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File Name        Updated Dec 2017 Rhythm, Phase, Choreo Rhythm, Phase, Choreo
 I Adore You (STAR) Rumba VI, Easterday; IV+2, Paull (Till) Bolero III+2, Nelson; STS IV+2, Baldwin
 I Ain't Gonna Give Nobody None (Darin & Mercer) QS/TS III+2, Brown  
 I Ain't Never (BR549) Jive IV+2, Jrueger  
 I Ain't never (The 4 Preps) Jive IV+2, Hilton  
 I Always Get Lucky with You (George Jones) Waltz IV+1, Ervin Dance = Lucky with You
 I Am Just A Girl (Abba) Foxtrot V+1, Worlock Foxtrot III+1, Dierickx
 I Am Not Giving You Up (Gloria Estefan) Rumba V+1, Rumble  
 I Am What I Am - Gaby Goldberg Quickstep V, Ross  
 I Am..I Said (Neil Diamond) STS IV+1  
 I Believe - Keith Miller Waltz IV+0+1, Nolen  
 I Believe (The Bachelors) No choreo  
 I Believe I Can Fly (Ross Mitchell) Rumba VI, Kennedy  
 I Believe In Love (Alma Cogan) Jive VI, Shibata  
 I Believe In You (Don Williams) 5-Count II, East  
 I Believe In You (Il Divo & Celine Dion) Waltz V+2, Read  
 I Belong to You (Caro Emerald) Rumba-foxtrot V+2, Dodge  
 I bet they won't play this song (Marty Python) Humoristic  
 I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor by Patrick & Eugene 2-step III, Woodruff  
 I Can Almost Hear Her Wings (Randy Travis) Jim Hattrick's dance See cue-cards
 I Can Change The World (Eric Clapton) Rumba IV+2, Weiss Cha V, Scott
 I Can Cook Too (Ross Mitchell) Quickstep V+2, Filardo Jive V+1, Hichman
 I Can Hear Kentucky Calling Me (Osborne Brothers) 2-step II+1, Rod Windhorst  
 I Can Help (Billy Swan) 2-step II+1, Francis Jive III+2, Buck, IV, Callen
 I Can Love You Like That (Ballroom Orch) Rumba V+1+1, Parker  
 I can love you like that - John Michael Montgomery Bolero V+2, Johnson  
 I can love you like that (All 4 One) shortened Bolero-cha, Woodruff  
 I Can See Clearly Now (Jimmy Cliff)) Cha III, Rumble  
 I Can See Clearly Now (Johnny Cash) Alternate  
 I can See Clearly Now (Tony Evans) Cha IV+2, Francis  
 I can' t help Myself - Jessica Mauboy - 5% slower Cha IV+1+1, Dierickx  
 I Can Tell (Special Pressing) Jive V+1+2, Hichman  
 I Can't Believe That You're in Love With Me - The New Stanton Band Foxtrot V+2, Slater  
 I can't Dance (Boppin' B) Foxtrot IV+2, Davis  
 I can't Dance (Genesis) Rhythm of the Night  
 I Can't Get Used To Being Lonely - George Jones 2-step II, Hichman  
 I can't give You Anything but Love (Chris Barber) Fox-jive IV soft, Pierce Not original music but works
 I Can't Give You Anything But Love (Stanton Band) Fox IV+1+1, Slater  
 I can't give you anything but my love (Roper) 2-step II, Carolyn Myers Dance = Anything but My Love
 I Can't Go For That (Hall and Oates) IV+1 Cha Goss  
 I Cant Help Remembering You (Dean Martin) Fox VI, Esqueda  
 I Can't Smile Without You - Barry Manilow Cha III+2, Scott
 I Can't Stop Loving You (Jim Reeves) Fox-jive IV, Remley  
 I can't Take my Eyes Off You (Special Pressing) Cha IV+2, Kammerer  
 I Can't Tell (Speed - 5 Percent) Jive V+1+2, Hichman  
 I Can't Tell A Waltz From A Tango (Alma Cogan) Tango III, De Jong  
 I Can't Wait (Nu Shooz) Cha IV+2+2, Lewis-Olson  
 I could have danced all night (Jamie Cullum) Cha III+1, Gomez  
 I Could Have Danced All Night (Shall we Dance) Cha III+1+1, Gomez  
 I Could Never Love You Enough (Brian McComas) 2-step II+2, Schoenig A million stars above
 I Could Not Ask For More - Sara Evans - faded & slowed Slow-2-step VI+3, Ross  
 I Could Write a Book (Harry Connick) Foxtrot - Jive IV, Parker  
 I Could Write a Book (Vic Damone) FT VI, Rumble, also Childers  
 I Couldn't Love Her Anymore (Mitchell John ) 2-step II, DeFore  
 I Cross My Heart (George Strait) Slow-2-step IV, Woodruff  
 I Did It My Way (Tony Evans) Waltz V. Hoffman  
 I did what I did for Maria (Tony Christie)- Shortened - slowed -7pc Cha IV+2+several, Dierickx  
 I Didn't Mean to Turn You On (Cherrelle) - Faded Tango V+0+1, Ross  
 I Do (Jewel) Cha III+1, Townsend-Manning  
 I Do (Mark Wills) STS III+2 - Mouser  
 I Do, I Do, I Do (Tony Evans) Fox IV, Blackford  
 I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do (ABBA) Fox IV, Speranzo  
 I don't Care (Ricky Van Shelton) 2-step II, Fisher  
 I Don't Even Know (Vio Friedmann) Cha V, Ross  
 I Don't Have Any Love Around (Merle Haggard) Waltz - no choreo  
 I don't Know (Lamberty) WCS V+2, Lamberty  
 I Don't Know A Thing About Love (Conway Twitty) 2-step III, Philson 2-step II+2, Francis
 I Don't Know Enough About You (Chantal Chamberland) Foxtrot V, Ross  
 I don't Know What She Said (Blaine Larsen) Rumba III+1, Crapo  
 I Don't Know What She Said(Blaine Larsen)320 Rumba III+2, Crapo  
 I Don't Know Why You Dont Want Me (Rosanne Cash) 2-step III, Hooper  
 I Don't Love You (Conway Twitty) Cha III+1, Baldwin  
 I Don't Need The Booze (Alan Jackson) 2-step II, Barton Get a Buzz On
 I don't need your Rocking Chair (George Jones) TS II, Speranzo  
 I Don't Want To Spoil The Party (Rosanne Cash) 2-step-cha III, Molitoris  
 I don't want to walk without you (Tony Evans) Fox III+2, Easterday  
 I don't want you to know - Sweethearts of the Rodeo Slow--2-step - no choreo  
 I Dream of Jeannie (Special Pressing) Foxtrot IV, Wilkinson Dance = Jeannie Four My Dreams
 I Dreamed a Dream (GLEE) Slow-2-step IV+1+several, Herr  
 I dreamed a dream (Susan Boyle)- 5pc Fox IV+2, Rogers  
 I Dreamed of an Old Love Affair (Hank Thompson) TS II+1, Crapo  
 I Dreamt I Dwelt In Marbled Halls (Celtic Woman) Waltz IV  
 I Drink Alone (George Thorogood) edited Cha III, Instone  
 I Fall To Pieces (Patsy Cline) Slow-2-step, Hichman; IV+1, Paull; IV+2, Maisch; Fox V, Francis
 I Feel Good (And I'm Worth It) - Peter Joback Waltz music - no choreo Trimmed of applause begining and end
 I Feel Lucky (Mary Chapin Carpenter) - 3 pc 2-step-WCS III+2, Kincaid;Jive, Barton Jive IV+2, Wilhoit, Cha IV+1, Wacker
 I feel Lucky (Mary Chapin Carpenter)normal speed Jive IV+2, Gloodt  
 I feel Pretty (Special Pressing) Viennese waltz IV+2, Martin  
 I fell in love again last night (Anne Murray) Cha III+1, Seurer  
 I Fell In Love Again Last Night (Forrester Sisters) Slow-2-Step IV+2+3, Taylor  
 I Fell In The Water (John Anderson) 2-step II+1, Chico  
 I Finally Found Someone (Bryan Adams & Barbara Streisand) Bolero IV+, Fisher  
 I Found a Million Dollar Baby (Mills Brothers) Fox/jive IV  
 I Found Heaven (Tony Evans) Cha VI, Ross  
 I Get A Kick Out Of You (Frank Sinatra) Quickstep VI, Lamberty  
 I get Ideas (Special Pressing) Arg Tango VI, Rother  
 I give my Heart (Roper) Waltz VI, Pierce  
 I Got a Feeling (Billy Currington) 2-step/jive IV+1  
 I Got a Girl (Bega) Mambo IV, Preskitt  
 I got a Love (Matthews, Wright & King)+5pc 2-arwp II+1, Baldwin  
 I Got Mexico (Eddy Raven) Rumba III+2, Sperry  
 I Got Rhythm (STAR) 2-step II+1, Paul Connelly Dance = Got Rhythm
 I Got You Babe (Sonny and Cher) 2-step-5CT Seurer  
 I Gotta Get To You (George Strait) 2-step II+1, Driscoll  
 I Gotta Know (Elvis Presley) 2-step II, Gilder-Trankel Jive IV+2, Parker
 I had the Love in my Eyes (Chris De Burgh) Waltz IV, Halbert Dance = Love in My Eyes
 I Have A Dream (Dancebeat 16) Waltz V+0+1, Rotscheid  
 I Have a Dream (Dancebeat Edited) Waltz V+0+1, Rotscheid  
 I Have a Dream (Paola Fabris) Slow-2-Step IV+2+1  
 I Have Always Loved You (Enrique Iglesias) - Faded Rumba IV, Ross  
 I Have Dreamed (Andy Williams) Foxtrot V+0+1, Gloodt  
 I Have So Much Love For You (Celine Dion) Waltz II, Hayami  
 I Hear A Rhapsody (Gabriel Rice) Foxtrot IV, Brewer  
 I Hear a Symphony (Diana Ross) Jive V+0+1, Ross  
 I hear you Knockin' (Fats Domino) WCS IV+2, Storm  
 I Hear You Knocking (Wynonna Judd) WCS IV+2, Kurcewski  
 I Heard a Bluebird (Isla Grant) Sing CH III, Weiss  
 I Heard It Through The Grapevine (Marvin Gaye)-8pc West Coasty Swing V+2+3, Lewis-Olson  
 I Hope This Day Is Good. ( Lee-Ann Womack) 2-step II+1, Defore or Paull  
 I Hope You Dance (Lee Ann Womack) Bolero III+2, Kincaid Cha III+1, Baldwin
 I Just Called To Say I Love You (Stevie Wonder) RB III+1, Seurer  
 I Just Can't Stop Loving You (Michael Jackson) CUT Rumba VI, Lamberty  
 I Just Can't Wait to be King (Disney) Quickstep-Samba V+1, Read
 I Just Don't Look Good Naked Anymore What? No choreo to this yet?  
 I Just Fall in Love Again (Anne Murray) Slow-2-step IV+1, Philson  
 I just Need Your Lovin (Steve Lawrence) Fox-Jive IV, Lawson FT IV+1, Baldwin
 I just wanna dance with you - R Mitchell Cha IV, Grahms Cha IV, Manley
 I just want to dance with you (Daniel O'Donnell) - 5 pc Alternate. Insert Hip Rk 2 after Shadow Breaks
 I just want to dance with you (Daniel O'Donnell) Mambo IV, Lowder  
 I just Want to Dance with You (ELK) Rumba IV+2, Francis  
 I just want to dance with you (John Prine & Tamra Rosa) Alternate rumba music  
 I Just Wanta Dance With You (George Strait) Rumba-Jive III, Raye; Rumba V+2, Buck Cha III, McDonald-McClain
 I keep on lovin' you (McEntire) STS IV+1, Parker  
 I Kiss Your Hand (New Style of Party Time) Tango III+2+1, Ito  
 I Knew I Loved You (Vio Friedmann) Rumba V+1, Chadd  
 I Know Him So Well (Charlotte Jaconelli & Kerry Ellis) Bolero IV, Kline  
 I Know Why (Manhattan Transfer) Foxtrot IV+1, Murphy  
 I Know You Want Me (Pitbull) Cha IV+1, Silvia  
 I Left Something Turned On At Home-Trace Adkins 2-step II+2, McCord  
 I let Love do my Talking (Martin Delray) Jive V+2, Woodruff  
 I like it (That's The Way) (KC & Sunshine Band) Cha IV+1, Raye  
 I Like It, I Love It (Tim Mcgraw) Jive III+1, Norris  
 I Like It Cha IV+2, Ashenden  
 I Like To Lead (Sinatra) Foxtrot IV+2, Molitoris  
 I Like To Lead When I Dance - Ballroom Emotions Fox V, Ross or Vogt Fox IV+2, Molitoris or McKenrick
 I like You (Casa Musica) Cha V+1, Finch  
 I Like You - DJ Hoot Cha-Merengue IV+2, Herr  
 I Looked At Heaven (1ommy Edwards) FT V, Hoffman  
 I Love A Rainy Night Eddie Rabbitt) 2-step/jive III+1, Scott 2-step II, Palenchar; D'Aloiso
 I Love Beach Music (The Embers) WCS IV+1, Raybuck  
 I Love Paris - New 101 Strings Orchestra Fox V, Ross  
 I Love The Nightlife (Alicia Bridges) Jive IV, D'Aloiso  
 I Love the Way you Love Me (John Michael Montgomery) Rumba IV+2 (Waldal-Bushue) Dance = The Way You Love Me
 I Love To Dance With You (Patti Page) Rumba III+0+1, Koozer  
 I Love To Dance With You (Sara Wilson) Rumba/cha III, Nelson  
 I Love to See You Smile (Randy Newman) WCS V+1, Woodruff  
 I Love to Watch a Woman Dance (The Eagles) Waltz III, Ahart  
 I Love You (Billy Eckstine) Foxtrot VI, Lamberty  
 I Love You (Celine Dion) Canter Waltz, Prow  
 I Love You (Des Dyer) Bolero VI, Hagiwara  
 I Love You (T. Yamashita) Bolero V, Hagiwara  
 I Love You Always Forever (Donna Lewis) - cut Samba V, Lamberty  
 I love You Arizona (slowed) Waltz V+2, Bond  
 I Love You Baby (Ballroom Orch & Singers) Quickstep IV, Ross  
 I Love You Because (Al Martino) + 4 pc Bolero IV+2, Woodruff  
 I Love You Because (Don Gibson) + 15 pc Jive III+2, Sperry  
 I Love You Because (Jim Reeves) Fox IV, Hilton  
 I love you 'cause I want to (Ross Mitchell)-23pc Jive V, Cunningham  
 I Love You Honey (Patsy Cline 1956) 2-step II+ Dance = I love you Automobile
 I Love You Honey (Patsy Cline) 2-step II+1, Molitoris  
 I Love You More And More (Al Martino) Foxtrot V+2, Lawson  
 I Love You Most (Japan) Rumba IV+2, Doi  
 I Love you So Much (Belco) Foxtrot III, Lawson  
 I love you Truly (Lawrence Welk) WZ V+2, Scott  
 I Love You, That's All (Tracy Byrd) Waltz III, Ritchie  
 I loved her first (Heartland) Song for Wedding
 I' m so Lucky to Sing (Helmut Lotti) Foxtrot IV+2, Dierickx  
 I May Be Wrong (Music Unlimited) Quickstep V, Lamberty  
 I may Hate Myself in the Morning (Lee Ann Womack) Baldwin: RB III+1 or STS IV+1  
 I Meant Every Word He Said (Ricky Van Shelton) Waltz III+, Wilhoit, Ford, Stephan  
 I Might (Shakin' Stevens) 2-step II+1, Murphy  
 I Miss Back When (Tim McGraw) 2-step II+2, Speranzo  
 I miss my Swiss (Belco) Mixer I, Peterman  
 I Miss You a Little (Montgomery)+ 11 pc STS, Baldwin  
 I missed me (Jim Reeves) Waltz II, Hichman  
 I Need A Breather (Hawaiian flavor) Rumba IV+2, Yoerin  
 I Need To Be In Love (The Carpenters) Multi, III, Lawson  
 I need to know (Dancelife Best of Latin) Alternate  
 I Need To Know (Mark Anthony) Rumba IV+2, Malthouse Cha V+1, Geilke; Cha VI, Schmidt
 I Need To Know (Mark Anthony-Album version) Cha IV+0+1, Gomez  
 I need you to turn to (Elton John) Waltz II+2, Gomez  
 I Need You Tonight (INXS) Cha & Foxtrot IV+2, Simpson  
 I Need Your Love Tonight (Christer Sjogren King Creole) Alternate, high quality  
 I need Your Love Tonight (Elvis) - 5 pc Single swing IV, Taylor  
 I never Will Marry (Linda Ronstadt) WZ III, Scherrer  
 I Only Have Eyes For You (Carly Simon) Alternate  
 I Only Have Eyes For You Michaelson  
 I Only Wanna Be With You (Get The Look Project) 2-step II, Yoshikawa  
 I Only Wanna Be With You (Samantha Fox) Cha V+0+2, Dierickx  
 I Only Want To Be With You - Tony Evans -13pc Cha V, Ross  
 I Only Want to Be with You (Dusty Springfield) 2-step II, Elder  
 I Only Want to Be With You (Shelby Lynne) edited Rumba V+1, Lamberty  
 I Picked a San Antonio Rose (Gene Watson) No choreo  
 I Really Don't Want To Know (Columbia Ballroom Orch) Waltz IV+1, Sperry  
 I really don't Want to Know (Eddie Arnold) WZ II+2, Haynack  
 I Really Don't Want to Know (ELK Instrumental) Waltz II+1, Haynack Waltz III, Procter; III+2, Tennant
 I really don't want to know (Tom Perry - ELK) Waltz III, Procter; III+2, Tennant Waltz II+1, Haynack
 I recall a gypsy woman (Don Williams) 2-step II, Woolcock  
 I remember You (Frank Ifield) Foxtrot IV+2, Rogers  
 I Remember You (Glenn Campbell ) Fox III, Ross  
 I Remember You (KRALL) Rumba V+1, Collipi Rumba V, Blackford
 I Save the Day (Dancelife) Samba IV, Ross  
 I Saw Her Standing There (Ballroom Orch & Singers) Single Swing IV, Ross  
 I Saw Linda Yesterday (Dickey Lee ) 2-step, Brown Quickstep III+1, Paull
 I See Fire (Alec Medina) Rumba VI, Schidler-Trinkaus  
 I see it now (Tracy Lawrence) Waltz II+1, Buckmaster -Reigel  
 I See Love (Keb' Mo') Jive IV+2, Bradt  
 I See The Light (Mandy Moore & Zachary Levi, Tangled) Foxtrot V, Francis; Bolero VI, Preskitt Slow-2-Step IV, Evans
 I See You (Ballroom Orchestra & Singer) Cha III, Ross  
 I Should Care (New Staton Band) Fox IV+1, Scott  
 I Should Have Been True (The Mavericks) Bolero V, Bond ChaIV+1, Scott 1995
 I Soliti Ignoti - Prandi Prandi Sound Swing Orchestra Harmony In Dance Vol. 2 Plaisir d'Amour
 I Still Believe (Martyn Baylay) Waltz III, Armstrong  
 I still Believe in Waltzes (Conway Twitty, Loretta Lynn) Waltz II+1, Curewitz  
 I Still Call Australia Home (Wonson) Waltz II+2, Wonson  
 I Swear (All-4-One) - cut Bolero IV, Ross  
 I swear (John Michael Montgomery) Rumba V, Bond Cha IV, Speranzo
 I Take It Back (Latin Mix 9) Cha V, Ito  
 I Talk To The Trees (Billy Ternent) Rumba IV+2, Bradt  
 I Talk To The Trees (Intro Collection Ballroom) Cha V+0+3, Dierickx  
 I Te Vurria Vasa - Prandi Sound Waltz IV+1+1, Dierickx  
 I' te Vurria Vasa (Ballroom Nights 6) Waltz V+1, Dierickx  
 I Think I'd Be Perfect For You (Marvin Brant) Waltz II, Chadd  
 I Think I'm Dancing With A Man (Rodney Carrington) Humoristic song  
 I Think I'm Gonna Like it Here (Elvis Presley) 2-step II+1+1, Jestin  
 I Thought About You (Dancehouse) Fox III, Ross  
 I Told You So (Carrie Underwood)+12pc short Alternate, 3:02 instead of 3:50 Intro-AB-Bridge-B-End
 I Told You So (Carrie Underwood)+12pc Bolero IV+2, Ayres  
 I Took My Wife Hunting (Bill Engvall) Humour  
 I Try To Think About Elvis (Patti Loveless) Country 2-step III+1, Morgan  
 I Walk the Line (Burl Ives) 2-step II, Koozer  
 I Wanna be Around (Belco) 2-step II+1, Ervin  
 I wanna Be Like You (London Starlight) QS VI, Worlock  
 I wanna be loved by you - Marilyn Monroe Foxtrot V, Dierickx  
 I wanna be loved by you (Casa Musica) 2-step II+0+1, Hagiwara  
 I wanna Be Loved by You (Sinead O'Connor) Foxtrot IV+1, Lamberty  
 I wanna dance with somebody (Epperson) Cha IV, Parker  
 I Wanna Dance with You (Eddie Rabbit) Jive III+2, Christiansen = I wanna jive with you
 I Wanna Dance with You (Eddie Rabbit)40 rpm Jive III+2, Christiansen  
 I Wanna Go Home (Lonnie Donegan) STS IV, Woodruff  
 I Wanna Love My Life Away (Gene Pitney) 2-step III, Bates  
 I Want A Love I Can See (The Temptations) Cha V, Weiss  
 I want a love that will last (Olstead) Bolero IV, Parker  
 I Want Someone who will Love me (Charlie Landsborough) Rumba V+0+1, Dierickx  
 I want to Be Loved by You (Sinead O'Connor) Foxtrot V+1, Scherrer  
 I Want To Be Loved By You -Gold Star Ballroom Foxtrot IV+2, Francis  
 I Want To Give - Sydney Thompson Paso Doble V+, Ross  
 I Want To Hear A Cheatin' Song - Anita Cochran Rumba IV, Speranzo  
 I Want You Back (Casa Musica) Cha V, Hurd  
 I Want You Back (Rey Rosano) Cha V+1+3, Hurd Cha III+2+1, Oren
 I Was Born To Be Retired (California Amateur) 2-step II+2, Weiss  
 I Was Meant To be With You (Diamond Rio) 2-step III, Baldwin  
 I Was The One (Elvis) 5-count II, Noble  
 I Washed My Hands In Muddy Waters (Johnny Rivers) 2-step  
 I Went to Your Wedding (Dancelife) Waltz V, Scott  
 I will (Billy Gilman) Rumba IV, Speranzo Boldro IV, Speranzo
 I Will Always Love You (Whitney Houston) Slow dance, Ross, V
 I will be Here (Steven Curtis Chapman) STS V+1  
 I Will Be There (Dan Seals) Rumba III+1, Betzelberger  
 I Will Love You (Richard Chamberrlain) Waltz III, Preskitt  
 I Will Love You (Shelby Flint) Waltz II, Weiss Waltz V, Weiss
 I Will Think Of You (Daniel O'Donnell) Rumba III+1, Labau  
 I Will Wait For You (Carmen Cavallaro) Slow Twostep IV+2, Doi  
 I Will Wait For You (Dick & Sheila Mason Singers) Fox III+2, Ross  
 I Will Wait For You (Peter Douglas) Foxtrot VI+1, Preskitt  
 I will Wait for You (Steve Lawrence) Fox V+2, Nelson  
 I Will Wait for You (The Last Time I Saw Paris) Rumba V+2+1, Kawai  
 I Will, If You Will (John Berry) I Will Bolero, III+1, Wacker  
 I Wish I Could Back Up - Alan Jackson - faded Slow-2-step IV+0+3, Ross  
 I wish I Didn't Know How (Toby Keith) STS  
 I wish I was eighteen again (George Burns) Waltz II, Pilachowski Cue-card only
 I Wish I Were In Love Again (Frank Sinatra) Foxtrot V, Ross  
 I wish It was Me (Charles Landsborough) Waltz IV+0+1, Dierickx  
 I Wish You Love (Dean Martin) Rumba IV, Preskitt  
 I Wonder - Helmut Lotti Slow-2-step IV+1, Speranzo  
 I Wonder (Grenn) Waltz III, Neitzel  
 I Wonder (Klaus Hallen) Waltz II+2, Cavness  
 I Wonder Do You Think Of Me (Keith Whitley) Waltz IV, Scott, Baldwin  
 I Wonder Who's Kissing Him Now (Anne Murray) Waltz IV, Betzelberger  
 I Wonder Why (Curtis Stiger) - Faded Waltz IV, Ross  
 I won't be Home No More (Hank Williams) 2-step II+  
 I Won't Forget You (Jim Reeves) + 8 pc Waltz II and IV, Paulll Waltz III+2, Healea
 I Won't Send Roses (Ross Mitchell) Rumba III+2, Buck
 I Would Like To See You Again (Don Williams) Cha IV, Baldwin  
 I Wouldnt Be A Man - Josh Turner Foxtrot III, Eum-Hadley  
 I wrote a song (Vio Friedmann) Quickstep III, Ross  
 Ice Castles (Piano Instrumental) Slow-2-step VI, Linden-Kasznay  
 Ice Castles (Tony Evans) Rumba III, Gatchel  
 Ice Castles- Melissa Manchester Bolero IV, Scott  
 Ice Cream - Sarah McLachlan Viennese Waltz, Halbert-Lamberty  
 Ich Hab Noch Einen Koffer in Berlin (Ballroom Orch & Singers) Foxtrot V, Ross  
 Ich Traum von Dir Heute nacht (Frans Bauer) Rumba V, Dierickx  
 I'd Be Surprisingly Good For You (Ross Mitchell) Tango V+2, Goss  
 I'd Better Write it Down (Vern Gosdin)+ 11pc Waltz III+2, Baldwin  
 I'd Choose You Again (Forrester Sisters) 2-step II+1, Kenny  
 I'd Do It All Over Again (Crystal Gayle) 2-step III, Francis  
 I'd Fall In Love Tonight (Murray) Waltz II, Speranzo Waltz V+2, Bradt
 I'd Fall in Love Tonight (Russ Taff) Waltz II, Speranzo Waltz III & Waltz V, Anderson
 I'd Just Love To Lay You Down (Conway Twitty) 2-step II+1, Bradl  
 I'd Like To Teach The World To Sing (New Seekers) Foxtrot III+2, Koozer; 2-step II, Toles 2-step II, Grossman
 I'd Love You All Over Again (Alan Jackson) Waltz IV+1, Shane Waltz IV, Dierickx
 I'd Rather Be In Love With You (Susan Haynes) Cha III+1, Defore  
 I'd Rather Have what we Had (George Jones) Waltz II+1, Speranzo  
 I'd Really Love to See You Tonight (Dan & Coley) Fox-cha-rumba III+1, Chico  
 I'd Wait For Life - Tony Evans Foxtrot III, Ross  
 If ( Bread) IV+1, Don Clasper  
 If Bubba Can Dance (Shenandoah) Cha III, Wacker; III+1, Koozer  
 If Ever You're In My Arms Again (Peabo Bryson) Bolero IV, Ross  
 If God Takes My Life (Musica del Caribe) Rumba V+2, Shibata  
 If I Ain't Got You (Masters Of Modern, Dancelife)edited Waltz V+2, Johnson  
 If I Can Dream (Elvis Presley) Slow-2-Step IV+2 Powell-Brosie  
 If I Can't Take You With Me (Heather Steward) Waltz II, Corbet  
 If I could Bottle this up (George Jones & Shelby Lynne) 2-step II, Houser
 If I Could Bottle This Up (Paul Overstreet) - 2pc WCS-Jive IV+1, von der Heide  
 If I Could Bottle This Up (Paul Overstreet) short +18% 2-step II, Houser See cue-cards
 If I Could Love You More (Humperdinck) 2-step 5 ct III, Labau BL IV+2, Sonnier
 If I Didn't Have a Dime (Gene Pitney) Rumba-cha III+1, Beaulieu  
 If I didn't Have You - Billy Crystal & John Goodman Foxtrot V+1, Murphy  
 If I Didn't Have You in My World - Vince Gill Waltz V, Ross  
 If I Didn't Love You (Steve Wariner) Cha IV, Baldwin  
 If I don't Dance (Kelley Hunt) Jive IV+2, Ferry  
 If I Had My Way (New Stanton Band) Foxtrot V, Slater  
 If I Had Only Known (Reba McEntire) + 20pc Bolero IV, Kline  
 If I Had to Do it All Over Again (Roy Clark) 2-step II+2, Baldwin  
 If I had to do it all over again(Roy Clark) 2-step II, Woolcock  
 If I Had You (New stanton Band) Foxtrot IV, Hoffman  
 If I knew them what I know now (Sydney Thompson) Fox unphased, Taravella Great old dance
 If I Knew Then-Lady Antebellum Waltz III+0+1  
 If I Loved You - Victor Silvester & His Silver Strings-5%25 Fox VI, Palmquist  
