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The videos come from a great many sources. It is best to have a few players on hand to try which one will play each demo best.   Free players are Winamp, Real, DivX, QuickTime, VLC, Windows Media Player, Win DVD.  If a demo does not play properly with one, try another.  Adjust the size ratio and the brightness/contrast. These videos are not works of art but work tools and their quality varies greatly.  This page is only a listing, don't try downloading from here.

NAME of DANCE  (1653)       MB RHYTHM & PH CHOREO SHOWN BY SHOWN AT WHEN 16.6 JV VI Shibata Shibata Plant City Colossal 2018
9 to 5 10.6 WCS V Lamberty-Halbert Lamberty-Halbert    
16 Tons 5 FT V+ Blackford Blackford    
16 Tons Foxtrot 56.6 FT IV+1 Hicks Hicks-Velasquez San Diego RD Festival Nov 2022
20th Century Mambo 19.7 MB IV+2 Halbert Lamberty-Halbert Hesselberg Nov 2013
33 Anos 33.3 RB V+2 Ito Ito Japan Oct 2012
42nd Street Number 6 21.7 QS VI Rotscheid Rotscheid URDC 2003
42nd Street 12.3 QS IV Lamberty Lamberty/Halbert Hesselberg 2016
42nd Street 4 You 8.8 QS IV+0+2 Rotscheid Worlock Plant City Winter 16/17
A Brief Romance 4.38 WZ IV+1 Rumble Hurd Vallecito Sep 2001
A Celtic Melody 24 WZ V+1 Cunningham Cunningham    
A Daisy in December 45 WZ VI Hurd Hurd Mesa  
A Fool Never learns 6.4 QS Easterday Easterday Roundarama 1990
A Friend like Me 15.5 QS V+1+1 Herr Herr ICBDA 2014
A Frozen Flower 28.8 WZ IV Toyama/Muraoka Assume the same Japan May 2018
A Girl's Best Friend 12.5 QS IV+0+1 Ito Worlock Stardust 2022
A Guy Is A Guy 15.6 JV V+0+1 Preskitt Preskitt Round A Rama Aug 2016
A Hard Day's Night 17.5 FT IV+1 Ayres Ayres ICBDA 2021
A Horse with No Name 6 TS/RB IV+1 Woodruff Griffin Bossier City, LA Oct 2011
A La Playa 6.77 CH V+1 Worlock  Hurd  Mesa  Jan 2005
A Lady in Red 20 BL IV+1 Moore Worlock Plant City 2019
A Letter to You 26.5 JV V Worlock Rumble    
A Long and Lasting Love 21 STS V+2 Gloodt Gloodt ICBDA Jul 2016
A Lovely Evening 6.85 FT VI Childers  Hurd  Mesa  Feb 2005
A Man and a Woman 29.6 Mixed VI Hagiwara Hagiwara Shibata Round Up 2011
A mi Esposa con Amor 36.3 CH/TS IV+2+1


Brown-Cooley   2010
A Moment Lost 16.7 WZ VI Shibata Shibata Round-A-Rama 2009
A Night Like This 29.8 CH IV+2+2 Hichman Ito Japan Mar 2012
A Night Like This 15.4 CH/RB V+2 Worlock Worlock Plant City Fall 2019
A Quiet Night In 20 FT V+0+1 Gibson Gibson/Boaz SQ Nationsls 2021
A River Runs Through It 25 WZ VI Goss Worlock Stardust Jan 2014
A Simple Melody 7.8 FT-JV VI Moore Moore    
A Spoonful of Westcoast 15.5 WCS IV+2 Hicks Hicks/Robinson Missouri RD Festival 2022
A Summer Place 20.4 STS IV Worlock Worlock    
