
 Dreaming My Dreams With You (Alison Krauss) Waltz IV, DeSmet Waltz II, Woodruff (cue-card)
 Dreaming My Dreams With You (Collin Raye) Waltz II+2  
 Dreaming My Dreams With You (Kamahl) slowed 10 pc & shortened Waltz V+0+1, Dierickx  
 Dreaming Of Home & Mother (Japan) Tango IV+2, Doi  
 Dreaming Of You (Massimo Ranieri) Waltz VI, Worlock  
 Dreaming of You (Selena) - faded & speed 110% Bolero III, Ross  
 Dreaming With My Eyes Wide Open (Clay Walker)-6 pc 2-step II, Restorff Seq: Intro ABCABD B(17-30) End
 Dreamland (Grenn) Waltz II, Wacker  
 Dreamland Express (John Denver) short Cha IV, Speranzo  
 Dream'n Foxtrot (Grenn) 2-step-foxtrot III, Porter  
 Dreams Are More Precious (Enya) short Waltz VI, , shortened to 3:45 Removed 1st occurence of A Brg
 Dreams Are More Precious (Enya) Waltz IV+2, Molitoris Dance = Precious Dreams IV
 Dreams Made To Last Forever (Dana Winner) Bolero IV+1+some, Dierickx  
 Dreamtango - Bela Sanders Alternate  
 Dreamweaver-Vagabonds Waltz III, Collins  
 Dreamy Old NE Moon (Windsor 4545) WZ II, Pinks  
 Dreamy Old New England Moon (Windsor) Waltz II, Pewsey  
 Drift Off To Dream - Travis Tritt Waltz IV, Speranzo-Slater  
 Drifter (Sylvia) 2-step II+2, Seurer  
 Drifting and Dreaming (George Poole) Waltz II+1, Springer  
 Drigo's Serenade (Frank Chacksfield) Waltz IV+0+1, Dierickx  
 Drill Ye Tarriers Drill (Readers Digest) 2-step III, Weiss  
 Drinkin' and Dreamin' (Waylon Jennings) 2-step II, Hichman  
 Drinkin' Champagne (Dean Martin) Waltz IV, McKenrick  
 Drinkin' Problem (Midland) Rumba-Cha IV+2, Barge Cue-card only
 Drinking Bone (Tracy Byrd) 2-step, Kurczewski  
 Drinking Champagne (Belco) Jive IV, Maguire  
 Drinking Champagne (George Strait) Fox-jive IV+1, Paull Fox-jive III+2, Hinsley; TS II, Sanders
 Drive By (Train) Merengue IV+1 or V+1, Townsend-Manning  
 Drivin and Cryin (Steve Wariner)+ 4pc Rumba III+2, Baldwin  
 Drivin' My Life Away (Eddie Rabbit) 2-step II+2+1, Ring/Ritchie  
 Drown In My Own Tears (Floyd Cramer) WZ III+2, Scherrer  
 Drowning in Your Eyes (Edward Belgeonne) cut & slowed Rumba V+1, Wulf  
 Dru Anne - Dance Mania Waltz IV, Ross  
 Du Allein (Original German cast of Starlight Express) + 7.5pc Bolero III+2, Trinkaus-Schidler  
 Du bist mein tagliches Wunder (Fernando Express) - 3pc Rumba-Cha V+1, Dierickx  
 Du bist nicht die erste (Arno Flor) Foxtrot IV+2, Dierickx  
 Du Gabst ihr Deinen Namen (Linda Feller) - Shortened Rumba V, Dierickx  
 Du Hast Mich 1000 Mal Belogen (Andrea Berg) shortened Cha IV+1 Boiten
 Du Kannst Nicht Immer 17 Sein (Chris Roberts) Cha III (Happy Birthday Cha III), Gruender  
 Du Schwarzer Zigeuner (Alfred Hause) Tango VI, Ross  
 Ducks in a Row (Scott Bakula) Jive IV+1+1, McKenrick  
 Duerme (SP) Bolero-rumba VI, Slater  
 Dulce Una ventura mas (Casa Musica) Rumba IV+2, Molitoris  
 Dum Dum (Brenda Lee) Jive IV+2, Scott  
 Dumas Walker (Kentucky Head Hunters) Jive V, Robertson TS II+1, Seurer
 Dungaree Doll (Eddie Fisher) 2-step II+1, Herr  
 Dust in the Wind (Daughter Darling) x Slow-2-step-Cha III+2, C. Eum  
 Dust in the Wind (Sarah Brightman) Bolero IV, Chavey  
 Dynamite-Taio Cruz (lyrics)- 10 pc Cha-Rumba V+2, Lillefield  
 Dysfunctional Family Song (Sage Francis) Cha III, Woodruff  
 E io tra di voi (Prandi-Claudio Novelli) Waltz IV, Dierickx  
 E Pari Ra (Hayley Westenra) Waltz VI, Ross  
 Eager Beaver (Prandi) Foxtrot V+1, Moore  
 Eagle When She Flies (Dolly Parton) Waltz IV+2, Baldwin  
 Early In The Morning ( Casa MUsica - Latin Music 8) Cha - Jive IV+2+1, Woodruff  
 Earthquake (Ronnie Milsap) shortened No cue-sheet yet  
 Easier Said Than Done (Radney Foster) - faded Waltz IV, Ross  
 East of Eden IV (Casa Musica) Waltz IV+2, Ito  
 Easter Parade (Instrumental) Foxtrot IV, McKenrick  
 Easter Parade (Irving Berlin) Alternate  
 Easter Parade (original) 2-step II+1, Sanders or Sheldon Fox IV, Tevlin
 Easter Parade (Tony Evans) Foxtrot IV, McKenrick  
 Easy (Bassano Daydreaming 10) Waltz IV, Dungan  
 Easy (Mark Lanegan) Jive III+2, McKenrick  
 Easy Come, Easy Go (George Strait) Rumba III+1, Wacker  
 Easy Love (Anne Murray) Rumba III, Healea  
 Easy Loving (Freddie Hart-1971) Rumba IV+2, Prestridge Dance = Easy to Love
 Easy Money (Candye Kane) WCS V+1, Goss-Figwer  
 Easy Strolling - (MGR) 2-step II, Auria  
 Ebb Tide (Japan) Bolero III+2, Doi  
 Ebb Tide (Ross Mitchell) Rumba IV+2, Herr Rumba V+2, Kincaid (U R Love)
 Ecco La Felicita (Ballroom) Fox IV+1, Patik-Sevcikova  
 Echo Der Berge (Trompetentrio Stappert) Waltz IV+2, Hoffman  
 Echoes of Spain (Ross Mitchell)- 5% Paso VI, Easterday  
 Ecstasy Tango (Geoff Love Orchestra) Tango VI, Read  
 Edelweiss (Claudio Novelli) Claudio Novelli Sensazioni Nella Danza Vol. 2
 Edelweiss (DOUCE - piano and violin) Another choice  
 Edelweiss (Gunter Noris) Snow Blossom, waltz III Rumble
 Edelweiss (Helmut Lotti & Michael Junior) One more  
 Edelweiss (Lawrence Welk) Another version Speed altered: - 9%
 Edelweiss (Ray Conniff) Alternate  
 Edelweiss (Richard Abel) Waltz IV, Woodruff  
 Edelweiss (Richard Clayderman) Waltz IV, Woodruff  
 Edelweiss (Sydney Thompson) Alternate  
 Edelweiss (Vienna Choir Boys) One more  
 Edelweiss (Vince Hill)+10pc Shibata Waltz IV+2, Shibata  
 Edith's Waltz (Grenn) Waltz II, Donath  
 Eight Days A Week (Beatles) 2-step-jive III+1, Brandt  
 Ein Bisschen Frieden (Hugo Strasser) Rumba III, Gruender  
 Ein bisschen Frieden (Nicole) Rumba V+1+1, Dierickx  
 Ein bisschen Macho (Marina Koller) Cha III+2, Carmen Dance = A Little Macho
 Ein Kissen Voller Träume (Roger Whittaker) shortened Rumba IV+2+1 or V+2+2, Dierickx  
 Ein Stern In Der Nacht (Maria Kayser) Waltz III+1+1, Dierickx  
 Einmal nur mit dir alleine sein (Andrea Berg) - 5pc Rumba V+1+1, Dierickx  
 El Aeroplano - Trio Pantango Tango Vals, Noble  
 El Baile del Buey Cansado (Los Van Van - STAR) No choreo  
 El Bandido (Bandit) Rumba V+1  
 El Beso - The Rias Big Band Cha IV+0+3, Dierickx  
 El Bimbo (Paul Mauriat) Cha III+1, Hoffman  
 El Bingo - The Chakachas Mambo III, Ross  
 El Bodeguero - Giants Of Latin - Dancelife Cha III, Pohl Cue-card
 El Bodeguero (Grocer's Cha-Cha) - Nat King Cole Cha VI, Ross  
 El Burro en la Playa (Sydney Thompson)-9% Cha IV+1, Woodruff- Summer Song!