 If I Loved You (Al Martino) No choreo  
 If I Loved You (Art Garfunkel) STS IV+2, Kroll Some Enchanted Evening
 If I loved you (Lawrence Welk) Foxtrot V, Dierickx  
 If I Loved You-Victor Silvester & His Silver Strings Foxtrot VI, Palmquist  
 If I Said You Had A Beautiful Body (Bellamy Bros) 2-step III, Woodruff  
 If I Were A Painting - Aldo Capicchioni Waltz IV+2+1, Schmidt  
 If I were a painting (Dancelife) Waltz VI, Read  
 If I Were a Painting (Instr. Prandi) Waltz VI, Nelson  
 If I Were A Rich Man (Gunter Noris) Cha IV+2, Dierickx  
 If I Were a Rich Man (Special Pressing) Cha VI, Rumble  
 If I Were You - Collin Raye 2-step II+1, Diamond  
 If it ain't broke don't fix it (John Anderson) 2-step-jive III, Waldorf  
 If It Ain't One Thing, It's Another (Dancelife) Foxtrot VI, Ross  
 If It's Over (Ballroom Orchestra & Singers) Waltz II, Ross  
 If Love (Molly and the Heymakers) Jive - no choreo  
 If My Friends Could See Me Now (Wow-Chouten Hotel) Quickstep V+2, Hagiwara  
 If My World Didn't Have You (Willie Nelson) Waltz IV+1, Baldwin  
 If she doesn't come back (Substitute - Clout) STS-Cha V, DeJong-Schoenig  
 If Tears were Roses (The Bull Dog Breed) 2-step II, Easterday  
 If That`s What You Want (Steve Holy) Cha IV, Baldwin  
 If The Devil Danced In Empty Pockets (Joe Diffie) 2-step II+1, Wilhoit  
 If the Love Fits - Chris Campbell Rumba III  
 If There Were No Dreams - Neil Diamond Slow-2-step IV, Kline  
 If Tomorrow Never Comes (Phil Coulter)+ 6pc Slow-2-step V+2+3, Taylor  
 If We Hold On Together (Diana Ross) Bolero IV+2, Ito  
 If You Ain't Lovin (George Strait) TS II+1, Springer TS III, Ritchie
 If You Believe - Sasha Rumba V, Suess  
 If You Could Read My Mind (Gordon Lightfoot) Rumba IV or FT III+2, Betzelberger Dance = Read My Mind
 If You Could See Me Now (Kristofferson & Coolidge)short-5pc STS IV+1+2, Woodruff Cue-card, preparation dance
 If You Don't Know Me By Now - Count Dee's Dancesport Unlimited Waltz IV, Ross  
 If You Don't Know Me By Now - Simply Red Waltz II, Pohl Cue-card
 If You Don't Know Me By Now (Simply Red) Waltz II, Burger  
 If You Ever Change Your Mind (Crystal Gayle) Bolero IV, Baldwin  
 If You Ever Want My Lovin' (Heidi Hauge) 2-step III, Dierickx  
 If You Go Away - Tony Evans Waltz III, Ross  
 If You leave me now (Peter Cetera) Cha-rumba III+2, Chadd  
 If You Love Me (Elvis Presley)- 17 pc Who wrote what to this  
 If You Love Me (Rebecca Winckworth) Bolero IV+1, Okino  
 If You Love Me, Let Me Know (Olivia Newton-John) 2-step II, Farabaugh  
 If You Need Somebody Tonight - Agnetha Faltskog Bolero IV, Dierickx  
 If You Please (Special Pressing) Waltz IV+2 or VI, Valenta VI = Waltz Divine
 If You Think You've Got Trouble (Trick Pony) 2-step II, Pilachowski or Jestin  
 If you wanna be my lover (Space Girls) Cha IV+1, Lawson  
 If You Want This Love (Sonny Knight) Foxtrot III, Ross  
 If you Want to Find Love (Kenny Rogers) 2-step II, Kincaid  
 If Your Heart Ain't Busy Tonigh (Tanya Tucker) 2-step II, Pritchett; Hoffman; 2-step III, Wright
 If You're Gonna Leave (Ballroom Orch & Singers) Rumba V+2, Ross  
 Ikkunaprinsessa (Ville Valo) 2-step III, Froese-Langer  
 Iko Iko (Aaron Carter) Merengue IV+0+ unph. , Kincaid  
 Iko Iko (Dixie Cups) Samba V+1, Molitoris  
 Iko Iko (Klaus Hallen) Samba V+1, Worlock  
 Il Cielo In Una Stanza (Mina) Waltz IV+2, Worlock A waltz in heaven
 Il Cuore E Uno Zingaro (Nada) Slow-2-step IV+2+2, Dierickx  
 Il Meglio Della Vita (instrumental) - Gianfranco Pirroni Waltz V+1, Wulf  
 Il Mio Cuore Va (Sarah Brightman) Rumba IV+1, Ito  
 Il Pleut Sur La Route (Columbia Ballroom Orch) 2-step II+1, Mallenby  
 Il Tangaccio - Prandi Tango V, Schmidt  
 Il Tempo Se Ne Va (Adriano Celentano) Foxtrot V, Dierickx  
 I'll Accept the Rose Tonight (Rita McNeil) edited Foxtrot V+1, Callen  
 I'll Always Be In Love With You - Billy Ternent CHa VI, Ross  
 I'll Always Love You (Anne Murray) Foxtrot-Jive V, DeFore Foxtrot IV+1, Beaulieu
 I'll Be All Smiles Tonight (Martina McBride) Waltz IV, Dobbs-Gordon  
 I'll be faithful to you - Marie Osmond STS IV+0+1, Noble  
 I'll Be Seeing You - Frank Sinatra (Filardo) Foxtrot V, Filardo  
 I'll Be Seeing You (Frank Sinatra - no talking) Foxtrot V, Filardo  
 I'll Be Seeing You (Hoctor) Foxtrot, Ross, Slater, Wacker  
 I'll build a stairway to Paradise (Ballroom Magic) Foxtrot, Read  
 I'll Do It All Over Again (Crystal Gayle) Foxtrot III, Labau Slow-2-step-Foxtrot IV, Defore
 I'll Fly Away (Statler Brothers) 2-step-polka III, Hilburn  
 I'll Forgive But I'll Never Forget (Don Williams) Waltz IV, Woodruff  
 I'll Get By (Harry James) Fox-Jive IV, Matthews  
 I'll Go On Loving You (Alan Jackson) Rumba III+1, Baldwin  
 I'll Have To Say I Love in a Song (Jim Croce) Rumba V, Byrd  
 I'll Have To Say I Love You in a Song (Jim Croce) Rumba V, Byrd  
 I'll have What She's Having (Reba) 2-step II+1, Oarker 2-step II, Parker
 I'll Have what she's Having (Reba)Slowed 2-step II+1, Parker  
 I'll Make Love To You (Boyz II Men) Slow-2-step IV+1+1, Murphy  
 I'll Make Your Bed (Dolly Parton) 2-step II, Hanson  
 I'll Never Be In Love Again (Don Williams) 2-step II+1, Baldwin  
 I'll never fall in love again - Dionne Warwick (edited) Cha III+2, Townsend-Manning  
 I'll Put You Together Again (Ballroom Orch & Singers) Waltz VI, Ross  
 I'll Put You Together Again (Hot Chocolate) Waltz IV+1, Voelkl Cue-card only
 I'll See You Again - Windsor 4756 Waltz II, Kimbley; Sanders Waltz III+1, Slater
 I'll See You Again (Hoctor) Waltz III+2, Slater  
 I'll See You In My Dreams (Paul Kuhn) Foxtrot V, Dierickx  
 I'll See You In My Dreams Foxtrot VI, Slater  
 I'll Take Care of You - Ronnie Milsap 5-Count II+1, Wilder  
 I'll Take Care Of Your Cares (Frankie Laine) Fox IV+1, Holm  
 I'll Take Texas (Vince Gill) 2-step II, Seurer - II+2, Paull Foxtrot III+1, Kenny
 I'll Tell Me Ma (Telemark) Quickstep IV, Palmquist Dance = Me Ma Quickstep
 I'll Wait For You (Dancelife) Foxtrot-Two-step IV, Hoffman  
 I'll Watch Over You - Mae Moore Foxtrot IV, Ross  
 Illusion (Betty Silberman) Rumba III+2+1, Byrd  
 Illusion (Nat King Cole) Waltz III, Cantrell Waltz V, Cantrell
 I'm a believer (The Monkees) TS II, Seurer  
 I'm a middle-aged woman (Lisa Koch) 2-step-cha III, Woodruff  
 I'm a One-Woman Man (George Jones) 2-step II, Amy McKinley  
 I'm a Ramblin' Man (Waylon Jennings) Cha IV+2, Hichman  
 I'm Alive (Celine Dion) Cha-fox IV, Renauld  
 I'm All Right (Madeleine Peyroux) Waltz VI, Cantrell  
 I'm Alright (Jo Dee Messina) Cha IV, Brownrigg-Dammeir  
 I'm Alright (Little Anthony) No choreo  
 I'm Beginning to see the Light (Peggy Lee) Jive VI, Vogt  
 I'm Coming Back As a Man (Caro Emerald) + 4pc Foxtrot IV+2, Hilton  
 I'm Coming Home (Tom Jones) Bolero V, Scott  
 I'm Confessin (Boilermaker Jazz Band) Foxtrot V+1, Rogers Terrific music
 I'm Confessin' (Hoctor) Foxtrot VI Brown  
 I'm doing alright (Jacob Lyda) Cha IV, Woolcock  
 I'm Down To My Last Cigarette (KD Lang) 2-step II+1, Brown  
 I'm Feeling You (santana) - faded Cha VI, Ross  
 I'm From The Country (Tracy Byrd) 2-step II+2, Thomas  
 I'm Getting Sentimental Over You (Tommy Dorsey) Foxtrot V, Krol  
 I'm Going Bananas (Madonna)+ 6pc 2-step II+1, Winze  
 I'm Going Fishin' Baby (Bill Deal & the Rhondels) West Coast Swing V+0+several  
 I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles) (The Proclaimers) 2-step II+1, Simpson  
- I'm Gonna Be A Country Girl Again (Heidi Hauge) 2-step II+1, Dierickx  
 I'm gonna change everything (Jim Reeves) Rumba IV+1+1, Hager  
 I'm gonna Change Everything (Mandy Barnett) Cha IV+1, Hichman  
 I'm gonna get you (Eddy Raven) 2-step II, Francis  
 I'm Gonna Getcha Good (Shania Twain) shortened & slowed 5 pc Cha VI, Shibata  
 I'm gonna knock on your door (Alma Cogan) Jive V+2,  
 I'm Gonna Love you Too (Buddy Holly) 2-step II+1, Kline  
 I'm Gonna Miss You, Girl (Michael Martin Murphey) Cha IV, Ball Dance=Miss You Girl
 I'm Gonna Sit Right Down (Barry Manilow) Jive soft VI, Hutchinson  
 I'm gonna Sit Right Down (Willie Nelson) No choreo  
 I'm Gonna Sit Right Down AWMAL (Billy Williams 1957) Fox-2-step III, Kannapel 2-step II, Fraidenburg, also Mallette
 I'm Gonna Wash That Man Right Outta my Hair (Helmut Licht) Hive IV+1, Pilachowski TS II+2, Pilachowski
 I'm Happy Just to Dance With You - Beatles 2-step II, Chico 2-step III+1+1, Byrd
 I'm Happy to Hear You're Sorry (Special Pressing) Foxtrot VI, Robertson  
 I'm Her Fool - Billy Swan No choreo  
 I'm Here For A Good Time (George Strait)) 2-step II, Labau  
 I'm in a Dancing Mood (Ross Mitchell) Quickstep V+1, Preskitt  
 I'm in a Hurry to Get Things Done (Alabama) Cha IV+2, Palermo  
 I'm in Love Again (Fats Domino) 2-step II+1, Bond  
 I'm in love for the very first time (Maywood) Bolero IV, Dierickx  
 I'm In The Mood For Dancing - Tony Evans Quickstep VI, Ross  
 I'm In The Mood For Love (Joe Loss) Fox III, Ross  
 I'm In The Mood For Love (Star 228) Foxtrot III+1, Bates Dance: I'm in the Mood for Foxtrot
 I'm Into Something Good (Herman's Hermits) Jive IV+1, Gotta  
 I'm Just a Baby (Special Pressing) JV V+1, Fisher Dance = This Business of Love
 I'm Just Another Sweetheart Fox V, Callen  
 I'm Just Me (Charlie Pride) 2-step II, Healea  
 I'm Knee Deep in Loving You (Dave and Sugar) Cha IV+1, Baldwin  
 I'm Lookin' for Someone to Love (Buddy Holly) Single swing - no choreo  
 I'm looking over a four leaf clover (Art Mooney) 2-step-cha III, Watanabe  
 I'm Making Believe (Ink Spots) 2-step-jive IV+1, Dollar, 1994  
 I'm My Own Grandpa (Ray Stevens) No choreo Would make a good 2-step
 I'm No Angel (Dido) Rumba VI, Ross  
 I'm No Stranger to the Rain - Keith Whitley 2-step III, Ahart  
 I'm Not Giving You Up (Gloria Estefan)+5pc & shortened for Pratt routine Rumba IV+2+2, Pratt  
 I'm Not Giving You Up (Gloria Estefan)+5pc RB IV+1, Pyles, 3:58  
 I'm Not Giving You Up (Gloria Estefan)short RB IV+1, Pyles, + 5pc, short Intro AB Inter AB Ending 3:12
 I'm not Giving You Up (Rumble minidisk) Rumba V+1, Rumble  
 I'm on my way (Proclaimers) TBA  
 I'm On My Way (The Proclaimers) Jive III+1, Woodruff  
 I'm On Your Side - Peach WCS VI, Goss  
 I'm only in it for the Love (John Conlee) Jive III+2, Brown  
 I'm Ready - Fats Domino Single Swing V, Ross  
 I'm Sittin' On Top Of The World - Masters Of Modern Quickstep IV+1+1, Schmidt  
 I'm so Excited (Pointer Sisters) TS II+2, Chatos  
 I'm so in Love with You (Daniel ODonnell) 2-step II, Taylor  
 I'm so Lonesome I could Cry (Marty Robbins) Waltz II, Hilton  
 I'm So Lucky To Sing - Helmut Lotti 2-step II+1 & Fox IV, Speranzo Mixed III+1, Murphy; FT IV+2, Dierickx
 I'm so Worried (Monty Python)    
 I'm sorry I answered the phone - STAR Waltz-Jive III+2, Logan  
 I'm Still Me (Erkan Aki - Casa Musica) Waltz VI, Read Waltz IV+1, Whyman
 I'm still standing (Elton John) Jive, Shoenig  
 I'm Stone in Love With You (The Stylistics) Rumba V+0+1, Preskitt Dance = In Love with You
 I'm Through With Love (Ballroom Orch & Singers) Quickstep IV, Ross  
 I'm too sexy - Right said Fred Cha IV, Woodruff  
 I'm Waiting For You (Dave Koz) Rumba III+2, Nelson  
 Imaginations (Japan) Waltz VI, Reiko Hata  
 Imagine That (Don Williams) 2-step II, Healea  
 Immer wieder Sehnsucht (Stefanie Hertel) Rumba-chacha IV+2, Dierickx Dance = For Ever Yearning
 Immortal (Evanescence) STS-Bolero IV+1+2, C. Eum  
 Immortality (Vio Friedmann) faded Waltz V, Ross  
 In a Little Spanish Town (Perez Prado) 2-step, Bingham  
 In a mellow tone (Manhattan Transfer) Foxtrot VI, Sandeman  
 In A Persian Market (Japan) Cha V+1+2, Doi  
 In Apple Blossom Time (Bert Kaempfert) Foxtrot III, Hickman Foxtrot III+1, Tracy
 In Between Dances (Pam Tillis) No choreo - Viennese waltz  
 In Dreams (Bandit) Rumba V+0+2, Dierickx  
 In Dreams (Roy Orbison) 2-step-rumba IV+1, Weiss Rumba IV+2, Francis
 In It For The Love (Chaparral) Jive III+2, Brown  
 In London Town (Ross Mitchell) Fox III+2, Easterday  
 In Love With You (Dana Winner) Bolero IV+2, Dierickx  
 In Mexico - Moe Bandy Rumba III, Ross  
 In My Car Cha (Shania Twain) Cha IV+1, Clements  
 In My Dreams (MGR) Waltz IV+I, Palmquist  
 In My Mind - Milky Cha V, Ross  
 In My Room (Beach Boys) Slow-2-step IV+2, Klein  
 In Napoli (Dean Martin)- Waltz IV, Dierickx  
 In Old Cape Cod - Frank Messina 2-step II, Ross  
 In Old New York (Grenn) 2-step II, Zufelt or Tirrell or Handy  
 In Other Words (Special Pressing) Waltz VI, Fisher  
 In Our Haunted House (Halloween Howls) Waltz II+1, Weiss Halloween Cue-card
 In San Antone (Dan Seals) No choreo  
 In the Arms of Love (Prandi) Foxtrot IV, Dierickx  
 In the Arms of Love (Sammy Kaye) 2-step III+1, Morrison or Williams Foxtrot III+2, Felkner
 In The Cool, Cool, Cool Of The Evening (Peter Douglas) Foxtrot IV+2, Cibula  
 In The Garden (Alan Jackson) Waltz II, Kline Waltz III+1, Kline
 In the Ghetto (Elvis) 2-step II+  
 In the Good Old Summertime (Andrew Sisters-Dan Dailey) 2-step II+1+1, Wolff  
 In the Middle of an Island (Tony Bennett 1957) 2-step II, Turner Cue-card
 In The Misty Moonlight (Jerry Wallace) Rumba V+1, Raybuck Rumba III+1, Kennedy
 In The Misty Moonlight (Jim Reeves) III+1, Dunn, 1999  
 In The Mood (Columbia Ballroom Orch) Quickstep IV, Parker  
 In the Mood (Mac Gregor) 2-step-jive, Sanders Dance is called "Mood"
 In the Mood (Roper) Jive V+2+3, Tonks (Get in the Mood)  
 In The Navy (Village People) Cha IV+2, Silvia  
 In the Shadows (Special Pressing) Rumba V+2+1, Slomcenski  
 In The Still Of The Night - Artie Shaw Foxtrot IV, Chico  
 In The Still Of The Night (Carly Simon) Alternate  
 In The Still Of The Night (Five Satins) Slow 2-step III+2, Hamilton  
 In The Still Of The Night (Jack Jersey) Rumba V+1+1, Dierickx  
 In the Summertime (Jerry Mungo) 2-step II+1, Davis  
 In These Shoes - Kirsty MacColl - 7 pc (full) Cha IV+1+1, Callahan-Wyatt  
 In These Shoes - Kirsty MacColl - 7 pc (short) Cha IV+1+1, Callahan-Wyatt  
 In These Shoes (Kirsty MacColl) For Lillefield Cha V, Lillefield  
 In This Life (Collin Raye) Slow-2-step VI, Worlock Slow-2-step IV+2+1, Gloodt
 In Time (Special Pressing) Foxtrot VI, Lawson  
 In Times Like These (Barbara Mandrell) Jive IV, Brissette WCS IV+2+2, Gloodt
 In Your Eyes (Dionne Warwick) - faded & speed 5% Waltz IV, Ross  
 Independence Day (Martina McBride) Cha IV+1, Lewis 2-step-cha III+1, Seurer
 Indian Lake (The Cowsills) 2-step II, Brown-Cooley  
 Indian Love Call (Doi) Foxtrot III+2, Doi  
 Indiana Beach Single, Dble & Triple Swing Hooper, IV+2
 Infiltrado (Bajofondo) Tango VI, Cantrell  
 Inishannon Serenade (Frank Chacksfield) Slow-2-step IV+2+3, Taylor  
 Innamorata (Jeff Steinberg) Waltz III+2, Defore  
 Innamorata (Jerry Vale)+8pc Waltz IV, Crapo  
 Inner Harbor Waltz (Grenn) Waltz III, Tirrell  
 Innocence (Giovanni Marradi) Waltz V+1, Dierickx  
 Intended Romance - Stephan Pola Rumba III+2, Wulf  
 Invisible Tears (Ray Conniff) Fox V, Cunningham  
 Io Ci Saro - Francesca Lot Waltz VI, Garza  
 Io Tu E Le Rose (Prandi) Waltz V+1, Dierickx  
 Irene (Toby Mac) Cha V+1, C.Eum  
 Irene's Song (The Forsyte Saga) Waltz IV, Bartlette  
 Irish Green (Gunter Norris) Waltz IV, Maguire  
 Irish Lullaby (Japan) Waltz IV, Doi  
 Irish Washerwoman (Pa's Fiddle) Cha III, Buckmaster-Reigel  
 Irishman's Dream (Hoctor) Waltz II, Watanabe  
 Irresistible (Joe Bourne) Rumba IV+1+1, Hichman  
 Is Anybody Going To San Antone (Charley Pride) 2-step II, Hoffman  
 Is It You (from 'Shrek') +3% Waltz II+2+1, Yoshikawa  
 Is This The Way To Amarillo - Joe Loss Jive V, Ross  
 Is You Is My Baby (Walter Weeman's Brass) Quickstep III+2, Parker  
 Is You Is Or Is You Ain't My Baby (Renee Olstead) Jive III, Clements  
 Island (Eddy Raven) Rumba IV+2, Pelton Rumba III+1, McKenrick
 Island Song (Zac Brown Band) 2-step II+1+1, Woodruff  
 Islands In The Stream (Ross Mitchell)) On the workbench in Australia  
 Isle of Capri (Bue Diamonds) Cha-Foxtrot-Rumba V, Dierickx  
 Isle of Capri (Hoctor) Cha III, Rother  
 Isn't it Romantic (Happy Dancing) Foxtrot VI, Shibata  
 Isn't it Romantic (Hisao Sudu) Fox VI, Shibata  
 Isn't It Romantic-Rod Stewart-edited Foxtrot V, Cantrell  
 Isn't She Lovely Foxtrot IV, Tulloch  
 Isn't This A Lovely Day (Come Dance 33) Cha V+2, Hagiwara  
 Isn't this a lovely day (Ross Mitchell) Cha IV+2, Baldwin  
 Istanbul (Casa Musica) Quickstep IV+1, Voelkl  
 Istanbul (The Four Lads) 2-step II, Clark  
 It Aint Necessarily So WCS IV+1, Cantrell  
 It Ain't Nothin' (Keith Whitley) 2-step II+1, Bush  
 It All Depends On You Fox VI, Blackford  
 It Doesn't Take Very Long (Andy Williams1957) 2-step II+1, Parker  
 It Don't Mean A Thing (Geoff Love Orchestra)- 5 pc Quickstep V+1, Rumble  
 It Feels Good (Drake White) 2-step II+1, Cherie Cox  
 It Feels so Right (Johnny Duncan) 2-step II+2, Kennedy  
 It Had Better Be Tonight (M. Buble)-12pc Samba-Mambo V+0+2  
 It Had to be Foxtrot (Special Pressing) Foxtrot VI, Broadwater  
 It Had to Be You (J. Stevens) Fox-Jive IV, Paull  
 It Had To Be You (MacGregor 8575) Foxtrot IV+1, Betzelberger  
 It Had To Be You (Rod Stewart) 2-step-fox-jive IV+1, Harris  
 It Had To Be You (Sydney Thompson) Fox V, Ross  
 It Had to be You [Kenny Rogers] Fox IV+1, Rotscheid  
 It Happened in Monterey (Perry Como) Waltz VI, Ross  
 It Hurts to be in Love (Jay & the Americans) 2-step II+1+1  
 It is Really Over (Jim Reeves & Tammy Wynette) Slow-2-step IV+1, Kropf  
 It Is You (Sabina Helsey) Waltz VI, Worlock Waltz V, Worlock
 It Is You I Have Loved (Dana Glover) - 8 pc Waltz IV+2, Patzelt-Pohl, 4'05"  
 It Is You I Have Loved (Dana Glover) Short 2'40" Intro ABAB Ending Patzelt/Pohl, waltz IV+2, short
 It keeps Right on a Hurtin' (Johnny Tillotson) Fox IV, Schappacher  
 It Might As Well Be Spring (Lawrence Welk) Fox-Jive III+2, Hoffman  
 It Must Be Him (Vikki Carr) Rumba V+2, Scott  
 It Must Be Love (Don Williams) Cha III+2, Paull  
 It Must Be True (Hoctor) Foxtrot IV, Slater  
 It Never Rains In South California (Albert Hammond) Cha IV+1, Woodruff, unpublished  
 It only Hurts me When I Cry - Raul Malo Jive-Foxtrot V+1, Bradley  
 It Only Hurts When I Cry - Dwight Yoakum Jive III, Ross  
 It only rains on me (Don Williams) No choreo  
 It Only Takes a Minute (Tony Evans) CH III, Ross  
 It Only Took A Kiss (Big Bad Voodoo Daddy) Foxtrot-Jive V+1, Weiss Foxtrot-Jive IV, Brown-Smith
 It should Have Been Easy (Anne Murray) Rumba IV+1+2, Defore  
 It Sure Feels Like Love Tonight (Bama Band) 2-step - no choreo  
 It Takes Two (Zac Efron) - 5pc STS IV+2, Goss  
 It Takes Two to Tango (Raul Malo , Shelby Lynne) Cha IV+1, Woodruff  
 It Was Me (George Strait) Waltz II, Healea  
 It Was Me (Jamey Johnson) Waltz IV, Speranzo  
 It Won't Be Me (Tanya Tucker) 2-step II+2, Nelson  
 Italian Sax Rumba (Italian Sax) Rumba III, Hoffman  
 Itchy Twitchy Feeling (Bobby Hendricks 1958) 2-steo II, Hurst  
 Itchy Twitchy Spot - 5 pc WCS-Jive IV+2, Storm  
 It's A Beautiful Life (Kenny Rogers) +7pc Cha III, Kline  
 It's a Cowboy Lovin' Night (Tanya Tucker) 2-step II+1+1, Hichman  
 Its a Good Life (One Republic) CHa IV, Saffell  
 It's a little to late (Tanya Tucker) 2-step II+1+1, Nelson Dance = A little Too Late
 It's A Little Too Late (Mark Chesnutt) 2-step II, Krueger or Kenny  
 It's a Monster's Holiday - Buck Owens 2-step II+1, Hilton  
 It's A Sin - Billy Vaughn Foxtrot V+1, Dierickx  
 It's a Sin to Tell a Lie (Somethin' Smith And The Redheads) Two-Step II, McDowell  
 It's All Going to Pot (Willie Nelson-Merle Haggard) 2-step II, Krueger  
 It's All In The Game - Phil Tate Waltz II, Ross  
 It's All In The Game (Cliff Richard) Not the Palmquist music  
 It's All In The Game (STAR) Waltz IV+2, Buck  
 It's All In the Game (The Four Tops) Rumba III+2, Becker  
 It's All Right (For Hale's Jive)) Jive IV, Hale Cue-card only
 It's Almost Tomorrow (David Carroll & His Orchestra) Waltz II+2, Kurczewski  
 It's Almost Tomorrow (Dream Weavers)+7 pc Waltz IV+1, Baldwin Waltz III
 It's alright (Huey Lewis and the News) Jive VI, Goss  
 It's Alright (The Impressions) Jive III+2, Gloodt  
 It's Alright To Be A Redneck (Alan Jackson) TS II+1, Seurer  
 It's alright with me (Ross Mitchell) Quickstep V, Rumble  
 It's Always New to Me (Suzy Bogguss) Foxtrot IV+1, Goss-Figwer  
 It's Been One Of Those Days (Bobby Vinton) 2-step III, Speranzo  
 It's Cha Cha Cha (Ross Mitchell) Cha VI, Childers Cha III, Paull
 It's Chitlin' Time - Kentucky Headhunters Jive III, Ross  
 It's De Lovely (Starship Orch.) 2-step II, Ackerman  
 It's D'Lovely (Grenn) Fox III+2, Kincaid  
 It's Five O'Clock Somewhere (Jackson & Buffett) rumba IV, Seurer  
 It's Four In The Morning - Tom Jones Waltz II, Ross  
 It's Four In The Morning (Faron Young) Waltz II, Morrison  
 It's Gonna Rain (Coastline Band) Jive III, Bartlette Jive IV+2, Adcock
 It's Hard to Love a Hungry, Worried Man - Billy Crash Craddock Slow-2-step IV+2, Harper Dance = Love a Worried Man
 It's Heaven (Grenn) Waltz III, Carnevale Waltz IV, Cousins (Waltz to Heaven)
 It's Impossible (Dance Along) Foxtrot IV, Easterday  
 It's Impossible (Perry Como) Possible alternate  
 It's Impossible (Somos Novios - Tuxedo Junction Ballroom Band) Rumba V+2, Kincaid  
 It's In His Kiss - (Dancelife) Cha IV, Shane  
 It's In His Kiss - (Ross Mitchell) Alternate for Bradl dance  
 It's In His Kiss (Cher) Cha IV+2, Bradl  
 It's In His Kiss (Shoop Shoop Song - Betty Everett) Cha III, Healea  
 It's In His Kiss (Vonda Shepard) Cha III+1, Byrd  
 It's In The Rain (Enya) shortened Waltz V, Wilaby  
 It's June in January (Special Pressing) Foxtrot VI, Moore  
 It's Just A Matter Of Time (Glen Campbell) 2-step III, Hager  
 It's Just Cha Cha (Special Pressing) Cha IV+1, Broadwater  
 It's Lonely Out There (Pam Tillis) Cha III+1, Baldwin  
 It's Me Again Margaret (Ray Stevens) Just for the fun lyrics  
 It's my party (Lesley Gore) Cha IV, Seurer  
 It's My Turn To Sing With Willie - Carlton Moody 2-step I+2, Ross  