A Thousand Miles Away 14.2 STS V+2 Goss Goss Colossal Winter Jan 2019
A Thousand Years 28.9 RB IV+1 Armstrong Armstrong ICBDA Reno 2013
A Thousand Years 16.4 HC WZ V+0+2 Robinson Worlock Fall Colossal 2023
A Time for Love 17.4 WZ VI Shibata Shibata    
A Tisket a Tasket 7.5 SB V+1 Sheridan Sheridan Palm Springs Sep 2007
A Violin in the Night 9.7 TG IV Ito Ito Japan 2009
A Walk in the Black Forest 18.8 WZ IV+2 Lamberty Lamberty-Halbert Hesselberg Nov 2013
A Waltz in Heaven 32.5 WZ IV+2 Worlock  Hurd  Mesa  Jan 2004
A Walk in The Park 20 WZ V+2 Sechrist Worlock Plant City 2017
A Whiter Shade of Pale 29 BL V Ito Ito Japan Nov 2012
A Whole New World 6.93 STS VI Rumble Rumble Coliseum  
A Wink and a Smile 24 FT V Rumble Worlock    
Abrazame 23.4 BL V+1 Worlock Worlock Cham 2007  
Adagio 24 WZ VI Worlock  Worlock Plant City  2016
Addicted to You 13.8 MR V+2+1 Kincaid Worlock Plant City Winter 2016
Adeline 4.71 ST VI Shibata Worlock Tucson 2001
Adios Amor 40.6 RB VI DeChenne Worlock    
Adios Muchachos 17.6 TG VI Worlock Worlock Plant City Colossal Fall 2019
Afro Cubano 28.4 RB V+2 Noble Noble Winston-Salem URDC 06
After Midnight Tango (IV cues) 11.4 TG IV+1 Moore Worlock Plant City 2018
After Midnight Tango (V cues) 11.4     Worlock Plant City 2018
After the Ball is Over 22.7 VW V+1 Shibata Shibata    
After the Disco 20.5 MR V+1+1 Townsend-Manning Townsend-Manning ICBDA 2015
Agua de Mar 21.5 BL V+1 Goss-Figwer Goss-Figwer ICDBA 2015
Ain't it Funny 22.5 SB IV+1+2 Schmidt Schmidt Germany 2017
Ain't That A Kick 5.46 FT V+1 Cantrell  Hurd  Mesa  Jan 2004
Ain't What You Do 74.5 QS V+1+3 Schmidt Schmidt Japan 2016
Aladdin 18 RB III+2+1 Kincaid Kincaid Fontana 2019
Alhambra 18.7 WZ IV+1 Lamberty Richard/Alise Eringerfeld 2009
Alhambra 22.6 WZ V+1+1 Shibata Shibata Round-A-Rama Aug 2016
Alice Blue Gown IV 14.5 WZ IV+1 Preskitt Preskitt   2017
All About That Bass 40 FT VI Hurd Hurd ICBDA Convention 2018
All About That Bass 20 FT V+0+1 Davenport Worlock Accent on Rounds Spring 2023
All About That Cha 17.4 CH VI Worlock Worlock Plant City Colossal 2018
All Around the World 35.2 JV IV+1+3 Cantrell Hurd McCloud 2011
All By Myself Bachata 17.6 Unphased Bachata Hicks Hicks/Martin ICBDA 2021
All I Ask of You 20.4 STS VI Rumble Rumble Round-A-Rama 2009
All I do is Jive 14.3 JV IV+2+1 Hurd Worlock Stardust 2014
All Kinds of Everything 6.21 WZ VI Vogt  Hurd  Mesa  Jan 2003
All my Love 20.7 RB VI Moore Moore    
All That Jazz 5.13 FT V Sechrist  Hurd Grand Island  Feb 2001
All The Way Home 17.4 WZ IV+2+1 Hixson Worlock Plant City Winter 16/17
All Time High 84 STS V Prow Prow   2010
Alley Cat Blues 19.2 FT IV Davenport Davenport ICBDA 2022
Almost like being in love 4.5 QS IV+2 Preskitt Preskitt Joplin Jul 2007