 El Centro de Mi Amor (Dancelife) - faded Cha VI, Ross  
 El Choclo (101 Strings) Tango IV+1,  
 El Choclo (Alfred Hause's Tango Orch) Tango III, Dungan  
 El Choclo (Juan D'arienzo) Tango V+2, Doi  
 El Choclo (Julio Iglesias) Tango IV+0+1, Sears  
 El Choclo (Nat King Cole) Tango V+1, Patik; also Goss  
 El Choclo (Olivato Dancesport Orch) Tango V, Schmidt  
 El Coco (Marion 404) Rumba, Easterday  
 El Condor Pasa - Paul Mauriat Samba IV, Doi  
 El Conquistador - Victor Silvester Tamgo VI, Ross  
 El Conquistador (paso doble) Paso doble VI, Goss  
 El Cordobes (Ballroom Dance Collection) Paso Doble VI, Ross  
 El Dia Que Me Quieras (Luis De Luz)- Partially accelerated Bolero-Rumbba V+0+1, Dierickx Dance = The Day You Love Me
 El dia que me quieras (Luis Miguel) Bolero V+2, Blackford or IV+2+2, Dierickx Dance = The Day You Love Me
 El Diablo Anda Suelto (Rey Ruiz) Cha III, Ross  
 El Diablo y Yo - Ballroom Latin Dance Paso IV+0+1, Ross  
 El Dorado (Nelson Riddle) Waltz III+2 or Waltz IV, Berka  
 El Encopao (Enrique Rodriguez) Tango VI, Ross  
 El Gato Montes -Dancing Brass Paso doble VI, Ross  
 El Gringo (feat. Roberto Scaglioni) Paso V, Goss  
 El Idiota (Merengue Fever) Merengue IV, Ross  
 El Lobo (Herb Alpert) Woolcock - on the working bench  
 El Manton de Manilla (Roper) Paso doble - no choreo  
 El Marinero - Rommy Merengue IV, Ross  
 El Merengue (Roper) Merengue unphased, Collipi Dance = Luna Merengue
 El Mismo Sol (Alvaro Soler ft Jennifer Lopez) Cha III+1 of Cha V+2+1, Garza  
 El Mosquito - Prandi Tango, Moore  
 El Niagara En Bicicleta - Merengue Fever Merengue IV+, Ross  
 El Olor De La Papaya (The Latin Club) Cha III+0+1, Callahan-Cowan (Papaya Cha) Cha V+0+several, Dierickx
 El Paso (Marty Robbins) No choreo  
 El Pato Loco - Ray Davies & The Button Down Brass Tango III, Jaworski  
 El Perdón (Nicky Jam & Enrique Iglesias) -13pc Mambo IV+2+4, Oren  
 El Pico (Torres Avila) Paso-doble VI, Worlock  
 El Pollo (Prandi) Tango VI, Ross  
 El Pollo de Carlitos (Latin Music 5) Cha IV, Hagiwara  
 El Privilegio de Amar (The Right To Love) (Dancelife) Rumba V+1+2, Schmidt  
 El Que Se Fue - New 101 Strings Orchestra Mambo IV, Ross  
 El Rancho (Francis Goya) Waltz III, McKenrick  
 El Rancho Grande (JP Pepe) Cha III+2, Doi  
 El Recodo (Dancelife) Tango V, Ross  
 El Relicario (Roper) Paso Doble, no choreo  
 El Reloj (Luis Miguel) Bolero IV+1+1, Gomez  
 El Reloj (Sandra Cartolares) Rumba IV+1, Ito  
 El Rey Tiburon (Latin Mix 7) Cha V+1, Ito  
 El Rico Tango (Al Russ) Tango unphased, Palmquist  
 El Rio Amor (John Arthur Martinez) Rumba IV+1, Jaworski  
 El Sombre Verde (Jef Coolen) Paso Doble IV+2+2, Hilpert-Pohl  
 El Taconazo - Perez Prado - cut Mambo III, Ross  
 El Tango de Roxanne (Ballroom Emotions)) Tango V, Schidler  
 El Toro Paso Paso doble IV+2, Brown  
 El Toro Rojo (Ballroom Dancing Strict Tempo Vol 1) Paso doble VI, Linden-Kasznay  
 El Traje Nupcial (Carlos Ortega) Tuxedo Tango, Moore, VI  
 El Ultimo Cafe (Hermanos Rodriguez) Bolero V, Ross  
 Electric Slide (Marcia Griffiths) + 10 pc Line dance Taught by Brent & Mickey Moore
 Electric Slide (Scooter Lee) Line Dance  
 Elegia (Prandi) Waltz V+0+1 or IV+1, Dierickx  
 Elisabethan Serenade (Richard Clayderman) - 10 pc Waltz III, Dierickx  
 Elise (Paul Mauriat) 2-step II+2, Woodruff  
 Elizabeth (The Statler Brothers) 2-step II+2, Sanders  
 Ella es asi (Luis Miguel) Cha III, Bartlette  
 Ella Mae - Daddy's Rebels Jive IV+2+1, Ito  
 Eloisa (Roger Whittaker) slowed 5 pc Rumba V+1, Dierickx  
 Eloise (Ballroom Orch & Singers) Tango V+0+1, Ross  
 Elvira (Oak Ridge Boys) 2-step II, Wilder  
 Elvis And Andy (Confederate Railroad) 2-step II+1, Seurer  
 Embraceable you (Joni James) Fox IV, Woodruff Cue-card only
 Embrujo (Los Liricos) - slowed 7% Rumba III, Ross  
 Emerald Hop (Lawrence Welk) Quickstep-Two-step III+2, Philson  
 Emily (Ross Mitchell) Waltz III, Dechenne; IV, McKenrick Waltz III+2 or IV or V+1, Blackford
 Emily (Special Pressing) Waltz IV+2, Rumble  
 Emmanuelle (Fausto Papetti) Foxtrot V+1, Woodruff  
 Emmanuelle's Theme - Ernesto Cortazar Hesitation Canter Waltz IV+1  
 Emotion (Destiny's Child) Bolero V, Halbert  
 Emotion (Helen Reddy) Fox VI, Waldorf, 1987  
 Emotions (Bee Gees) +16pc Foxtrot V  
 Emozione Waltz (Dancelife) Waltz IV+2, Goodman-Rogers Waltz IV+1+1, Oren
 En Casa (Brisbane Ballroom Dance Combo, cut) Cha III, McKenrick (Suwannee River Cha)  
 En Mi Soledad (Dancelife) Rumba VI, Ross  
 En Mi Viejo San Juan - Annie Schilder & Piet Veerman Rumba V+1, Dierickx  
 En Orsai (Demarco Electronic Project) - faded Tango V, Ross  
