File Name       Updated November 2021 Rhythm, Phase, Choreo Rhythm, Phase, Choreo
 12 Pains Of Christmas Humoristic  
 32 Feet and 8 Little Tails (Gene Autry) 2-step II, Clements (cue-card) 2-step II, Woolcock
 A Christmas Kiss - Daniel O'Donnell Feat. Mrs Merton 2-step II+1, Woodruff  
 A Christmas Love Song (Oak Ridge Boys) Bolero IV, Kline  
 A Christmas To Remember - Kenny Rogers & Dolly Parton No choreo yet  
 A Holly Jolly Christmas - Alan Jackson 2-step II, Seurer; 2-step II+2, Richards
 A Holly Jolly Christmas - Burl Ives 2-step II+2, Lincoln  
 A Kid Again (Boxcar Willie) 2-step II, Taylor  
 A Marshmallow World (Brenda Lee) 2-step II+1, Speranzo ; Cha II Foxtrot III+1, Seurer
 A Marshmallow World (Dean Martin) Foxtrot music  
 A Marshmallow World (Johnny Mathis) Foxtrot music  
 A Night to Remember (Engelbert Humperdinck) Waltz IV+2, Tucker Waltz IV, P. Lewis
 A Rootin' Tootin' Santa Claus (Tennessee Ernie Ford)) 2-step II, Taylor (cue-card)  
 A White Christmas (Tony Evans) Foxtrot IV+1, Berka  
 All I Want For Christmas (Gaby Goldberg) 2-step II+1, Byrd  
 All I Want For Christmas (Kenny Chesney) Rumba III+2, Cleek  
 All I Want for Christmas (Kenny Chesney)edited Rumba V, Woodruff (cue-card) Rumba III+1, Taylor (cue-card)
 All I Want For Christmas Is You (Mariah Carey) (edited) 2-step II+2, Hartzell/Ferris  
 All My Bells Are Ringing (Lenka) 2-step II, Woodruff Dance = Take my Heart this Chr
 All My Love For Christmas (Lonestar) TS II+1, Speranzo  
 An Old Christmas Card (Daniel O'Donnell) No dance (Foxtrot)  
 An Old Christmas Card (Foster & Allen) + 17pc Foxtrot III+2, Tennant  
 An Old Christmas Card (Foster and Allen) Would make a nice STS  
 An Old Christmas Card (Jim Reeves)+ 6% Foxtrot IV, Callen  
 An Old Christmas Card (The Forester Sisters) STS or Bolero  
 Angels We Have Heard (Erin O'Donnell) Cha IV+2, Bingham - cue card Cha III, Bingham - cue card
 Angels we have Heard on High (Billy Gilman) For your listening pleasure  
 Angels We Have Heard on High (Chris Tomlin) No choreo - STS or Bolero musi  
 Are You Coming Over For Christmas (Belle & Sebastian) STS - No choreo  
 Arre Borriquito (Voces de Navidad) Rumba III, Gruender  
 Ask Mrs. Santa (Dale Allen) Cute song, no choreo  
 Auld Lang Zine    
 Away In A Manger (George Strait) WZ II+1, Woolcock  
 Away In A Manger (Rogers & Murray) WZ II, Woolcock  
 Baby It's Cold Outside (Brian Setzer) Fox V, Pyles  
 Baby It's Cold Outside (Buble duet) Foxtrot V, Plouch  
 Baby It's cold outside (Jessica Simpson)-5% Fox-Jive V+1, Parker  
 Baby It's Cold Outside (Lady Antebellum) Bolero V, Mccue  
 Bald Ist Weihnachten (Die Prinzen) 2-step III, Woodruff-Lowder  
 Barefoot Santa Claus (Sonny James) 2-step II+1, Woodruff  
 Best Christmas Ever (Wonder Girls) 2-step III, Pyles (cue-card)  
 Blue Christmas - Ernest Tubbs 2-step II, Hichman  
 Blue Christmas (Brenda Lee) Bolero IV, Woodruff Bolero V+2, Doi
 Blue Christmas (Bright Eyes) Bolero IV, Woodruff Same as Brenda Lee
 Blue Christmas (Clay Walker) Bunch of Cue cards  
 Blue Christmas (Elvis Presley & Martina McBride) Rumba III+, Schappacher  
 Blue Christmas (Elvis Presley) Jive IV+1, Woodruff  
 Blue Christmas (Englebert Humperdink) Bolero IV, Woodruff  
 Blue Christmas (Heebee-Jeebees)+5pc Bolero-Jive soft V, Woodruff  
 Blue Christmas (Jon Bon Jovi) Jive IV+2, Hichman  
 Blue Christmas (Ricky Van Shelton) Westcoast Swing drill, Woodruf  
 Blue Christmas (The Platters) 2-step II, De Jong  
 Blue Christmas (Willie Nelson) Alternate version  
 Blue Xmas Wcs-Jive (Jerry Williams) Jive in the plans  
 Boogie Woogie Santa Claus (Dave Koz) No choreo  
 Boogie Woogie Santa Claus (Tractors) cut short 112 Single Swing IV, Bingham  
 Boogie Woogie Santa Claus Jive V+1, Crapo  
 Bringing In A Brand New Year (B.B.King) Jive IV+1, Rotscheid (cue-card  
 Cactus Christmas (Brian Setzer), cut by Sears West Coast Swing IV+1, Davis  
 Calypso Christmas Cha III, Clements  
 Candelight Carol (Neil Diamond) Waltz IV, Woolcock  
 Candy Cane Lane (Sia) 2-step II+2, Toms  
 Captain Santa Claus (Bobby Helms) 2-step II, Tennant  
 Catch A Moonbeam (Andy Williams) waltz VI, Casey; waltz IV+1, Not a Xmas song... but sounds
 Cherry Cherry Christmas (Neil Diamond) Slow-2-step III+2, Kline  
 Christmas at Our House (Barbara Mandrell) Waltz II+2, Woodruff  
 Christmas Bride (Ray Conniff) Waltz IV+1, Christiansen, IV, Waltz III, Drake, II, Yamashit
 Christmas bride (STAR) Many cue-sheets  
 Christmas Brings The Child Out In Me - David Crawford Waltz II, Speranzo  
 Christmas candles (Andrew Sisters & Lombardo) Fox IV+1, Lefeavers  