Almost There 5.68 RB VI Childers Hurd Mesa 2005
Alright You Win 26.2 JV VI Childers Voelkl Rieneck Nov 2005
Am I Blue IV 9.94 FT IV+2 Slater Slater Winston-Salem URDC 06
Am I Blue VI 8.43 FT VI Lamberty  Hurd  Mesa  Nov 2004
Amante del Amor 28.7 BL V+2 Hata/Sakayuchi Hata/Sakayuchi RAR 2011
Amapola 12.7 RB VI Rumble  Hurd  Mesa  Nov 2003
Amargura 26  TG VI Rumble Hurd GFV Feb 2003
Amor 39.5 RB IV+1 Connelly Connelly NSDC 2018
Amor Bacciami 19.6 WZ V Palmquist Palmquist    
Amor Cha 5.15 CH VI Barton  Hurd  Mesa  Mar 2003
Amparita Loca 19.8 PD V Schmidt  Hurd Mesa 2008
Anacapa Farewell 17.1 WZ V Otto Otto Palm Spring 2010
Anastasia 9.3 RB VI Rumble  Worlock  Shreveport  Oct 2003
And I Love You So 5.2 RB V+2 Childers Hurd Mesa 2000
And That Reminds Me 8.0 FT V+2 Vogt  Hurd  Mesa  Dec 2004
Andante 8.8 WZ VI Howard Augenflick URDC 1987
Angel Smile 14.6 JV III+1+2 Kurczewski Kurczewski IDBDA Jul 2016
Angelina 28.7 CH V+2 Worlock Worlock Plant City 2009
Angelitos 25.5 BL V+1+3 Scherrer Scherrer URDC 2005
Annies Song 20 VW VI Eum-Hadley Eum-Hadley NSDC 2010
Annientamento Tango 24 TG VI Cunningham Worlock Accents on Rds 2005
Another Letter to You 18.5 JV V+1+2 Worlock Worlock Stardust 2023
Another Love Like Mine 25.2 BL VI Vogt Vogt Vegas  
Another You 27.9 FT VI Lamberty Lamberty/ Germany  
Antichi Ricordi 30 WZ VI Molitoris Molitoris/Cinda London, Ont. 2008
Anticipation 34 WZ VI Goss Goss Stardust Mar 2013
Anything Can Happen 50 WZ VI Goss Goss Spring Fest May 2019
Anytime Anywhere 13.5 WZ VI Moore Moore   2009
Aoba-jyo Castle 7.8 BL VI Shibata  Shibata Joplin  Jul 2002
Apassionata 23.3 WZ strong V Finch  Preskitt    
Appalachian Lullaby 42.6 WZ V Worlock Worlock RAR 2012
Aquisgrana 21.6 TG VI Ito Ito Japan 2015
Are You Gonna Dance 14.7 CH V+2 Shibata Shibata    
Are You Still Mine 6.93 ST VI Goss  Hurd  Mesa  Feb 2007
Argentango 101 TG V+2+2 Schmidt Schmidt Cologne, Germany Mar 2018
Around the Clock Swing 9.13 SS III+2 Glenn Glenn Charlotte Jun 2007
Around You 15.9 FT V Townsend-Manning Townsend-Manning Summer 2022
Arrivederci Roma 18.6 STS IV+1+1 Ito Ito, Marcel cueing Japan Dec 2016
As You like 9.25 BL III+2 Buck Buck Accents on Rds 2005
Ashokan Farewell 50 WZ VI Tim Eum Tim & Christina Eum NSDC 2017
At Last Hesitation Canter 17 HCWZ VI Goss Goss-Hurd Cactus Capers Mesa 2024
At Long Last Foxtrot 15.4 FT VI Preskitt Preskitt Plant City New Year 2018
At the End of Sorrow 24.7 STS IV+2 Ito Ito Japan 2010
At This Moment 20.4 WZ VI Goss-Figwer Goss-Figwer ICBDA 2016
Au Revoir 16.6 FT V+1 Fisher Fisher Portland  
Au Revoir Paris 26 WZ VI Preskitt Preskitt ICBDA 2014
August Moon 11 RB V+2 Moore Lovelace    