 Enamorada (Belle Perez)- 7 pc Cha V+1+1, Dierickx  
 Enamorado (Il Divo) Waltz VI, Waldal  
 Encadenados (Luis Miguel) + 2pc Bolero V+2, Goss  
 Enchanted Boy (Joe Bourne) Rumba IV+1+1, Anderson Rumba VI, Nelson
 End Of A Journey - Secret Garden Bolero V+1, Ito  
 End Of The Road - Jerry Lee Lewis Jive IV, Ross  
 End Of The World (Skeeter Davis) Waltz III, Seurer Waltz II+1, Tani
 Endless Love (Lionel Ritchie & Diana Ross) Bolero V, Nelson, VI, Kaneda III, Callen
 Endless Summer Nights (Richard Marx) Cha III+2, Pointer  
 Engine Engine Number Nine (Roger Miller) = Nr 9 Foxtrot, IV, Chico; V, May 2-step II+1, Helm, Sanders
 Engine, Engine # 9 (Roger Miller) Foxtrot IV, Chico (#9 Foxtrot) Jive-Foxtrot V, May
 England Swings (Roger Miller) 2-step II, Chico  
 Enjoy Yourself - Dance Along Samba IV, Ross  
 Enjoy Yourself (Billy Currington) Rumba III+1, Townsend-Manning Rumba IV+2+1, Weiss, RB IV, Heiny
 Enrichez-Vous - Amarillis (shortened-slowed) Waltz IV  
 Enter Sandman (Paul Young) - faded out Foxtrot III, Ross  
 Entre Dos Amores (Ana Belen) Rumba IV+1+2, Parker  
 Entre Mis Recuerdos (Chayanne) Bolero IV+1, Gloodt  
 Entrega total (Luis Miguel)-3pc Cha IV+1, Meyer  
 Era la Primera Vez (Lucero) Rumba IV, Hoffman  
 Eres Toda Mi Vida (Alessandro Olivato) Rumba IV+1+1, Chadd Dance = You're My Whole Life
 Eres Tu - AA.VV Merengue V+2+1, Kincaid  
 Erotica (Special Pressing) Rumba III+2+1, Grahm Rumba Erotica
 Es gibt niemehr einen Morgen danach (Helene Fischer) Slowed and Shortened Rumba-cha IV+1+2, Dierickx  
 Es La Boa (The Chakachas) Mambo VI, Ross  
 Es mejor decir adiós (She's the Best) Juan Gabriel Cha III+1+1, Noble  
 Es Nuestra Despedida (Tamara Valcarcel) Bolero V+0+3, Dierickx  
 Esa Mujer (Puerto Rican Power) - faded & slowed 20% Mambo VI, Ross  
 Escape (Dancebeat 4) Cha III+2, Baldwin  
 Escape (The Pina Colada Song) - Rupert Holmes Rumba IV, Pointer  
 Escuchame En Silencio (Yesenia Flores) - 10pc Slow-2-step V+0+3  
 Eso beso (Dancelife) Alternate  
 Eso beso (Ross Mitchell) Samba-2-step IV, Bassett  
 Eso Es (Prandi Sound Tango Orchestra)- 5pc Tango V+1+1, Hurd  
 Eso Es El Amor - Eydie Gorme Merengue-Cha-Samba V+1, Philson  
 Eso Es El Amor (Ross Mitchell) Cha IV+2, Grahm or Callahan Cha V, Sechrist (That's Love)
 Espagnolo (Renzo Casadio) Paso IV, Ross  
 Espana Cani - Gill & Bill Paso VI, Garza or Imamura Paso V+2, Ross
 Esperame en el cielo (Chelo Silva) Rumba IV+1, Dierickx  
 Esperame en el Cielo (Joe Valle) - slow 95% Bolero III, Ross  
 Esperanca Irisada (Cesaria Evora) Mambo IV, Duval  
 Esperanza (Enrique Iglesias) Rumba V+1+1, Wulf  
 Esperanza (Frank Galan) Slow-2-step IV+1+2, Dierickx  
 Esperare (Los Hermanos Rodriguez) Bolero III, Ross  
 Esplanade Tango (Roman Guitar by We Three) Tango IV+1, Hoffman  
 Esprite D' Tango (Grenn) Tango III+2, Grossman  
 Esta Noche Bailamos (Enrique Iglesias)10%-clipped Samba IV+1, Cantrell  
 Esta Vez Es Amor De Verdad (Maywood) Bolero IV, Dierickx  
 Estas en mi Corazon (Angela Carrasco) RB-CH VI, Woodruff  
 Estasi (Stefano Parnasso) +5pc Waltz III+1 or IV+1, Dierickx  
 Estrellita (Manuel & The Music of the Mountains) Rumba IV+1+1, Dierickx  
 Estudiantina de Madrid (Ballroom Dance Collection) Paso VI+3, Ross  
 Estuvieras Tu (Special Pressing) Bolero unphased, Moore (If You) Rumba IV+1, Moore
 Eternal Flame (Atomic Kitten) Bolero IV+2, Kincaid  
 Eternal Love (Luigi Olivato) Waltz III+1, Manley  
 Eternally (Engelbert Humperdinck) Waltz IV+2, Hicks (Eternal Waltz)  
 Eternally (Il Volo) Waltz II+1, Viscanti-Mikenas  
 Eternally (Star Waltz Moulin Rouge) Waltz II, Clark, Waltz IV, Clark Waltz IV+2, Baldwin
 Eternamente (Chicco Fabbri) Waltz IV, Dierickx  
 Eternidad (Prandi) Rumba III+1, Moore  
 Eternity melody (Eric Bachmann) Waltz IV+1, Dierickx  
 Eu Nao Sei (Julia Graciela). slowed 5pc Cha-Rumba V+0+1, Dierickx  
 Eunice Blues (Sammy Naquin) 2-step II+2, Sonnier  
 Euro Tango (Dance with Me) Tango V+1, Ito
 Eurotango (Casa Musica) Tango V, Moore Tango IV, Gruender
 Evelyn (Hugo Strasser) + 3 % Waltz III+1+1, Dierickx  
 Even if I tried (Emilio Navaira) 2-step II, Speranzo  
 Even if I tried (Special Pressing) 2-step II+2, Speranzo  
 Even Now (Barry Manilow) Slow-2-step, Goss  
 Even Now (Nana Mouskouri) Rumba V, Tennant  
 Evenin' (Kathy Mattea) 2-step-foxtrot III+1, Eddins  
 Evensong (Dancelife) Waltz IV, Ross  
 Ever Since The World Began - Big Joe & the Dynaflows Westcoast Swing V, Ross  
 Evergreen - Barbra Streisand Slow-2-step V+1, Goss-Kiehm  
 Evergreen - Caravelli Foxtrot IV+1, Dierickx (Evergreen Fox)  
 Evergreen - Roger Whittaker Slow-2-step V, Dierickx  
 Evergreen - Roy Orbison Bolero IV+1+1, Dierickx  