 Christmas Chimes (Frank Yankovic) 5-Count Polka II, Woodruff cue  
 Christmas City Waltz (Hi-Hatters - Blue Ribbon) Viennese waltz II, Woodruff (c Mixer I, Roth; WZ II, Roth
 Christmas Conga (Cyndi Lauper) Cha III, Booz  
 Christmas Cookies (George Strait)(2) 2-step II, Les Houser  
 Christmas Cookies (George Strait) 2-step II, Houser, Woolcock  
 Christmas Cookies (Oak Ridge Boys) 2-step II+2, Hichman  
 Christmas Countdown (Irish) A spoken story  
 Christmas Cowboy Style (Michael Martin Murphy) 2-step II, Taylor (cue-card)  
 Christmas Day (Beach Boys) Cha III+2, De Jong  
 Christmas Day (Dido) 2-step - No choreo  
 Christmas Doll (Shake me I rattle) Waltz II, Cibula  
 Christmas don't be late (Chipmunk Song) Waltz II, Buckmaster-Reigel  
 Christmas Dream (Maynard Williams) Alternate for Perry Como 2-step II, Wardle, 1975
 Christmas Dream (Perry Como) 2-step II, Wardle  
 Christmas Eve in Washington (Maura Sullivan) Foxtrot III+1, Pilachowski  
 Christmas In Dixie (Alabama) Bolero III, Seurer; IV+2, Wood 2-step II+Hinge, Dollar/Gilbre
 Christmas In Dixie (CMS Allstars) Rumba III+2, Byrd (cue card)  
 Christmas In Kilarney (Dancetime with Linda & Roland) Cha III+1, Buckmaster-Zodie Re  
 Christmas In Killarney (Anne Murray) Jive IV+1, Koozer  
 Christmas Is Giving Love (Randy Wills) Waltz II, Walker Waltz IV, Walker
 Christmas is here again (Roger Whitaker)- 8pc Waltz II+1, Dobbs-Gordon  
 Christmas is Just Around the Corner (Barry Manilow) (conflicted) Foxtrot III+1, Byrd Foxtrot IV+1, Pyles (cue-card)
 Christmas is Just Around the Corner (Barry Manilow) Foxtrot IV+1, Pyles (cue-card)  
 Christmas Is Paintin' The Town (Oak Ridge Boys) 2-step II, Taylor (cue-card)  
 Christmas Island (Andrews Sis. & Monroe) Fox IV+1, Woodruff 2-step II, Bicket
 Christmas Island (Jimmy Buffet) Fox IV+1, Woodruff Foxtrot III+2, McKenrick
 Christmas Island-Bob Atcher & The Dinning Sisters Fox IV+1, Woodruff  
 Christmas Kindness (Amber Lawrence)+8pc Rumba III, Kline  
 Christmas like Mama Used to Make it (Tracy Byrd) 2-step II, Ring  
 Christmas Long Ago (Daniel O'Donnell) Foxtrot IV, Lewis  
 Christmas Lullaby - Amy Grant Waltz IV, Grob Cue-card
 Christmas Medley (Dennis Hayward) 2-step II, McKenrick  
 Christmas Medley 8 - The Gunter Kallmann Choir TS-FT III, Woodruff  
 Christmas Mega-Mix (Boney M-1992) Rumba-Cha - No choreo  
 Christmas Present (Claudio Novelli) Waltz II, Cavness Dace = Winter Serenity
 Christmas Song WCS V+2+2, Doi  
 Christmas Swing (Dixie Chicks) Westcoast V+1, Woodruff Cue-card only
 Christmas Time In Innisfree (Daniel O'Donnell)+10pc Waltz III, Taylor (cue-card)  
 Christmas Time is Here - Denis Solee With Jeff Steinberg Orch Waltz V+2+1, Gooch  
 Christmas Time Is Here (Erin O'Donnell) + 20 pc Waltz III, Bingham  
 Christmas to Christmas (edited) Mixed III+1, Woodruff Cue-card only
 Christmas Tree (Lady Gaga) Cha IV, Woodruff  
 Christmas Valentine (Ingrid Michaelson and Jason Mraz) Foxtrot IV, Lobato (cue-card)  
 Christmas Wishes (Ann Murray) waltz IV, Brownrigg; waltz II waltz II+2, Simondson or Tenna
 Christmas Without Daddy (Loretta Lynn) Pretty waltz - no choreo  
 Christmas without You (Rogers & Parton) 2-step II or Fox III+2, Crapo  
 Cowboy Christmas Ball (MichaeL Martin Murphey & Suzy Bogguss) 2-step II - Taylor (cue-card)  
 Deck the Halls (Mannheim Steamrollers) 2-step II, Koozer  
 Deck The Halls (Nat King Cole) 2-step II+2, Krackau  
 Didn't I Get This Last Year (Bob Rivers) Humoristic  
 Do They Know It's Christmas (Feed The World) (edited 3-12) Rumba-Cha III+2, Keller  
 Do you Hear what I Hear (Carpenters 1984) Cha III+1, Buckmaster-Reigel See cue-card for sequence
 Do you Hear What I Hear (Enlightment) Cha III+1, Buckmaster-Reigel  
 Do you Hear what I Hear (Original Version) Alternate  
 Dominick The Donkey (Lou Monte) Cha III, Soos TS-CH III+0+1, Booz
 Donde Esta Santa Claus (Augie Rios) Rumba III, Booz  
 Don't Feel Like Christmas (Tyler Hilton)+15%] West Coast Swing IV+1, Goodman  
 Driving Home For Christmas - Mike Denver 2-step or cha - no choreo  
 Driving Home For Christmas ( Michael Ball ) Alternate  
 Driving home for Christmas (Instrumental-Kayser Claude) No choreo yet  
 Driving Home For Christmas (shorter version), Chris Rea Alternate  
 Driving Home For Christmas, Chris Rea 2-step or cha - no choreo  
 Esta Noche Es De Alegria - Voces De Navidad - (Christmas Music) - Dancehouse - XM,SP (1) Rumba III, Gruender  
 Feliz Navidad - Celia Cruz Rumba IV, Dierickx  
 Feliz Navidad (Beatles) Alternate  
 Feliz Navidad (Bob Marley) Cha IV+1, Woodruff Cue-card only
 Feliz Navidad (Boney M)-3% Cha V, Callen  
 Feliz Navidad (Chantilly) Rumba IV+2, Anderberg 2-step II, Tracey