Austrian Waltz 19.8 WZ VI Rumble Caves/Sechrist   2008
Autumn 53 WZ V+1+3 DeChenne Worlock    
Autumn 15.1 WZ VI Preskitt Preskitt New Year Weekend 2022
Autumn Leaves 21.8 Mixed III+2 Moss Marcel & Chris Antwerp Nov 2008
Autumn Leaves Tango 13.4 TG VI Preskitt Preskitt Round-A-Rama Aug 2016
Autumn Nocturne 5.1 WZ VI Palmquist  Hurd Mesa  Dec 2001
Aventure 64.4 TG IV+2 Schmidt Schmidt Cologne Feb 2020
Azucar Medley 10.7 BA VI Garza Garza National 2008
B'L' Mambo 17.5 MB VI Shibata Shibata Round-A-Rama 2018
Baby its cold outside 5 FT-JV V+1 Parker Hurd MV Mar 2007
Baby its cold outside 21.4 FT-JV V+1 Parker Parker Charlotte Jun 2007
Baby Sitter Boogie 25.3 JV IV+2 Sheridan Hurd Mesa 2009
Back Where I Belong 15 FT IV+2 Read Worlock   Feb 2009
Bad Habits 17.8 CH V+2+1 Townsend-Manning Townsend-Manning ICBDA 2022
Bad Leroy Brown 12.5 JV V Schmidd Nelson A&L Fontana  
Bahia Blanca 19 Arg TG VI DeChenne DeChenne ICBDA 2011
Bailamos 8.86 SB IV+1 Cantrell Cantrell San Antonio  
Baking Day 19.1 WZ VI Hicks Johnson Plant City New Year 23-24
Bamboozled by You 24.3 VW IV+1 Hurd Hurd RAR 2013
Basie Mood 22.4 FT V+1 Schmidt Schmidt Cologne, GE Jan 2013
Be My Girl 14.7 MB VI Worlock Worlock Colossal Winter Jan 2019
Be-Bop Baby Swing 13.5 SS IV+1 Taylor Taylor ICDBA Jul 2016
Beach of Solenzara 25.4 RB IV+2 Prow Prow Cham 2015
Beach Party Cha 28.8 CH III Williams Filardo WASCA 2007
Beale Street Blues 20.6 JV V+0+1 Lillefield Lillefield Denver 38139
Beat It 27.2 WCS IV+1+3 Lamberty Richard & Alise Germany  
Beat of your Heart 15.8 STS V+1 Preskitt Preskitt ICBDA Jun 08
Beautiful Maria 44.7 RB VI Moore Blackford WASCA 2007
Beautiful Things 22.5 FT VI Lamberty Lamberty-Halbert ICDBA Reno 2013
Beauty and the Beast 22 BL IV+2 Kincaid Kincaid ICBDA 2012
Because Im Accustomed to U 13 BL VI Goss Goss Palm Springs Feb 2008
Because You Loved Me 50.8 STS V Robinson Robinson RAR 2012
Begin to Color Me 6.0 WZ VI Read  Hurd  Mesa Mar 2007
Bei Mir Bist Du Schoen 14.9 ATG/CH VI Hicks Worlock Plant City 2021
Beneath a Thousand Stars 16.2 WZ IV+2 Townsend-Manning Townsend-Manning Spring Bash 2024
Besame Cha 5.38 CH VI Read Read Fab-Four  
Besame Mucho 26.5 RB V+2 Rumble Rumble Munich. GE Oct 2007
Best Day of My Life 18 WCS VI Worlock Worlock Roundarama 2014
Better Place 16.3 RB V+2 Johnson Johnson Orlando FL ICBDA 2019
Better Listen to Me Now 30.5 JV V+1+2 Schmidt Schmidt Frankfurt 2005
Better Merengue 16.7 MR V+1+1 Townsend-Manning Townsend-Manning ICDBA 2017
Better When I'm Dancing 44 MR V+2 Kincaid Kincaid NSDC 2017
Bewitched 9.3 QS IV+1+1 Lamberty Richard/Alise Eringerfeld 2009
Beyond 6.5 RB V+2 Shibata  Hurd  Mesa  Feb 2007
Bibidi Babidi Boo 22.2 FT III+2 Ito Ito Japan 2015