 Evergreen (Klaus Hallen-Gaby Goldberg) Rumba VI, Preskitt Rumba III+1, Ito
 Evergreen (Ross Mitchell) Rumba IV+2, Kincaid Rumba III, Yamashita (The Brightest Love)
 Evergreen (Roy Orbison) +7pc Rumba V+1, Dierickx  
 Evergreen (Susan Jacks) Two-step & rumba III+2, Armstrong  
 Evergreen (Westlife) Alternate  
 Evergreen Waltz (Prandi) Waltz IV+1+1, Dierickx  
 Everthing Old Is New Again (Anne Murray) Five-Count-2-step II+1, Skillett-Terrell  
 Every Cowgirl's Dream (Joni Harms) WCS-STS-JV IV+2, Woodruff  
 Every Day I Love You (Boyzone) Bolero VI, Prow Rumba VI, Hilton
 Every Day I Love You (The Latin Dome) Bolero VI, Worlock  
 Every Day Of My Life (Bobby Vinton) +7 pc Bolero V, Hapeman  
 Every Heartbeat (Amy Grant) Jive IV, Ross  
 Every Moment of Every Hour (Isla Grant) + 12pc 2-step II, Ring  
 Every Morning (Sugar Ray) Cha IV+1, Simpson  
 Every Second (Collin Raye) 2-step II, Seurer  
 Every Street's a Boulevard FT IV+2, Prow  
 Every Third Monday (Sammy Kershaw) Walt IV, Ross  
 Every Time It Rains (The Derailers) Rumba III, Ahart  
 Every Time You Go Away (Paul Young) - speed +12% Bolero III, Ross  
 Everybody Has a Dream (Billy Joel) - faded & -15pc Waltz VI, Ross  
 Everybody Has the Right to Be Wrong (Bobby Darin) Foxtrot V, Ross  
 Everybody Knows (Leonard Cohen) Cha V+1, Woodruff  
 Everybody Likes To Cha Cha Cha (Ross Mitchell) Cha III+2, Shibata Cha IV+2+2, Harris
 Everybody Loves A Lover (Doris Day) Quickstep V+2, Dechenne (Pollyanna Quickstep) Quickstep-2-step III+2, Hilton
 Everybody Loves Somebody (Teichiku) WCS V+2, Doi  
 Everybody Loves Somebody Sometime (Dean Martin) 2-step II+1, Peltz III+1, Dunn
 Everybody Loves to Cha Cha Cha (James Taylor) Rumba-Cha V+1+1, Meyer  
 Everybody loves to cha-cha-cha (Sam Cooke) Cha III+1, Anderson Cha IV+1+1, Denniston-McCabe
 Everybody Wants To Be A Cat (Dimie Cat - Ballroom Mix 9) Foxtrot-Jive III+2, Byrd  
 Everybody Wants to be a Cat (Special Pressing) Jive IV+1, Oliver Dance = Swinging Cat
 Everybody Wants To Go To Heaven(Kenny Chesney) 2-step II, Raye  
 Everybody's Dream Girl (Dan Seals) Cha IV+1, Betzelberger  
 Everybody's Got Somebody But Me (Hunter Hayes) 2-step II, Oren  
 Everyday - (Buddy Holly) 2-step II, Bitter; also Little Jive IV+1, Gotta
 Everyday People (Sly & the Family Stone) Cha IV+1+1, Byrd  
 Everyday With You Girl (Classics IV) Rumba-foxtrot IV, Smith Rumba III, Gotta
 Everything (Michael Buble) 2-step II+2, Junk ; II+1, Syrstad Foxtrot III+1+1, Hartzel; IV, Mee
 Everything (Toby Mac) -4pc West Coast Swing IV+1+4, Nolen Cha-Rumba III, Mann
 Everything At Once - Alec Medina 2-step II, Woodruff  
 Everything Blue (Brent Thomas Mills) Foxtrot VI, Goss  
 Everything Changes (Tony Evans) - faded Samba V+0+3  
 Everything I Do (Bryan Adams) Fox IV, Byars  
 Everything I Need (Helene Fischer) - 5pc Rumba-Cha V, Dierickx  
 Everything Old is New Again (Blue Star) 2-step II, Carver  
 Everything That Touches You (The Association) Slow-2-step III+2, Byars  
 Everything Will Be Okay (Home Free) 2-step II, Kline  
 Everytime We Touch (Cascada) Foxtrot V, Dierickx  
 Everywhere (Fleetwood Mac) Rumba V+1, Matthews  
 Evil Ways (Santana) Cha V+2, Macuci  
 Ev'ry time we say goodbye (Ballroom Diamonds) Foxtrot IV+1, Dierickx  
 Ev'rybody Wants to be a Cat - (Ross Mitchell) 2-step II+, Pilachowski 2-step-cha IV, Pilachowski
 Exactly Like You (Andy Williams) Exactly quickstep, Read, V  
 Exactly Like You (Belco) 2-step II, Lawson  
 Exactly Like You Foxtrot (Michael Feinstein) Fox V+2, Goss  
 Exactly Like You SP-422501 Fox IV+2, Slater  
 Except for Monday (Lorrie Morgan) Mixed III, Morehouse,  
 Excuse my French (Caro Emerald) edited for Cantrell Foxtrot V+2+3, Cantrell  
 Excuse my French (Caro Emerald) Foxtrot IV+2, Woodruff  
 Expert at Everything (Don Williams) Alternate  
 Expert at Everything (Instrumental) TS-5 count, Smith  
 Explosive (Bond) Tango IV, Ross (R4-21)  
 Ex's & Oh's (Elle King) TS-QS III+1, Simpson; JV IV+2+3, Christian Jive VI, Worlock; MX IV+1+1,McKenrick
 Ex's & Oh's (Mia Love) 2-step II+1, Molitoris  
 Eye Of The Tiger (short) Cha IV, Matthews Intro- ABCD-Int-BD-Bridge-A-End
 Eye Of The Tiger (Survivor) Cha IV, Matthews  
 Fabulous Places () Fox VI, Jorgensen  
 Fabulous Places (Joe Bourne) 2-step I+2, Cavness  
 Face to Face (Alabama) Slow-2-step IV+2, Eum  
 Faded (Alan Walker) Slow-2-step IV+0+2, Higashi  
 Faded Love (Patsy Cline) Slow-2-step IV+1, Feneis  
 Fais Dodo (Eddy Raven & Joel Sonnier) - 5 pc 2-step II+2, Dufrene  
 Faith (Vio Friedmann) Cha VI, Ross  
 Faith Walk (Mike Reid) Two-step, Seurer  