 It's Not Unusual (Dancelife) Faded Samba V, Ross  
 It's Now or Never (Elvis Presley) Rumba III+1+1, Kincaid  
 It's Now or Never (ESP) No choreo  
 It's Only A Paper Moon (Mills Bro. & Ella Fitzgerald) Fox IV, Rumble  
 It's Only a Paper Moon (Paul McCartney) Fox-Jive IV, DeChenne  
 It's only a Paper Moon (Special Pressing) Foxtrot IV+2, Rumble (Only a Paper Moon) TS II, Rumble (Paper Moon II)
 It's Only Make Believe - Ronnie McDowell Jive III+1, Ross  
 It's Only Make Believe (Glen Campbell) 2-step/5 ct II+1, Morrison  
 It's Raining Here In Long Beach (Nitty Gritty Dirt Band) Waltz-Quickstep IV, Bingham  
 It's So Easy (Linda Ronstadt) Cha III+2, Rotscheid Cha/jive IV, Scott
 It's So Hard To Say Goodbye - Tony Evans Orchestra Waltz I, Ross  
 It's Still Rock and Roll To Me - Billy Joel Jive IV, Helms-Keck Jive V, Weiss
 It's Such A Happy Day - Jackie Gleason 2-step II, Speranzo  
 It's the Muppet Show (Dancelife) Quickstep IV< Grieser  
 It's the Same Old Song (The Four Tops) Jive V+0+2, Ross  
 It's The Talk Of The Town Foxtrot V, Jewett  
 It's TimeTo go (Ballroom orch & singers) Waltz V, Pinks  
 It's Up To You (Ricky Nelson) Rumba V, Raye  
 It's What We Love to Do - Statler Brothers 2-step II, Mouser  
 It's What We Love to Do - Statler Brothers-4.5PC 2-step II, Mouser  
 It's What We Love to Do - Statler Brothers-short 2-step II, Mouser No repeat of B before the ending
 It's Wonderful (Paolo Conte) Woodruff cue-card  
 It's Your Day Today - Sydney Thompson Waltz VI, Ross  
 It's Your World Now -(The Eagles) Rumba IV+1, Francis  
 Itsy BitsyTeenie Weenie Yellow Polkadot Bikini Cha III+1, Rother (Itsy Bitsy Cha) or Scott (Yellow Polkadot Bikini) or Dierickx, IV+1
 I've already loved you in my mind - Conway Twitty 2-step II+0+2, Hichman  
 I've Been Around - Hank Williams Jr. No choreo  
 I've Been Better (Brad Paisley) Rumba IV+1, Speranzo  
 I've Been Rained On Too ( Tom Jones1983)+ 11 pc Bolero IV+, Krueger  
 I've Been Waiting For You (Tony Evans) WZ IV+1, Francis  
 I've been working on the railroad (Dance my Life Vol 8) Jive IV, Hagiwara Dance = The Railroad Jive
 I've Come to Expect It from You (George Strait) 2-step II, Ritchie  
 I've Cried My Last Tear for You - Ricky Van Shelton 2-step II, Ross  
 I've got $2.00 In The Jukebox (Eddie Rabitt) + 3pc 2-step II+1, Cunningham  
 I've Got A Crush On You (Jon Burchfield) Foxtrot IV+2, Weiss  
 I've Got a Date with the Blues (MGR) 2-step II, Metzger (A Date with the Blues)  
 I've Got A Rock N Roll Heart (Eric Clapton)+ 3 pc Cha III, Nichols (Rock N Roll Heart) CH IV+2+1, Gloodt
 I've Got A Winner In You (Don Williams) 2-step II, Kline  
 I've Got My Faults - Waylon jennings No choreo  
 I've Got My Love To Keep Me Warm - Rod Stewart 2-step II+2, Betzelberger  
 I've got the world on a string (Michael Buble) Jive V, Easterday  
 I've got the world on a string (Peggy Lee) Blues Foxtrot Unphased, Scholtz  
 I've Got to Stop Loving You - Patty Loveless Waltz III, Ross Waltz II, Ring
 I've Got You Under My Skin (Carly Simons) Fox V+2, Goss  
 I've grown accustomed to your face - Dance & Listen Orchestra Cha III+2+1, Preskitt  
 I've Never Been To Me (Charlene) Slow-2-step IV+2+1, Goodman  
 I've Never Loved Anyone More (Lynn Anderson) Waltz II+1, Haury 1978  
 Ivory Tower (Cathy Carr) Waltz IV, Jestin  
 J.A. Stomp (Belco) Single Swing-Jive IV, Lawson  
 Ja Sna (Tol & Tol) - 10pc Waltz V+0+1, Dierickx  
 Jack And Jill (King Sisters) 2-step III, Shane  
 Jack Is Back (The Clan) Mambo V+2, Worlock  
 Jack Rabbit (Elton John)- 10 pc 2-step II, Gomez-Lee  
 Jacky (Dancelife) Paso Doble V+0+1, Ross  
 J'ai deux amours (Tony Evans) Fox IV+2, Woodruff  
 Jailhouse Rock (Elvis Presley) Double Swing IV+2, Lawson  
 Jailhouse Rock (Elvis) Double Swing IV+2, Lawson  
 Jailhouse Rock King Creole (Billy Swan) short Jive-Cha IV+2, Woodruff  
 J'aime la vie (Sandra Kim) 2-step II, Gircour Eurovision Contest winner 1986
 Jamaica Farewell (Harry Belafonte) Rumba IV+1, Oliver Rumba V, Molitoris
 Jamaica Farewell (Japan) STS III+2, Doi  
 Jamaica Farewell Rumba IV+2, Otto  
 Jamaica Forenwell (Social Dance) Rumba IV+2, Otto plus Marcel  
 Jamboree (Grenn 14291) 2-step II+1, Baldwin  
 James Bond Theme (John Barry) 2-step-Jive III  
 James Hold The Ladder Steady (Sue Thompson) 2-step-Jive IV, Woodruff  
 Jamestown Ferry (Tanya Tucker) STS IV+1, Koozer  
 Jane (Bouke Scholten) Rumba III+1, Woolcock  
 Japanese Farewell Song (Martin Denny) 2-step II+1+1, Woodruff  
 Japanese Shag 2-step II, Carter 1977  
 Japanese Soft Shoes (Al Russ) Line dance or 2-step II, Trowell  
 Jasmine (Special Pressing) Rumba VI, Rumble  
 J'attendrai (Lynn Garner) FT V, Grahm  
 Java (Al Hirt) - 9 pc 2-step II+ 2, Bond  
 Java (Herb Alpert & Al Hirt) Regular speed  
 Java Jive (The Ink Spots) WCS VI, Childers  
 Je Chante Avec Toi Liberte (Nana Mouskouri) Waltz II+0+1, Woodruff  
 Je Veux (Zaz) Cut and slowed Jive V+2, Schidler-Trinkaus-Koegler  
 Jealous (New Stanton Band) Foxtrot V+1, Slater  
 Jealousy (Ross Mitchell) Tango VI, Immamura  
 Jean - Rod McKuen Alternate  
 Jean - The Music City Orchestra - (Bobby Russell) Alternate  
 Jean (Jim Nabors) Waltz IV, unknown See cue-cards
 Jean (Ray Conniff) Waltz V+2, Lamberty Waltz IV, Buck
 Jean (Readers Digest) Waltz III+2, Chico Dance = Bonnie Jean
 Jean (The Midas Touch) Waltz, V+2, Lamberty  
 Jeanie's Waltz (Blue Star Rhythmaires) Waltz II+, Cutter, Baldwin  
 Jeannie (REXL) Samba IV+1, Lamberty  
 Jeannie With The Light Brown Hair & Shenandoah - Ray McVay Foxtrot VI, Ross  
 Jeder weg fhrt zu dir (Francine Jordi) Bolero IV+2, Dierickx  
 Jeepers Creepers (Puppini Sisters) 2-step II, Parker  
 Jeeves and Wooster 95pc Quickstep IV, Clements  
 Jenny Bell's Waltz (Windsor) Waltz II, Stewart  
 Jesse (Tony Evans) Waltz IV, Francis; IV+2, Gloodt VI, Hicks
 Jesse Waltz VI, Hick  
 Jessie (Gold Star Ballroom) Waltz II+1, Brown-Pugh  
 Jesus Is Your Ticket To Heaven (Connie Smith) Jive III, Scherrer  
 Jeux interdits (Narciso Yepes) - 10pc Waltz IV, Woodruff  
 Jeux interdits (Narciso Yepes) - 15pc Waltz IV or III or II, Woodruff Slower alternate
 Jiffy Mixer (Windsor) Mixer I, Helt  
 Jive After Five (Carl Perkins) Single Swing VI, Ross  
 Jive Talkin' (Bee Gees) Cha IV+1+1, Francis Jive V, unknown
 Joe knows how to live (Eddy Raven) No cue-sheet yet  
 Johnny Angel (Shelly Fabares) Two-step/Rumba III  
 Johnny Are You Gay (Arielle Dombasle & the Hillbilly Moon Explosion)- 5 pc 2-step II+1, Woodruff  
 Johnny Guitar (Special Pressing) Rumba VI, McGee  
 Johnny's Mambo (Dancelife) Mambo IV+0+1, Schmidt  
 Johnson Rag (Windsor) 2-step II+2, Floden  
 Jolie Blonde (Waylon Thibodeaux) Waltz III+1, Sonnier  
 Jose Cuervo (Shelly West) 2-step II, Gotta  
 Joshua Fit The Battle (of Jericho) - Elvis Presley - 13 pc 2-step II, Ahart  
 Joy (Johnny Diaz) 2-step II+1, Mee  
 Juan Guadalupe (Montana Rose) CHa IV, Hoffman  
 Juanita's Cantina (Mike Sikorsky) C ha III+2+2, Harris  
 Judy - Elvis Presley Jive V+0+2, Woodruff  
 Judy in Disguise (John Fred and his playboy band) Mambo IV+2, Hichman  
 Juke Box Baby (Perry Como) Quickstep-2-step III+2, Gloodt  
 Jukebox Argument (Mickey Gilley) 2-step, no choreo  
 Jukebox Baby (Special Pressing) Swing V+2, Broadwater  
 Jukebox in my mind (Alabama)+6pc 2-step II+2, Jones  
 Jukebox Junkie (Ken Mellons)-10pc Jive V+1, Woodruff  
 Julia (Chris Rea) Jive IV+1+2, Voelkl Cue-card
 Julia Tango (Jayme Xaya) Mixed Tango III+2, Kincaid  
 Jump Jive An' Wail - Ross Mitchell Single swing IV, Schmidt  
 Jump Shout Boogie - Andy Lee Lang 2-step II+2, Byrd  
 Jumpin' Jupiter (Frank Chacksfield) 2-step-quickstep III+2, Gloodt  
 Jurame - Caravelli Rumba V+0+1, Dierickx  
 Jurame (Gisselle) Rumba V+2, Worlock  
 Jurame IV Bolero-rumba IV+2, Ito  
 Jurassic Park (DJ Ice) Rumba IV+2, Nolen  
 Jurassic Park Rumba V+1, Clements  
 Just a Closer Walk With Thee (Floyd Cramer) Alternate for 2-step II+1, Frisella  
 Just A Closer Walk With Thee (Gatlin Brothers) 2-step II+1, Frisella Alternate
 Just A Closer Walk With Thee (Patsy Cline) STS IV+1+1, Woodruff see Would You Catch a Falling
 Just a Closer Walk with Thee (Tennessee Ernie Ford) Slow-2-step IV+1+1, Woodruff  
 Just A Closer Walk With Thee (Willie Nelson & Patsy Cline) Foxtrot IV, Hoffman  
 Just A Fool (Christina Aguilera & Blake Shelton) Hesitation-Canter Waltz V+2, Gibson  
 Just A Gigolo - I Ain't Got Nobody (David Lee Roth) I ain't so bad 2-step-jive IV, Renauld
 Just A Kiss (Steve Holy) Rumba IV+1, Baldwin Rumba III+0+1, Storm
 Just A Little Lovin' (Barbara Streisand) Waltz V+2, Bradt Waltz II, Byars
 Just A Little Loving (Eddie Arnold) WZ V+2, Bradt  
 Just A Little Talk With Jesus (George Jones) 2-step II+1, Hilton  
 Just An Old-Fashioned Girl (Ross Mitchell) Tango V, Childers Just a Tango
 Just Another Day - Jon Secada Rumba V, Ross  
 Just Another Day In Paradise (Bertie Higgins) 2-step II+2, Daviau; Rumba III+2, Barrett  
 Just Another Woman In Love (Anne Murray) Rumba VI, Anderson  
 Just As I Am (Ricky Van Shelton) + 10 pc Waltz II, Malthouse  
 Just as I Am (Willie Nelson instr.) Willie Nelson Red Headed Stranger
 Just As Much (Hi Hat) 2-step Roberts, McFarlane  
 Just As Much As Ever (Bert Kaempfert) Foxtrot V+1, Dierickx  
 Just As The Sun Went Down - James King 2-step II+2, Restorff  
 Just Ask Your Heart (Frankie Avalon) 2-step II+2, Murphy  
 Just Because I'm A Woman (Dolly Parton) Rumba V, Dierickx  
 Just Beyond South Padre Rumba V+1, Wacker  
 Just Can't Stop Loving You (Michael Jackson) CUT Rumba VI, Lamberty  
 Just Dance (Lady Gaga) Cha IV+1, Simpson  
 Just Foolin' Around (Al Russ) 2-step II+1, Liberti  
 Just For the Fun of It (Nat King Cole) Foxtrot VI, Ross  
 Just For You (STAR - Helmut Licht) Waltz II+2 - Hamilton  
 Just Friends (Ray Conniff) Foxtrot V, Dierickx  
 Just Give Me A Reason - Pink w Nate Rues Rumba IV, Chatos-Ryall  
 Just Give Me A Reason (Pink) Rumba IV+2, Bolton Dance = Give me a Reason
 Just Hang Loose (Weaver & Bower) 2-step II, Weiss  
 Just Hold Me (Maria Mena) Rumba IV+1+1, Grob  
 Just How Bad Do You Wanna Feel Good (Keith Whitley) 2-step III, Dierickx  
 Just In Time (Bobby Darin - Casa Musica) Alternate  
 Just In Time (Roper) Fox IV+2, Norton  
 Just In Time (Shibata Sp) Fox V+2, Shibata  
 Just In Time (Tony Bennett) Fox IV+2, Moore  
 Just Let Me Be In Love (Tracy Byrd) + 3 pc Cha IV+2  
 Just Like A Rodeo (John Michael Mongomery) Jim Hattrick's Jive IV See cue-cards
 Just Loving You (Mary Duff) 2-step II +2, Hooper (adjusted)  
 Just My Luck (VIP) edited CHA VI, Rumble  
 Just One Dance (Caro Emerald) Rumba IV, Woodruff  
 Just One Look (Doris Troy) Speed + 7 pc Cha IV, Scherrer Cha III+2, Morrison
 Just Playing Possum (Alan Jackson & George Jones) TS II, Seurer  
 Just The Way You Are (Bruno Mars) Cha III+2, Ahart  
 Just The Way You Are (Dick Brave & The Backbeats) Westcoast Swing IV+1, Voelkl Cue-card
 Just The Way You Are (Ray McVay) Fox V, Ross  
 Just to love You (Nur um dich zu lieben) - Arno Flor Waltz V+1, Dierickx  
 Just When I Needed You Most (Dolly Parton 1996) Bolero IV+1+1, Dierickx  
 Just You and Me (Special Pressing) Foxtrot III+2, Buck  
 Kansas City - Fats Domino Jive IV, Taylor  
 Kansas City (Brenda Lee) Jive IV, Robertson or Folzell/Butcher Jive V+0+2, Rumble
 Kansas City (Wilbert Harrison) Alternate  
 Kansas City Lights (Steve Mariner) 2-step II+1, Speranzo  
 Katie Wants A Fast One (Steve Wariner)- 4 pc 2-step-mambo III+2, Chico  
 Kauai Island of Love (Elvis Presley) Foxtrot IV, McKenrick  
 Keep me from Blowing Away (T. Graham Brown) Alternate  
 Keep on Dreamin' (Joni Harms) 2-step II+1, Weiss  
 Keeper of my Heart (Tony Evans) Waltz II+1, Baldwin  
 Keeper Of My Heart - Larry Boone Waltz II+1, Baldwin  
 Keepin' Me Up Nights (Asleep at the Wheel) Cha III+2, Baldwin  
 Kentucky Steppin' (Grenn) 2-step II, Auria  
 Kep Pa So (Augie Meyers) Cha - No choreo  
 Kewpie Doll (Perry Como) Jive III, Hutchison  
 Key Largo (Bertie Higgins) Bolero III+2, Chico; Cha III+2, Slater Rumba-cha IV+1, Gale
 Kiddio (Brook Benton) Westcoast VI-ish, Woodruff, 2003 Jive & WCS V, A&S Moore, 1993
 Kiddio (John Lee Hooker) Alternate  
 Kids of the Baby Boom (Bellamy Brothers) Jim Hattrick's Dance See cue-cards
 Killing Me Softly (Blue Sound - Dancelife) Rumba IV, Cavness  
 Killing Me Softly (Goldstar Ballroom Orch) Rumba IV+2, Francis  
 Killing Me Softly (STAR) Rumba VI, Goss  
 Killing Me Softly With His Song (Lynn Anderson) Alternate  
 Kind of a Drag (The Buckinghams) 2-step II+2, Oren  
 Kind of Woman (Stevie Nicks) Waltz II+1, Pratt  
 King of the Mountain (George Strait) Waltz II+2, Logan Waltz II, Wacker
 King Of The Road - Instrumental Jive V+1+1, Woodruff  
 King Of The Road - Ted Taylor Jive V+1, Ross  
 King Of The Road (JP) Foxtrot-Jive III+1+1, Ito  
 King Of The Road (Prandi Sound) West Coast Swing IV+1, Imamura  
 King of the Road (Randy Travis) for Marcel's routine West Coast Swing V+0+2, Van Acker  
 King Of The Road (Randy Travis) Alternate  
 King Of The Road (Rick Guard) West Coast Swing V+0+2, Van Acker  
 King Of The Road (Roger Miller) Fox-jive III+1, Koozer; 2-step II, Seurer Jive VI, Palmquist; 2-step McD
 Kirk's Rumba Rumba V, Migliorini  
 Kiss (Prince & The Revolution) Cha V, Halbert-Lamberty  
 Kiss (Shelly Fairchild) Cha III, Broadwater  
 Kiss (Tom Jones) Cha IV, Woodruff  
 Kiss From A Rose (Countdown Singers)-15pc Waltz IV, Simpson  
 Kiss Goodnight (Tyler Shaw) - cut Cha VI, Ross  
 Kiss in the Dark (Roper) Waltz IV, Lauzon or Paull; II+2, Walz ; IV+1, Sobala
 Kiss In The Night (David Hasselhoff) Foxtrot IV, Dierickx  
 Kiss Kiss Bang (Alex Swings Oscar Sings) Cut Jive V+1+2, Weiss  
 Kiss Me Again - Tony Evans Waltz V+1, Slater  
 Kiss Me Again (Frank Chacksfield) - 8pc Waltz IV+0+1, Dierickx  
 Kiss Me Good Night (Frank Pourcel) Foxtrot V, Dierickx  
 Kiss Me Honey Honey - Tony Evans Cha IV+2+2, Harcourt  
 Kiss me in the Car (John Berry) Jive V, Scott  
 Kiss me Slow (Gunter Noris) Fox IV+2, Nelson  
 Kiss of Fire (Hi Hat) Tango IV+1, Crosby  
 Kiss of Fire (Louis Armstrong) Unphased Arg Tango, Lamberty  
 Kiss On My List - Ballroom Orchestra & Singers Cha VI, Ross  
 Kiss on My List (Hall & Oates) Cha V, Preskitt  
 Kiss the Girl (Little Mermaid-Disney)-5pc Rumba III+2, Thompson  
 Kiss The Girl edited Cha III, Ito  
 Kiss The Rain (Olivato Dancesport Orch) Waltz IV+2+1, Dierickx  
 Kiss To Build A Dream On (Ray Hamilton) Foxtrot V, Hoffman  
 Kiss Waltz (Billy Vaughn) - 10% Viennese waltz III+1, Dierickx  
 Kiss You All Over - Clarence Carter Jive V+1, Francis  
 Kiss You All Over (Clarence Carter) - 4pc Jve V+1, Francis  
 Kisses in the Dark (Ross Mitchell) Waltz IV+2, Kincaid this or Helmut Licht both fit
 Kisses Sweeter Than Wine (Jimmy Rogers) Jive IV+2, Valenta  
 Kisses That Shake the World (Frankie Laine) Foxtrot III, Ross  
 Kissing Santa (Pete Fountain) edited Multi IV+1, Bingham-Oren Skeleton cue-sheet only
 Kitakami Waltz Waltz III, Ito  
 Kit's Waltz (Chet Atkins) Waltz II+1, Jestin  
 Knee Deep Two-Step (Zac Brown)- 3pc 2-step II+1+1, Defore  
 Knock me a Kiss (Casa Musica) WCS V, Schmidt  
 Knock On Wood (Eddie Floyd) WCS V+2, Brent Moore  
 Knock Once (The Heartland Band) WCS V, Goss  
 Knock Three Times (Dawn) Cha IV+1, Gomez  
 Knock Three Times (Tony Orlando & Down)) Cha IV+1, Gomez  
 Knowing Me, Knowning You (Tony Evans) Cha V, Ross  
 Koko Quickstep Quickstep III+1, Armstrong  
 Kokomo (Beach Boys) Rumba VI, D'Aloiso  
 Kokomo (Rockapella) Interesting alternate  
 Kokonuts 2-step II (polka), Brown  
 Komm In Den Park Von SansSouci (Gunter Noris) Foxtrot IV+2+1, Dierickx  
 Kookies And Kream (Miss Kookie) Westcoast Swing VI, Shibata  
 Kube (Lebo M) short Cha III, Cavness  
 Ku-u-i-po (Elvis Preslley) Slow-2-Step IV+2+1, McKenrick  
 Kyle's Inn (David Hope) 2-step II+1, Brown  
 Kyrie X Rumba VI, Suess  
 L Train (Stefano Nanni) Waltz III, Herr  
 L.O.V.E (Sarah Vaughan) Foxtrot IV+2, Molitoris  
 La Almohada (Los Potros) Merengue IV+, Ross  
 La Almohada (Los Potros)short Merengue IV+, Ross Do not repeat A-Bridge-B
 La Bamba (Ritchie Valens) TS II, Seurer TS II+1, Carnevale
 La Bamba Waltz - The Sandpipers Waltz II+2, Stillwell  
 La Barca (Luis Miguel) Bolero V+1, Goss  
 La Belleza (Marta Sanchez) Rumba VI, Bradt  
 La belleza (Martha Sanchez) Rumba III, Hilpert Cue-card
 La Borrachita (Mac Gregor band) Cha-runba III+2+1, Woodruff  
 La Campanella (Piano Symphony) Waltz V+2 or IV+0+2+3, Dierickx  
 La Carmencita - Pedro Gomez Orch. Tango VI, Sechrist  
 La Comparsa (Dance Along) No choreo  
 La Contessa Scalza - Hisao Sudo Rumba V+2, Dierickx  
 La Copa de la Vida (Vio Friedmann) - Paso V, Ross  
 La Coqueta (Ross Mitchell) Tango IV+2+1, Clements Tango V, Molitoris
 La Cuca Cha Cha Mixer Cha IV+2, Shibata  
 La Cumbia - Dancelife + 6pc Merengue IV+1, Herr  
 La Cumparsita (Roper) Tango III, Jabour Dance = La Joya
 La Distancia (Eydie Gorme) Bolero VI, Moore  
 La Dolce Vita (Roper) 2-step II+2, Paull  
 La Esperanza (Jan Harduin) -5pc Cha V+0+1, Dierickx  
 La Gadoue (Gerard Hever) Slow-2-step-Jive IV, Woodruff  
 La Gadoue (Petula Clark) Slow-2-step-Jive IV, Woodruff  
 La Gatta (instrumental - Roberto Siroli) Foxtrot V+0+1, Howell-Farquhar There's a vocal version if you prefer
 La Gatta (Italian vocal - Gabriel Rice) Foxtrot V+0+1, Howell-Farquhar There's an instrumental version if you prefer
 La Gloria (Luis Miguel) Bolero VI, Moore  
 La Golondrina Rumba IV+2, Doi  
 La Guitarra Romantica (Ricci Ferra) 2-step II+1, Hoffman Rumba III+1+1, Betzelberger
 La Guitarrita (1936) - Juan D'Arienzo Tango IV, Ross  
 La Hiedra (Kristina Bach) Rumba IV+2, Van Acker  
 La Isla Bonita (Glee-Ricky Martin) Samba-Rumba V+1, Okino Cha IV, Mann
 La Isla Bonita (Madonna) long Samba IV+2, Bradl  
 La Isla Bonita (Madonna) short Samba IV+2, Bradl shortened Intro-A-B-Int2-C-A(9-16*)-B-Ending
 La Isla Bonita (Madonna) Multi IV, Balk Pretty Isle Cha
 La La La (If I Had You) (Bobby Sherman) Cha IV+1,  
 La La Means I Love You (Frank Chacksfield) Rumba V+2, Hixson  
 La Li Lu Fox IV, Bradt  
 La Lontananza (Alessandro Olivato) Waltz IV+1, Dierickx  
 La Luna Blu (Monika Martin) Rumba V+0+2  
 La Luna De Asuncion (Janu) - short Bolero III, Bolero Short version
 La Luna De Asuncion (Janu) Bolero III, Dierickx  
 La Media Vuelta (Luis Miguel) Rumba IV+2, Hoffman Rumba V+2, Blacford
 La melodie d'amour (Teigen-Clayderman) Shortened - Intro - 20 Slower Slow-2-step IV+1+2, Dierickx  
 La Mentira (Enrique Chia) Rumba V+1+1, Shibata  
 La Mentira (Latin Jam 3) Rumba VI, Hagiwara Dance = Yellow Days
 La Mentira (Luis Miguel) Bolero VI, Rumble Rumba V, Bradt
 La Mer (Chantal Chamberland) Foxtrot-Jive V, Weiss  
 La Mer (Richard Clayderman) - 12 pc Slow-2-step VI, Shibata  
 La Mer (Special Pressing) Foxrot IV+2, Hurd  
 La Morena de Mi Copla (Dancelife) Paso Doble VI+4, Ross  
 La Morena de mi Copla (Roper) 2-step III, Moore  
 La Movida (Lourdes Robles - Tiki Tiki) edited Cha V+1+1, Ito  
 La Nave Del Olvido - Rumba - Bolero VI, Van Acker Cue-card
 La Neige Tombe (New Style of Party Time) Tango V+0+2, Ito  
 La noche Del Amor (Versaillestation) Bolero III+2, Kahlbaum  
 La Paloma (Charlie Shaffer) Bolero V+1, Molitoris  
 La Paloma Adieu (Mireille Mathieu) Rumba V+0+2, Dierickx  
 La Papaya Cha VI, Easterday  
 La Petite Tonkinoise FT III, Ross  
 La Playa (AfroCubana) Cha VI, Worlock  
 La Playa (Claude Ciari) Rumba V+0+several, Dierickx  
 La Playa (Mr. Guitar & Friends) Claude Ciari - Alternate  
 La Playa (Patrick Norman) Bolero III+1, Glenn  
 La Playa (Stan Slotter) Rumba VI, KB Nelson  
 La Playa Rumba (for Ito) Rumba IV+1, Ito  
 La Playa Bolero IV+2, Easterday, The Beach  
 La Plaza (Gold Masters 2003) Paso Doble VI, Hurd  
 La Puerta (Luis Miguel) Bolero IV+1+1, Moore  
 La Reine De Saba (Japan) BLolero IV+2+1, Doi Bolero V+0+1, Ito
 La Ultima Noche (Eydie Gorme) -7 pc Rumba V+0+1, Dierickx  
 La Vida Es Un Carnaval (Celia Cruz) Bachata-Salsa-Merengue III, Garza  
 La Vie En Rose (Hugo Strasser) Fox III+2, Molitoris  
 La Violetera - Alfred Hause Tango IV+0+3, Ross  
 Lady (Ballroom Orchestra) - Faded Waltz V, Ross  
 Lady In Red (Chris Deburgh) + 16 pc Rumba IV+2, Neumann  
 Lady In Red (Chris Deburgh) Rumba VI, Valenta  
 Lady Lay Down (Dancelife) Waltz III+1, Patik-Sevcikova Waltz II+1, Parker or II+1+1, Clarke
 Lady Lay Down (John Conlee) Waltz V+1, Scott  
 Lady Love (Lou Rawls) Cha V+1, Kannapel  
 Lady Madonna (The Beatles) - Slowed 91% Quickstep IV, Ross  
 Lady Marmalade (Christine Aguilera) Cha IV+1, Dechenne  
 Lady Marmelade (Labelle) Cha III+1, Prow  
 Ladyhawk (Claudio Novelli) Waltz V+2, Armstrong  
 Lahaina (Loggins and Messina)-4pc 2-step II+1, Byrd  
 Laid Back Country Picker (Waylon Jennings) 2-step II+1, Krueger  
 L'Air de Nuit (Norman Candler) Waltz III+2+1, Hichman  
 Laissez Les Bontemps Rouler (Helen Reddy) 2-step II, Booz-Newton  
 Lake Biwa Circumnavigation (JP) Waltz IV+2, Doi  
 Lake Como (Sweet People) Slow-2-Step IV+1+1, Dierickx  
 L'Albergo di Villagio (Jimmy Mac) Cha/rumba V, Bingham  
 Lambada Si, Trabajo No (Werner Tauber) Merengue Si, Barton III+  
 Lambamor - Kaoma Nerengue IV+1+1, Okino  
 Lamento Borincano (Paul Mauriat) Foxtrot V, Dierickx  
 Lamento Borincano (Roper) No choreo Flip La Cumparsita
 Land of Enchantment (Scott) Rumba III+2, Scott  
 Landslide of Love (Newsboys) Cha V - Kline - long  
 L'appuntamento (Andrea Bocelli) Rumba V, Chadd Rumba V+1+1, Weiss
 Laputa (Japan) Waltz IV, Ito  
 Lara's Theme from 'Doctor Zhivago' - Slewfoot Five Waltz II, Ross  
 Largo (Prandi Super Stars) Waltz VI, Migliorini  
 Las Clases Cha Cha Cha Cha III, Bradt  
 Las Ventas - Billy Ternent Paso IV+2, Ross  
 Lasso the Moon (Ballroom Fascination) Waltz IV = The Moon for You
 LassoThe Moon (Aron Garret) Waltz IV, Chadd  
 Last Cheater's Waltz (T.G. Sheppard) Waltz III+1, Woodruff Waltz IV, Scott
 Last Dance - Dick Bakker Orchestra Rumba IV+1  
 Last Dance for Me Cha III+1, Immamura  