Big Blond and Beautiful 10 WCS V+2 Goss Goss Palm Springs Feb 2008
Big Daddy 18.6 QS IV+1 Worlock Worlock Round A Rama 2017
Big Spender Foxtrot 13.6 QS VI Vogt Vogt Vegas  
Bikini Cha 15.4 CH V+2 Worlock Worlock Plant City 2020
Billy-A-Dick 9.4 QS V Worlock Worlock Roundarama 2008
Bisou Zou Bisou 25.9 CH VI Froelich Froelich-Patrick ICBDA Reno 2013
Bittersweet Faith 20.8 RB VI Goss/Figwer Worlock Plant City Winter 16/17
Bla Bla Cha Cha 13.7 CH VI Garza Garza ICBDA 2022
Black and White Rag 28.7 QS IV+1 Bingham Bingham/Dalana   2011
Black Cadillac 82 WCS/JV IV+1+1 Schmidt Schmidt Japan 2019
Black Horse 57 WCS VI Worlock Worlock Plant City 2010
Black Satin 29.1 JV IV+2+1 Gloodt Gloodt ICDBA Reno 2013
Black Tie Tango 11.3 TG IV+1 Moore Moore ICBDA 2011
Black Velvet West 8.8 WC VI Childers  Hurd  Mesa  Jan 2005
Blessed 21.2 RB IV+2 Hilton Nelson Eureka Springs Aug 2014
Blow the Wind 17.5 WZ IV+1+1 Pelton Pelton ICBDA 2014
Blown Away 12.3 FT VI Worlock Worlock Pre-ICBDA 2014
Blue Ribbon 18.2 WCS IV Lewis/Olson Lewis/Olson ICBDA 2021
Blue Gardenias 14.7 WZ V+0+1 Moore Worlock   2016/17
Blue Moon 5.1 FT VI Rumble  Hurd Mesa  Jan 2002
Blue Moon 23 16.3 FT-JV IV+2 Byrd Johnson Accent on Roounds Spring 2023
Blue Tango 27.8 TG IV+2+1 Schmidt Schmidt Germany Feb 2016
Blue World 23.1 FT VI Taylor Taylor ICDBA 2015
Bluer Skies 15,5 TG V+2 Worlock Worlock Summer 2018
Bob Roberts Society Band 22.4 WCS V+1+2 Hurd Hurd ICDBA 2015
Bogged Down in Love 5.9 WC VI Shibata  Hurd  Mesa  Dec 2002
Bonsoir Dame 20.4 CH IV+2 Hilton Hilton Charlotte Jun 2007
Bonnie Portmore 22.2 WZ IV+2 Lamberty Richard/Alise Eringerfeld Dec 2007
Boo Hoo 13.4 QS V+1+1 Stone Stone ICBDA 2012
Boogie with Me  4.5 JV V+2 Worlock  Hurd Mesa 2000
Boogie Blues 21.4 JV VI Easterday Rumble Purdue 2010
Boogie Blues IV 20.8 JV IV Garza Worlock Plant City 2017
Boogie Bumper 23 QS V+0+1 Schmidt Schmidt National 2014
Boom 28.2 FT IV+2 Schmidt Worlock Plant City 2010
Boom Boom 36.8 CH/MR V+1+? Rumble Worlock Cham  
Boom Boom Merengue 30 MR IV+2 Kincaid Kincaid Fontana May 2013
Border of the Quarter 15.8 WCS V+1 Hilton Hilton    
Born Free 15.1 WZ VI Eum/Ray Eum/Ray Orlando FL ICBDA 2019
Boulavogue 22 WZ VI Lamberty Richard-Alise Eringerfeld 2008
Boulevard of Broken Dreams 21.7 TG VI Goss Worlock Stardust Jan 2013
Bounce me Brother 6.10 QS V Lillefield Lillefield Joplin Jul 2007
Box of Secrets 13.5 Quickstep IV+1+2 Gomez Gomez ICDBA 2017
Boyfriend 27.4 MB IV+2 Hilton Hilton ICDBA Reno 2013
Breathless 14.2 FT VI Moore Worlock Stardust 2007
Brilliant Conversationalist 8.5 WC V+2 Shibata  Hurd  Mesa  Jan 2005
Bring it Back 18.7 RB V+2 Goss Preskitt Cactus March 2022
Bring it Home to Me 6.6 STS V Davis Davis Roundarama 2011