 Faithfully (Journey) - faded & slowed 13% Rumba VI, Ross  
 Fake I.D. (Big & Rich with Gretchen Wilson)+7pc 2-step II, Oren  
 Fall Away (Joe Paul Nichols) Foxtrot IV, McKenrick  
 Fall in Love with Your Wife (Mac Davis) 2-step II, Knight  
 Fallen (Lauren Wood) Rumba, American, unph., Halbert Rumba III+2+1, Ayres
 Fallin' (Adrenaline - Why Don't We) Jive IV+2+1, Welton  
 Fallin' (Ballroom Orchestra) Hes-Can Waltz IV+2, Herr STS IV+1+1, Parker
 Falling (Ballroom Stars 4) Waltz V+1+2, Lamberty  
 Falling (Lenny Leblanc) Bolero IV+0+2, Kremer  
 Falling for You (Vio Friedmann) Cha IV+1, Ross  
 Falling in Love (Windsor) Waltz II, Thomas  
 Falling In Love With You Again (Imelda May) Waltz IV, Simpson  
 Falling Into You - Dancelife Rumba IV, Tulloch  
 Falling Into You (Celine Dion) Bolero IV+1, Moore  
 Falling into You (Gaby Goldberg) Rumba IV+2, Worlock (I'm Falling 4 You)  
 Fame (Ross Mitchell) Cha VI, Blackford  
 Fame And Fortune (Elvis Presley) Slow-2-step, Rother  
 Family Affair (Mary J. Blige) Faded Out Cha III, Woodruff  
 Family Tradition (Hank Williams, Jr) 2-step II, Hartzell  
 Famous Last Words Of A Fool (George Strait) Waltz II, Stephan or Graham Waltz II+1, Parker
 Fangled Tango (Special Pressing) Tango III, Broadwater  
 Fanta & Cola (Die Campbells) 2-step II, Kline  
 Fantastico (Nat King Cole) Cha III+1, Parker  
 Fantastico (Peggy Lee) - Slowed 15pc Cha V, Dierickx  
 Fantasy (Earth Wind & Fire) doctored Samba IV+2, Gomez  
 Fantasy Tango - Tony Evans Tango VI, DeChenne; IV+2, Nelson Dance = J&J Fantasy Tango
 Fantasy Waltz (Special Pressing) Waltz III, Stier  
 Fantazija (Mambo Kings) Rumba IV+2, Spence  
 Far Away Places (Hi Hat or MGR) Waltz II, Metzger Waltzes V & VI, Migliorini
 Far Away Places (Ray Conniff) - 6 pc Foxtrot III+2, Sperry  
 Far Away Places (Richard Clayderman) Waltz IV, McKenrick  
 Far side banks of Jordan (Daniel O'Donnell) 2-step II, Woolcock  
 Far Side Banks Of Jordan (Jimmy Fortune) 2-step II, Kremer  
 Farewell Waltz (Columbia Ballroom Orch) Waltz II+2, Berka  
 Farrago (John Barry) Cha IV+1, Bartlette  
 Fascinating Rhythm - Paola Fabris Foxtrot VI, Vogt  
 Fascination (A Brief Romance) Waltz IV+1, Rumble  
 Fascination (Al Martino) Alternate  
 Fascination (Ballroom) Waltz II, Hattrick See Cue-cards
 Fascination (FT- Ross Mitchell) Foxtrot IV, Sanders  
 Fascination (Prandi) Foxtrot IV+2 or V+1, Dierickx  
 Fascination Rhythm (Hi Hat) 2-step II+1, Harris  
 Fascination Rumba (Horst Wende) Rumba V+0+2, Dierickx  
 Fat Baby (Amy Grant) Foxtrot-Jive IV, Byrd  
 Fat Back - Mongo Santamaria Mambo - no choreo  
 Fat Cat Boogie (Cherry Poppin' Daddies) Single Swing VI, Dechenne Zoot Suit Riot, SS IV+1+2, Malthouse
 Fat Mama (Dancelife) Cha IV, Ross  
 Fat Sam's Grand Slam (Renee Gautier) Quickstep V+0+1, Davis  
 Favourite Things (Special Pressing) Waltz VI, Goss  
 Fear of falling (Ballroom Symphony) Waltz VI, Ito  
 Feather Theme Forrest Gump -5pc STS IV+1, Renauld  
 Feed The Birds (Ross Mitchell) Waltz III+2, Sanders; III+2+1, Buck Waltz IV, Dodge
 Feedback (Janet Jackson) West Coast Swing IV, Ross  
 Feel Good Blues (Red Boot) No choreo  
 Feel It Still (Portugal. The Man) - 2pc 2-step II+1, Byars  
 Feel The Rush - Count Dee Samba IV, Ross  
 Feelin' Groovy (Val Doonican) Foxtrot IV, Byrd Foxtrot V+2, Worlock
 Feelin' It (Scotty McCreery)+15 pc Cha IV, Kline  
 Feelin' Single Seeing Double - Chely Wright 2-step II+2, Baldwin  
 Feeling (Nini Rosso) Bolero IV, Immamura  
 Feeling Good (Michael Buble) + 17 pc West Coast Swing VI, Worlock  
 Feeling Good (Bobby Darin) Fox V, Suess  
 Feeling Good (Michael Buble) WCS V+0+3, Cantrell  
 Feeling Single Seeing Double - Bobby Setter Band 2-step III, Dierickx  
 Feelings (John Marshall)) Rumba III, Cavness  
 Feelings (Tony Evans) Rumba III, Ross  
 Feels (Calvin Harris with Pharrell Williams, Kay Perry and Big Sean) speed +10% Cha IV, Ross  
 Feels Like That (The Reklaws) slowed 9% Salsa IV, Ross  
 Feels So Right - Alabama Bolero IV, Dodge  
 Feet in the Water Michael JS) Cha III+2+1, Cox  
 Felicia - Hisao Sudou Tango V, Ross  
 Felicia (Elisir Delle Danza) Tango V, Hurd  
 Feline Fine - Ross - CH III Cha III, Ross  
 Fermin (Roper) Paso doble - No choreo  
 Fernando (ABBA) Paso-Cha V+1, Morrison Rumba-Cha IV+2, Prow
 Fernando (Frank Chacksfield) Quickstep-Two-step IV, Hoffman  
 Fever (Cologne Ballroom Orchestra) Foxtrot VI, Gomez  
 Fever (instrumental remix) Double Swing IV, Taylor  
 Fever (Peggy Lee) Jive VI, Easterday 2-step II+2,
 Fever (The Mccoys) Fever Cha, IV+2, Woodruff  
 Fever Foxtrot (Special Pressing) No choreo  
 Fever Two 2-step II+2, Noble  