 Last Date (Floyd Cramer) Slow-2-step III+1, Dunn 5-ct Brownrigg, Ford, Saunders, Juhler
 Last Night - Chris Anderson & DJ Robbie Cha V+1, Worlock  
 Last Night (AZ Yet - REXL) Rumba VI, Lamberty  
 Last Night Cha - short Shortened version See cue-cards
 Last Night Of The World (Lou Rawls) Bolero IV+1, Read  
 Last Night On The Back Porch (Alma Cogan) 2-step II, similar ftwk, Woodruff  
 Last Tango In Paris - Roper Dance Orchestra Tango V, Ross  
 Last Thing On My Mind - Vio Friedmann Rumba III, Ross  
 Last Train to Clarksville (The Monkees) Cha III+1, Klein  
 Last Waltz of the Evening (Daniel O'Donnell) Waltz III+1, Hilton  
 Latika's Theme (from 'Slumdog Millionaire') Rumba V+2, Nolen  
 Latin Love Story (Prandi) Rumbba V+1+various, Hurd  
 Latin Wiggle - Mixer Mixer  
 Latino Show (Rulo y su Combo Latino) Cut Merengue III, Ross  
 Laughing Trombone Polka (Russ Morgan) No known choreo  
 Laughter in the Rain (Neil Sedaka) Cha III+1, Seurer Rumba IV+2, Byrd
 Laura (Special Pressing) Foxtrot VI, Slater  
 Lavender Blue (Shelby Flint) STS IV, Gloodt  
 Lawdy, Miss Clawdy (Elvis Presley) Jive IV+1. Guenthner 2-step III, Garza
 Lay All Your Love On Me (Tony Evans) Paso Doble VI, Ross  
 Lay Down Beside Me (Don Williams) Waltz II, Labau Waltz IV+1, Baldwin
 Lay Down Beside Me (Heidi Hauge) Waltz IV, Dierickx  
 Lay Down Sally (Don Williams) 2-step, DeMaine; Cha III, Stockfeder
 Lay Down Sally (Eric Clapton) 5-Count II, DeMaine Cha III, Stockfeder
 Lay 'Em Down (Need to Breathe) 2-step II+1, C.Eum  
 Layla (Eric Clapton) WCS IV+2, Kincaid  
 Lazy Day (Spanky & Our Gang) - 10 pc Foxtrot III, Booz  
 Lazy Hazy Crazy Daze Of Summer (Nat King Cole) 2-step II, Malthouse 2-step II, Seurer
 Le Cafe D'Amour (F.R.P.) Rumba IV+1, Race  
 Le Monde A L'Envers - Roger Pilon Samba V+1, Ross  
 Le Paree Foxtrot (Special Pressing) Foxtrot IV, Kreshock-Heinemann  
 Le plus beau tango du monde [The Karaoke Channel) Tango V, Ross  
 Le Tango du Congo (Le Grand Jojo) Tango III+1, Woodruff  
 Le Tue Parole (Andrea Bocelli) Bolero IV+2, Weiss Bolero V+1, Weiss
 Le Vert Gallant (Claude Ciari) -10pc Bolero IV+1, Dierickx  
 Le Vrai Soleil (Frederic Francois) Rumba V+1, Dierickx  
 Lean Baby - Billy May Alternate  
 Lean Baby (Hisao Sudou) Foxtrot V, Woodruff  
 Leaning On the Everlasting Arms (Larry W. White) 2-step II+1, Lewis-Samborsky  
 Learning The Blues (Frank Sinatra) Fox III+1, Dunn  
 Leave A Little Room For God (Neil Diamond) Jive IV, Weiss  
 Leave Me Alone (Ruby Red Dress) (Helen Reddy) Wilder, Serface, Sample, McKinney  
 Leaves On the Seine (Gianni Pavesi) Waltz VI, Hicks  
 Leaving Is the Only Way Out (Shania Twain) Waltz III+1, Barnett  
 Leaving On Your Mind (Patsy Cline) Hesitation Canter Waltz IV+1, Dierickx  
 Left Brain Grocery List- (Jeanne Robertson) Humor  
 Left Footer's One Step Jivin' the Jack, 2-step-jive IV, Pence Left Footers WCS, IV+1, Thompson
 Legends of the Fall (Michael Garson) Waltz IV+2, Gloodt  
 Lejos de Ti (Hollywood Movie Strings) Tango V+1, Lamberty Tango V+1, Ito
 Lemon Tree - Ted Taylor Ted Taylor Big Band  
 Lemon Tree (Herb Alpert) Rumba VI, Ross  
 Lemon Tree (Trini Lopez) Mambo IV, Fenels  
 Les Bicyclettes De Belsize (Engelbert Humperdinck) Waltz II, Parrot; III, Lawson Waltz IV, Huffman, Belsize Waltz
 Les Bicyclettes De Belsize (Lenny Dee) Waltz II, Koozer  
 Les Calanques de Piana (Claude Ciari) Slow-2-Step-Bolero V, Dierickx  
 Les Plaisirs Demodes (Frank Pourcel) Foxtrot IV, Dierickx  
 Less of Me (The Everly Brothers)- 2pc Foxtrot III+1, Lewis-Samborsky  
 Lessons Learned (Tracey Lawrence) TS II+2, Speranzo  
 Let A Smile Be Your Umbrella (Bert Kaempfert) Foxtrot IV +2, Hoffman Dance = Umbrella Smile
 Let it be (Lass es zu - Hansi Hinterseer) Rumba V, Dierickx  
 Let It Be Me (Anne Murray & Vince Gill ) Alternate, full sequence  
 Let it Be Me (Jerry Butler & Betty Everett) Slow-2-step III+2, Morrison  
 Let it be Me (Les Paul & Mary Ford) Alternate, short sequence  
 Let it be Me (Skeeter Davis & Bobby Bare) Alternate, full sequence Ending: 1 Lunge Basic
 Let it be Me (The Everly Brothers) Alternate, short sequence  
 Let It Go (Demi Lovato) 2-step II+2, Yoshikawa  
 Let It Go (from 'Frozen') Waltz III+1+1, Yoshikawa; III+2, Blackford Waltz IV+2+1, Byrd; WZ I+1, Dunn
 Let It Go (Idina Menzel) 2-step II+2, Wilaby  
 Let it Out (Press Play) Mixed IV+2, Christina Eum  
 Let it Roll, Let it Ride (Cherrybombs)short Jive IV+1, Bahr  
 Let Me Call You Sweetheart (Classic Carnival Circus Calliope Music) 93% Waltz II+2, Weiss  
 Let Me Call You Sweetheart (Japan) Waltz IV+2, Doi  
 Let Me Call You Sweetheart (Lawrence Welk) Waltz IV+1, Szabo
 Let Me Down Easy (Chris Isaak) Cha IV, Crapo  
 Let Me Live With Love and Die With You (Ricky Van Shelton) 2-step II+1, Ritchie  
 Let Me Love You Tonight (Dean Martin) Rumba IV+1, Toth Rumba III, Parker
 Let Me See (Isla Grant) Foxtrot III+1, Weiss  
 Let Me Show You How (Shakin' Stevens) Jive IV+2, Slater  
 Let Me Try Again (Japan) Bolero V+1, Doi  
 Let The Cowboy Dance (Michael Martin Murphey) - 6pc 2-step II+1, Ford or Heiny 2-step II+2, Baldwin
 Let The Light Shine On You (Doug Stone) Waltz III+1, Martin  
 Let The Little Girl Dance (Billy Bland)-5 pc = Let Her Dance TS, RB, JV III+2, Molitoris
 Let There Be Love (Nat King Cole) FT VI, Lamberty  
 Let us make peace - Rosanna Rocci Hesitation Canter Waltz IV+1+1, Dierickx
 Let Your Heart Lead Your Mind (Smokin' Armadillos) 2-step II, Oren  
 Let Your Love Flow (Bellamy Brothers) Cha III, Parnell, 1977  
 Let Your Love Flow (Everly Brothers) Cha III, Parnell  
 Let Your Love Flow (Lenny Dee) Cha III, Parnell  
 Let your Lovelight Shine (Danny Davis) Foxtrot III, McGlynn  
 Letkiss (Casa Musica) Mambo-2-step IV+1, ECTA  
 Letkiss (Gudrun Jenkins) 2-step II+1, Woodruff  
 Letkiss (Hugo Strasser) Alternate  
 Letkiss (Klaus Hallen) Mambo IV+1, ECTA  
 Let's Cha Cha (Special Pressing) Cha V+2, Lawson  
 Let's Cha Cha Old Line or couple dance, Carter Same as Making Whoopee
 Let's Chase Each Other (Merle Haggard) 2-step II+1+1, Hichman  
 Let's Dance (Hi Hat) Quickstep Unphaserd by Stone  
 Let's Dance (Les Brown) Quickstep V+1, Doi  
 Let's Dance Together Waltz V, Palmquist  
 Let's Do it ( Let's Fall in Love) - Bruce Forsyth    
 Let's Do it Again (Grenn) 2-step II, Croft-De Zordo  
 Let's Face The music and Dance (Andre Holst & Chris Dean) Quickstep IV, Parker  
 Let's Face The Music And Dance (Vic Damone) Quickstep VI, Lamberty  
 Let's Fall In Love - Roper 287 2-step/fox III, Goss  
 Lets Fall In Love (Alma Cogan) Foxtrot-Jive IV+1, Gloodt  
 Let's Fall in Love (Casa Musica) Fox V, Noble  
 Let's Fall in Love (Roper) 2-step/foxtrot III, Goss  
 Let's fall in love (Sydney Thompson) Fox III, Ross  
 Lets Fall to Pieces Together (George Strait) Waltz IV, Dungan  
 Let's Foxtrot (Grenn) Foxtrot IV, Gale or Martin Foxtrot IV+2+1, Parrott (Love Hurts)
 Let's Get It While The Gettin's Good (Eddy Arnold) -5pc 2-step II+1, Woodruff  
 Let's Get Loud (Japan) Quickstep IV+2+1  
 Let's get Loud (Jennifer Lopez) Cha IV+1, Hannah  
 Let's Get Loud (Ross Mitchell) Cha III+2, Kincaid  
 Let's Go Steady Again (Neil Sedaka 1963) 2-step II+1, Bishop  
 Let's Keep It That Way (Anne Murray) Rumba III+2, McCurley-Thiel  
 Let's Love (Johnny Mathis) Fox V+2+1, Noble  
 Let's Mambo (Go Diego Go)- 5 pc Mambo IV+1, Herr  
 Let's Merengue (Barton) Merengue V, Barton  
 Let's Misbehave (Elvis Costello) Quickstep III+2, Chico  
 Let's StartTomorrow Tonight (SMASH Cast Version) Foxtrot-Jive III+2, Ayres  
 Let's Stay Together (Al Greene) Cha IV+1+2, Tevlin West Coast Swing IV+1+2, Garza
 Let's Talk Dirty In Hawaiian (John Prine) 2-step II+1, Molitoris  
 Let's Work Together (Wilbert Harrison) Merengue III+1+1, Ball  
 Letter from a Postman's Bag (Daniel O'Donnell) 2-step II+1, Callaghan  
 Liberated Woman (Jinx Pyle) Unknown  
 Libertango (Ballroom Swing) TangoV+1, Lamberty  
 Libertango Tango V, Lamberty  
 Lido Shuffle (Boz Scaggs) short, minus 7 pc - Lido Shuffle Jive V+1, Prow  
 Lie To Linda (Susan McCann) Rumba III+2, Brown/Cooley Unreleasted
 Liebestraum No. 3 (Waltz 31) Waltz V+1, Shibata  
 Life could be a dream (Trevor Horn) Foxtrot V, Lamberty 2007  
 Life Goes On (The Beatles) Cha V+2, Dechenne Ob-la-di cha III+1, Rumble
 Life is Beautiful (Nicola Piovani)-4pc Rumba V+2+1, Woodruff  
 Life is Beautiful (Sarah Breitner)-5 pc Foxtrot IV, Dierickx  
 Life is for Living (Barclay James Harvest)- 2pc Samba V+0+2, Voelkl  
 Life Is For Living (Barclay James Harvest) shortened Samba V+0+2, Voelkl See SHORT cue-sheet
 Life's A Dance (John Michael Montgomery) 2-step II, Godfrey 2-step II+2, Berka
 Life's About To Get Good (Shania Twain) Cha III+2, Klline  
 Life's Railway to Heaven - Patsy Cline Slow-2-step-Bolero IV+2, Woodruff Dance = Choo Choo Bam Bam
 Light my Fire (UB-40) Rumba IV+2, Francis  
 Light Up my Life (STAR) Waltz II+1, Cunningham  
 Lighthouse On The Hill - Hollywood Movie Strings Waltz IV+2  
 Lightning Strikes Again (Lou Christie) 2-step-fox-cha III, Booz  
 Lights of London (Prandi) Waltz V+2, Schmidt  
 Like Humans Do (David Byrne) Cha-Samba V, Froelich  
 Like I'm Gonna Lose You (Meghan Trainor)slowed 7.5pc Slow-2-step IV+1+1, Townsend-Manning  
 Like Red On A Rose (Alan Jackson) Waltz III+2, Davis  
 Like She's Not Yours - Bellamy Brothers Rumba IV, Sonnier  
 Like She's Not Yours (Bellamy Brothers) Cha III+0+1, Parker  
 Lili Marleen [Connie Francis 1961] Samba IV+2, Molitoris  
 Lillies White Lies (Martin Delray) 2-step II+1, Maris  
 Lilly (Pink Martini) Rumba V+1, Maguire MB IV+0+2, Hilpert-Pohl
 Limbo Rock (Chubby Checker)+12 pc 2-step-samba III+2, Kincaid  
 Limelight Waltz V+2, Doi  
 Linda Mujer (Lil Rob) Viennese waltz to rap music Just a curiosity
 Linda - Roberto Siroli Foxtrot-2-step III, Hoffman  
 Linda (Grenn) Jive IV+1, Sobala  
 Linda (Jim Reeves) Jive IV, Crapo  
 Linda Eh (Grupo Mania) - Faded Merengue V, Ross  
 Linda Lou (Tractors) 2-step II, Ogasawara  
 Linda Mujer (Hoctor) No choreo  
 Linda's Love (Orchester Werner Tauber) Waltz IV+2+1, Hichman  
 Lindy Lin (Grenn) Jive IV, Drury  
 Linger Awhile (Vic Damone) Quickstep IV+2, Lamberty  
 Lingering Lovers (Grenn) 2-step II+1, Johnson  
 Lingering On (Tom Jones) Rumba V, Dierickx  
 Lips Are Movin (Meghan Trainor)- 11 pc Cha IV+2, Hilton  
 Lipstick Medley (Ann Williamson) 2-step II+2, Healea  
 Lipstick Message (Ani Meja) 2-step II+1, Hagiwara  
 Lipstick On Your Collar (The Ultimate Collection) 2-step II, Parker  
 Liquid Lunch (Caro Emerald) Cha-Rumba III, Woodruff  
 Lisa (Max Greger) Waltz VI, Molitoris  
 Lisa (Richard Hayman) Waltz IV, Scott  
 Lisbon Antigua (Original 1955. Nelson Riddle) DeMaine, III+2, Classic  
 Listen To The Music (Doobie Brothers 1975) Cha IV+2, Weiss  
 Listen To Your Senses (Alan Jackson) Two-step II, Healea  
 L'Italiano (Rocco Granata) shortened Foxtrot IV+1, Woodruff-Dierickx  
 Little Big Horn (Ambros Seelos) TS-SS IV, Woodruff  
 Little Bird Dance (Beer Fest Style) Belgian invention  
 Little Bit Cha (Special Pressing) Cha VI, Kammerer  
 Little Bit Is Better Than Nada (Texas Tornadoes) Nada Rumba, III+1, Seurer  
 Little Bitty (Alan Jackson) 2-step II+1, Carver  
 Little Bitty Girl (Bobby Rydell) Rumba III+2, Hichman  
 Little Bitty Pretty One - Thurston Harris 2-step II, Scott  
 Little Black Book (Jimmy Dean) 2-step II+1, Mouser  
 Little boxes (Nina and Frederik) Waltz II, Woodruff Waltz III, Woodruff
 Little By Little (Dancelife) Jive III, Ross Jive IV+0+1, Brewer
 Little Darling (Dancelife) Tango V, Ross  
 Little Deuce Coupe (The Beach Boys) Jive IV+1, Scott, jive IV, Gomez  
 Little Devil (Neil Sedaka) 2-step II+1, Seurer  
 Little Drop of Poison (Tom Waits) 2-step II+2, Tyre Tango V+1, Ray Belanger
 Little Folks (The Charlie Daniels Band) Foxtrot IV, Gale  
 Little Girl (Vic Damone) Quickstep IV+2, Preskitt  
 Little Hawaiian Girl (Belco) 2-step II, Charlie Brown  
 Little Latin Lupe Lu (The Righteous Brothers) Cha III+, Pratt  
 Little Mama (Clovers) Jive IV, Walz  
 Little Man (Alan Jackson) 2-step III, Baldwin  
 Little Miss Honky Tonk (Brooks & Dunn) Rumba III+2, Baldwin  
 Little Ole Wine Drinker Me (Dean Martin) Would make a good 2-step Humorous
 Little Red Rented Rowboat (Joe Dowell) 2-step II+1, Buckmaster-Ping  
 Little Rock (Reba Mcentire) 2-step II, Seurer  
 Little Shop of Horrors (Ross Mitchell)-12pc 2-step II, Gloodt Jive VI, Goss
 Little White Gardenia (Joe Bourne) Foxtrot IV, Callen  
 Live and Learn (Clint Black) 2-step III-ish, Woodruff Cue card by Jim Hattrick
 Live fast, love hard, die young (Faron Young) 2-step II, Buckmaster-Reigel  
 Live, Laugh, Love (ESP) Merengue III+2, Bond  
 Livin' It Down (Delbert McClinton)-12pc Jive IV+1, Chadd  
 Livin' La Vida Loca - Ricky Martin .Salsa V+2+1, Kincaid  
 Livin' On Love (Alan Jackson) Cha-rumba III+1, Van Atta; 2-step II+1, Dean-Fisher; II, Seurer
 Livin' Thing - Count Dee's Dancesport Unlimited tANGO v, rOSS  
 Living a Lie (Al Martino) Fox-Jive V, Jobe  
 Living In A Fantasy (Neil Sedaka) West Coast Swing IV, Chadd  
 Living in Fast Forward (Kenny Chesney) Cha III+2, Oren  
 Llorando Bajo La Lluvia (Monica Naranjo) Rumba IV+1+1, Molitoris-Firstenburg Dance = Crying in the Rain
 Lo Hare Por Ti (Elida Reyna) Rumba V+1, Dierickx  
 Lo Mejor de Mi (Christian Castro) Bolero IV+1, Goss=Figwer The Best of Me
 Lo Que Yo Tuve Contigo (Jose Feliciano) What I had with You  
 Loco In Acapulco (Ballroom Orch & Singers) Cha III, Ross  
 Loco In Acapulco (Karl Schmidt) Cha V+1, Maguire  
 Loco Loco - Tukano Merengue V, Ross  
 Lola - Boris Myagkov Big Band Tango IV+2, Lankuttis  
 Lola Wants You (Hi Hat) Tango IIII+1, Colling Dance = Tango Lola
 Lolita (Roper) Waltz III+1, Hartung Waltz III+2, Lovelace
 Lolita (Ross Mitchell - STAR) Cha V+2, Herr Cha III, Seurer
 Lollipop (Chordettes) 2-step II, Booz  
 Lollipop (Mika) 2-step II+2, Krackau  
 Lollipops and Roses - Jack Hensen Waltz V, Gloodt  
 London By Night ( Ross Mitchell) Waltz VI, Goss  
 Lonely but Only For You (K.T. Oslin) No choreo  
 Lonely Drum (Aaron Goodvin) Cha IV, Jestin  
 Lonesome Moonlight Waltz - Craig Duncan Waltz II, Bartlette  
 Long . Long Before Your Time-Coulter Fox III+2, Lewis-Samborsky Slow-2-step V+2+3, Otto
 Long as I Live (John Michael Montgomery) Slow-2-step VI, Worlock  
 Long Black Train (Josh Turner) edited 2-step II+2, Knight  
 Long Black Train (Josh Turner) full 2-step II, Jenks  
 Long Cool Woman in a Black Dress - The Hollies Jive IV+0+1, Eum  
 Long Long Journey (Enya) Slow-2-step V+0+3, Hilton  
 Long Tall Sally (Little Richard)- 5pc Single Swing III, Eum  
 Long, Long Before Your Time (Phil Coulter) Slow-2-Step V+2+3, Otto Fox III+2, Lewis-Samborsky
 Longer (Dan Fogelberg) Bolero IV, Dodge Rumba V+1+1, Halbert
 Longfellow Serenade (Neil Diamond) 2-step-cha III, Woodruff  
 Look Again - Vikki Carr Waltz VI, Ross Waltz II+2, Woodruff
 Look at Me (Buddy Holly) 2-step II, Kline  
 Look At Me I'm Sandra Dee (Ross Mitchell) Viennese waltz V, Goss  
 Look At That Cadillac (Ballroom Orch & Singers) Jive V, Ross  
 Look at Us (Vince Gill) Cha III+1, Baldwin  
 Look at You Girl (Chris LeDoux) Rumba IV, Chadd  
 Look To The Rainbow (Gold Star Ballroom Waltz) Waltz IV+2, Bradt  
 Look What They've Done (Melanie) 2-step II+2, Woodruff  
 Look What They've Done (New Seekers)-12pc Fox-jive V+1, Hichman  
 Look What we've Done to Each Other (Ray Roberts) Line Dance, Longley Dance = Look, Look
 Looking Through Your Eyes (Leann Rimes) + 8 pc Rumba IV+1, Read  
 Lorelei (Japan) Waltz IV+2, Doi  
 Los Marcianos - New 101 Strings Orchestra Cha V+0+1, Ross  
 Los Ojos De Texas - Perez Prado Cha IV+2, Hoffman  
 Los Ojos Negros (Special Pressing) Tango VI, Blackford  
 Los Rayos del Sol (Prandi) Ruba V+2, Moore  
 Loser Friendly - David Ball 2-step II+2, Speranzo  
 Lost (Michael Buble) Slow-2-step VI, Preskitt  
 Lost And Found (Brooks & Dunn) Rumba III, Baldwin Rumba III+2, Kenney
 Lost in love - Ballroom Stars 4 Waltz IV+1, Ito Waltz VI, Ho
 Lost In The Darkness (Ballroom Passion) Waltz IV+1+1, Schmidt  
 Lost in the Feeling by Conway Twitty Waltz II+2+1, Healea  
 Lost in the Fifties (Ronnie Milsap) Slow-2-step IV+1, Tucker  
 Lost Lovers' Waltz (Heartsounds) Watz II, Wood  
 Lost to Me (Shibata) Rumba V+1+1, Shibata  
 Louie Louie (Sandpipers) Bolero III, Stillwell  
 Louisiana Hot Sauce - Sammy Kershaw WCS V, Ross  
 Louisiana Man (Doug & Rusty Kershaw) 2-step II+1, Hilton  
 Louisiana Saturday Night (Mel Mcdaniel) 2-step II, Tracey  
 L-O-V-E (Nat King Cole) Quickstep VI, Shibata, 1997 Quickstep III, Callen; 2-step II+1, Paull
 Love And Marriage (STAR) Fox IV+1, Easterday  
 Love at First Dance (Ronnie McDowell) 2-step II, Woolcock  
 Love Changes Everything (John Barrowman) Bolero V, Pierce  
 Love Changes Everything (Michael Ball) Bolero V, Pierce  
 Love Changes Everything (Michael Crawford) Alternate  
 Love Changes Everything (Sarah Brightman) Bolero V, Pierce  
 Love Dance (Henry Arland) Slow-2-Step IV+2+1, Dierickx  
 Love Done Gone (Billy Currington) Jive V, Francis  
 Love don't care (Perry Como) Bolero IV+2, Maisch  
 Love Don't Live Here (Kristofferson & Coolidge)+7 pc 2-step II+2, Woodruff  
 Love For Sale (Arthur Lyman Group) Jive-Swing IV, Moore  
 Love For Sale (Paola Fabris) Foxtrot IV+2, Hichman  
 Love Grows (Our Latin Music) Cha V +1 Worlock  
 Love Grows Where My Rosemary Goes - (Edison Lighthouse) WCS V+2, Read Cha IV+0+1, Hutchison 2005
 Love Has No Pride (Cathreen Clayton) Waltz VI, Schidler-Koegler  
 Love in Portofino - Andrea Bocelli Rumba V+2, Goss  
 Love is a Beautiful Song (Barry Crocker) Waltz IV, Hichman  
 Love Is A Beautiful Song (Brian Letton) alternate  
 Love Is a Beautiful Song (Daniel O'Donnell)-4pc Waltz II+1, Nickel  
 Love Is A Beautiful Song (Dave Mills) Waltz III+1, Snell Waltz IV+1, Hichman
 Love is a Beautiful Song (German) Alternate  
 Love is a Beautiful Song (Grenn) Waltz II, Connelly  
 Love is a golden ring Good for Wedding dance  
 Love is a Many Splendored Thing - Roper Foxtrot IV, Schappacher or Guenthner Foxtrot III, Wolcott
 Love Is A Many Splendored Thing (Barry Manilow) Alternate  
 Love is a many splendored thing (Helmut Zacharias) STS - no choreo  
 Love Is A Many Splendored Thing (Mancini) Alternate to Roper  
 Love Is a Many Splendored Thing (Rumba) Rumba - no choreo  
 Love is a Rose (Linda Ronstadt) 2-step II+1, Grasso  
 Love Is All Around (The Troggs) Bolero IV, Simpson  
 Love Is An Open Door (Kristen Bell & Santino Fontana) Cha III, Knight  
 Love Is Blue (Paul Mauriat) Rumba IV+2, Whyman = Blue Love  
 Love is Blue (Roper) 2-step III, Ward  
 Love Is Here To Stay (Ross Mitchell) Fox III+1, Baldwin  
 Love Is In The Air - Ray McVay Samba V+0+2, Ross  
 Love Is In The Air (Vio Friedman) Cha IV, Hoffman  
 Love Is Like A Butterfly (Dolly Parton) 2-step II, Dierickx  
 Love Is No Excuse (Jim Reeves-Dottie West) 2-step II+1+2, Hichman FT IV, Dierickx
 Love is on a Roll - Don Williams Rumba IV+1+1, Baldwin  
 Love is Strange (Dolly Parton & Kenny Rogers) Cha IV+1, Filardo  
 Love is Waiting (Follow Me) Rumba VI+0+1, Kurczewski  
 Love is you - RB - Ross Mitchell Rumba V, Brann  
 Love Letters in the Sand (Pat Boone)+10pc Fox V+1, Francis Slow-2-Step IV+1+1, Hamilton
 Love Letters in the Sand (Pat Boone)+19pc Mixed IV, Woodruff  
 Love Letters in the Sand (Statler Brothers) Fox IV, Scott  
 Love Lifted Me (Kenny Rogers) Waltz IV+1, Baldwin (- 10%)  
 Love Light - Cleve Francis 2-step II, Ross  
 Love looks so good on You (Perry Como) Cha VI, Nelson  
 Love Love Love (Clovers) 2-step II+2, Murphy  
 Love me Do (Box Song) - The Beatles 2-step II, Knight "The Box Song"
 Love me forever[Besame Mucho](David Pitt) Rumba IV+1+1, Armstrong  
 Love Me Like a Man (Bonnie Raitt) + 15 pc Westcoast Swing V+1+4, Nelson  
 Love me Tender (101 Strings) Fox IV+2, Cunningham  
 Love Me Tonight (Tom Jones) Samba-Merengue, Sperry  
 Love Me With All Your Heart -Engelbert Humperdinck Bolero III+2, Ito  
 Love Melody (Perry Como) Waltz II+1, Paull  
 Love Never Broke Anyone's Heart - Vince Gill Waltz IV, Carver Waltz III, Anthea
 Love Of Tango (Hisao Sudo) Tango IV, Dierickx  
 Love Pleasure - Tune Robbers Waltz IV, Ross  
 Love Potion #9 (Hansel Martinez edited) Cha V, Anderson  
 Love Potion 9 (Herb Alpert) Wesctcoast V+1+2, Prow  
 Love Potion No.9 (Ross Mitchell) Cha III+1, Manley  
 Love Revival (Reba McEntire) Slowed 11pc Cha cha III+1, Woolcock  
 Love Runs Out (One Republic) Cha III+2, Don Brown  
 Love Runs Out (OneRepublic) shortened & slowed Cha IV, Healea  
 Love She Can't Live Without (Clint Black) No choreo  
 Love So Right - Bee Gees slowed 84% Slow-2-ste[ V+0+4, Ross  
 Love Somebody Like You (Countdown Singers)) Cha III+1, Defore  
 Love Someone Like Me - Holly Dunn 2-step II, Watanabe 2-step III+1, Taylor = Dancing Moon III
 Love Story (Andy Williams) Bolero IV+2, Buck; Unph. , Storm Rumba VI, Lawson; Bolero V+2, Ito
 Love That Girl - Raphael Saadiq WCS IV, Ross  
 Love The Tango (5 Alarm Music) Tango V+1, Goss-Figwer  
 Love Walked in (Dinah Washington) Rumba IV+2, Guenthner Rumba IV+2, Doi
 Love Walked In (Ross Mitchell) Fox IV+1, Kennedy  
 Love will conquer all (Lionel Ritchie) Cha IV+0+1, Reinhard  
 Love Will Find A Way (Norman Candler) Slow-2-step IV+1+2, Gloodt  
 Love Will Keep Us Alive - Eagles Nardem STS IV+1, Anderson
 Love Will Keep Us Together (Captain & Tenille) Cha-fox IV+1, Steinke; 2-step-jv Northum Multi, Lovell; jive-fox V, Cun
 Love Will Turn You Around (Kenny Rogers) 2-step II, Little  
 Love you every second (Charlie Landsborough) Waltz IV+2+1, Dierickx  
 Love You Forever (Tonic Sol Fa) Cha IV+1, Weiss  
 Love You Too Much (Brady Seals) 2-step II, Seurer  
 Love, wonderful love (Howard Keel) Foxtrot IV, Ross  
 Love, Wonderful Love (Dance House) Alternate  
 Love, You Done Me Wrong (Dancelife) Single Swing IV, Ross  
 Lovebug (George Strait)) 2-step II+2, Chico 2-step Healea.