Broadway Baby 5.4 FT VI Goss  Goss NC  
Brown Eyes 22 BL IV+0+1 Dufrene Dufrene Charlotte Jun 2007
Burlesque 20.2 TG V Garza Worlock Stardust Feb 2012
Bus Stop 14.7 WZ VI Finch Preskitt Cactus March 2022
Butter 16.4 CH V+1 Goss Goss Round-A-Rama Aug 2022
Butterfly 21 WZ VI Lamberty Richard-Alise Plant City 1999
Butterfly Waltz 54.6 WZ VI Goss Goss Colossal March 2016
Buy me a Rose 21.7 RB IV+2 Read Read Roundarama 2014
Bye Bye Blues 4.2 FT Unph Palmquist  Hurd    Mar 2002
Bye Bye Mambo 27.3  MB VI Rumble Rumble Cham  
Cake By The Ocean 18.6 WCS VI Rumble Worlock Plant City New Year 2018
California Dreamin 21 RB VI Goss Goss Plant City Mar 2009
Call Me 14.5 FT VI Prow Prow ICDBA 2015
Call me Irresponsible 20 FT VI Rumble Rumble Coliseum Mar 2008
Call me Senorita 18.9 RB V+0+1 Lewis/Olson Lewis/Olson   Early
Cambio Dolor 23 SB IV+1+2 Karel w/ Suzanna Czechia 2008
Caminemos 16.2 RB IV Ito Ito Japan 2010
Caminito 15 TG V+1 Worlock Worlock Coliseum Mar 2008
Caminito 23.6 TG V+1 Worlock Lamberty Eringerfeld 2008
Camino Y Ven 44 PD VI Ito Ito    
Cancun 24.5 RB V+1 Cantrell Cantrell   2011
Candlelight 12.7 WZ V Goss Goss RAR 2015
Candy 24.t WCS Ito Ito Japan 2010
Can't Help Falling in Love 6.1 ST V Rumble  Hurd  Mesa  Nov 2002
Can't Smile 12.5 FT Cunningham Cunningham Roundarama  
Can't Stop The Feeling 18.9 WCS VI Worlock Worlock Colossal Week 2017
Can't Take My Eyes Off You 19.5 CH V+1+1 Preskitt Preskitt USA 2020
Car Wash Blues 4.38 JV III+2 Hurd  Hurd Wichita Falls  Oct 2001
Caress 15.2 BL VI Shibatas Worlock Cherry Ridge 2010
Caribbean Sunset 21.8 RB V Preskitt Preskitt Summer 2018
Carmen 13 PD VI Imamura Worlock    
Carnival 35 RB IV+1 Rumble Hurd    
Caro Mio 18 WZ IV+2 Sheridan Sheridan San Antonio ICBDA 2010
Caro Tango 47 TG VI Linden/Kaznay Linden/Kaznay NSDC 2017
Castles and Kings 25.5 WZ V+1 Slater Hurd Mesa  
Cat Daddy 23 JV VI Blackford Blackford McCloud  
Ces Bottes sont faites pour marcher 22.3 JV IV Halbert Lamberty/Halbert Germany 2019
Cha Cha King 39.3 CH III+2+1 Pelton Pelton ICBDA Convention 2018
Chalita 18 TG VI Goss Goss Summer 2018
Celebration 26,9 Cha  Filardo Blackford McCloud  
Cell Block Tango 18 TG VI Worlock Worlock Plant City Mar 2009
Cha Bootcamp 46.4 CH V+1 Worlock Worlock Plant City Feb 2016
Chalita 18.3 Arg TG VI Goss Goss McCloud Jun 08
Chances 43.2 STS III+1 Lawrence Lawrence Round-A-Rama 2009
Chanel 11.1 WZ VI Preskitt Preskitt Summer 2018
Change Partners 24 FT VI Lamberty Lamberty Eringerfeld  
Charmer 17.8 WZ II+2 Ito Ito Japan 2010
Chasing Cars 20.8 RB VI Goss Goss Colossal Winter Jan 2019
Cherry Heart 27.8 FT V+1+2 Shibata Worlock Accent on Rounds Spring 2017
Chewin' Gum 17.4 QS IV Moore Hurd    
Chicago 10.7