 Fibre De Verre (Ruthie Foster) Foxtrot V+1, Weiss  
 Fields Of Gold (2 Cellos) Bolero V, P. Connelly (Golden Fields)  
 Fields Of Gold (Sting) edited Rumba V, Lamberty  
 Fields Of Gold (Sting) Rumba IV+2, Oren  
 Fields Of Gold (Watazu) Rumba IV+2, Dawson  
 Fiesta Madrilena (Orquesta del Tendido) Paso doble IV, Gruender (Paso Fiesta)  
 Fiesta Madrilena (Prandi) Paso VI, Hurd  
 Fifty Ways To Leave Your Lover (Paul Simon) Slow-two-step/cha, Chico  
 Finally Friday (George Jones) Two-step II, Wulf  
 Find Her Keep Her (Hank Thompson) Two-step II+1, Crapo  
 Fine Brown Frame (Dianne Reeves & Lou Rawls) Jive IV+2+1, Hurd  
 Fine by Me (Andy Grammer) West Coast Swing VI, Garza  
 Fingertips (Tom Gregory) West Coast Swing V, Hilpert-Pohl  
 Fire (Gavin Degraw) West Coast Swing VI+2, Kurczewski  
 Fire In The Blood - Matt Bianco Cha IV, Ross  
 Fire It Up (Joe Cocker) Cha III+2, Parker-Healea  
 Fireflies (Owl City) Samba VI, Goss  
 Firework (Katy Perry) 2-step II, Oren  
 First A Cappuccino (Kristina Bach) Slowedr Rumba-Cha IV+1+several, Dierickx  
 First Cut Is The Deepest (Rod Stewart) Rod Stewart The Story So Far: The Very Best of Rod Stewart Disc 2
 First Day Of My Life (Alec Medina) Waltz V+2, Ayres  
 First Flower (Stefano Nanni) Waltz III, KB Nelson Waltz IV+1, McKenrick (Dew Drops)
 First Kiss (Grenn) Waltz IV, Baldwin  
 First Taste Of Love (Ben E. King) Mambo IV+1+1, Dierickx  
 Fish and Whistle (John Prine) 2-step II+2, Walz  
 Fist City (Loretta Lynn) 2-step III, Dierickx  
 Fit As A Fiddle (Cathreen Clayton) Foxtrot IV+2, Byrd  
 Five Guys Named Moe (STAR) Quickstep VI, Goss  
 Five Hills (cinco Robles) (Russell Arms) Waltz V+1, Kannapel  
 Five Minutes More (Grenn 17118-A or 14090) 2-step II+1, Seurer  
 Five O'clock World (Vogues) WCS IV, Lamberty, fun  
 Flamingo (Ross Mitchell) Foxtrot VI, Buck  
 Flashdance (Irene Cara - What a feeling) Bolero-Jive III+1, Eum-Hadley  
 Flawless (Mercy Me) Cha III+2, Matthews  
 Flim Flam Man (Barbara Streisand) Foxtrot III+1, Scherrer Foxtrot IV, Samborsky
 Flip Flop Mixer (Grenn) Mixer I, Todd  
 Flip, Flop and Bop (Floyd Cramer)-10pc Jive V, Maguire  
 Floatin' On A Cloud (Blackwood Brothers Quartet) Foxtrot IV+2, Rogers  
 Flor d'Luna (Santana) - faded Rumba III, Ross  
 Florence (Tol & Tol) - Shortened Foxtrot V, Dierickx  
 Florence (Tol & Tol) Shortened Fpxtrpt IV, Dierickx  
 Florentina Tango (Ross Mitchell) TG V, Molitoris  
 Florida (Guy Lombardo) Foxtrot III, Cheasley  
 Flower In the Rain (Jaci Velasquez) - slowed 5% Rumba VI, Ross  
 Flower of Azami (Let's Dance 6) Waltz VI, Dechenne  
 Flower of Naples (Roper) Tango - No choreo  
 Flower Of Scotland (BBC Allstars Band) Waltz V, Ross  
 Flowers (Klaus Hallen) Foxtrot V, Burger  
 Flowers (Miley Cyrus) Cha V+2+2, Ulbrivch (cue-card); Cha III, Barnhill Cha IV+1+1, Hicks; RB V, Wilaby
 Flowers on the Wall (Eric Heatherly) 2-step II+2, Buckmaster & Reigel  
 Flowers On The Wall (Statler Brothers) Cha III+1, Baldwin Cha IV, Francis
 Flutes Tango (Dancelife) V+2 Tg Bradt  
 Fly Away (John Denver) Foxtrot III+2, Pointer  
 Fly Me Away - Little & Ashley - 3pc Foxtrot III, Scherrer Great song
 Fly Me Away (Little & Ashley) 2-step II+2, Race  
 Fly Me To The Moon (Brenda Lee) + 7pc Waltz V, Dierickx  
 Fly me to the Moon (Doris Day) Rumba IV, Preskitt  
 Fly Me To The Moon (Frank Sinatra) - 3 pc Westcoast V, Lamberty Fox VI, Prow
 Fly me to the moon (Julie London) - 5 pc Mambo V+1, Toyama-Muraoka  
 Fly Me To The Moon (Matt Monroe) Waltz VI, Worlock (In Other Words)  
 Fly Me To The Moon (Rod Stewart) Bolero III+2, Hagiwara  
 Fly Me To The Moon (Ross Mitchell) Fox III, Armstrong  
 Fly me To the Moon Waltz VI, Doi Waltz III+2, Doi
 Flying - Ballroom Orchestra & Singers Quickstep IV, Ross  
 Flying (Casa Musica) - edited Waltz V+2, Sechrist  
 Flying down to Rio (Roper 128) Samba - No choreo  
 Flying Dreams (Best of Ballroom - Cantrell) Waltz VI, Cantrell  
 Flying Dreams (Instrumental- Hauser - Gloodt) Waltz IV+1, Gloodt  
 Flying High (Isla Grant) Cha III, Kline  
 Foggy Dew (Janie Fricke) Waltz V, Cibula Waltz IV+1+1, Kenney
 Follow me - John Denver Slow-2-step VI, Linden-Kasznay  
 Follow Me (Alex Brouwers) Cha IV, Scarlatella-Shanks  
 Follow Me (Johnny Mathis) Walt IV, Ross  
 Follow Me (Mutiny On the Bounty) Rumba VI+0+1, Kurczewski  
 Follow Me (Uncle Kracker) Rumba IV, Pointer  
 Follow Me (Vio Friedmann) Jive IV+2, Hilton  
 Follow That Dream (Elvis Presley) 2-step II+2, Oren  
 Follow that Dream (Elvis Presley) Phase II 2-step  
 Follow Your Arrow (Kacey Musgraves) Merengue III, Ross  
 Folsom Prison Blues (Johnny Cash) Cha IV, Francis  