 Lovefool (Ross Mitchell) - 6.5% Cha on the workbench, Matthews  
 Loveliest Night Of The Year (Lawrence Welk)-5pc Waltz IV, Bingham  
 Loveliest Night Of The Year Waltz IV, Bingham  
 Lover Come Back To Me (Artie Shaw) STS IV+0+1, Doi  
 Lover Glances (Prandi) Waltz IV+1  
 Lover Lover (Jerrod Niemann) Jive-foxtrot-2-step IV+1+1, Cleek Cha IV+0+1, Cartwright
 Lover Of Love (Allen Toussaint) Foxtrot-jive V  
 Lovers Chain (Charlie Landsborough) Foxtrot IV+0+1, Dierickx  
 Lovers Chain (Daniel O'Donnell) Foxtrot IV+2, Kennedy  
 Lover's Concerto Cha cha IV or VI, Doi
 Lover's Waltz (Galway) Waltz III, Whyman Waltz VI, Whyman
 Lovers Waltz (Ross Mitchell) Waltz IV, Baldwin  
 Love's Gonna Find You (Indigo Swing) 2-step-5CT III, Murphy  
 Love's Gonna Make It Alright (George Strait) Cha III+1, Defore  
 Love's in need of love today (Engelbert Humperdinck) No choreo  
 Loves of four seasons (Robert Rigby) Foxtrot IV+1, Dierickx  
 LoveSong (Adele) for Dawson's dance Rumba VI, Dawson  
 Lovesong (Adele) for Halbert's dance Rumba III+2, Halbert
 Lovey Dovey (Clovers) WCS VI, Rother  
 Lovin' Life (The Jive Aces) Jive IV+2+1,  
 Lovin' Machine (Wynonie Harris) Single Swing III, Ross  
 Lovin' Man (SP) WCS VI Slotsve-Berry-Anderson  
 Lovin' You (Bobby Darin) 2-step II, Mandel  
 Loving Blind (Clint Black) Slow Dance, Ross, III  
 Loving You (Kenny G) Waltz IV+, Lamberty, 2000 Waltz II+1, Hayami
 Loving You (Paul Louis Reeves) Foxtrot V+1, Schmidt Dance = Nothing Feels So Good
 Loving You (Premium Standard Ballroom Glamour) Foxtrot-Jive V, Dierickx  
 Loving You Is The Best Thing That I Do (Dickens) 2-step II+1, Baldwin  
 Loving You Tonight (Andrew Allen) West Coast Swing VI+4, Garza  
 Low Down Blues (Blue Star) Jive IV, Carver  
 Low Down Blues (Hank Williams) Jive III, Hilton  
 Low rider - Tony Crane Cha IV+2, Woodruff  
 Low Rider (War) Cha III+1+1, Klier  
 Lucille (ESP) Waltz II, McCord  
 Lucky (Jimmy Dean) 2-step II, Peterman Origin of LUCKY WRAP
 Lucky Day - Vio Friedmann Quickstep VI, Ross  
 Lucky Devil (Carl Dobkins Jr) 2-step II, Charlie Brown  
 Lucky Ladybug (Billy & Lillie) 2-step II, Booz  
 Lucky Lefty (Grenn) Jive III+1, Hoss-Waldorf  
 Lucky Lips (Cliff Richard) 2-step, Brown  
 Lucky Lips (Ruth Brown) 2-step II, Murphy  
 Lucky Old Colorado (Merle Haggard) Waltz II+1, Baldwin  
 Luisa Rumba IV+2+1, Nobles Rumba V+1+1, Nobles
 Lula Rock-A-Hula - Teresa Brewer 2-step II+1, Healea  
 Lullaby (Ekaterina) Waltz IV, Powell-Brosie  
 Lullaby For You (F.R.P.) Waltz III+2, Parker  
 Lullaby of Birdland (Ella Fitzgerald) Jive IV+2, Kincaid  
 Lullaby of Broadway (Japan) Quickstep III+2, Doi  
 Lullaby Of Broadway (Roper)-5pc Fox III+2, Koozer  
 Lullaby of Schubert (Japan) Rumba IV+2, Doi  
 Lullaby Of Takeda (Japan) STS IV+1, Doi  
 Lullaby of Taubert (Japan) Waltz IV, Doi  
 Lulu's Back in Town (Hoctor) No Choreo  
 Luna Agosto (Dance Vision) Rumba V, Moore = Midnight Sun Rumba
 Luna en el Malecon (Hermanos Rodriguez) - faded Bolero VI, Ross  
 Luna Sobre Los Andes (Best of Ballroom 18) Tango VI, Linden-Roller Moon Over the Andes
 Luna Sorrentina (Ballroom Mix 8) Waltz IV+0+1 or V, Dierickx  
 Luther Played Boogie (Wylie and the Wild West) 2-step II, Jim Hattrick  
 Lyin' Eyes (The Eagles) 2-step III, Harris  
 Ma Ma Du (Chakachas) Mambo III, Ross  
 Mabelon Waltz (Windsor) Waltz IV+1, Scott  
 Macarena (Giants of Latin) Alternate  
 Macarena (Los Del Rio) Cha III+1, Ashenden  
 Machine Gun (The Commodores) Cha III, Trankel-Gilder  
 Machtlos - Andrea Berg Rumba IV+1, Spence  
 Mack The Knife - Ted Taylor Jive V+2, Ross  
 Mack The Knife (Deja Vu) Foxtrot III+2, Brown-Pugh  
 Mack the Knife (Roper) Foxtrot-Jive IV, Smith  
 MacNamara's Band (Sydney Thompson)-3pc 2-step II+1, Woodruff  
 Madam, I like Your Crepe Suzette Foxtrot IV+2, Lamberty Dance = Crepe Suzette
 Maddest Kind Of Love (Dancelife) Foxtrot V+1, Herr  
 Madeleine Roper 147 Waltz IV, Lawson, Paull, Haworth Waltz II+2 Harris, Maguire
 Mademoiselle chante le blues (Patricia Kaas) West Coast Swing V+0+1, Chadd  
 Madigan's Waltz Waltz V+2, Barton Waltz III+1, Barton
 Mae (Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass) 2-step-rumba III, Hager, 1998  
 Magda's Waltz (Special Pressing) Waltz V+1, Scherrer  
 Maggie May (Rod Stewart) + 5pc 2-step II+2, Baldwin  
 Maggie's Quickstep (Special Pressing)    
 Magic (Olivia Newton-John) shortened    
 Magic in the Moonlight (Mr. Guitar & Friends) Shoji Yokoughi - Alternate  
 Magic Is the Moonlight (Dean Martin) + 9 pc Alternate  
 Magic is the Moonlight (Indios Tabajaras) Better than Roper IntroABCABAEnd
 Magic Moments (Perry Como) Cha III, Croft Foxtrot IV+2, Pelton
 Mairzy Doats - Mac Gregor 5027 2-step II, Restorff 2-step II+1, Sanders (Kidel-E-Dive-Too)
 Major Repairs (Schuyler, Knobloch & Bickhardt) Jive III, Woodruff  
 Make Believe (101 Strings) Foxtrot IV+2, Rogers  
 Make Her Fall In Love With Me Song (George Strait) Jive III+1, Defore  
 Make Love To Me - Anne Murray Jive V+1, Slomcenski Jive V, Francis, Jive IV, Stanley
 Make Me Rainbows - Vic Damone Foxtrot VI, Finch 2002 Foxtrot VI, Lamberty, 2012
 Make Someone Happy (Tom Gaebel) Foxtrot IV, Ross  
 Make This Night Eternal (Luis Miguel - El Reloj) Bolero VI, Read  
 Make You Feel My Love (Adele) Rumba V+1+2, Dierickx Rumba IV+0+2, Dierickx
 Makin' My Heart Go Boom (Dion) 2-step II, Weiss  
 Makin' Whoopee - Paola Fabris & Riccardo Chojwa) Foxtrot III, Watanabe  
 Makin' Whoopee - Sydney Thompson Cha IV, Tullus Whoopee Cha-cha-cha
 Makin whoopee (Doris Day) Foxtrot IV+2, Molitoris  
 Makin' Whoopee (Ross Mitchell) Cha V+1+2, Dierickx  
 Makin' Whoopee (Tony Crane) Cha III, Taylor  
 Makin' Whoopee (Windsor) Cha IV+2, Rumble  
 Making Love out of Nothing at All (Pat Valentino) Foxtrot VI, Eum  
 Making Memories (Frankie Laine) Fox IV+2, Maisch  
 Making Memories Of Us (Keith Urban) Rumba III, Betzelberger  
 Making Whoopee (Hi Hat) Cha III, Goode  
 Mal O Mains (Sanseverino) 2-step II+2, Weiss  
 Malaguena (Orquesta Del Tendido) Paso Doble VI, Worlock  
 Malaguena (Special Pressing) Paso doble VI, McGee  
 Malaika - Harry Belafonte & Miriam Makeba STS IV+2+3, Rotscheid  
 Malaika - Helmut Lotti Rumba V+2+1, Van Acker  
 Malena (New 101 Strings Orch) Tango VI, Ross  
 Malt Liquor (Ace Cannon) mambo VI, Rother mambo IV, Schmidt
 Mama Don't Dance (Kenny Loggins) Jive V+1, Scott  
- Mama He's Crazy (Heidi Hauge) Rumba IV+2, Dierickx  
 Mama Said - The Shirelles 2-step II+1, Seurer  
 Mama Was a Jive Queen (Ballroom Orch & Singers) Single Swing III, Ross  
 Mama Yo Quiero (Hoctor) NardemSamba IV, Tikkanen Dance = Just a Samba
 Mama's Never Seen Those Eyes (Forester Sisters) 2-step II, Seurer  
 Mambo # 8 - Perez Prado No choreo  
 Mambo 5 (Roper) 43 rpm Mambo III+2, Kincaid Mambo unphased, Smarrelli
 Mambo Gelato (Edited) Mambo III+1, Cibula  
 Mambo Gelato (Ray Gelato) Cha V+1, Schmidt Dance = Gelato Cha
 Mambo Italiano (Alma Cogan) Great version to listen to  
 Mambo Italiano (Rosemary Clooney) Mambo III+1, Paull  
 Mambo Italiano (Wiseguys) - 8 pc Mambo V+1+1, Kincaid  
 Mambo Jambo (Mambo 42 - Ross Mitchell) Mambo IV, Easterday Dance = Jambo Mambo
 Mambo Loco (Helmut Licht) IV+1, Pilachowski-Delauter  
 Mambo No 5 (Perez Prado) Mambo IV, Cunningham Mambo V, Smarelli
 Mambo Number 5 (Lou Bega) Mambo V+0+1, Woodruff A Little Bit of Mambo
 Mambo Number 5 Disney (Lou Bega) Alternate version  
 Mambo Rock (Ballroom Orch & Singers) Single Swing IV, Ross  
 Mambo Tonight (Dance-Along)- 2pc IV+0+2, Collipi  
 Mame (Herb Alpert) On the workbench, Bingham  
 Mame (Sydney Thompson) QS unph Procter Jive V+2, Ross
 Mamma Maria (The Countdown) Cha III, Tani  
 Mamma Mia (Dancebeat 16) Cut Cha III, Ito  
 Mamma Mia (Dancebeat 16) full song  
 Mamma Mia (Klaus Hallen) -5.5pc Cha V+2+1, Kincaid  
 Man I feel like a woman (J) 31 - Slow Latin Alternate  
 Man I feel like a Woman (Shania Twain) JV IV+2, Rotscheid  
 Man I feel like a Woman (Shania Twain)slow & short WCS VI, Shibata  
 Man in Black (Klaus Hallen) Paso IV, Ross  
 Man in Love (Eric Clapton) Jive V+1+1, Hilton  
 Man in the Mirror (Adam Levine & Javier Colon) Rumba Cha III+2, Halbert-Lamberty  
 Man On The Moon (R.E.M.) short Rumba VI, Ross Music faded after Part D
 Man On The Moon (R.E.M.) Rumba VI, Ross Over 5 minutes
 Man Wanted (Nicola Dawn) Quickstep IV+2, Hurd  
 Managua Nicaragua (Freddy Martin) Fox IV+2, Kincaid  
 Manana (Dance Ranch) TS II, Buck; TS-SB IV, Pierce SB IV, Chico
 Manana (Hoctor Record) Samba IV, Cohen  
 Manana [Samba](Ballroon Dancing Under The Stars) Samba IV+1, Kurczewski  
 Manana de Carnaval (Luis Miguel) Rumba IV+1, Rumble  
 Mandolins in Nicosia - Dick Bakker Orchestra Rumba V+1, Dierickx  
 Mandolins In The Moonlight - Helmut Lotti Cha IV, Speranzo  
 Mandulinata (Casa Musica) Waltz IV+1, Garza  
 Mandy (Brazlian Tropical Orch) Bolero III, Ross  
 Manfred's Mambo (El Tattoo Del Tigre) Cha V+1, Webb Cha IV+2, Woodruff
 Manha De Carnaval (Theme From Black Orpheus) Carly Simon Rumba VI, Goss  
 Manhattan (Ella Fitzgerald) Fox V+1, Lillefield  
 Manhattan (Ross Mitchell) FT V+1, Kennedy FT III+2, Kincaid
 Manhattan Melody Grenn 2-step II, McFarlane  
 Manic Monday (The Bangles) Foxtrot VI, Ross  
 Mano a Mano (Roper 238) Tango IV, Garzo  
 Manolo - Los Manolos Cha IV, Ross  
 Manuela Rumba (Erich Bachmann) Rumba V, Dierickx  
 Many Mansions (Moe Bandy) 2-step - no choreo  
 Many Tears Ago (Connie Francis) 2-step II, D&P Brown  
 Maple Leaves (Japan) Cha III+1+1, Doi  
 Maps (Maroon 5) Cha VI, Goss  
 Marble Halls (Enya) Waltz VI, Hilton  
 Mardi Gras Cha Cha - Tony Evans Cha III, Harcourt  
 Mardi Gras Mambo (Buckwheat Zydeco) Mambo IV, Sonnier  
 Margaritaville (Alan Jackson & Jimmy Buffett) Rumba IV, Bovard; IV+2, Evans  
 Margie (Jim Reeves) Quickstep IV+2, Crapo  
 Maria (George Strait) Rumba III+1, Dodge  
 Maria (If I Could) - Marty Robbins Foxtrot IV, Francis  
 Maria Bonita (Perez Prado) Cha IV+0+1 (Hoffman)  
 Maria Bonita (Ross Mitchell) Cha cha V+1, Molitoris  
 Maria Elena (Bert Kaempfert) Slower Bolero IV+1, Dierickx  
 Maria Elena (Cesaria Evora) Rumba IV, Crapo  
 Maria Elena (Los Indios Tabajaras) Stereo Bolero III+2, Palenchar Slow-2-step IV, Auria
 Maria Elena Waltz (Special Pressing) Waltz V+2, Lawson Waltz III+2, Lawson (Waltz with M.E.)
 Maria la O (The Columbia Ballroom Orchestra) Rumba V, Dierickx  
 Mariana Mambo (Chayanne) Mambo IV+2+2, Goss-Figwer  
 Marie (Bachelors) Fox V, Scott; IV+2, Vanvactor Fox VI, Lawson
 Marie (Jim Reeves) Single Swing IV+2, Crapo  
 Marie Lavau (Bobby Bare) Cha III+1, Hichman
 Marie Leveaux (Thibodeaux) Cha IV+1+1, Sonnier  
 Marigolds And Tangerines - Bobbie Gentry Waltz II+2, Cavness  
 Marilyn (Latin Soul Orchestra Casa Musica) Cha Cha IV, Hagiwara  
 Marina - Ballroom Orchestra & Singers Quickstep III, Ross  
 Marinella (Japan) Cha III, Doi  
 Mariposa Traicionera (Inka Gold) Rumba IV, Hilpert-Pohl  
 Mariposa Traicionera (Mana) Rumba IV, Hilpert-Pohl  
 Marjie's Mixer Mixer I, Rummel  
 Marrakesh Express (Ballroom Orch & Singers) Quickstep VI, Ross  
 Married (Stapleton) -6% Waltz V+, Shawver  
 Marry Me (Neil Diamond) Bolero IV, Kline  
 Martinis & Bikinis (Gene Mitchell) shortened 2-step II, Turner Cue-Card
 Marvin Gaye (Charlie puth, Meghan Trainor) STS-FT III+1, Woodruff; RB III+2, Cox Cha III+1, Treichler; JV-TS III, McDonald
 Mary Queen Of Scots (John Barry) Rumba V+2+1, Rogers  
 Mary Ann - Poncho Sanchez Cha IV, Ross  
 Mary Claire Melvina Rebecca Jane (Eddy Arnold maybe) 2-step II, Jim Hattrick See cue-cards
 Mary Hartmann (Charles Barlowe) Foxtrot VI, Palmquist  
 Mary in The Morning (Al Martino) Rumba II+1, Scott  
 Mary Lou (Pat Boone) 2-step II+2, Mouser  
 Mary Poppins Waltz (Let's go Fly a Kite) Canter Waltz, Hamilton  
 Ms all (Beyond) (Gloria Estefan) Rumba VI, Shibata  
 Mas Alla (Sandra Cartolares) Rumba IV+2+1, Schmidt  
 Mashed Potato (Dee Dee Sharp) Cha III, Doi  
 Masquerade (Boyd Filardo) Rumba VI, Filardo  
 Massa's In the Cold Ground (Japan) Rumba IV, Doi  
 Material Girl (Madonna) TS II, Seurer  
 Mathilda (Hugo Strasser - Telemark) Quickstep III, Youwer  
 Matilda's Waltz (Phil Coulter) Waltz IV+1, Spence  
 Maxwell's silver hammer - The Beatles 2-step II, Hollenbeck  
 May Each Day (Andy Williams) Waltz VI, Shibata  
 May I Have The Next Dream Of You (Malcolm Roberts) Foxtrot V+2+1, Slater  
 May it Be (Lord of the Rings) Waltz VI, Sandeman  
 May It Be (The Lord Of The Rings - Rose Downing - Ballroom Elegance) Waltz IV+2, Rogers  
 May Roses (Prandi) Waltz VI, Naylor  
 Maybe (Kenny Rogers and Holey Dunn) Bolero IV+1, Baldwin  
 Maybe Baby (1957 - Conway Twitty) Jive III, Ross  
 Maybe It Was Memphis (Pam Tillis) Slow Dancing V, Ross  
 Me & Bobby McGee (Rhonda McDaniel) - edited West Coast Swing - Jive VI, Webb  
 Me And God (Josh Turner) 2-step II+2, Adcock Cue-card
 Me And Mrs You (Michael Buble) Foxtrot V+2, Goss  
 Me And My Shadow (Tony Crane) Cha IV+1, Fisher  
 Me And The Elephant (Charlie Landsborough) - 9 pc Slow-2-step IV+1, Woolcock  
 Me And The IRS (Johnny Paycheck) 2-step II+1, Brown-Cooley  
 Me and You (Donna Fargo) Foxtrot III, Tracey  
 Me and You and a Dog Named Boo (Lobo) Cha IV+1, Jenks  
 Me Condenas (Patricia Manterola) Rumba V+1, Dierickx  
 Me Faltas Tu (Thalia) - speeded 6% Bolero VI, Ross  
 Me Gusta (Italian Diamonds Orch.) Cha III+1, Hoffman  
 Me He Enamorado (Fernando Villalona) shortened Merengue IV, Ross  
 Me Miras y Te Miro (Merengue Feverr) - Faded Merengue VI, Ross  
 Mean & Evil (B.B. King) WCS V+1+2, Schmidt  
 Mean (The Voice Performance) 2-step II+1, Kenny  
 Mean To Me (Brett Eldredge)+ 6 pc Rumba IV+1, Byars  
 Mean To Me (Dean Martin) Fox IV, Ross  
 Mean to Me (Windsor) Foxtrot III+2, Tikkanen; 2-step III, Pell Foxtrot-Jive IV, Kammerer (Don't be Mean)
 Meat And Potato Man (Alan Jackson) 2-step II+2, Heiny 2-step II+2, Swartz
 Meditation (Moore) Waltz V, Moore  
 Meditation (Special Pressing - Slater) Rumba V+2+1, Slater  
 Meditation from Thais (Japan) Bolero IV+2, Doi  
 Meditation Waltz Waltz VI, Michaelson  
 Mediterranean Eyes (Casa Musica Vol5) Cha IV+2, Woodruff  
 Mediterranean Eyes (Pavlo)-shortened Rumba IV+2, Woodruff  
 Medley # 2, Sydney Thompson No choreo  
 Medley # 6, Sydney Thompson No choreo  
 Meet In The Middle (Diamond Rio) Cha IV+1, Healea  
 Meet Me After Midniight (Olstead) Jive V+1, Parker  
 Meet Me In Montana (Dan Seals & Marie Osmond) Rumba IV, Gifford  
 Meet me tonight in dreamland Waltz VI Fishers' Thinking of You routine adapted
 Meet The Flintstones (Klaus Hallen) Cha III, Healea  
 Meggie's Theme II Waltz IV+1, Sechrist  
 Melancholy (Cha) Cha III, Ito  
 Melanie (Bela Sanders Orch) Waltz IV+1, Dierickx  
 Melodie in F (Ady Zehnpfennig - Rubinstein) Rumba V+2+1, Dierickx  
 Melody of Leaves (Grenn) Jive III+1, Lauzon  
 Melody of Love (Al Martino) Waltz III+1+1, Sperry  
 Melody Of Love (Billy Vaughn) Instrumental alternate  
 Melody of Love (Connie Francis) Alternate  
 Melody of Love (David Caroll) Unphased, Gordon Moss Dance is Melody Waltz
 Melody Of Love (Four Aces) Another option  
 Melody Of Love (Frank Sinatra)+ 7 pc Waltz IV, Scott  
 Melody Of Love (Japan) Waltz V, Doi  
 Melody of Love (Lawrence Welk) Waltz III+1, Helm  
 Melody Of Love (Mantovani) Mantovani alternate  
 Members Only (Donna Fargo & Billy Joe Royal) No choreo  
 Memorias De Una Vieja Cancion - Luciano Pereyra Rumba IV+2, Ito Dance = Song of Memories
 Memorias De Una Vieja Cancion (Luciano Pereyra) Rumba V+0+several, Dierickx  
 Memories (Elvis Presley) Bolero IV+2, Bahr  
 Memories (Lawrence Welk) Waltz III+2+1, Sperry  
 Memories Are Made Of This (Dean Martin) Fox IV, Guenther; IV+2, Blackford STS-jive III+2, Chico
 Memories of Old Santa Fe - Randy Travis + 6.5pc Waltz V, Ross  
 Memories of You (New Stanton Band) Fox V, Slater  
 Memories To Burn - Gene Watson 2-step II, Ross  
 Memory (Barbara Streisand) Fox VI, Easterday  
 Memory (Gunter Norris) Rumba VI, Rumble  
 Memory (Johnny Mathis) STS IV+1+1, Molitoris-Firstenburg  
 Memory Foxtrot Fox III+2, Baldwin  
 Memory Maker (Mel Tillis) 2-step II, Hichman  
 Memory Rumba (Ross Mitchell) Rumba III+2, Molitoris  
 Memphis (Johnny Rivers) 2-step III, Francis  
 Memphis Tennessee (Bill Black) Jive V+2, Woodruff  
 Memphis Women & Fried Chicken (Graham Brown) Cha III+1, Woolcock  
 Men (Forester Sisters) 2-step II, Sonnier or Parker  
 Mercedes Benz (Ballroom Orch & Singers) Samba IV, Ross  
 Mercury Blues (Alan Jackson) TS II+1, Seurer  
 Mercy (Duffy) Cha IV+2, Zimmerman Jive V+0+2, Lankuttis
 Merengue Mas (Roper) Merengue unph, Maisch  
 Merengue Un Poco (Falcon's Island - Helmut Licht) III+1+1, Kincaid  
 Mermaid In The Night - Jimmy Buffett - 8pc West Coast Swing V, Goss-Figwer  
 Merry go Round of Love (Hank Snow) TS II, Voshell  
 Merry Widow Waltz (Grenn) Waltz II, Thrall = Lively Lady = The Merry Widow
 Mexicali Rose - Jim Reeves Foxtrot III+2, Dierickx  
 Mexicali Rose (Nashville Accordions) Waltz III+2, Hoffman  
 Mexican Carnival (Tony Evans) Samba IV+2, Ross  
 Mexican Cha Cha (Al Pierson) Cha IV, Hoffman Dance = Across the Border
 Mexican Corn (Herb Alpert) 2-step II Harris, II+1, Paull  
 Mexican Hat Dance (Hit Crew) 2-step II+1, Cibula  
 Mexican Minutes - Brooks & Dunn Rumba IV+2, Weiss  
 Mexican Moonlight (Berry Lipman) Rumba V+1, Hichman  
 Mexican Rose (Freddy Fender) Rumba III, Hichman  
 Mexican Shuffle (Herb Alpert) 2-step II+1, Bingham Teaberry two-step
 Mexican Wind (Jann Browne) Waltz III+2, Walz  
 Mexico (Ross Mitchell) TS III, Brann; SS V+2, Herr  
 Mexico Lindo (Living Brass) Waltz II, Koozer  
 Mi Buen Amor [Gloria Estephan] Rumba III, Garza  
 Mi Buenos Aires Querido - Horacio Deval Tango V, Ross  
 Mi Carina Maria - D O'Donnell Rumba IV, Speranzo Rumba IV+2, Goodson
 Mi Casa, Su casa (Perry Como) Waltz II, Brown  
 Mi Chico Latino Samba IV+2+1, Schmidt  
 Mi Confesion (Frederico Martoro) Rumba III+1+1, Brewer  
 Mi Lugar Es Contigo (Karlos Rose) - 11pc Rumba IV, Byars  
 Mi Vida (Pimpinela) Rumba IV+2, Read  
 Mi Vida Contigo (Leticia) Chs IV, Ito  
 Mi Vida Loca (My Crazy Life) (Pam Tillis) 2-step II+2, Hicxon  
 Mi Vida Sin Tu Amor (Christian Castro) Bolero IV+2 Gloodt Bolero VI, Worlock
 Mia (Simone) Rumba VI, Cantrell  
 Mia Tres Rumba III+1, Cantrell  
 Miami and Me - Clay Walker Cha III, Speranzo She left Miami and me
 Miami Beach Rhumba - Xavier Cugat 1947 Mambo IV+2, Enghusen Mambo VI, Collipi
 Miami Beach Rumba 39 rpm Rumba VI, Hichman (South Florida)  
 Miami My Amy (Keith Whitley) Rumba IV+1, Orme  
 Michael Row Your Boat Ashore (The Bachelors) 2-step III, Hilton  
 Michael's Two Step (Grenn) 2-step II, Harris  
 Michelle (Karl Schmidt Big Band) Foxtrot V+1+1, Gloodt  
 Michelle (Harold Faltermeyer) Rumba IV+2, Francis  
 Mickey II- Mickey (Grenn) Line dance  
 Middle Ground (Mary Chapin Carpenter) No choreo  
 Middle of the Night (Clovers) No choreo  
 Midnight (Red Foley) WCS V, Crapo  
 Midnight Blue (Gheorghe Zamfir) shortened, slowed 5% Slow-2-step V, Woodruff  
 Midnight in Austin Texas (Renee Olstead) Jive IV+2+1, Filardo  
 Midnight in Moscow (James Last & Paul Mauriat) Adaptation of Moscow nights See Cue Cards
 Midnight in Moscow (Kenny Ball) Fox V, Scott  
 Midnight in Moscow (Midnight Moods) - Roper See Moscow Nights  
 Midnight Man - Renee Olstead Jive IV+2, Bradt Jive IV+2+1, Parker
 Midnight Swinger (Mel Torme) Foxtrot IV, Lamberty  
 Midnight Tango (Arthur Murray) Tango VI, Vogt Tango IV+1, Moore
 Milica (Bert Kaempfert) Fox IV, Woodruff |Fox VI, Woodruff
 Milica (Steve Lawrence - Sweet Maria) Alternate - Vocal  
 Milk Bucket Boogie (Red Foley) Single Swint & 2-step III, Kadlec  
 Mind Your Own Business (Chicks on Speed) 2-step II+1, Woodruff  
 Mind Your Own Business (Hank & Reba)-6pc TS II+1, Whyman  
 Mind Your Own Business (Jackson & Williams Jr) TS II+1, Whyman adapted See cue-card
 Minnie the Moocher (Big Bad Voodoo Daddy) WCS VI, Blackford  
 Minor Swing (Chocolat Sound Track) Quickstep V+0+3, Farquhar-Howell  
 Mint Julep (Clovers) WestCoast Swing VI, Rother  
 Mira (Anne Murray - Serenity Waltz) Serenity Waltz IV+2, Robertson Bolero III+2, Galbraith