 Feliz Navidad (Jose Feliciano) 2-step II Tracey, rumba IV And mambo Woodruff, Rumba Rotsche
 Feliz Navidad (Los Ninos cantores de navidad) Alternate  
 Feliz Navidad (Parchis) Alternate  
 Five More Days 'til Christmas (The Cheetah Girls) 2-step II+1, Woodruff  
 Friendly Beasts (Garth Brooks) Waltz II, Jim Hattrick See cue-cards
 From our House to Yours (Lawrence Welk)-7pc Waltz II, Woolcock Waltz IV, Woolcock
 Frosty the De-frosted Snowman (Dr.Demento) Humoristic  
 Frosty The Snowman (Beach Boys) - 5 pc Quickstep III+2, Valenta  
 Frosty The Snowman (Brenda Lee) Alternate  
 Frosty The Snowman (Disney) 2-step II, Woodruff Cue-card only
 Frosty The Snowman (Doi's QS) Quickstep IV+1+1, Doi  
 Frosty the Snowman (Fiona Apple) 2-step II+1, Woodruff  
 Frosty the Snowman (Gene Autry) 2-step II, Buckmaster-Reigel  
 Frosty The Snowman (George Strait) 2-step II, Woodruff cue-card only
 Frosty the Snowman (Loretta Lynn) 2-step II, Koozer  
 Frosty The Snowman (Perry Como) Alternate  
 Frosty the Snowman (The Ventures) Mambo IV, Bingham  
 Funny Little Man All Dressed In Red - Steven Paul McCollum Two-step II, Speranzo  
 Gee Whizz It's Christmas (Dancelife) Cha IV+1, Byrd  
 Give Love on Christmas Day - Jackson 5 No choreo  
 Go Tell 2-step II, Jim Hattrick See cue-cards
 God Bless Us Everyone (Andrea Bocelli) No choreo  
 God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen (The Klezmonauts) Mixed IV, Woodruff  
 Grand Pa got run over ( Dr Demento)    
 Grandma Got Run over by a Reindeer (Elmo & Patsy) Cha III, Koozer cue-card only
 Green Christmas (Barenaked ladies) 2-step II+2, Woodruff  
 Green Green (New Christy Minstrels) 2-step II, Buckmaster-Reigel  
 Greensleeves (Tony Evans) Waltz VI, Rotscheid  
 Hairy Christmas (The Robertsons) 2-step II+1, Berka  
 Happy Birthday,merry christmas and a happy new year (Loretta Lynn)-8pc 2-step II+1, Woodruff  
 Happy Christmahanavaloween (Melanie) edited 2-step II, Woodruff  
 Happy Holiday (Andy Williams)-10pc Rumba III+1, Burger  
 Hard Candy Christmas (Dolly Parton) Rumba-2-step III+2, Donoughe  
 Have A Holly Jolly Xmas (Alan Jackson) 2-step II, Seurer; II+1, Wolff 2-step II+2, Richards
 Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas (Alan Jackson) No choreo  
 Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas (attach to email) Not for dancing Attach to your Christmas email
 Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas (Ella Fitzgerald) Foxtrot IV+1, Lamberty  
 Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas (Pentatonix)) No choreo. To listen to, not  
 Have Yourself A Merry Little Xmas (Zee & Zoe) Jive IV, Bingham, cue-card onl Jive V, Woodruff 2004
 Hawaiian Sleigh Ride (Mason Williams) No choreo yet  
 He'll Be Coming Down The Chimney (Linda & Roland) 2-step II+2, Buckmaster-Reigel  
 Here Comes Santa Claus (Dance time with Linda & Roland) Cha III+0+1, Ahart cue-card
 Here Comes Santa Claus (Doris Day) 2-step II, Gruender  
 Here Comes Santa Claus (Elvis) 2-step II, Chico  
 Here Comes Santa Claus (Gene Autry) 2-step II, Connie Ritchie  
 Here Comes Santa Claus (Pat Boone) Quickstep V+2, Doi  
 Holiday Hootenanny Jive IV+2, Schidler  
 Holly Jolly Christmas (Burl Ives) 2-step II+2, Lincoln  
 Holy shit it's christmas (Southpark) 2-step II Cue-card only
 Home for the Holidays - Perry Como - 3pc 2-step II, Crapo  
 Home for the Holidays (Garth Brooks) Alternate  
 Home for the Holidays (Perry Como) Quickstep III+2, Chico Cue-card only
 Honky Tonk Christmas (Alan Jackson) 2-step II+1, Sanders; II+2, Ri 2-step II, Seurer
 Hyperbubble Christmas with the Bee Gees Instrumental  
 I Believe in Santa Claus (Rogers & Parton) no dance yet  
 I Believe In Santa's Cause - The Statler Brothers STS IV+1, Matthews  
 I can't Wait For Christmas Time (Suzie McNeil) No choreo  
 I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day(Bogguss) WZ II+2, Wolff Don't waltz to this! Not a wa
 I Just Can't Wait For Christmas Day - The Wiggles 2-step - no choreo yet  
 I Only Want You For Xmas (Alan Jackson) 2-step II+1, Woodruff cue-card only
 I Saw Daddy Kissing Santa Claus (Dr. Demento) Humoristic  
 I saw Mummy dancing with Santa Claus Line Dance maybe  
 I saw Mummy kissing Santa (Pete Fountain) Lovely dinner music  
 I saw Mummy Kissing Santa Claus (Lennon Sisters) 2-step II, Buckmaster-Reigel  
 I Told Santa Claus (Fats Domino) No Choreo Christmas Gumbo
 I Wanna Do More Than Whistle (Lawrence Welk) 2-step II, Taylor (cue-card)  
 I Want a Hippo for Christmas (Gayla Peevee) Cha V, Kincaid Same tune as "I've got a lovel
 I want a Hippopotamus (For Collins cue card)) Cha III, Collins Cue-card