 Fool (If You Think It's Over) Chris Rea Rumba IV+2, Cavness  
 Fool Fool Heart (Don Williams) No choreo  
 Fool Hearted Memory 2-step II+1, Dungan  
 Fool in the Mirror (Guy Clark) 2-step III, Woodruff Cue-card only
 Fooled Again (Hoctor) Foxtrot IV+2, Holm  
 Foolish (Johnny Mathis) shortened Waltz V+2, Bradt  
 Foolish Heart (Steve Perry) Rumba IV+2, Toansend-Manning  
 Fools Fall In Love (Charlie Shaffer) Foxtrot V, Hoiffman  
 Fools Fall In Love (Jacly Ward) Foxtrot IV+1  
 Fools Fall In Love In A Hurry (The Drifters) Quickstep V+1, Crapo  
 Fools Rush In (Dancelife) Foxtrot V, Lamberty  
 Fools Rush In (Mercer-Bloom) Rumba IV+1, Tornquist-Valas  
 Foot Tapper (Ross Mitchell) Jive V+1+2, Sechrist
 Footloose 2-step II, Rumble  
 Footprints In The Sand (Bert Kaempfert) Rumba VI, Tom Hicks  
 Footsteps - Daniel O'Donnell JV-FT III+2, Baba  
 Footsteps (Steve Lawrence) 2-step II+1, Molitoris  
 For a Change (Neal McCoy) CH III+1, Seurer  
 For A Few Dollars More (Hugo Montenegro) Foxtrot IV+2, Woodruff  
 For A While (Prandi) Waltz II, Ross  
 For All We Know (The Carpenters) (40 rpms) Fox III+2, Chico  
 For Baby (John Denver) 2-step II, Bartlette  
 For Ever And Ever - Ray McVay Rumba IV+1, Ross  
 For Me And My Gal (Grenn) 2-step II, Wolff  
 For My Wedding (Vio Friedmann) Waltz V, Hilton  
 For Once In My Life - Victor Silvester Cha V+2, Ross  
 For Once in My Life (Michael Buble) Fox III, Robinson Your Life
 For Once In My Life (Shibata) Fox VI, Shibata  
 For Once in My Life (Stevie Wonder) Cha III + 1, Downing or Baldwin  
 For Sentimental Reasons (Rod Stewart) Fox V, Parker  
 For The First Time - The Platters 5-Count II, Croft-De Zordo  
 For the Good Times - Daniel O'Donnell Bolero V, Gloodt  
 For The Good Times (Perry Como) 2-step-jive IV, Jobe  
 For The Good Times (Ray Price) 2-step-jive IV, Jobe  
 For the Love of Him (Bobbi Martin) Rumba III, Guenthner  
 For The Memories (Gene Watson) Foxtrot IV+2, Dierickx  
 For the Millionth and Last Time - Ballroom Orchestra & Singers Tango III, Ross  
 For the Prince and his Lady (Tony Crane) shortened & slowed Waltz III+1, Woolcock  
 For Those Who Are Young (Tony Evans) Waltz IV+2, Herr Waltz II, Francis
 For You (Hi Hat) Waltz V+1, Roumagoux  
 For You (Ricky Nelson) Mambo III+2, Guenthner  
 For You Are Beautiful (Tony Evans) Fox IV, Ross  
 For Your Eyes Only (Alec Medina) Rumba III+2, Ahart  
 Forces Sweetheart Fox IV, Pinks  
 'Fore She Was Mama (Clay Walker) Need help on this one  
 Forever and a Day (Hilary Stagg) Rumba V+1, Kenny  
 Forever and Ever (Demis Roussos) Rumba V+0+1, Dierickx  
 Forever And Ever (Tony Evans) Rumba V, Heiny  
 Forever And Ever, Amen (Randy Travis) 2-step II+1, Saffell Cha III+1, Heuer-Bibb
 Forever And For Always (Shania Twain) Cha-jive-samba IV+0+2, Dufrene  
 Forever Blowing Bubbles (SP-Slater) Foxtrot V, Slater  
 Forever Country (Artists of Then, Now & Forever) Cha IV+2+2, Stowe-Temples  
 Forever In Blue Jeans (Neil Diamond) Cha III+2, McGraw Cha IV, Francis
 Forever Love - Dance Mania Waltz III, Ross; waltz V, Blackford Waltz IV+2, Cantrell
 Forever Love (Dancelife) Walt IV, Ross  
 Forever Love (Reba Mcentire) Fox IV, Speranzo  
 Forever Love [Artur Molin] Rumba V+2, Read  
 Forever Rumba (Dancelife) Rumba IV, Kline  
 Forever We'll Be in Love (Ray Farnsworth) Waltz V+1+1, Gloodt Waltz II+2, Oren
 Forever Young (Blake Shelton) Slow-2-step IV+0+3, Beaulieu  
 Forever Young (Rod Stewart) shortened and + 4pc Cha V+0+2, Klein  
 Forever Your Girl (Paula Abdul) - faded Cha VI, Ross  
 Forevermore - Windsor 4756 Waltz IV+2, Lawson  
 Forget Me Not Waltz (Grenn) Waltz II, Tullus  
 Forget you (Dancesport Cup) Foxtrot IV+2, Dierickx  
 Forgive me (Al Martino) Foxtrot V, Christmas  
 Forgiving You Was Easy - Willie Nelson 2-step II, Ross  
 Forgotten Dreams (Gunter Noris) Slow-2-step IV+2+2, Dierickx  
 Forgotten Dreams (Phil Coulter)-15pc Slow-2-Step-Foxtrot IV+1+1, Rogers  
 Forrest Gump ( I'm Forrest...Alan Silvestri) Fox IV, Rogers  
 Forrest Gump (Prandi) Waltz IV+2+1, Dierickx  
 Forth Worth, Dallas or Houston (George Hamilton IV)+ 5pc 2-step II+1+1, Woolcock  
 Fortune Teller - Bobby Curtola - 1962 Cha III+2, Armstrong  
 Forty Miles of Bad Road -- Duane Eddy 2-step II, Seurer  
 Forty Miles Of Bad Road (Eddy Duane) 2-step II, Seurer Jive IV+1, Hinsley
 Forty Shades Of Green (Daniel O'Donnell) Foxtrot III+2+1, Healea  
 Fountain (Sara Lov) Waltz IV+2, Lamberty  
 Four and One Cha by Tullus, 1975  
 Four in the Morning (Faron Young) Waltz IV+2, Hichman  
 Four Memories (SP) Waltz IV, Moore  
 Four Strong Winds (Bobbie Bare) 2-step II+1, Sanders 2-step II+1, Hichman (WHY)