 Miracle (Whitney Houston) - cut & slowed Bolero V, Ross  
 Miracle Salsa Salsa, Shibata  
 Miracles (When you believe - Ballroom Lounge) Waltz VI, Brenton  
 Mirrors Don't Lie - Marty Stuart 2-step II+1, Krueger  
 Miserlou (Martin Denny) Rumba IV+2, Hoffman  
 Miss Chatelaine (Ballroom Orchestra & Singers) Quickstep V, Ross  
 Miss Emily's Picture (Thomas & Berg) 2-step II+1, Tracey  
 Miss Moorheads Tango (Casaphon)- 4 pc Tango IV, Rumble Senorita Tango
 Miss The Mississippi & You (Rosanne Cash) Foxtrot III+2+1, Woolcock  
 Miss The Mississippi And You (Sourdough Slim) Waltz II+1, Weiss  
 Miss You In My Arms (Joana Zimmer) cut Bolero V+1+1, Knight  
 Miss you in my Arms (Joana Zimmer) Rumba IV+1+1, Hilpert/Pohl  
 Missing - William Michael Morgan Foxtrot III+1 or IV, Kline  
 Missing (William Michael Morgan) Jive IV or Foxtrot III+1, Kline  
 Missing Angel (Jim Reeves) Rumba III+2, Bassett  
 Missing Angel. (Instrumental) Alternate Works with Dierickx dance
 Missing You Now (Michael Bolton) Bolero V, Ross  
 Mississippi Delta Blues (Williams) 2-step II + 1, Young  
 Mississippi Home (The Subdudes) 5-Count-2-step III, Woodruff  
 Mississippi Mud (Hi Hat) 2-step II, Dahl  
 Mississippi Squirrel Revival (Ray Stevens) Cha IV  
 Missouri waltz - The Columbia Ballroom Orchestra Waltz III+0+1, Dierickx  
 Mistakes (Don Williams) Multi III, Eddins  
 Misty (Hoctor) Foxtrot IV+1, Blackford  
 Misty (Ray Stevens) Cha III+2, Hurst  
 Misty Morning (Standard Music 3) short Waltz VI, Rumble  
 Mo Jive (Vio Friedmann) Single Swing III, Ross  
 Mockin' Bird Hill (Patti Page) Waltz II, Sanders  
 Modern Nature - Sondre Lerche Foxtrot III+2, Hollenbeck  
 Mohair Sam (Charlie Rich) Jive IV+2, Hilton  
 Molly Maguires (Henry Mancini & James Galway) Alternate  
 Molly Maguires (Mancini) Waltz IV+2, Lamberty  
 Mom and Dad's Waltz (Hugh Montenegro)+ 9 pc Waltz II+2, Sperry  
 Moment of Truth (Silver Sounds) Waltz V, Lauzon  
 Moment to Moment (Goss) Rumba VI, Goss  
 Momentos - Julio Iglesias Bolero V+1, Doi  
 Moments To Remember (Four Lads) short On John Stanley's workbench  
 Moments to Remember (Tony Evans) Fox V, Francis  
 Mommy's Shoes (Ervin Litkei) Foxtrot V+1+1, Filardo  
 Mom's Waltz (Darin Clendenin) Waltz II, Clendenin  
 Mon Papa (Cajun Waltz, Buckwheat Zydeco) No cue-sheet yet  
 Mona Lisa - 4pc Waltz III+1+1, Helton Waltz IV, Rumble
 Mona Lisa (Carl Mann) Mixed, Alf  
 Mona Lisa (Jim Reeves) Fox IV, Crapo  
 Mona Lisa (Joe Bourne & Peter Douglas) Waltz V, Dierickx  
 Mona Lisa Waltz III+1+1, Helton Waltz IV, Rumble
 Monday (Twins Project), slowed Cha IV+2+2, Ito  
 Monday Blues (TNT) 2-step II+1  
 Money Burns A Hole In My Pocket (Dean Martin)+11pc Foxtrot V+1, Preskitt  
 Money Can't Buy (The Love We Had)(Clay Walker) 2-step II+1, Restorff Seq: Intro (wt 1)-AABC-AABC-End
 Money Foxtrot (Special Pressing) Foxtrot V+1, Preskitt  
 Money Honey (Lady Gaga) Cha III, Wulf  
 Money, Money, Money (Abba) Cha IV, Woodruff  
 Monkey Around (Travis Tritt) WCS V+1+2, Molitoris  
 Monster Mash (Bobby Pickett) 2-step II, Trankel; III, Seurer II+1, Woodruff (cue-card)
 Monster's Holiday (Buck Owens) 2-step III, Hicks Halloween song
 Monsters, Inc. (Swing City Giants) Quickstep V+1+2, Preskitt  
 Montana Melody (Ballroom Damce Orch & Marc Reift) Rumba VI, Gloodt  
 Mony Mony (Tommy James) Jive VI, Ross  
 Mood Indigo (Hi Hat) Foxtrot/Jive III+1, Jenkins  
 Moody River - Pat Boone 2-step II, Ross  
 Moola Lah (Mambo Kings) Mambo IV+1, Finch  
 Moon Dance - Ross Mitchell 2-step II, Seurer  
 Moon Over Naples (Billy Vaughn) Foxtrot V, Dierickx  
 Moon River (Anita Kerr Quartet) Waltz IV+1, Francis  
 Moon River (Doi) Waltz III+2, Doi  
 Moon River (Louis Armstrong) Slow-2-step IV+2, Doi  
 Moon River (Mancini) Waltz III+1, Todd  
 Moon River (Manuel) Waltz IV+1, Rumble  
 Moon River (Shall We Dance) Waltz II, Gomez Very short (1:03)
 Moon River Cha (Special Pressing) Cha IV+1, Lefeavers  
 Moon Waltz (Stefano Nanni) Waltz IV+2+1  
 Moon Waltz (Prandi) Waltz IV+2, Dierickx  
 Moonbeam Foxtrot (Special Pressing) Foxtrot IV+1, Kammerer  
 Moondance (Michael Buble) Maybe alternate for Scott's Fox III+2
 Moondance (Van Morrison) Could be alternate for Scott's fox III+2?
 Moonglow (Carly Simon) Alternate  
 Moonglow (Rod Stewart) Fox V+2, Krause Fox IV+1
 Moonlight And Roses (Vince Hill) Fox III, Ross  
 Moonlight & Roses (Vic Damone) Foxtrot IV, Hutchison  
 Moonlight And Roses (Daniel O'Connell) Fox IV, Crapo  
 Moonlight and Roses (Telemark) Foxtrot V, Palmquist Dance is Memories of You
 Moonlight and You (Grenn) WZ II, Meisel or Stairwalt  
 Moonlight Brings Memories (Telemark) Lehnert  
 Moonlight Dream (Special Pressing) Waltz VI, Slater  
 Moonlight Fantasy (Gunter Noris) Foxtrot V+1, Nelson  
 Moonlight Magic RB V, Rother  
 Moonlight melodie (Frans Bauer) Waltz III+1+1  
 Moonlight Memories Of You - Billy Gillman Rumba IV, Speranzo  
 Moonlight Romance~Laurann (Chacksfield Orch) Laurann, waltz IV+2, Preskitt  
 Moonlight Serenade (Glenn Miller) III+1, Aleta  
 Moonlight Sonata (Japan) Rumba V+2, Doi  
 Moonlight Swim (Elvis Presley) 2-step III, McKenrick  
 Moonlight Swim (Tony Perkins) 2-step II, Turner Cue-card
 Moonlight Tango (Hi Hat) Tango III, Navage Tango III, Metzger
 Moonshadow (Benedetti-Pupping) 2-step III< Hoffman  
 Moonshine (Katie Melua) 2-step II, Hayami or Clendenin Foxtrot-Jive IV, Hilpert-Pohl; IV+2, Tulloch
 Moorhead's Tango - Hollywood Movie Strings (Senorita Tango) Tango IV, Rumble Senorita Tango
 More - The Dancing Strings Rumba IV, Ross  
 More (Nat King Cole) Fox V, Bradl  
 More (Perry Como)- 15pc Waltz IV, Ritchie More than Life
 More (Perry Como) 256 kbps Waltz II, LaBau  
 More Than A Haven (Jon Chandler) Waltz II+2, Weiss  
 More than a Name on a Wall (Statler Brothers) 2-step II, Beaulieu  
 More Than Ever (Come Prima - STAR) Rumba IV, Morrison; III+1, Barbe Rumba IV, Norris, Rumba VI, Easterday
 More Than I Can Say (Sonny Curtis) Rumba III, Healea  
 More than Just a Little (John Berry) Jive - no choreo  
 More Than Words (80's Extreme) Slow Dancing III, Ross  
 More Than Words Can Say (Alias) Slow Dancing IV, Ross  
 More Than You'll Ever Know (Travis Tritt) Rumba IV Matthews  
 More Today Than Yesterday - Spiral Staircase JV III+2, Oren  
 More Where That Came From (Dolly Parton) 2-step II+1, Baldwin 2-step II, Hanson
 Morena de 15 Anos (Dancelife) Samba IV, Ross  
 Morenito (SPARX) Mambo IV, Hoffman  
 Moreton Bay (Lionel Long) Waltz II+2, Lee  
 Morning has Broken (Dana Winner) waltz  
 Morning Has Broken (Nana Mouskouri) -15 pc Alternate  
 Morning Has Broken (Phil Coulter) Waltz III, Pierce; IV+0+1, Heiny Waltz IV+2, Tennant
 Morning Has Broken (Phil Coulter)edited fits Gaelic Morning but remove canter in Int 1; canter 2x in Ending.
 Morning has Broken (Simon & Garfunkel) short & slow Alternate  
 Morning has Broken (Simon & Garfunkel) Alternate  
 Morning Has Broken (Werner Tauber) - Kawai Alternate Beautiful version
 Morning Has Broken(REXL 1990) Waltz III, Lamberty  
 Morning Kiss (Grenn) WZ II, Arnot  
 Morning Of The Carnival + 3pc Rumba V+1, Slater  
 Morning On the Meadow - 101 Strings Waltz V, Kurczewski  
 Morning Town Ride (The Seekers) Jive VI,  
 Morning Train (Sheena Easton) 2-step II+2  
 Morningtown Ride - Ted Taylor (-6.5%) Jive VI, Ross  
 Morse Code Of Love (Capris) Jive IV+1, McGee  
 Moscow Nights - ERIN Foxtrot IV, R&A Brown  
 Mostly Martha (The Crew Cuts 1955) 2-step II, Wolff  
 Mother Kelly's Foxtrot (Special Pressing) Foxtrot V+1, Barton  
 Mother's Day (Helmut Licht) 2-step, Woodruff See cue-cards
 Moulin Rouge (Paris Session Singers) Waltz III+2, Sheridan  
 Moulin Rouge (Roper) Waltz II, Ross  
 Moulin Rouge Rumba (Romanticos de Cuba) IV+2, Cibula  
 Mountain Minuet (Boots Randolph) QS-TS III, Hoffman  
 Mountain Of Love (Johnny Rivers) Alternate  
 Mountain of Love (Molly and the Heymakers) JV IV, Buck, Packard JV VI, Rother, High on a Mountain
 Mountain Of Love (Narvel Felts) Alternate  
 Mountain Romance (Henry Arland) Waltz IV, Dierickx  
 Move (MercyMe) CH-JV III+2, Simpson  
 Move It Like This (Latin Music 5) Cha IV+2, Ferry  
 Move That Thang (Jimmie Jay Jay Jenkins) shortened West Coast Rhing IV+0+several  
 Move Your Feet (Tony Evans) Cha IV+1, Baldwin  
 Moves Like Jagger (Maroon 5) Cha IV+1, Kincaid  
 Movin' and Groovin' (Sam Cooke & Lou Rawls) Jive III, Ross  
 Movin' On Up (Shibata) Cha IV+0+1, Shibata  
 Movin' On Up Cha (Ross Mitchell-Michael Wilson) Cha V+1, Scherrer  
 Movin' Cha-Merengue III+2+1, Martin  
 Moving On Up (Scooter Lee) 2-step II, Callahan-Wyatt  
 Moving Out (Billy Joel) 2-step II+1, Parsons
 Moving South (Ross Mitchell Rainbow Collection) Rumba V+2, Childers  
 Mozo Guapo - Juanjo Dominguez Tango III, Ross  
 Mr Mom (Lonestar) 2-step II+2, Harris  
 Mr Paganini - Ballroom Orchestra & Singers Quickstep V, Ross  
 Mr Pinstripe (Dancelife) Quickstep V, Ross  
 Mr Sandman (The Jive Aces) Edited Jive III+2, Hichman  
 Mr Summer Time (in Japonese) Cha IV+2, Doi  
 Mr. Anthony's Boogie - Hisao Sudou Jive V+1, Ross  
 Mr. Arrow Key - Alec Medina Cha V+2, Woodruff  
 Mr. Beach (Shagtime Band) No choreo  
 Mr. Blue (The Fleetwoods) No choreo  
 Mr. Know It All (Kelly Clarkson) Rumba III, Ross  
 Mr. Lonely (Floyd Cramer) Slow-2-step IV, Blackford  
 Mr. Mom (Lonestar) 2-step II+2, Harris  
 Mt. Redoubt Foxtrot (Special Pressing) Foxtrot VI, Waldal-Bushue  
 Mucha jde Triple Cha Cha IV, Patik-Sevcikova  
 Muchacha (Bobby Solo) Cha V+2+1, Dierickx  
 Muchacha Cha V, Shibata  
 Muchas gracias - Latin Mix 7 Paso doble V+2, Ito  
 Mucho Corazon (Luis Miguel) Rumba III+2, Walz ; III+1+2, Oren Rumba IV+2, Sperry
 Mucho Mambo [Sway - Countdown Singers] Cha IV+2, Worlock  
 Mucho Mucho (Melody Dance Music) Rumba V+2, Cibula  
 Mucho Tequila (Chakachas) Mambo VI, Ross  
 Mudfootball (Jack johnson) Cha IV+1, Gloodt  
 Muevelo - Rey Ruiz Cha IV, Ross  
 Mujer (Special Pressing) Rumba VI, Read Rumba IV+1, Read
 Mull of Kintyre - Celtic Thunder Waltz III+2, Hilton  
 Mull of Kintyre - Harry Rabinowitz Waltz VI, Kincaid  
 Munca Cita - Ballroom Emotions Tango VI, Read Tango V, Prow
 Murder He Says (slowed) Lindy VI, Lamberty  
 Murder On The Dance Floor (Tony Evans) Cha IV+1+1, Maguire  
 Murder, he says (Teri Amos) Lamberty  
 Muri La Flor (Los Angelos Negros) Bolero V, Weiss  
 Music Box Dancer (Frank Mills) 2-step Wiese, Brown, Parnell, Meyer Fox-TS III+1, Porter; 1-step, Romano
 Music Music Music (Teresa Brewer) TS Hoffman, Hurst, Noble QS Scott, Chico
 Music to Watch Girls By (Al Hirt) Mambo III+2, Perry  
 Music to Watch Girls By (Bob Crewe Generation) Rumba IV+1, Dunn  
 Music To Watch Girls By (Tom Gaebel) Alternate  
 Muskrat Ramble (Ross Mitchell) Single Swing IV+1, Grahm  
 Must be catchin' (Casa Musica) Fox IV+2+1, Blackford  
 Mustang Sally (Wilson Picket) WCS VI, Prow  
 Must've Had A Ball (Alan Jackson) 2-step II+2, Betzelberger  
 Mutual Admiration Society (Teresa Brewer1956) Foxtrot-Jive III+2, Maguire  
 My Afrodizzyak Is You (Dancelife) Jive III+2, Harris  
 My All (Stan Slotter) Rumba VI Name of dance = All My Love
 My All (Vio Friedmann) - Faded Rumba III, Ross  
 My Angel (Malaika) STS V, Rotscheid  
 My Angel (Very Ballroom) West Coast Swing V+2+2, Ito  
 My Aphrodisiac is You (Kate Melua) WCS V+1, David  
 My Baby Just Cares For Me (Dancelife) Jive III+1+1, Rotscheid  
 My Baby Just Cares For Me (Michael Buble) Foxtrot VI, Goss  
 My Baby Just Cares For Me (Rene Olstead) Jive V+1+3, Clements  
 My Baby Loves Lovin' (White Plains) Jive IV+0+2, Norden  
 My Baby Loves Me Martina McBride) Cha IV, Wolff  
 My Blue Heaven (Harry Connick Jr. Rumba III, Wood Rumba VI, Hicks
 My Blue Heaven (Roland Cedermark)-20pc 2-step II+1, Woodruff  
 My Blue Heaven WCS-Jive IV+2, Hutchison  
 My Bonnie (Pepe & Carmen) Quickstep III+1, Hagiwara  
 My Bonnie Lassie (Ames Brothers) cha III+0+2, McCurley-Thiel  
 My Boy Lollipop (Karaoke in the style of Millie Small) Swing III+2, Moore  
 My Boyfriend's Back (The Angels) 2-step II, Seurer  
 My Cherie (Al Martino) Waltz VI, Shawver (Sam's Song)  
 My Cherie (Roberto Siroli) Waltz IV+2, Hichman  
 My Cherie Amour (101 Strings) Fox IV+2, Gloodt  
 My Cherie Amour (Frankie Valli) Rumba IV+1, Hoffman  
 My Cherie Amour (Rod Stewart) Rumba III, Kenny  
 My Cherie Amour (Steve Wonder) Rumba IV+1, McGee  
 My Claire de Lune (Special Pressing) Rumba IV, Lawson  
 My Clarinet (Japan) Quickstep III+1, Doi  
 My Coloring Book (Andy Williams) Alternate to Waltz VI, Bahr  
 My Confession (Josh Groban) Bolero VI, Rumble Rumba V, Gomez
 My Cup Runneth Over (With Love) (Ed Ames) waltz II, Chico; IV+1, Grossman, II+1, Walz Easterday IV, Oliver II+1, Smith II+1
 My Cup Runneth Over with Love (Des O' Connor) Waltz IV+1 + 1, Doi Waltz V+2, Kincaid
 My Donegal Shore (Daniel O'Donnell) Jim Hattrick's dance See Cue-Cards
 My Dream is You (Suzy Bogguss) Fox IV+2, Scott  
 My Elusive Dreams - B. Gentry & Campbell 2-step II+1, Hichman  
 My Endless Love Rumba V, Hoffman  
 My Everything (Dancelife) Rumba IV+2, Chadd  
 My Eyes (Blake Shelton)-6pc Rumba IV, P. Angress  
 My Fairy Tale (Prandi) Waltz IV+0+1 or V+1+1, Dierickx  
 My Favorite Things (Roper) Waltz IV+1, Maisch Waltz III, Rotrock-Ostrander-Darrah
 My Favourite Things (Sidney Thompson) Viennese Waltz, Pell 1985  
 My First My Last My Everything (Peter Grant) Foxtrot VI, Preskitt The Ultimate Ballroom Album 13 CD1
 My First Reaction (Ricky Van Shelton) +11pc 2-step II+2, Baldwin  
 My First Reaction (Ricky Van Shelton) 2-step II+2, Baldwin  
 My first Tango (STAR) Tango V+1, Schmidt  
 My Foolish Heart (Ross Mitchell) Waltz VI, Rotscheid Waltz III+1, Stromberg
 My Funny Valentine - Roper Foxtrot VI, Plaisance  
 My Girl (Alabama) Cha III+2, Betzelberger  
 My Girl (Temptations) WCS V, Rumble or Fisher; Cha III+2, Knight Slow-2-step IV, Scherrer; WCS V+0+2, Japan
 My Girl Bill - Jim Stafford 2-step III, Francis  
 My Give a Damn's Busted (Jo Dee Messina) Cha IV+1, Simpson  
 My Guy (Mary Wells) 2-step-jive III, Blackford  
 My Guy (Ross Mitchell) Fox VI, Goss  
 My Hat's off to Him (Doug Stone) Waltz IV, Speranzo  
 My Heart (TNT 145) Waltz III+1+1, Wolff  
 My heart belongs to daddy - Della Reese Cha V+1, Dierickx  
 My Heart Belongs to Daddy (Artie Shaw) No choreo  
 My Heart Belongs to Daddy (REXL) Cha IV, Lamberty Dance = Daddy Medley Cha Cha
 My Heart Belongs to Daddy (Ross Mitchell - Lynn Garner) Tango IV+2, Tulloch  
 My Heart Cries For You - Anita Bryant - Slowed Waltz III+0+1, Dierickx  
 My Heart Cries For You (Guy Mitchell) Waltz II, Koozer, Brown, Walstra II+2, Ferrante, III+2, Scott
 My Heart Cries For You (Slim Whitman) One or more of the above  
 My Heart Is An Open Book (Carl Dobkins Jr) My Pledge to You Bolero, IV+1, Drake Nobody Rumba, 2-step II+2, Croft
 My Heart is Lost to You (Brooks & Dunn) Rumba IV, Pilachowski-DeLauter Cha-Rumba III, Parker
 My Heart to You (Don Williams) Fox IV, Labau  
 My Heart Will Go On (Celine Dion - full length - Ryder V) Bolero V, Ryder  
 My Heart Will Go On (Celine Dion) - Ryder III Bolero III+2, Ryder  
 My Heart Will Go On (Celine Dion-Vio Friedmann) Worlock Titanic, RB IV+1, Worlock Rumba VI, Worlock, Ou Hearts Still Go On
 My Heart Will Go On (Vio Friedmann) Francis Foxtrot V, Francis  
 My Heart Will Go On, Celine Dion, 3'08, Vogt Bolero IV+2, Vogt  
 My Heart Won't Listen to Me - Nana Mouskouri Foxtrot V, Woodruff  
 My Heart's Desire (Windsor) STS IV+2, Auria  
 My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys (Willie Nelson) Waltz II, Dunn  
 My Home town (Paul Anka) - 6% slower Cha IV+1, Dierickx  
 My Home Town (Paul Anka) Rumba III+2, Hichman  
 My Horse Is A Harley (Ronnie Lee Keel) 2-step II+2, Oren  
 My Island (Patsy Jones) - Special Pressing Cha V, Vincent  
 My Isle Of Golden Dreams - Tune Robbers Waltz V, Ross  
 My Isle of Golden Dreams (The Surfers) Waltz III, McKenrick  
 My Kind of Crazy (Brooks & Dunn) Jive V+2, Van Atta  
 My Kind of Girl (Matt Monro) Foxtrot-Jive IV, Hichman  
 My Kind Of Woman (Vince Gill & Patti Loveless) Waltz II+1, Baldwin; IV, Baldwin Waltz III+1, Houser
 My Kitty Kat (Grenn) 2-step II, Connelly  
 My Little Friend (Elvis Presley) 2-step II+2, Carpenter  
 My Little Grass Shack (M ills Brothers) 2-step II+0+1, Weiss  
 My Little Grass Shack In Kealakekua Hawaii (Hugo Strasser) -5pc Foxtrot V, Dierickx  
 My Love for Evermore (Arielle Dombasle and the Hillbilly Moon Explosion) Cha IV+2+1, Woodruff  
 My Love Forgive Me (Special Pressing) Bolero V+1, Lawson  
 My Love Is A Tango - Count Dee Tango VI, Ross  
 My Man Cha-Cha (Windsor) Cha III, Stewart  
 My Maria (Brooks and Dunn) Rumba III+2, Seurer  
 My Mary - Jim Reeves 2-step III, Paull  
 My Melancholy Baby (Blackpool Legends) Fox IV+1 Baldwin  
 My Moonlight Memories Of You (Barry Manilow) Foxtrot VI, Worlock  
 My Music (Loggins & Messina) 2-step II  
 My Music, My Memories and You (Statler Brothers) Waltz II+1, Malthouse  
 My Name is America (Todd Allen Herendeen) Rumba IV, Matthews  
 My Neighbor Cha (Ani Meja) Cha V+2, Hagiwara  
 My Old Kentucky Home (Kate Smith) Foxtrot-Jive IV, Kelley  
 My One and Only Love (Dean Martin) Rumba IV+1, Beaulieu  
 My Only Love (Joe Kenyon) +3pc Rumba IV+2, Plummer  
 My Own Song (Tommy Redmond) Mixed, Unph., Hooper  
 My Reflection (Christina Aguilera) Rumba V, Lillefield  
 My Romance (Tony Evans) Fox III+2, Baldwin  
 My Second Home (Tracy Lawrence) TS-SS III, Chico; TS II, Healea or Sanders TS II+2+1, McDonald-McClain
 My Serenade (Whitehall Mystery Orch)- 7pc Hesitation-Canter Waltz IV+1, Dierickx  
 My Ship's Comin' In (Clint Black)+ 3pc 2-step II, Hattrick See cue-cards
 My Ship's Comin' In (Mel McDaniel) 2-step III, Ensten  
 My Shoes Keep Walking Back to You (Daniel O'Donnell) + 7pc 2-step II or III, Tennant  
 My Shy Violet (Mills Brothers) 2-step-jive-cha III, Pell Fox IV, Harris; Fox IV, Blocker
 My Special Angel (Bobby Helms) 2-step III+1, Chico  
 My Special Prayer (Percy Sledge) Rumba III+2, Cronkite. 2001  
 My Sweet Catherine (Dance Mania) Waltz VI, Goss  
 My Sweet Gypsy Rose (Paul Mauriat) 2-step/quickstep III+1, Hagiwara  
 My Tango Baby -- Ashly Cruz Tango IV+2, Finch  
 My Toot-Toot (Rockin' Sidney) 2-step II, Ensten  
 My Town (Glass Tiger) Slow Dancing V, Ross  
 My True Love (Jack Scott ) NC2, Valenta  
 My Very Good Friend The Milkman (Neville Dickie) Intro to Foxtrot, Woodruff  
 My Way (A Mi Manera) - Julio Iglesias + 17 pc Bolero IV, Ito  
 My Way (Instrumental) Alternate  
 My Way (Riccardo Chojwa) Waltz VI, Ito  
 My Way (Roper) - 9 pc Rumba V, Szabo  
 My Way of Life (Roper) Foxtrot IV+1, Guenthner  
 My Wife Thinks You're Dead - Junior Brown Jiv e IV+1, Bond  
 My Wild Irish Rose (101 Strings Orch)+ 15 pc Waltz IV+1, Morrison  
 My Wild Irish Rose (Mills Brothers) Waltz II+1, Pilachowski  
 My! My! Time Flies! (Enya) Mixed V+2+1, Woodruff  
 Myasaki Serenade - Franck Pourcel Hesitation Canter Waltz IV, Dierickx  
 Nada Personal (Armando Manzanero & Ana Torroja) Bolero VI, Garza  
 Nadia' s theme - Vladimir Cosma Bolero IV+2, Dierickx  
 Nadia's Theme (Devorzon & Boskin) Unphased, Goss  
 Nadie me Ama (Special Pressing) Rumba VI, Childers  
 Nah Neh Nah (Vaya con Dios) Cha III+1, Woodruff  
 Nancy's Song (101 Strings) Waltz IV+1, Scott Waltz IV+2, Gloodt
 Naomi's Waltz (Grenn) Waltz II+1, Harris  
 Nashville Cats (Lovin' Spoonful) Speed - 2 pc 2-step II+1, Scherrer  
 Nata per me Rumba VI, Doi  
 Natasha - Hudo Strasser Wa;tz II, Ross Waltz III+2, Baldwin
 Natasha () Waltz IV+2, Ito  
 Nature Boy (Ross Mitchell) Waltz II, Baldwin, III, Sanders VI, Goss
 Nature Boy (rumba - Joe Bourne) Rumba III+1+1, Rotscheid  
 Naughty Lady Of Shady Lane.5.1 (Ames Brothers) Rumba-cha-paso IV+1, Woodruff 2-step II+1, Hurst
 Navy Blue (Diane Renay)-8pc Cha III+2, Meyer  
 Near You (Jones & Wynette) 2-step, McFarlane; Fox IV, Crapo  
 Near You (Roger Williams) Fox III+ 2, Wilkinson; also V+1  
 Nearness Of You (Richard Alden) Ruba IV, Rollins  
 Need You Now (Lady Antebellum) for Driscoll routine 2-step II+1, Driscoll  
 Need You Now (Lady Antebellum) CH-RB III+2, Adamski RB IV+1, Francis
 Needles & Pins (The Searchers) Jive IV+1+1 - Callahan-Wyatt  