 I want a Hippopotamus (The 3 Stooges) 2-step II, Defore  
 I Won't Decorate Your Christmas Tree (Loretta Lynn) 2-step - no choreo  
 I'll Be Home For Christmas (Helmut Licht) Tango III+1, Pyles (cue-card)  
 I'll Be Home For Christmas (Parton & Rogers) Slow-2-step IV, Woodruff  
 I'll Be Home for Christmas (Pentatonix) No choreo yet  
 I'll be Home for Christmas (Ray Hamilton) Rumba IV+2 Doi  
 I'll Be Home For Christmas (Suzy Bogguss) Slow-2-step IV, Woodruff  
 I'll be Home with Bells on (Parton & Rogers) Cha III+1, Crapo  
 I'm Dressin' Up Like Santa (Bob Rivers) 2-step II, Cavness  
 I'm Getting Sued By Santa Claus (Bill Engvall) Humoristic  
 I'm Getting Sued by Santa Claus (Bill Engvall)-15 pc No choreo  
 I'm Gonna Lasso Santa Claus (Brenda Lee) 2-step II, Seurer  
 I'm Gonna Tell Santa Claus On You (Faron Young) 2-step II, Taylor (cue-card)  
 I'm Spending Hanukkah In Santa Monica - 10pc No choreo  
 It Feels Like Christmas (Al Green) Cha IV, Woodruff  
 It Wasn't His Child (Trisha Yearwood) No choreo  
 It Won't Seem Like Christmas (Elvis) Waltz III+1, Jestin  
 It's Beginning to Look a Lot like Christmas (3johnny Mathis) Foxtrot IV, Dierickx  
 It's Beginning to Look a Lot like Christmas (Knightsbridge Singers) Foxtrot IVa, Cavness  
 It's Beginning to Look a Lot like Christmas (Lex Greenwood) Foxtrot IV+1, Gruender (It Loo  
 It's Called Xmas (Go Fish Guys) Cha III+1, Woodruff  
 It's Christmas and I Wonder (Bob & Tom) Humoristic  
 It's Christmas Day - Christmas Carol for your Church or School No choreo  
 It's Christmas Time STS IV+1, Mee  
 It's Just Not Christmas (Ronnie Milsap) Jive IV+1+2, Woodruff  
 It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year (Andy Williams) Hes-Can Waltz IV+1, Pilachowsk  
 Jesus Is Coming Soon (Oak Ridge Boys) 2-step II, Byrd  
 Jingle Bell Rock (Bobby Helms) 2-step II, Knight, Seurer Jive IV+1, Woodruff (cue-card)
 Jingle Bell Rock (Brenda Lee) 2-step II, Wilder, Ward, Yamas Jive V, Rotscheid or Francis;
 Jingle Bell Rock (Randy Travis) Jive IV+2, Woodruff Cue-card only
 Jingle Bells (Boney M.) short version 2-step III, Woodruff  
 Jingle Bells (Boney M.) 2-step III, Woodruff  
 Jingle Bells (Chet Atkins) 2-step-quickstep III+1, Koozer  
 Jingle Bells (Dennis Hayward) Cha III, McKenrick  
 Jingle Bells (Earl Grant) Multi III+1, Stewart Cha V+1, Winkler (What Fun Cha
 Jingle Bells (Frank Sinatra) 2-step II, Pyles  
 Jingle Bells (Pat Boone) Quickstep-2-step III+2  
 Jingle Bells (The Kletzmonauts) 2-step III, Woodruff  
 Jingle Bells Cha Cha IV+2, Doi  
 Jingle Bells Rock (Hall And Oates) Jive IV+2, Woodruff Cue-card only
 Joy to the World - George Strait 2-step II, Buckmaster-Reigel  
 Joy to the World Samba V+1+3, Doi  
 Kissin' Christmas (Bobby Vinton) CHa III, Taylor (cue-card)  
 Leroy The Red-neck Reindeer (Joe Diffie) TS II+1, Woodruff  
 Let Is Snow (Andy Williams) Fox VI, Goss Slow-2-step III+2, Byrd (cue c
 Let it Snow (Dean Martin) 2-step II+1, Woodruff (cue-car 2-step II Auria adjusting sequ
 Let it Snow (Helene Fischer) Waltz IV+0+1, Dierickx  
 Let It Snow (Jutta Cappallo) 2-step II+1, Cavness  
 Let It Snow (Lawrence Welk) Fox 3, Fox 4, Koozer  
 Let It Snow (Martina Mcbride) 2-step II+1, Woodruff cue-card only
 Let it Snow (Michael Buble) Alternate  
 Let it Snow (TNT) Two-step II, Auria, Pierson  
 Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow - Ricochet 2-step II, Hichman Best Let-it snow music
 Let's Have an Old Fashioned Christmas Polka (Frank Yankovic) 2-step II, Sobala Dance = Christmas Polka
 Light of the Stable (Seah)Selah) Cha III, Kline  
 Little Christmas Dream (Simani) No dance yet  
 Little Drummer Boy (Bert Kaempfert) 2-step II, Koozer  
 Little Drummer Boy (Pink Martini) Just to listen to  
 Little Saint Nick (Beach Boys) -3 pc Jive IV, Woodruff Cue-card only
 Little Shepherd (Dancelife) Waltz IV, Gruender  
 Little St. Nick (Sugar Ray) Alternate choice  
 Lourdes, Village Of St Bern. (A. Williams) Waltz IV+2+2, Valenta  
 Mamacita Donde Esta S.C. (Augie Rios) -3 pc rumba III, Russ Booz C/s: Donde esta SC
 Mambo Santa Claus Mambo IV+1, Smith Cue-card only
 Marshmallow World (Dean Martin) Foxtrot III, Molitoris Foxtrot III+2, Tennant
 Mary Did You Know (Kenny Rogers) Rumba VI, Hilburn  
 Mary Did You Know (Scotty McCreery) Rumba III, Ahart  
 Mary, Did You Know - Kathy Mattea + 8 pc Foxtrot III, Wilaby Slow-2-step IV+1, Byrd
 Mary's Boy Child (Boney M) pure cha Cha IV, Woodruff  
 Mary's Boy Child (Boney M) short Bolero & Cha IV, Woodruff  
 Mary's Boy Child (Harry Belafonte) STS IV, Hamilton  
 Mary's Boy Child (Jim Reeves) Rumba IV+1, Gruender  