 Four Walls (Jim Reeves) Waltz II, Croft/De Zordo Waltz II+2+1, Tennant
 Fowl Play (South Shore Concert Band) 2-step II+2, Weiss  
 Foxtrot Laura Foxtrot IV, Lee  
 Foxtrot With Floyd (Floyd Cramer) Foxtrot V, Hoffman  
 Foyle's Foxtrot (Jim Parker) Foxtrot III, B. Connelly  
 Fragilidad (Buena Vista) Mambo V+2, Suess  
 France (Keb Mo) WCS V+2+1 Woodruff  
 Francisco Alegre (Balltoom Latin Dance) Paso Doble V+0+1, Ross  
 Fraulein (Foster) Rumba V+1+1, Dierickx  
 Fraulein Pardon (Paul Kuhn & Alice Babs) Cha V+1+2, Dierickx  
 Free (Faith Hill) CH IV+0+1, Chadd  
 Free (Tony Evans) - Faded Cha VI, Ross  
 Free Spirit (Andrea Spadaroi) Waltz III+1+1, Oren  
 Free Style (Sylvers) Line Dance - no choreo  
 Free To Be - You And Me (New Seekers) 2-step II+1, Scherrer or Matthews  
 Free To Be Lonely Again - Debby Boone 2-step II, Kline  
 Freeze Frame (Dancelife) slowed & shortened Jive III+2+1, Collins  
 Freeze My Mind (Japan) Rumba III, Doi  
 French Heels (Debbie Reynolds) Jive IV+2, Mitchell  
 French Poodle (Prandi) Fox V+2, Moore  
 French Poodle (Sam Butera and the Witnesses) Alternate  
 French Woman (Ray Hamjilton) Walt IV, Ross  
 Frenesi (Caterina Valente & Edmundo Rossi) Cha IV, McKenrick  
 Frenesi (Edmundo Ros) Cha III+2, Dierickx  
 Frenesi (Klaus Hallen) 40 RPM Cha IV, McKenrick  
 Frenesi (Linda Ronstadt) Alternate - some say it's the original  
 Frenesi (Roper) 2-step, Wolcott  
 Frenesi Cha (4&1) Cha IV+2, Slomcenski  
 Frente A Frente (Hisao Sudo) Rumba V+1, Dierickx  
 Friday Night Blues (John Conlee) Cha IV, Speranzo  
 Fridolin (Hugo Strasser) Quickstep IIII+1+1, Gruender  
 Friend Like Me - Dimie Cat (From Aladdin) Quickstep V+2+1, Imamura  
 Friends (Beach Boys) Waltz II, Adamski  
 Friends (Justin Bieber) - speeded 6% Merengue III, Ross  
 Friends and Lovers (Carl Anderson & Gloria Loring) Waltz III+2, Kincaid; III+1, Scott  
 Friend's Dont Drive Friend's (Deryl Dodd) 2-step II+2, Baldwin  
 Friends In Low Places (Garth Brooks) plus 3 pc Rumba IV, Seurer, + 3 pc  
 Frienship Ring (Without and With Words) End of dance  
 Froehlicher Landmann (Japan) Quickstep IV+1, Doi  
 Frog Trouble (Mark Lanegan) edited 2-step II+1, McKenrick  
 From A Distance (Bette Midler) Bette Midler Experience the Divine
 From A Jack To A King (Ned Miller) Jive-Fox-two-step IV, Hichman  
 From A Jack To A King (Ricky Van Shelton) Jive III+1, Malthouse Foxtrot III+2, Harris
 From both sides (Dana Winner) Rumba IV+0+1, Dierickx  
 From Here to Eternity (Englebert Humperdinck) Bolero III+2+1 or IV+2+1, Kincaid (Here to Eternity) Bolero VI, Shibata
 From Here to Eternity (Humperdinck - REXL) Bolero V, Lamberty (Eternity) Bolero VI, Blackford
 From My First Moment (Charlotte Church) - faded & slowed 10pc Waltz II, Ross  
 From Russia with Love (Matt Monro) Rumba V+1, Hagiwara  
 From Russia with Love (The Village Stompers) Foxtrot-jive IV+2, Liggin  
 From Sarah with Love (Sarah Connor)short STS IV, Pruefer  
 From The Soul Arg Tango-Vals, Noble  
 From This Moment (Bryan Adams & Shania Twain) Bol-fox III+2, Gomez (Wedding dance)
 From This Moment (Shania Twain) Foxtrot V, Gomez  
 Fuck You - Lily Allen -5 pc Foxtrot-Cha III+2, Dierickx  
 Fue Por Tu Pecado (Joe Valle) Bolero IV, Ross  
 Fuego (Shine) Cha-Foxtrot IV, Kline  
 Fuego Bajo Tu Piel (Los Hermanos Rodriguez) Bolero IV, Ross  
 Full Speed Ahead - Helmut lotti 2-step II+2, Speranzo  
 Fumando Espero- New 101 Strings Orchestra Tango III, Ross  
 Fun, Fun, Fun (The Beach Boys)-18pc 2-step II+1, Kast  
 Funeral Food (Kate Campbell) Rumba IIIII, Kline  
 Funiculi Funicula (Japan) Jive III+2, Doi  
 Funky Cowboy (Ronny McDowell) 2-step II+1, Hattrick  
 Funkytown - Hisao Sudou Cha V, Ross  
 Funny Face (Donna Fargo) Waltz III+2, Eddins  
 Funny Face (Ross Mitchell) Waltz IV+1, Buck Waltz IV, McKenrick
 Funny Familiar Forgotten Feelings (Engelbert Humperdinck) edited Waltz II, Cavness  
 Funny Familiar Forgotten Feelings (Engelbert Humperdinck) Waltz IV, McKenrick  
 Funny How Time Slips (Willie Nelson) Slow Dance, Ross, II  
 Funny Little Tune (Belco) Mixer II, Rich  
 Funny, Familiar, Forgotten Feelings - Tom Jones Waltz IV, Francis  
 Funny, Familiar, Forgotten Feelings (John Marshall) Waltz - no choreo  
 Fuoco Nel Fuoco (Eros Ramazotti) Shortened Merengue III, Ross  
 Fur Elise (JP) +10% Rumba IV+2+1, Doi  
 Fur Elise Waltz VI, Michaelson For Aimee
 Für jedes Herz dass einsam ist (Hansi Hinterseer) Rumba V, Dierickx  
 Für mich ist Glück (Hansi Hinterseer) - 5pc Slow-2-step V+0+3, Dierickx  
 Fürstenberg Fantasie (Gunter Norris) Foxtrot V, Dierickx  
 Further On Down the Road (Eric Clapton) Jive V, Ross