 Neon Moon (Brooks & Dunn) - (for Francis) Rumba IV+2, Francis  
 Neon Moon (Brooks And Dunn) Rumba III+1, Goode; III+1, Hooper III, Brewer; cha IV+2, Beynon
 Neon Rose (Mel Tillis) 2-step II+1+1, Hichman  
 Nessuno Mai (Ross Mitchell) Foxtrot IV+2, Goss  
 Neutron Dance (Pointer Sisters) -10pc Quickstep V+1, Hillburn Cha I|II+1, Dunn
 Never been to me (Charlene) Slow-2-step IV+2+1, Goodman  
 Never Been To Spain (Three Dog Night) 2-step-Cha III+2, Adamski  
 Never Do The Tango With An Eskimo (Alma Cogan) Tango V+1+1, Woodruff  
 Never Ending Love (Elvis) 2-step-Rumba II+2, Helton  
 Never ending song of love - New Seekers No choreo  
 Never Ending Song Of Love (Jones-Wynette) Alternae for Never Ending Quickstep  
 Never Ending Song Of Love (Osmond Bros) 5 Ct II, Sanders  
 Never Ending Song Of Love Quickstep V, Murbach  
 Never Ever & Forever, Mark Wills and Lee Ann Womack Waltz IV+2, Francis  
 Never Givin' Up on Love - Michael Martin Murphey Cha III, Rosado Cha V+1, Woodruff (cue-card)
 Never Gonna Give You Up (Rick Astley) Discofox, Schmidt  
 Never Knew Lonely (Vince Gill) Slow dance, Ross, II  
 Never Let Me Go (F.R.P.) Waltz IV+2, Race Waltz V+2, Gloodt
 Never On Sunday - Don Costa Cha III, Ross  
 Never On Sunday - Prandi Sound Tango Orchestra Tango V, Garza  
 Never on Sunday (Hoctor) Cha III, Romano  
 Never on Sunday (Roper) Cha IV, Toles; Cha III+1, Seurer Cha IV, Packman-Drafz (Domingo)
 Never-ending Quickstep (Special Pressing) Quickstep IV+, Murbach  
 Nevertheless - Patrick & Eugene Multi IV+2, Woodruff  
 Neville's Waltz (Harry Potter) Waltz IV, Parker  
 New England Swings - Grenn 14294 2-step, Hankins, Goulet, Seurer  
 New Fever Waltz (Elton John) edited Waltz V+1, Davis  
 New Mexico (Michael Buble) Rumba III+2, Scott  
 New Orleans Cha (Belco)-3pc Cha III, Lawson  
 New Orleans Hula (Chris Barber)-5pc 2-step-quickstep III, Woodruff  
 New Shoes (Paolo Nutini) 2-step II+1, Byars  
 New South (Kate Kampbell) WCS V+0+ , Bond  
 New Way To Fly (Garth Brooks) Waltz IV, Speranzo  
 New Wine In Old Bottles (Hank Thompson)-4pc 2-step II+1, Krueger  
 New York Blues - Robin Greenstein WCS V+2+1, Gloodt  
 Next Door To A Angel (Neil Sedaka) Jive IV, Wagenhoffer (Angel Jive) Jive V+2, Walz
 Next Time I Fall (Peter Cetera-Amy Grant) shortened Rumba V+0+2, Hartzell  
 Next Time You See Her - Eric Clapton No choreo  
 Next to Me (Emeli Sande) Cha IV, Ross  
 Next Week Sometime (Big Bad Voodoo Daddy) Two-step II+2, Weiss  
 Niagara (Prandi) Waltz V+1, Ito  
 Nice & Easy [ Buble] Foxtrot-Jive III+1, Parker  
 Nice little Penguins (Casa Musica) Quickstep V+0+2, Patik  
 Nice 'N' Easy (Frank Sinatra) Fox V+2, Jobe  
 Nice to See You (Ballroom Orch & Singers) CHa III, Ross  
 Nice Work if you can get it (Doris Day) Foxtrot V, Lamberty  
 Niente Capito (Chat'lain Jacques) Cha V+1+3, Dierickx  
 Night and Day (Rod Stewart) Foxtrot IV, Preskitt  
 Night Fever (Bee Gees) Disco fox (Hustle) Schmidt  
 Night Lights - Nat King Cole Foxtrot V+1+1, Shibata  
 Night Lights (Prandi-Bassano-Balls of Fire) Fox IV+1, Moore  
 Night of love - Rumba (Alex Wilson) Rumba-Cha III, Parker  
 Night of Love (Grenn) Tango IV+2, Parrott  
 Night Owl (Little Big Town) Slow-2-step IV, Casper-Beck  
 Nightingale Waltz (Ballroom Dance Orch & Mark Reift) Waltz III+2, Nelson  
 Nightriders Song (Jinx Pyle) TS II, Koozer  
 Nights In White Satin Slow-2-step V, Woodruff  
 Nimue's Lament (Best of Ballroom CD1 JP) Waltz V+2, Ito  
 Nina Bonita (Ballroom Orch & Singers) Paso V+1+1, Ross  
 Ninon (Goetz Alsmann) Cha IV, Hilpert-Pohl  
 No Arms Can Ever Hold You (The Bachelors) + 10 pc STS III+1, Morrison  
 No Body's Perfect (Ronnie McDowel)l Foxtrot III+1, Baldwin  
 No Chance To Dance (Johnny Rodriguez) Jive - No choreo  
 No Lady (Special Pressing) Westcoast Swing VI, Broadwater  
 No Llores Mas Corazon (Luna do Brasil) Rumba IV+2, Dierickx  
 No Matter What (Ross Mitchell) Rumba IV+2, Harcourt  
 No matter what - Dancelife - Best of Latin Alternate  
 No Matter What [Boyzone] Rumba IV, Martin  
 No Matter What Shape (T-Bones) III, Little  
 No Me Platiques Mas (Eydie Gorme) Bolero VI, Brent Moore  
 No Me Platiques Ms (Luis Miguel) Bolero V+2, Fisher Nos Conocimos
 No Me Quieras Tanto (Leroy Holmes) Rumba V+0+3, Dierickx  
 No Me Vuelvo A Enamorar (Gloria Estefan) Bolero V+0+4, Moore Dance = I Fall in Love Again
 No me Vuelvo a Enamorar (Juan Gabriel y Rocio Durcal) Rumba V, Noble = I'll never love again
 No More Bolero (Gerard Joling) One More Bolero, V+1, Buck  
 No More Boleros (Steph Carse) trimmed more Best trim  
 No More Boleros (Steph Carse) trimmed Rumba III+1, Dungan  
 No More Cryin' (McBride + The Ride)-5pc Cha IV+2, Baldwin  
 No Name Samba (Roper) Samba V, Barton  
 No News (Lonestar) Rumba III+1, Seurer  
 No News is Good News (Sylvia) Waltz IV+1, Francis  
 No One Else on Earth (Judds) WCS V+2, Taylor  
 No One Needs To Know (Shania Twain) 2-step II+2, Shibata  
 No Other Love (Tango) Tango III+0+2, Ross  
 No Particular Place To Go - Chuck Berry shortened Jive III+1+1, Rotscheid  
 No Particular Place To Go (Chuck Berry) Jive III+1, Scott  
 No Pierdas Este Disco (Columbia River Group) Bolero V, Ross  
 No Quiero Perderte Rumba IV+1, Mitchell  
 No Sacrifice At All -Star 527 Rumba IV+2, Kennedy  
 No Se Olvidar (Noelia) Rumba III+1+1, Shibata Dance = I don't Know
 No se Porque te Quiero (Ana Belen & Antonio Banderas) Rumba IV, Matthews Dance = I don't know why I love You
 No Se Tu (Luis Miguel) Bolero V, Sweat Bolero VI, Sweat (Revisited)
 No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problems (Chesney)+ 12pc 2-step II+2, Tranke/Gilder  
 No Tengo Dinero (For Cibula) Cha-Merengue III, Cibula  
 No Tengo Dinero (For Ito) Cha V+1, Ito  
 No Tengo Dinero Cha-Merengue III, Cibula  
 No Time at All - Charlie Landsborough Foxtrot IV+2, Dierickx  
 No Walls, No Ceilings, No Floors (Barbara Mandrell) Walz IV+2, Worlock  
 Nobody (Sylvia) Cha III+2, Seurer  
 Nobody But Me (Lou Rawls) Fox V+1, Moore  
 Nobody Knows (Dancelife) Rumba IV, Cibula  
 Nobody Knows (Denise Nejame) Rumba V, Stairs  
 Nobody Listening (Anne Becker) Waltz V, Dierickx  
 Nobody's Angel (Crystal Gayle+Dr Hook) Rumba IV+2, Crapo  
 Nobody's Fool But Yours (Vince Gill & Paul Franklin)+2pc 2-step II+2, Heiny  
 Nobody's Sad on a Saturday Night (Uncle Kracker) 2-step II+1, Oren  
 Noche De Amor - Jack Hansen Tango IV, Ross  
 Noche de Amor - Roper Tango V+1, Goss; V, Wiffen; Tango IV+1+1, Haworth; III, Atherton
 Noche de Ronda (Billy Vaughn) Waltz IV, Dierickx  
 Noche de Ronda (vocal) Waltz V+2, Cunningham  
 Noche Sin Fin - Dance Vision Rumba IV, Ross  
 Nocturne - Star 511 - Ross Mitchell Waltz V, Vincent cue-sheet=Nightfall
 Nocturne - Victor Silvester Waltz II, Ross  
 Nocturne (Bodane, Dancelife) Waltz III+0+1, Ahart  
 Nocturne (Gold Star Ballroom) Waltz IV+1, Betzelberger  
 Nocturne (Gunnhild Tvinnereim - REXL) Waltz IV+2, Lamberty  
 Nocturne (Secret Garden) Waltz IV, Lamberty Waltz IV+2+1, Oikawa
 Nocturne in 'C' (Josee Marcello) Waltz IV+1, Dierickx  
 Nocturno Espanol (Ballroom Dance Collection) Paso Doble IV, Ross  
 Nola (Billy Williams) 2-step III, Guenthner; Bradt Jive-fox IV, Scott; WCS intro, Lawrence
 Nola (Dick Contino) Alternate  
 Nola (Les Paul & Mary Ford) slowed Alternate  
 Non Dimentica (Dance & Listen Orch) Foxtrot-Jive IV+1+1, Maguire  
 Non ti scordar di me (Prandi) Waltz V+0+2, Dierickx  
 Nona Manis Piana Yang Punya (Indonesia) Cha III+2, Doi  
 North to Alaska (Johnny Horton) 2-step II+1, Kelm  
 Nosey Joe (Ross Mitchell)- 12 pc Jive IV, Easterdaz  
 Nossa Nossa (Michel Pelo)edited Samba IV+1+1, Schmidt  
 Nostalgia (Julio Iglesias) 2-step-fox, Hay, 1984 Bolero, V, Storm
 Nostalgia (Shibata's Tango) Tango V, Shibata  
 Nostalgia de Paris (Prandi Bassano Open) Tango IV+1, Moore Dance = Tango Parisienne
 Not Tonight, I've Got a Heartache - Barbara Mandrell Waltz II, Woodruff  
 Not Too Much to Ask (Mary Chapin Carpenter) STS IV+2, Baldwin  
 Nothing but the Radio On - Younger Brothers No choreo  
 Nothing But The Taillights (Clint Black) 2-step II, Seurer  
 Nothing could be Finer (Belco) 2-step II, Croft-De Zordo  
 Nothing From Nothing (Billy Preston) Cha III, Bartlette  
 Nothing Left Behind Us (Richard Marx) Cha IV+1, West  
 Nothing More Nothing Less (Prandi) Waltz V+2, Dierickx  
 Nothing On But The Radio (Gary Allen) Cha III, Kraus  
 Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now (Starship)+6pc Cha IV, Seurer  
 Nothing's Prettier than Rose is (Charley Pride) Cha III+1, Baldwin  
 Now is the Hour (Mitch Miller) Waltz II, Shepherd 1974  
 Now is the Hour (Phil Coulter) WZ IV+1, Lowery  
 Now is the Hour (Po Atarau by the New Zealand Singers) Waltz II, Hoffman  
 Nowhere Train (Carlene Carter) 2-step II+1, Woodruff  
 Nuances - Jack Dieval Waltz VI, Webb  
 Nuestro Amor (Parada Joven) Shortened Merengue V, Ross  
 Nueve De Julio (Japan) Tango V+0+2, Doi  
 Nunca Supe Mas De Ti (Jessica Cristina) shortened Rumba VI, Shibata  
 Nunca Supe Mas De Ti Rumba V+1+1, Shibata  
 O America! (Celtic Woman) Slow-2-step V+0+2, Klier  
 O Mio Babbino Caro (for Doi) Waltz IV+2, Doi  
 O Mio Bambino Caro (Eric Tingstad) Puccini, Giacomo (1858-1924) A Trip Through Tuscany
 O' My Love - Ross Mitchell Waltz VI, Easterday  
 O Sole Mio (Japan) Cha IV+2+1, Doi  
 O Solo Mio (Il Volo) CUT & SLOW Rumba V+2, Blackford  
 O Tu O Ninguna (Luis Miguel) Bolero V+2, Parker  
 O Tu' O Ninguna (Luis Miguel) Bolero V+2, Parker  
 O What a Thrill (Mavericks) Cha III, Collins Cha III+1, Seurer
 Ocean Of Love - Roper Waltz IV+2, Storm  
 Ocean Sunrise (Frank Chacksfield) Waltz III+1, Defore Waltz II+1+1, Taylor
 Ocho Rios (John Stanley at the piano) Rumba IV, Stanley Cue-card only
 Ocho Rios (Mr Guitar & Friends) Rumba VI, Draper  
 Oh Babe What Would You Say (Hurricane Smith) Foxtrot III+2, Gomez  
 Oh Baby Mine (Statler Brothers) Cha III, Baldwin 2-step II,
 Oh Carol (Neil Sedaka) 2-step III, Francis Rumba III, Yamashita (In Love With You)
 Oh Donna (Ritchie Valens) Slow-2-Step IV, Zofrea  
 Oh Girl (Paul Young) Slow dance, Ross, II  
 Oh God (Jack Elliott) Rumba VI, Imamura  
 Oh Honey - The Delegation No choreo  
 Oh Honey, Oh Babe (Loretta and Conway) Cha IV+1, Baldwin  
 Oh How I Miss You Tonight (Nat King Cole) -6% Waltz V, Callen  
 Oh Julie (Shakin' Stevens) Frenchy Brown routine  
 Oh Lonesome Me (Sue Thompson) Mixer  
 Oh My Darling (Luna Do Brazil) Jive V+1+1, Ito  
 Oh My My (Ringo Starr) 2-step-jive IV+0+1, Simpson  
 Oh Oh I'm Falling In Love Again (Jimmy Rodgers) TS II, Seurer  
 Oh What a Circus (David Essex) Cha-fox IV+2, Schneider-Krackau  
 Oh What a Night (Four Seasons) Samba-Cha IV+2, Chico Cha III+2, Kincaid
 Oh What a Thrill (The Mavericks) Cha III, Collins Rumba III, Sperry
 Oh Yes I do (Anne Murray) Jive IV+2, Bartlette  
 Oh You Kid (Hi Hat) 2-step II, Connelly  
 Oh! Look At Me Now (Bobby Darin) Fox IV, Ross  
 Oh, How I Miss You Tonight (Jim Reeves) Waltz IV+1+1, Baldwin  
 Oh, Look at Me now (Special Pressing) Nardem  
 OK Boogie (TNT) 2-step II, Hobbs JV III+1, Pilachowski (Darlene's boogie)
 Okie From Muskogee (Merle Haggard) 2-step II+1, Hichman  
 Oklahoma Hills (O'Brien) Cha III, Shane  
 Oklahoma Swing (Vince Gill) Cha IV, Lawson 2-step II+2, Schappacher
 Okra, Corn and Tomatoes (Keb' Mo) West-Coast Swing-Jive IV+1+2, Schmidt Dance = It's All About Food
 Ol' MacDonald (Big Bad Voodoo Daddy) 2-step II+1, Fisher C&F  
 Old Black Joe (Japan) Fox III+2, Doi  
 Old Bridges Burn Slow (Billy Joe Royal) Rumba IV+2, Knowles  
 Old Comrades (Syd Thomp EP 614) March -2-step III, Woodruff  
 Old English Waltz (Helmut Licht) Waltz II+1, Baldwin  
 Old Fashioned Foxtrot (SP) Fox VI, Martin Fox III+2+1, Martin
 Old Flame (Alabama) 2-step II+1, Speranzo  
 Old Flame (Johnny Reid) 2-step II, Driscoll  
 Old Friend (Scooter Lee) Waltz III+1, Bedillion  
 Old Time Fiddle (Vince Gill) 2-step II+1, Dobbs-Gordon  
 Old Time Rock 'n Roll (Bob Segar & Silver Bullet Band) Jive V, Francis; Jive III+2+1, Oren For Oren : wait only 2 meas
 Old Town (Vio Friedmann) Tango III+0+2, Ross  
 Old Vienna Viennese waltz II, Adams-Johnson  
 Old Weakness (Delbert McClinton) Cha-Rumba IV, Krueger  
 Old Wounds Rumba IV, Hattrick See cue-cards
 Ole Baugh Road (Alabama) No choreo  
 Ole Guapa VI (Tony Evans) speed adjusted Tango VI, Hurd  
 Ole Guapa Tango, Cunningham  
 Olvidame (Prandi) Rumba IV+2, Moore Forget me Not
 Olympic - BuglersPaso Paso Doble, Young  
 On & On ((Royal Records) Rumba III, Guenthner  
 On a Good Night (Wade Hayes) 2-step II+1, Hermann  
 On A Little Street In Singapore (Manhatten Transfer) Foxtrot VI, Valenta  
 On An Evening In Roma (Dean Martin) for Dierickx dance 2-step III, Dierickx  
 On An Evening In Roma (Dean Martin) 2-step II+1, Woodruff, Quickstep VI, Hichman
 On an evening in Roma (Patrizio Buanne) 2-step II+1, Woodruff Two-stepping in Roma
 On And On (Ross Mitchell) Rumba IV+2, Heiny  
 On And On (Stephen Bishop) Rumba IV+2, Shibata Rumba III, Oren
 On Days Like These (Peter Grant) Bolero VI, Preskitt  
 On My Heart Again (Steve Wariner) 2-step II+2, Baldwin  
 On My Journey (Maria Martha Serra Lima) Bolero V, Shibata  
 On My Own (Michael McDonald & Patti La Belle)+5pc Rumba IV+2, Adamski-Warner 4:30
 On My Own (Reba McEntire) Cha IV, Seurer  
 On My Own (Ross Mitchell) Rumba III+1, Watanabe  
 On My Own (Ross Mitchell)slowed Bolero VI, Dechenne  
 On Route 66 (Asleep At The Wheel)-10pc 2-step III, Francis  
 On Second Thought - Eddie Rabbitt 2-step II, Ross  
 On the Bayou (Hi Hat) 2-step II+1, McLaughlin  
 On The Floor (Jennifer Lopez ft Pitbull) Foxtrot-TwoStep-Jive IV+1, Booz  
 On The Outside (Roch Voisine) Slow Dancing V, Ross  
 On The Rebound (Floyd Cramer) 2-step II, Dunn  
 On The Road Again (Carolina Boys) Cha-2-step III+1, Kropf  
 On The Street Where you Live - Ray McVay Quickstep V+2, Ross Quickstep IV, Brewer
 On the Street Where You Live - REXL Foxtrot V+1+1, Lamberty  
 On The Street Where You Live (Dean Martin) FT VI  
 On The Street Where You Live (Matt Dusk) Foxtrot & Two-step IV, Parker  
 On The Sunny Side Of The Street - Henry Arland Foxtrot V, Dierickx  
 On the sunny side of the street (Georgia Gibb)) Fox-Jive V, Parker  
 On The Sunny Side Of The Street (Keely Smith) Foxtrot-Jive III+2, Byrd  
 On The Sunny Side Of The Street (Steve Tyrell) Foxtrot-Jive V+0+1, Weiss  
 On The Sunny Side Of The Street (Tommy Dorsey) Mixed, unphased, Landoll 1974  
 On the Sunny Side of the Street (Willie Nelson) Foxtrot IV+1, Rumble  
 On The Wing Of Song (Japan) Waltz IV+2+1, Doi  
 On The Wings Of A Honky Tonk Angel (Brad Martin) Waltz III+2, Hager  
 On This Night (Peter Bauchwitz) Tango V+1+1, Hagiwara  
 Once A Day (Connie Smith) Foxtrot V, Dierickx  
 Once a day every day long. (Connie Smith) 2-step II+1, Hichman  
 Once In A Lifetime (Chicago) Cha, VI+1, Scott  
 Once in a While (New Stanton Band) Fox V, Gloodt; Fox III, Parker  
 Once the Heart is in Love (Arno Flor) Waltz V+2, Dierickx  
 Once the Heart is in Love (Hugo Strasser) Waltz IV+1, Dierickx  
 Once Upon A December (Deanna Carter)-25pc Waltz IV+1, Dodge  
 Once Upon A December (Premium Standard Orchestra) Viennese Waltz IV+2, Vogt  
 Once Upon A Dream (Ross Mitchell)-10pc Viennese, Schmidt  
 Once you had gold (Ballroom Magic) Waltz IV+1, Finch  
 One (Chorus Line - Ross Mitchell) Foxtrot V, Sechrist  
 One (Chorus Line) Fox IV+2, Shibata  
 One Call Away (Charlie Puth)-6pc Rumba V+2, Goss  
 One Day In Your Life (Tony Evans) Rumba V, Ross  
 One Day Left to Live (Sammy Kershaw) + 5pc 2-step II+1, Restorff  
 One Drop of Love (Ray Charles) Unknown  
 One Fine Day (Chiffons)- 8pc 2-step-Single swing III, Chico  
 One Fine Day [Bette Midler] 2-step II, Chadd  
 One Foot In Front Of The Other (George Strait) 2-step II+1+1, DeFore  
 One Foot in the Bayou (Tyler Hilton) Jive III+2, Woolcock Jive IV+0+2, Beaulieu
 One Friend (Dan Seals) Bolero V, Lewis  
 One Hand, One Heart (Masters of Modern) Waltz VI, Rotscheid  
 One Heart - Vio Friedmann Cha IV, Ross  
 One Heartache At A Time (Brooks & Dunn) 2-step II+2, Ahart  
 One Hundred And Two(The Judds) Cha IV, Krueger  
 One Hundred Pounds Of Clay (Gene McDaniels) Rumba V, Tucker Rumba-two-step III, Tucker
 One Less Set Of Footsteps (Jim Croce) 2-step II, Byars  
 One Life (Xandee) Cha V+1+3, Dierickx  
 One Little Reason (Connie Smith) TS II+2, Ball Give me a reason
 One Little Rose (Jim Reeves) altz III+0+1, Dierickx  
 One Love (Grenn) Waltz III+2, Molitoris  
 One Man Woman - The Judds Cha IV+1, Wacker  
 One Mint Julep (Clovers) WCS VI, Rother  
 One Moment in Time (STAR) Rumba IV+1, Pinks Rumba III, Seurer
 One Moment in Time (Whitney Houston) Bolero VI, Worlock  
 One Monkey Don't Stop No Show (Bette Midler) Foxtrot-Jive IV+2, Weiss  
 One More Day With You (Diamond Rio) STS IV+1, Hilburn  
 One More Hour (Randy Newman) Waltz V+1, Hilton  
 One More Last Chance (Vince Gill) 2-step II, Chico  
 One More Memory (Wayne Newton) Foxtrot IV+2, Kinney  
 One More Night (Maroon 5) Cha III, Simpson  
 One More Time (Captain & Tenille) edited Rumba V+2, Parker  
 One More Time (Kenny G) Rumba IV+1, Johnson  
 One More Time (The Roadrunners) 2-step  
 One More Town (The Kingston Trio) two-step II, Labau  
 One More Waltz - Tony Evans Waltz V, Ross  
 One Night at a Time (George Strait) 2-step II+1, Walz  
 One Night In Bangkok (Murray Head) Cha V, Woodruff  
 One Night of Love (Hoctor 1634) Waltz III+1, Couey  
 One Night of Sin (Joe Cocker) WCS VI+, Bingham  
 One Note de Samba (Ballroom Orch & Singers) Samba V+1+3, Ross  
 One Paddle, Two Paddle (Ray Conniff) 2-step II, McKenrick  
 One Step at a time (Clifton Chenier) short WCS IV+2, Scott (West Coast One Step) Jive IV, Sonnier
 One Step At A Time (Jordin Sparks) CHa IV+0+1  
 One Step Forward - Desert Rose Band 2-step II+1, Nickel One
 One Sweet Day - Mariah Carey Slow-2-step V+1+4, Ross  
 One Time Around (Michelle Wright) Cha IV, Baldwin  
 One Toke Over the Line (Brewer & Shipley) 2-step II+1  
 One way street (Heidi Hauge) Rumba IV or V, Dierickx  
 One Way Ticket (Boney M) faded out Cha V+1, Woodruff  
 One Way Ticket (Remix Boney M) Cha V+1 to Remix Woodruff (cue-card)
 One Way To The Sky (Neil Diamond) On the way to the sky Waltz III+1, Scott
 One World (Vio Friedmann) Samba VI, Ross  
 One Year Of Love (Queen) Waltz IV, Byars  
 One, Two, Three, GO! (Belanova) 2-step II, Townsend-Manning  
 Onedin Line (Ross Mitchell) Waltz VI, Kennedy  
 Only A Fool (Ballroom Orch & Singers) FT III, Ross  
 Only a Woman like you (Michael Bolton) Slow-2-step IV, Morgan  
 Only Dreams (Prandi) Waltz IV+1, Dierickx  
 Only Forever (Dean Martin) Foxtrot IV+2, Kurczewski  
 Only He (Caren Faust) Rumba VI, Brewer  
 Only Love (Keith Miller) Walz VI+0+3, McDowell  
 Only Love Bolero Bolero IV+2, Barton  
 Only Make Believe - Cliff Adams Singers Foxtrot VI, Patrick Dance is Make Believe Dream
 Only Sixteen - Sam Cooke Rumba IV+1, Francis  
 Only Teardrops (Emmelie De Forest) Bolero-Cha IV+1, Gircour  
 Only the Good Die Young (Ballroom Orch & Singers) Single Swing VI, Ross  
 Only the Young - Brandon Flowers No choreo  
 Only Time - Paola Fabris Waltz II+1+1, Molitoris  
 Only Time (Dancelife CD) Rumba VI, Worlock  
 Only Time (Enya) + 7 pc Multi, V+2, Eum Bolero VI+, Warner
 Only Time will Tell (Billy Ray Cyrus) No choreo  
 Only Yesterday (Carpenters) 2-step II+1, Seurer  
 Only You (Peter Bauchwitz) Foxtrot IV+2, Ito  
 Only You (The Platters) Bolero IV+1, Guenthner Bolero IV, Rogers
 Ooby Dooby (Roy Orbison) TS II, Seurer  
 Oogie Woogie Boogie - Joanie Bartels 2-step II+2, Francis or Downing  
 Ooh Baby Baby - Linda Ronstadt STS III+1, Bartlette  
 Ooh La La (cut & splice) stretch 6 pct Samba V +1, Shibata  
 Opae E' (Israel Kamakawiwo'ole) short Bolero III+2, Maisch See cue-card for sequence
 Opae E' (IZ) full Bolero III+2, Maisch  
 Open Arms (Journey) Waltz V+2, Vogt  
 Operator, Operator (Eddy Raven) 2-step II+2, Cronkite Jive V+0+2, Hichman
 Opus 39 #15 Brahms Waktz IV+2, Doi  
 Opus 64 #2 (Chopin) (Azurra) Waltz & Viennese V+2+, Doi  
 Orange Colored Sky - Natalie Cole Alternate Also see Alakazam
 Orange Colored Sky (Natalie Cole) Fox V+2, Shibata  