 Meet Me Under The Mistletoe (Randy Travis) 2-step II, Woodruff (cue-card) 2-step II+1, Connie Ritchie
 Mele Kalikimaka (Bing Crosby) Alternate  
 Mele Kalikimaka (Jimmy Buffet) MX IV+2, Woodruff; Cha III+2, 2-step II, Defore
 Mele Kalikimaka (Scope) 2-step II, Wolff Multi IV+1+2, Woodruff
 Mele Kalikimaka (Willie K) - 3 pc Alternate version  
 Memories Long Past (Irish group TINSELITIS) Hes-Canter Waltz - no choreo  
 Merry Christmas Baby (Beach Boys) No choreo  
 Merry Christmas Darling (J Cappallo) Rumba IV+1, Byrd Rumba III, Cavness
 Merry Christmas Darling (Tony Evans) Rumba III, Taylor  
 Merry Christmas From Our House To Yours (Lawrence Welk) Waltz II, Penny Lewis  
 Merry Christmas From The Family (Montgomery Gentry) Foxtrot III, Kline  
 Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence - Utada Hikaru Nice cha not sure what it has to do wit
 Merry Christmas Waltz (Gene Autry) Waltz II+1, Parsons (cue card)  
 Merry Texas Christmas Y'All (Asleep at the Wheel) 2-step II+1, Woolcock  
 Mister Sandman (Emmy Lou Harris) Mister Sandman  
 Mistletoe (Justin Bieber) 2-step II+1, Townsend-Manning  
 Mistletoe And Wine (Cliff Richard) Waltz II, Jestin  
 Mistletoe Kiss (Margaret Whiting) 2-step II+0+1, Turner  
 Mistletoe Moustache (Hamilton-Williams) 2-step II, Lowder-Woodruff Alternate download
 Mistletoe Moustache (Mason Williams) 2-step II, Lowder-Woodruff  
 Mr. & Mrs Santa Claus (G. Jones & T.Wynette) No dance yet  
 Mr. Santa (Amy Grant) No dance yet  
 Mr. Santa (Suzy Bogguss) Jive IV+2, Moeller Quickstep IV, Rotscheid
 Mrs Santa Claus (Nat King Cole) Foxtrot IV+2+1, Krackau  
 Mrs. Claus Want Some Lovin' (The Bobs) No choreo  
 Must Be Santa (Mitch Miller) Mixer-2-step II, Woodruff Cue-card only
 My Christmas Tree (Bobby Curtola) Foxtrot IV, Armstrong  
 My Grown Up Christmas List (Michael Buble) STS IV+2, Cantrell  
 My Name is Christmas Carol (Doug Stone) No Choreo Yet  
 My Two Front Teeth (Nat King Cole) 2-step II+2, Paull  
 My Wild Irish Rose (Connie Francis) Waltz II+1, Pilachowski  
 My Wild Irish Rose (Mills Brothers)+ 7pc Waltz II+1, Pilachowski  
 N.O.E.L. (Village People) Cha III, Seurer (YMCA) Cue-card only
 Natividad Song (Freddie Fender) Rumba III, Koozer  
 Nativity - Ernesto Cortazar - With Intro Slow-2-step IV+1+1, Dierickx  
 New York At Christmas - Ed Rambeau To listen to  
 Noel (John Denver) No choreo  
 Numbah One Day of Christmas (Twelve Days of Christmas Hawaiian Style) Funny Song  
 O Du Fröhliche (Music edited) (Klaus Hallen) Foxtrot IV, Callen  
 Ol' Fatso (Augie Rios)-10pc 2-step II+1, Brown  
 Old Fashioned Christmas (Lawrence Welk) STS IV, Koozer  
 Old Time Christmas (Randy Travis) Waltz II+1, Pilachowski  
 Old Toy Trains-- Statler Brothers Rumba IV+1, Woodruff  
 Old Toy Trains-- Toby Keith No choreo  
 On a snowy Xmas night (Elvis) No dance yet  
 One Happy Christmas (Tammy Wynette) Two-step II+1, Speranzo  
 Only One Night Of The Year (Milsap) Rumba III+1, Speranzo  
 Our Christmas Waltz (Red Foley and Judy Martin) Waltz II+1, McKenrick  
 Our Love Is Like Christmas (Bellamy Bros)short No choreo Cha
 Over The River And Through The Woods (Alvin & Chipmunks) 2-step-5Ct II, Taylor (cue-car  
 Papa Noel (Brenda Lee) Cha III+1, Koozer  
 Penguin (James Penguin) 2-step II+1+2, Turner  
 Percy the Puny Poinsettia (Elmo & Patsy) 2-step II+1, Gonzales It's a viennese waltz
 Pine Cones And Holly Berries (The Osmonds) Foxtrot-Jive IV, Wolff  
 Pocketfull Of Mistletoe (Sonny James) 2-step II, Taylor (cue-card)  
 Pretty Little Baby (Kenny Rogers) 2-step II, Hattrick see cue-cards
 Pretty Paper (Roy Orbison)+ 5 pc Waltz IV, Kast, Morrison Waltz II, Haynack, Eddins
 Pretty Paper (Tony Evans) Waltz IV+1, Gloodt  
 Pretty Papers (Jeannie Denver) 2-step III, Woodruff (cue-card  
 Red Nosed Reindeer (Alan Jackson) 2-step II+1, Drake  
 Redneck Xmas Just for the humor  
 Rockin Around The Christmas Tree - The Rubber Band Another one  
 Rockin' around the Christmas Tree (Amy Grant) 2-step  
 Rockin' around the Christmas Tree (Brian Setzer Boogie Woogie) 2-step  
 Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree (Chantal Hartmann & Vio Friedmann) 2-step II+1, Maruyama  
 Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree (Firehouse) Hard rock - good  
 Rockin Around the Christmas Tree (Hanson) Cha of jive  
 Rockin' around the Christmas Tree (Karaoke) Alternate  
 Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree (Kim Wilde) Yet another version  
 Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree (Toby Keith) 2-step II, Buckmaster-Reigel  
 Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree by Surrogate Slow version  
 Rockin' around the Xmas Tree (Alabama) - 10 pc (1) No dance yet  
 Rockin' around the Xmas Tree (Alabama) - 10 pc (2) Another version  
 Rockin' Around The Xmas Tree (Anderson) Jive IV+1, Snell; 2-step, Porter
 Rockin' around the Xmas Tree (Beatles) 2-step II+1, Borengasser Rockin' the Xmas Tree
 Rockin' Around The Xmas Tree (Billy Gilman) Alternate  
 Rockin' Around The Xmas Tree (Simpson) Jive IV+1, Snell  
 Rockin' Little Xmas (Carlene Carter) - 5 pc 2-step II+1, Baldwin, Seurer  
 Rockin' Little Xmas (Deborah Allen) edited Jive IV, Byrd (cue-card)  
 Rocking Around the Christmas Tree (Brenda Lee) Jive IV+1, Woodruff; MX IV, Te 2-step II, Walther, II+1, Sp
 Rocking Around the Christmas tree (Miley Cyrus) No choreo  
 Rocking Round the Christmas Tree - Tony Evans 2-step II+1, Jestin  
 Rudolph Is A Rascal - Jason Parman - 18pc Two-step II - Speranzo  
 Rudolph the red nose Reindeer (Children Songs) 2-step-jive III+1, Woodruff cue-card only
 Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer (Gene Autry) 2-step II+1, Wolff  
 Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer (Alan Jackson) No dance  
 Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer (Disney) 2-step II+1, Woodruff Cue-card only
 Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer (Dean Martin) 2-step, Chico See Xmas cue-cards
 Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer (John Denver)- 10 pc 2-step II, Gruender (Rudolph's  
 Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer (Rockapella)- 10 pc Dance by Bingham Cue-card
 Rudolph the Re-nosed Reindeer (Bing Crosby) Single swing IV+2, Doi  
 Run Rudolph Run (Chuck Berry) 2-step II, Seurer  
 Same Old Christmas (Hilary Duff) Rumba - No choreo  
 Santa Baby - Glee Jive IV+1+1, Gloodt  
 Santa Baby (Ally McBeal) WCS V+0+1, Woodruff  
 Santa Baby (Eartha Kitt) Fox-jive IV, Woodruff Cue-card only
 Santa Baby (Madonna) West Coast Swing V, Kincaid  
 Santa Baby (The Puppini Sisters)+7pc West Coast Swing IV+2, Townsen  
 Santa Bring My Baby Back To Me ( Presley) -10 pc No dance yet  
 Santa Claus Got Stuck (Fitzgerald) No dance yet  
 Santa Claus Is Back In Town (Elvis) WCS V+1, Morrison  
 Santa Claus Is Back In Town (Mavericks) Westcoast V+1, Woodruff  
 Santa Claus Is Comin' In a Boogie Woogie Choo Choo Train (The Tractors) 2-step II+1+1, Swartz Dance = Santa Claus Choo Choo
 Santa Claus is coming on a trike (Harve Bishop) Cha III, Woodruff  
 Santa Claus is Coming to Town (Brenda Lee) Jive IV+2, Doi  
 Santa Claus is Coming to Town (Children version) No choreo yet  
 Santa Claus Is Coming to Town (Jackson 5) No choreo  
 Santa Claus Is Coming to Town (Loretta Lynn) 2-step II, Koozer  
 Santa Claus Is Coming To Town (Mitch Miller & Gang) 2-step II, Taylor (cue-card)  
 Santa Claus is Coming to Town (Neil Diamond) Jive IV+1, Kline  
 Santa Claus Is Coming To Town (Peggy Lee) Foxtrot IV, Hopper  
 Santa Claus is Rockin'(Bradley Gillis) No choreo yet  
 Santa Claus is Watching you (Ray Stevens) Humoristic  
 Santa Claus Lane (Hilary Duff) Cha IV+1, Woodruff  
 Santa Clause I Still Believe In You (Alabama) no dance yet  
 Santa Is Back In Town (Dwight Yoakam) No dance yet, great music  
 Santa is Coming in a Boogie Woogie (Tractors) Use Scott's Baby likes to Rock  
 Santa Looked A Lot Like Daddy (Garth Brooks)    
 Santa Looked a Lot like Daddy (The Tractors) 2-step II - Taylor (cue-card)  
 Santa Looked A Lot Like Daddy (Travis Tritt) 2-step II, Sanders  
 Santa Lost a Ho (Christmas Jug Band) 2-step * Single Swing III, Rod  
 Santa Must Be Polish (Bobby Vinton) Workbench  
 Santa's Gonna Come In a Pickup Truck (Sterling Entertainment Group) No choreo  
 Santa's Got A Brand New Bag (SheDaisy) Jive IV+2,  
 Santa's Hooked On Country Music (Jimmy Flynn) Humoristic  
 Santa's On His Way (George Strait) 2-step II, Woolcock  
 Say Merry Christmas - Carrie Rinderer and the American Christian Life United choir.. 2-step-cha III, Woodruff  
 Senor Santa Claus (Jim Reeves) 2-step II, Field Xmas Cue cards
 Silent Night (Lady Antebellum)) 2-step II, Ahart Cue-card
 Silent Night (Pat Boone) Waltz III+2, Doi Waltz IV+2, Doi
 Silent Night (Waltz - Ray Conniff) Rumba III, Koozer RB to 3|4 time music
 Silent Night and What Child Medley (Linda & Roland) Waltz II+1, Buckmaster-Reigel  
 Silver and Gold (Burl Ives) Viennese  
 Silver Bells ((Pat Boone) Waltz IV, Doi  
 Silver Bells (Andy Williams) 2-step II, King  
 Silver Bells (Anne Murray) Waltz IV, Szabo or Doi Waltz II, Maruyama
 Silver Bells (Burl Ives) No dance yet  
 Silver Bells (Chipmunks) WZ II Patricial Hintz?  
 Silver Bells (Dean Martin) No dance yet  
 Silver Bells (Earl Grant) No choreo  
 Silver Bells (Elvis Presley) Waltz IV, Szabo Waltz II, Auria
 Silver Bells (Hi Hat 833) Waltz II, Auria  
 Silver Bells (Ray Conniff) Waltz II, Koozer  
 Silver Bells (The Judds) No dance (waltz)  
 Silver Bells (Trisha Yearwood) No dance yet  
 Sleigh Ride (Bert Kaempfert) Quickstep III+1, Koozer  
 Sleigh Ride (Billy Gilman with Charlotte Church) 2-step II, Buckmaster-Reigel  
 Snoopy's Christmas (Royal Guardsmen) 2-step II, Donoughe  
 Snow Flake (Belco) 2-step II, Gierok  
 Snow Flakes (Jim Reeves) TS II+1, Les Houser  
 Snowy Foxtrot (Special Pressing) Foxtrot VI, Goss  
 So Near To Christmas (Alvin Stardust) STS - no choreo  
 Soulful Christmas (Charles Brown) No dance yet - jive  
 Stop The Cavalry (Jona Lewie) 2-step II, Woodruff  
 Suzy Snowflake (Stormy Weather) 2-step II+1, Woodruff  
 Tango Atlantico (Dancelife Moondance) 2-step-tango III, Woodruff  
 Tennessee Christmas (Alabama) Bolero - no choreo  
 That Old Christmas Moon (Leon Redbone)-6.5pc Foxtrot-Jive IV, Bingham Cue-card only
 That's What I Want for Christmas (Shedaisy)+12pc Slow-2-Step IV, Byrd Cue-card only
 The 12 Pains of Christmas (Bob Rivers) Humoristic  
 The Angels Cried (Alan Jackson & Alison Krauss) Waltz II or IV, Lewis  
 The Bell That Couldn't Jingle - Cris & JC & Merche No choreo  
 The Bell That Couldn't Jingle (Bobby Vinton) 2-step II, Taylor (cue-card)  
 The Best Christmas Of Them All (Shakin' Stevens) (conflicted) Jive V+1+1, Naylor 2-step II, Kline
 The Best Christmas Of Them All (Shakin' Stevens) Jive V+1+1, Naylor  
 The Chanukah Song (Adam Sandler) Humoristic  
 The Chipmunk Song Chipmunk Xmas waltz? Hintz  
 The Christmas Song (Nat King Cole) No choreo  
 The Christmas Song (Tony Evans) Rumba III, Koozer  
 The First Noel (Elvis) Waltz IV, Schidler Cue-card only
 The first Noel (from MD) Waltz V+2, Doi  
 The First Noel (Nat King Cole) lengthened Alternate  
 The Great Snowman (Jeannie Denver) 2-step II, Stoffer 2-step II+1, Woodruff (cue-car
 The Man With The Bag (Vonda Sheppard) 2-step II+1, Simondson  
 The Marvelous Toy - John Denver 2-step II+1, Scarlatella-Shank  
 The Merry Christmas Polka (Jim Reeves) - 7 pc Polka II, Woodruff  
 The Merry Christmas Polka (Jim Reeves)-10pc 2-step II+1, Woodruff  
 The Nearest Thing To Heaven (Oak Ridge Boys) Slow-2-step V Hopper
 The Night Before Christmas - Gene Autry Waltz II, Buckmaster-Reigel  
 The Night Before Christmas (Amy Grant) Waltz II+1, Cavness  
 The Old Man's Back in Town (Garth Brooks) no dance yet  
 The Real Meaning Of Christmas (Ray Conniff)-10pc Waltz IV, Dierickx  
 The Red Car & Blue Car (Home for Christmas Day) No choreo  
 The Restroom Door Said Gentlemen (Bob Rivers) Humoristic  
 The Santa Claus Boogie (Tractors) No choreo  
 The Santa Claus Rock No choreo yet Sorry no info on artist (found
 The Santa Claus Song (Mike Lusk) No choreo Yet  
 The Santa Claus Song No choreo yet. Two Step. No info on artist. Found on Yo
 The Sons Of Knute Christmas Dance And Dinner Humoristic  
 The Spirit of Christmas (Lynn Anderson) Waltz II+2, Ring  
 The Teddy Bear Tango (John Jacobson & John Higgins) Argentine Tango V+, Naylor  
 There'll always be a Christmas (Ames Bros) Waltz II+1, Parsons  
 They Shined Up Rudolph's Nose (Johnny Horton) 2-step II+1+1, Ritchie  
 Thistle Hair The Christmas Bear (Alabama) edited 2-step III, Woodruff  
 Til Santa's Gone (Clint Black) 2-step II, Pilachowski  
 Time for Me to Come Home (Blake Shelton feat. Dorothy Shackleford) 2-step II+2, Ring  
 Traditions of Christmas (Mannheim Steamroller) WZ II+1 or IV+2+1, Dodge  
 Tropical Christmas (Bellamy Brothers) Rumba III, De Jong Rumba III+1, Gealy
 Two Step Around The Xmas Tree (Bogguss) 2-step/cha III+1, Woodruff  
 Two Step 'Round the Christmas Tree (Blake Shelton)-10pc Alternate  
 Two Step 'Round the Christmas Tree (Derek Ryan)-7pc A|lternate  
 Two-step Around the Xmas Tree (Boggus & Murply) 2-step II, Voigt  
 Ugly Christmas Sweater (G. Brooks & T. Yearwood) Foxtrot-Slow-2-step IV, Bahr  
 Up On The Housetop - George Strait 2-step II+2, Maguire  
 Up on the Housetop (Barney Christmas) Alternate  
 Up on the Housetop (Gene Autry) 2-step II+1, Wolff  
 Walkin In The Woods With my Parain (FULL VERSION) With spoken part  
 Walkin In The Woods With my Parain (Ron Black Guidry) Louisiana version of Winter Wo See Xmas cue-cards
 Walkin' Round in Women's Underwear+8pc TS II, Woodruff  
 Warm & Fuzzy (Billy Gilman) Fox-jive-2step IV+1 Woodruff
 We Need A Little Christmas (Percy Faith)+ 5pc TS II, Parsons  
 We Wish You A Merry Christmas (Enya) Waltz II, Kline  
 What A Merry Christmas This Could Be (George Strait) 2-step II+1, Hichman  
 What Are You Doing New Year’s (Karharine McPhee) Foxtrot IV, Byrd  
 What Child Is This (4-Runner) NO CHOREO YET! nice waltz
 What Child is This (Moody Blues) Nice rendition  
 When A Child Is Born (Instrumental) Rumba III+2 or V+1 or V+2, Doi  
 When A Child Is Born (Moody Blues) Alternate  
 When A Child Is Born (Johnny Mathis) To listen to  
 When A Child Is Born Rumba III+2, Doi  
 When It's Christmas Time In TX (George Strait) 2-step II+1, Restorff  
 Where Are You Christmas (Faith Hill) FT IV, Donoughe  
 Where's The Line To See Jesus (Becky Kelley) No choreo  
 White Christmas (Holger Papp & Jutta Cappallo) Rumba III, Maruyama  
 White Christmas (Bert Kempfert) Bolero IV+1, Woodruff  
 White Christmas (Bing Crosby) Slow-2-step IV+1, Doi  
 White Christmas (Dave Koz ft Kelly Sweet) Foxtrot IVb, Kline  
 White Christmas (George Strait) 2-step II, Seurer 2-step II, Shirley Fisher
 White Christmas (Lady Gaga) No choreo  
 White Christmas (Michael Buble & Shania Twain) 2-step II+2, Townsend-Manning  
 White Christmas (Pat Boone) Fox IV+2, Doi  
 White Christmas in my Hometown TS II, Woodruff Cue-card
 White Is in the Winter Night (Enya) 2-step II+1, Woodruff  
 White Wine In The Sun by Tim Minchin A clever funny song  
 Who Says There Ain't No Santa Claus (Brooks & Dunn) Waltz II, Lewis  
 Why Santa's Fat (Ritchie 2-step II+2, Speranzo  
 Winter Mixer (Grenn) Mixer I, Easterday  
 Winter Serenity (Claudio Novelli) Waltz II, also titled Christmas Present
 Winter Waltz (Richard Hayman) edited Waltz-Viennese Waltz IV, Dieri  
 Winter Wonderland (Linda & Roland) 2-step II, Buckmaster-Reigel  
 Winter Wonderland - Ames Bros Fox IV+2, Gloodt  
 Winter Wonderland (Amy Grant) Alternate  
 Winter Wonderland (Andrews Sisters) Fox IV, Emory, fox IV+2, Lefea 2-step II, Cohan, 2-step II,
 Winter Wonderland (Bing Crosby) Alternate  
 Winter Wonderland (Birgitta Schaub) Foxtrot-Jive III+2  
 Winter Wonderland (Bobby Helms) Alternate  
 Winter Wonderland (Brenda Lee) 2-step II, Collier; 2-step II  
 Winter Wonderland (Doris Day) WCS  
 Winter Wonderland (Elvis Presley) Jive IV+1, Byrd  
 Winter Wonderland (Faith Hill) - Short No dance yet, fast  
 Winter Wonderland (Instrumental Dreams) Foxtrot-2-step III+1, Tennant  
 Winter Wonderland (Jason Mraz) Rambo IV, Woodruff  
 Winter Wonderland (Rockapella) Jive-fox V+1, Bill Bingham  
 Winter Wonderland (Ross Mitchell) Rumba III, Koozer  
 Winter Wonderland (Travis Tritt) 2-step II, Seurer  
 Winter Wonderland-Don't Worry Be Happy (Pentatonix) Foxtrot III+2, Kline  
 Winter World of Love (Engelbert Humperdink) No choreo  
 Wonderland By Night (Humperdinck) 5-ct-samba IV, Winter  
 You Make It Feel Like Christmas - Neil Diamond Bolero IV, Kline  
 You're A Mean One Mr Grinch (Jordan Smith) Foxtrot V, Cavness  
 You're A Mean One, Mr. Grinch (Rockapella) Cha IV+2, Bill Bingham  
 You're All I Want For Christmas (Acoustic) - 3 Slower Rumba IV+2+1, Dierickx  
 Zat You Santa Claus - Louis Armstrong Jive IV, Pilachowski  
 Zat You Santa Claus (Garth Brooks) Jive-fox IV+2, Bahr  
 Zat You Santa Claus (Muppets) FT III+1, Scherrer  
 Zat You Santa Claus (The Muppets) Jive IV, Pilachowski