 Orange Colored Sky (New York Voices) Alternate version, pretty  
 Orchids in the Moonlight - Hi Hat - Joe Leahy Tango III, McFarlane  
 Orchids In The Moonlight - Hoctor Tango III, Ross  
 Orchids in the Moonlight (REXL) .Tango VI, Lamberty  
 Ordinary Miracle (Sarah McLachlan) Bolero IV+2, Klline  
 Ordinary World (Duran Duran) Duran Duran Duran Duran [The Wedding Album]
 Oregon Waltz (Moonlight Band) Waltz II, Powell Old
 Orinoco Flow (Celtic Spirit) shortened Rumba IV+1+2, Woodruff  
 Orpheus Negro (Hoctor) Rumba III, Parnell  
 Otra Noche (Otros Aires Dos) Argentine Tango IV, Clements  
 Our Anniversary (Daniel O'Donnell) Waltz II+1 or IV, Healea IV = Anniversary Gift
 Our Hearts Will Go On (Special Pressing) Rumba VI, Worlock or IV+1 (Titanic) V+2, McCue (Every Night in my Dreams)
 Our Love Affair (Alma Cogan) Foxtrot VI, Sheridan  
 Our Love Is Here to Stay (Rod Stewart) Foxtrot IV+2, Race  
 Our Love is Here to Stay (Special Pressing) Foxtrot V+2, Easterday Foxtrot-Jive IV, Coffeen
 Our Waltz - Star 217 - Tony Evans Waltz II, Baldwin - Sanders Waltz IV - Baldwin - Sanders
 Our Winter Love - The Lettermen Bolero IV+2,  
 Out Here (Wylie and the Wild West) Waltz II, Hattrick See cue-cards
 Out Last Night (Kenny Chesney) 2-step III, Ross  
 Out Of Africa (Columbia Allstars) Waltz IV, Shibata  
 Out of my Dreams (Charlie Shaffer) Waltz V+2, Slater  
 Out Of My Head - Star 526 - Tony Evans Cha V, Kennedy  
 Out of Reach (Gabrielle - Bridget Jones) Rumba V+1, Maguire  
 Out Of Reach (Tony Evans) Rumba V+1, Maguire Rumba V+2+1, Molitoris-Firstenburg
 Out of Your Shoes (L. Morgan) Rumba V, Francis  
 Out There Somewhere - Lisa McHugh Foxtrot V, Dierickx  
 Outta' My Mind (Special Pressing) 2-step III, Collipi  
 Over and Over (BG-103) Foxtrot-2-step IV, Dierickx  
 Over And Over Fox V, Goss  
 Over the Rainbow (Alec Medina) Rumba III, Lankuttis  
 Over the Rainbow (Columbia Ballroom Orch) Cha IV, Foffman  
 Over the Rainbow (Manuel & The Music of the Mountains) Bolero IV, Parker  
 Over the Rainbow (Michael Bolton & Paula Fernandes) Rumba VI, Worlock  
 Over The Rainbow (The Jive Aces) Jive III+2+1, Hichman  
 Over The Waves -Loveliest night of the year - DARRCD 533 Fast waltz II+2, Kropf  
 Over The Waves (Pete Fountain) Quickstep IV, Bingham  
 Overcomer (Mandisa) Cha IV+2,  
 Owner of my heart - Sasha Rumba III+1, Grote  
 Oye Como Va (Ross Mitchell) Cha V+1, Schmidt  
 Oye Como Va (Santana) edited Cha IV+1, Woodruff Dance = Hey What's up
 Oye Negra - Hoctor Samba IV, Ross  
 Pa' Bailar (Bajofondo) Tango VI+1, Ross  
 Pack Up- Eliza Doolittle 2-step II+1+1, Woodruff  
 Pack Up The Louie (Caro Emerald) Quickstep V+1+1, Schidler  
 Pacto de Amor (Paloma San Basilio)edited Rumba VI, Shibata  
 Pagan Love Song (Sydney Thompson) Waltz IV, Pierce  
 Paint the Town [JC Crowley] - 9pc 2-step II, Cunningham  
 Painted Tainted Rose (Al Martino) Foxtrot V+1, Martin Foxtrot III+1, Hilton
 Pais Tropical (Casa Musica) Cha V, Bradt  
 Pjaro Chogui Boogie (Ray Conniff)-5pc Jive V+1, Dierickx  
 Pal of My Cradle Days (My Pal Waltz) Waltz V+2, Palmquist  
 Pali Breezes (BELCO) Waltz II, Susans  
 Palisades Park (Beach Boys Jive V+1, Adcock  
 Palisades Park (Freddy Cannon) - 9 pc 2-step II+1, Francis  
 Paloma Blanca (George Baker Selection) 2-step II, Tracy; Romano;  
 Pandora's Smile (Japan) Waltz IV+2, Ito  
 Papa Joe's Mixer (Grenn) Mixer 2 - Lanning  
 Papa Loves Mombo (Perry Como) Mambo V+1, Mambo IV, Easterday 2-step II, Bennett
 Papa Was a Poor Man (Ballroom Orch & Singers) Quickstep IV, Ross  
 Paparazzi (Lady Gaga) Cha V+0+1, Kincaid  
 Paper kisses (A Cogan) 2-step II, Parker Quickstep IV+1, KB Nelson
 Paper Roses - Victor Silvester Quickstep IV, Ross  
 Paper Roses (Anita Bryant) Slow-2-step IV+1,  
 Paper Roses (Marie Osmond) Foxtrot V, Francis Foxtrot III+1, Seurer
 Paperback Writer (The Beatles) Single Swing IV, Ross  
 Papi (Jennifer Lopez) - Faded Cha III, Ross  
 Papillon (Manuel & The Music of the Mountains) Waltz IV+2, Dierickx  
 Papillon (Secret Garden Just Two Of Us +7pct) Waltz VI, Goss Dance = Butterfly Waltz
 Papillon (Secret Garden) + 13% Waltz VI, Webb Dance = Butterfly Waltz
 Pappagallo (Boris Myagkov) Cha IV+2, Dierickx  
 Paradise (Roger Whittaker) No choreo  
 Paradise Island (Helmut Licht) Rumba IV+1, Young  
 Paradise Waltz (Wagon Wheel 816) Waltz II+2, Frisella Dance = Waltz to Paradise
 Paraiso Sonado (Joe Valle) Bolero V, Ross  
 Parc from Sanssouci (Gunter Norris) Foxtrot VI, Van Acker  
 Paris Nocturne (Dan Fogelberg & Tim Weisberg) Waltz IV+1  
 Paris Nocturne (Dan Fogelberg) Waltz IV+1, Pilachowski  
 Parisian Parade (Aldo Capicchioni) Waltz V+1+1, Moore  
 Parle-moi (Nana Mouskouri) Waltz V, Woodruff  
 Part of Me (Charlie Landsborough) Waltz IV+2+1, Dierickx  
 Part Of Your World - Klaus Hallen Rumba IV+2, Ito  
 Part Time Lovers (Stevie Wonder) 2-step II+1, McCann  
 Party At Mickey's House (Disney) 2-step II+1, Parker  
 Party Doll - Buddy Knox 2-step II, Molitoris  
 Party ForTwo (Shania Twain-Mark McGrath) Cha IV+1, Voelkl Cue-card
 Pas de deux (Robert Strating) Slow-2-Step IV+1, Dierickx  
 Paso Cadiz Paso VI, Goss  
 Pasolindo - Renzo Casadio Paso Doble V, Ross  
 Passing Strangers (Dancelife) Waltz III+2, Ross  
 Passionate Kisses - Mary-Chapin Carpenter Jive IV, Ross  
 Pastorale (Casaphon) Waltz VI, Prow  
 Pastorale (Secret Garden) Waltz VI, Goss  
 Pata Pata (Miriam Makeba) Cha IV+2, Cibula  
 Pata Pata (Ross Mitchell) Cha IV+2+2, Shibata  
 Patches (Dickie Lee) Waltz II, Cibula  
 Patience (Count Dee) Rumba VI, Ross  
 Patricia Cha (Mestizzo) Cha V, Worlock  
 Patricia the Stripper (Chris De Burgh) WCS-Jive V+2, Woodruff  
 Patrona Bavariae (Kastelruther Spatzen) Alternate  
 Patrona Bavariae Waltz IV, Mouser  
 Patsy (Blackpool Legends) Cha IV, Baldwin  
 Patty Cake Polka (Windsor) Mixer (anonymous)  
 Paxi Ni nGongo - Dancelife Rumba III, Pohl Cue-card
 Pay the Alligator (The Flatlanders) Jive V, Lamberty  
 Peace In The Valley (Daniel O'Donnell) Waltz II+0+1, Skillett/Terrell  
 Peace of Iona (in Gaelic) Alternate  
 Peace Of Iona (Waterboys)+ 10pc Five Count-2-step II+2, Woodruff  
 Peaceful Easy Feeling (Eagles) 2-step III, Betzelberger  
 Peaceful Mountain (Rudi Knabl) Cha IV, Koozer  
 Pearl Tango (Japan) Tango VI, Ito  
 Pearly Shell (Francis Purcell) Rumba IV, Dierickx  
 Pecado - Los Hermanos Rodriguez Bolero III, Ross  
 Pecos Promenade - Tanya Tucker 2-step II+2, Baldwin  
 Peg of My Heart (Tony Evans) Cha V+1+1, Kincaid  
 Pencil Thin Mustache (Jimmy Buffet) 2-step II+1, Skinner  
 Penelope (Diego Torres) Rumba VI, Lillefield
 Penelope (Japan) Cha III+1, Doi  
 Penelope (Paul Mauriat) Cha IV+2, Doi  
 Pennies From Heaven (Merle Haggard) Fox VI, Ross  
 Pennsylvania 6-5000 (Glenn Miller) Foxtrot IV, Glover  
 Penny Arcade (Cristy Lane) Foxtrot-Jive V, Rogers; 2-step II,McDonald 2-step & Jitterbug, Parker
 Penny For Your Thoughts - Hoctor Foxtrot V, Slater  
 Penny in my Pocket (Special Pressing) Foxtrot-Jive IV+2, Parker/Goodin  
 Penny In My Pocket Foxtrot VI, Migliorini  
 Penny Lane (The Beatles) Foxtrot III, Ross  
 Penthouse Serenade Foxtrot IV+2, Collipi  
 People (Shibata) Rumba VI, Shibata  
 People Are Crazy - Billy Currington 2-step III, Ross  
 People like You - People like Me (Glitter Band) Cha - no choreo  
 People Say (Dixie Cups) shortn'd 2-step-jive IV, Logan  
 Pepino The Italian Mouse (Lou Monte) 2-step-cha III, Cibula  
 Per Elisa (Stefano Nanni) Waltz IV+1, Rumble Dance = Fur Elise
 Per Te (Josh Groban) Bolero V, Soos  
 Perfect ( Dancelife) Jive V+1, Ross  
 Perfect (Celtic Thunder) Jive IV+1, Bradt  
 Perfect Love (Trisha Yearwood) 2-step II, Oren  
 Perfidia (Brazil) (Shall we Dance - John Altman)) Rumba V+2, Hurd Rumba IV+1, Francis
 Perfidia (Julie London) Rumba tempo  
 Perfidia (Julie London)-10pc slowed for Bolero Start COH, trl ft, intro meas 6
 Perfidia (Luis Miguel) Rumba IV, Cleek  
 Perfidia (Olivia Molina) + 3pc Bolero V, Nolen  
 Perfidia (Shall we Dance Soundtrack) Rumba III+1, Gomez-Lee  
 Perhaps Perhaps Perhaps (The Pussycat Dolls) Rumba-Cha IV+0+2, Dierickx  
 Perhaps (Doris Day) Bolero-cha IV, Chico  
 Perhaps (Sunray Feat- Kym Mazelle) Cha VI, Worlock  
 Perhaps Love (John Denver & Placido Domingo) Bolero V, Coe  
 Perhaps Love (Richard Clayderman) Foxtrot IV+1, McKenrick  
 Peter Cottontail (Easter) 2-step II, Woolcock  
 Peter Gunn (Blues Brothers) Original soundtrack  
 Peter Gunn (Henry Mancini) Jive V+1, Knight  
 Peter Gunn Theme (Goss) Cha VI, Goss  
 Peter Gunn Theme (Ray Anthony 1959) Cha IV, Scherrer 2-step-jive III+1, Dunn
 Petit Tango Jalousie (Leif Kronlund) Tango V, Tornquist-Valas  
 Petite Chanson D'amour (Prandi) Waltz IV, Dierickx  
 Petite Fleur (Chris Barber's Jazz Band) Fox IV+1, Woodruff  
 Petite Waltz (Lawrence Welk) - 10pc VW III+1+1, Woodruff  
 Petite Waltz (Lawrence Welk) - 17pc Waltz III+1+1, Woodruff  
 Petticoats of Portugal (Special Pressing) Rumba VI, Palmquist  
 Peyton Place - Ross Mitchell Alternate  
 Peyton Place (Casa Musica) Waltz V, Lamberty Waltz IV+1, Robinson (Intrigue)
 Phantom Of The Opera (Tony Evans) - 10 pc Tango V+2, Cunningham  
 Phantom Of The Opera (Tony Evans) Tango V+2, Cunningham  
 Phantom Tango Tango IV+0+1, Scherrer Tango V+2+1, Read
 Phil the Fluter's Ball (Brendan O'Dowa) 2-step II, Maguire  
 Phoenix Love Theme (Brass Ring) - 7 pc Cha IV+1, Molitoris  
 Photograph - The Latin League Rumba V+2+1, Burger  
 Piano Boogie Woogie Jive Drill music  
 Piano Concerto - C. Carlos Waltz V, Ross  
 Pick a Bale of Cotton JV VI, Easterday  
 Pick The Wildwood Flower (Gene Watson) Cha IV, Baldwin  
 Pick Up Man (Joe Diffie) 2-step II+2, Chico  
 Pick Up Man (Joe Diffie)shortened 2-step II+2, Weiss  
 Pick Up the Pieces - Average White Band CH-JV IV+2  
 Pick Yourself Up - Diana Krall Foxtrot VI, Molitoris  
 Pick Yourself Up (Grenn) 2-step II+1, Youwer  
 Picnic (Grenn) Foxtrot IV+2, Esqueda  
 Pictures and memories (Alabama) Rumba IV, Seurer  
 Piel Canela (Casa Musica) Cha IV+2, Byrd  
 Piel Canela (Dancelife) Cha IV, Cibula  
 Piensa en Mi (Cantovano) Rumba IV+2+2, Ahart  
 Piensa En Mi (Maria Martha Serra Lima) Bolero IV+2, Cibula Bolero V, Blackford
 Pienso En Ti - New 101 Strings Orchestra Mambo IIII, Ross  
 Pillow Talk (Sylvia) short +7pc Rumba III+2,  
 Pinball Wizard (Vio Friedmann) Paso doble IV+2+1, Lankuttis  
 Pincha (Barrio Latino) Mambo V+2, Worlock  
 Pink Cadillac (Natalie Cole) Jive V, Lawson  
 Pink Cherries (Chacra)-8pc Cha V, Hichman  
 Pink Flamingos (Tracy Byrd) 2-step II, Seurer, 2002  
 Pink Panther (Gold Star Ballroom Orchestra) Foxtrot V+1, Gray  
 Pink Panther Theme - Henry Mancini JV IV+2, Doi  
 Pink Roses Foxtrot (Special Pressing) Foxtrot V+2, Hichman  
 Pizzicato (Hattrick) Jim Hattrick - see cue cards  
 Pizzicato Polka (Strauss) shortened 2-step II, Woodruff  
 Pizzicato Polka (Strauss) 2-step II, Woodruff  
 Plaisir D'amour (Casa Musica) Waltz IV, Ito  
 Plaisir d'Amour (Frank Mills) Waltz IV, Turner Cue-card only
 Plaisir d'Amour (Nana Mouscouri)-5pc Waltz V+1, Clements Waltz II+2, Lee
 Plaisir d'Amour-Tony Evans Waltz III, Maguire  
 Play a Simple Melody - Johnny Howard Foxtrot-Jive III+2, Gloodt  
 Play A Simple Melody (Bing & Gary Crosby) 2-step II, Watanabe  
 Play me the Waltz of the Angels (Johnny Bremner) Waltz II+1, Ring  
 Play Something Country (Brooks And Dunn) Jive V+1  
 Play That Funky Music (Wild Cherry) Cha-Jive IV+1, Simpson  
 Play That Funky Music White Boy (KC and the Sunshine Band) Cha IV+2, Becker  
 Play The Game Of Love (Ballroom Orch & Singers) Waltz V, Ross  
 Play the Song (Joey & Rory) WCS/Jive V+1+3, Woodruff  
 Playa Silencio (Dave Sheriiff) Rumba III+2+2, Taylor  
 Playin' Spoons (Mike Sikorsky) Cha III+2, Weiss  
 Please dont talk about me (Ray Price) 2-step II, Schappacher; II+2, Baldwin Rumba III+2, Kennedy
 Please Dont Stop The Music (Rihanna) Jive IV+1, Booz  
 Please don't Talk about Me (Johnnie Ray) 2-step II, Schappacher.  
 Please Help Me I'm Falling - Johnnie & Leon Johnson 2-step II, Ross  
 Please Mr. Brown (Dancelife) Tango soft VI, Sechrist  
 Please Mr. Brown (Sarah Vaughan) Tango IV, Robinson  
 Please Mr. Brown (Special Pressing) TG V, Slotsve/Berry  
 Please Mr. Kennedy (Timberlake, Isaac, Driver) 2-step II, Woodruff  
 Please Mr. Postman (The Carpenters) Cha IV+2, Buck, 2002  
 Please Please Believe me (Cathy Carr) No choreo  
 Please Release Me (Englebert Humperdink) Bolero IV, Francis  
 Please Remember me (Tim McGraw) Bolero III+2, Couey  
 Pledging My Love (Elvis Presley) Hesitation Canter Waltz IV, Dierickx  
 PMS Blues WCS IV+2+1, Kurczewski  
 Pocketful Of Miracles - Frank Sinatra Foxtrot III+2  
 Poco Pelo - Los Matas Los Matas Latin Music 8
 Poco Pelo (Al Russ - CEM) Cha V+1+2, Hichman Maybe Easterday's Poco Cha
 Poem (Werner Tauber) Slowed Waltz V+1, Dierickx  
 Poema (Basi Musicali) Tango VI, Noble  
 Poeme - Ray McVay Waltz III+2, Ross  
 Poetry In Motion (Johnny Tillotson) 2-step III, Seurer  
 Poinciana - Vic Damone Rumba III, Collipi  
 Point of Light (Randy Travis) 2-step II, Smith  
 Poker Face (Lady Gaga) Mixer II, Hilpert  
 Polka Dot Polka (Joanie Bartels) slowed 10% 2-step II+1, Mouser  
 Polka Dots (Windsor) Polka II, Sasseen Also Kisha (Clarinet Polka)
 Polka Medley (Dance Along)-10pc 2-step II, Zufelt  
 Polka Medley DARRCD 527 Polka II+1, Kropf  
 Polka On The Banjo (shortened) Polka II+2, Woodruff  
 Polvo de Estrellas (Stardust) (Indios Tabajaras)+ 10 pc STS soft V, Young  
 Pomp & Circumstance (Japan) Quickstep IV+2, Doi  
 Ponderosa - Billy Ternent Samba V, Ross  
 Pontoon (Little Big Town) Cha III+0+1, Cleek (cue-card) CH IV+1, Mouton
 Pony time (Chubby Checker) Jive - no choreo  
 Ponyo On The Cliff (Ani Meja) 2-step II, Hagiwara  
 Poor Boy Blues (Atkins-Knofler) - 18pc Ernie's dance  
 Pop a Top (Alan Jackson) Jive V, Francis  
 Pop Muzik (M) Jive-cha V+1, Simpson  
 Popcorn - Charles Barlow Samba IV, Ross  
 Popcorn (Hot Butter) Line Dance, very easy  
 Popcorn Tango (Alfred Hause) Multi IV, Woodruff  
 Popo Cha Cha Cha IV, Immamura  
 Por Debajo De La Mesa (Luis Miguel) Bolero VI, Shibata Bolero IV+2, Herr
 Por La Espalda (Cristian Castro) Bolero VI+2, Kenny  
 Por Una Cabeza (Carlos Gardel) Argentine Tango V, Finch  
 Porque estas enamorada (Los Brios) Rumba IV+1, Hoffman Dance= Why Fall in Love
 Porque te vas (Jeanette) Two-step II+1, Woodruff  
 Porque te vas (Star Academy 6) Two-step II+1, Woodruff  
 Porque Tu Me Acostumbraste (Andrea Bocelli) Bolero VI, Goss  
 Portofino (Humperdinck) Rumba IV+2+1, Dierickx  
 Portrait of my Love (Steve Lawrence) Fox V+2, Lawson  
 Portrait Of My Love (Tony Evans) Rumba V+2, Brewer  
 Pour un flirt avec toi (Michel Delpech) - Shortened 2-step III, Dierickx  
 Power Of Love Rumba IV+1, Goss Rumba VI, Goss (Love's Power)
 Powerful Thing (Trisha Yearwood) Single Swing III+2, Buck  
 Prairie Moon (Frank Chacksfield) Waltz II+1+1, Gloodt  
 Praise the Man (Paul Cardall) minus 14 pc Slow-2-step V+1, Foral  
 Precious And Few (Climax) Slow-2-step IV+1, Byrd Very Loud Music
 Prefiero Decir Adios (Gisselle) Bolero IV+1, Lillefield  
 Pretend (Tony Evans)) 2-step II+1, Baldwin  
 Pretend You Don't See Her (Jerry Vale) Waltz IV+1, Speranzo Waltz IV, Lawson
 Pretend You Don't See Her (Special Pressing) Waltz VI, Lawson  
 Pretty as a Picture (Dean Martin) WZ IV+1, Clark  
 Pretty Belinda (Danceband) Jive IV, Ross  
 Pretty Blue Eyes (Steve Lawrence) Rumba III, myer; III+1, Little Cha III+1, Molitoris
 Pretty Flowers (Steve Martin & Dolly Parton) Viennese Waltz IV, Evans  
 Pretty Good At Drinkin' Beer (Billy Currington) - 48 rpm Jive V, Francis  
 Pretty Good at Drinking Beer - Billy Currington + 6.6 pc Jive V, Francis  
 Pretty Lady Cha (Special Pressing) Cha V+2, Hichman  
 Pretty Little Adrianna (Vince Gill) Bolero  
 Pretty Ribbon (Engelbert Humperdinck) Rumba III+2, Hagiwara  
 Pretty Woman (Roy Orbison) Foxtrot-jive IV, HaIsall; IV+1, Bond  
 Pride & Joy - Scooter Lee - 10 pc WCS V+1, Pierce  
 Pride of America (Ayla Brown)    
 Prima Donna (Helmut Licht) Waltz IV, Baldwin  
 Primer Amor (Dancelife) Rumba V, Hoffman  
 Primrose Lane (Jerry Wallace) TS II+1,Francis ; FT-JV V, Gloodt FT-JV IV+1+1, Scott, TS-JV, Wilder
 Princesses Three + 9pc Waltz III+1, Cantrell  
 Proceed With Caution (Eartha Kitt) Fox V, Woodruff  
 Promise her Anything (Dean Martin) Fox-jive IV+2, Molitoris  
 Promise me (Anne Skates) Rumba III+2, Kenny  
 Promise me (Ross Mitchell) - 5 pc Rumba VI, Scherrer  
 Prop Me Up Beside The Jukebox (Joe Diffie) 2-step II+1, Chico  
 Provocame (Chayanne) shortened Chayanne Chayanne
 PS I Love You (The Vine Song) - Young - TS II+1 TS II+1, Young The Vine Song
 Puff The Magic Dragon (Peter Paul & Mary)edited 2-step II+1, Knight Dance = Knight's Dragon, Puff
 Punta Prima (Ross Mitchell) Paso IV, Shane; IV+1, Langer  
 Puppet on a String (Elvis Presley) Slow-2-step IV+1, Buckmaster-Reigel Slow-2-step IV+1+2, Harris (A Puppet)
 Pure Love (Ronnie Milsap) 2-step II+1  
 Purest of Pain (Read Bolero) Bolero V+2+1, Read  
 Puro Dolor (Son By Four) -15 pc Bolero VI, Read  
 Puro Teatro (New 100 Strings) Bolero V, Ross  
 Purple People Eater (Sheb Wooley) 2-step II, Rotscheid, Koozer Intro to Mambo III+1, Bond
 Push The Button Max (Mancini) + 7.5pc West Coast Swing-Jive IV+2+2, Woodruff  
 Pussy Footin' (Bert Kaempfert) 2-step III, Guyre  
 Put A Light In The Window (The Four Lads) Quickstep-cha III, Easterday  
 Put A Little Love In Your Heart (Jackie Deshannon)) CH III+1, Seurer  
 Put A Little Love In Your Heart (The Blenders) Cha IV+1, Parker  
 Put another Log on the Fire (Little Jimmy Dickens & Waylon Jennings) Humoristic song - no choreo  
 Put On A Happy Face - Phil Tate Quickstep IV, Ross  
 Put your Hand in the Hand (Ocean) 2-step II, Smith 1971 Cha IV+0+2, Klier
 Put Your Head On My Shoulder (Paul Anka) Bolero III+2, Seurer  
 Put Your Records On (Corinne Bailey Rae) West Coast Swing V, Nolen  
 Put your sweet Lips closer (Jim Reeves)+10 pc Same tune as Caro Mio Waltz IV, Barrett; III+2, Hopper
 Puttin' on the Ritz (Ella Fitzgerald) Alternate  
 Puttin' On The Ritz (Hisao Sudo) Quickstep VI, Moore  
 Puttin' on the Ritz (Robbie Williams) Quickstep VI, Goss  
 Puttin' On The Ritz (Scooter Lee) 2-step-5 Count II+1, Jaworski  
 Puttin' On The Ritz (Taco) 2-step-jive III, Silva  
 Puttin' On The Ritz (Tony Evans) Quickstep III+1, Hayami  
 Quand tu chantes (Ross Mitchell) Samba IV+1, Schmidt  
 Quando Quando Quando (Fergie) Mambo IV. Kracka-Maerzke  
 Quando, Quando, Quando - Sydney Thompson Saba IV, Ross  
 Quanto Cha (Corazon) Cha V, Scott  
 Quarter At A Time (Rick Trevino) 2-step II, Seurer  
 Que Bueno Es el Merengue - Orquestra Santamaria Nerengue III, Ross  
 Que Levante La Mano (Merengue Fever) Merengue III, Ross  
 Que Pasa El Paso (Mitchell John) Rumba III+2, Defore  
 Que quieres tu de mi (Jose Feliciano) What do you want of me bolero VI, Noble
 Que Sabes De Amor (Pandora) Rumba VI, Read  
 Que sera sera (Roper) Waltz IV+2, Hartung  
 Que Te Pasa Chica (Akros Musica) Cha III+2, Dierickx  
 Que Viva La Vida - Belle Perez, Shortened & Slowed Cha IV+1+1, Dierickx  
 Queen City Cha Cha IV+1+1, Stanley  
 Queen Of Denial (Pam Tillis) Jive III, Chico  
 Queen Of Hearts - Count Dee's Dancesport 2-step II+1, Burdick  
 Queen of Hearts (Juice Newton) 2-step II+1, Burdick
 Queen Of Memphis (Confederate Railroad) 2-step-SS III, Chico 2-step II, Callen
 Queen Of My Heart (Westlife) shortened Waltz III+2, Goss-Figwer  
 Queen of the Hop - Bobby Darin Jive V+2, Lefeavers, Crapo TS II, Koozer, II+2, Nickel
 Queen of the Night (Alfred Hause) Waltz V, Dierickx  
 Queen Of The Night (Starlight)-3pc TG III, Ball  
 Quentin's Theme (Grenn) Waltz II+1, Croft-De Zordo  
 Quentin's Theme (Mancini) Jacalyn's waltz  
 Quererte a Ti (Angela Carrasco) shortened + 5 pc Bolero IV+2, Dierickx  
 Quick and Easy Quickstep III+2, Moore  
 Quick 'n Happy Feet Mixed, III+2, Paull  
 Quickstep For Two (SP) VI, Moore  
 Quickstep on the Ceiling (Grenn) Quickstep IV+1, Shane Older dances: Hutchinson, Palmquist
 Quien Sabe (Rocio Durcal) Rumba V+1+1, Dierickx  
 Quiereme Mucho (Julio Iglesias) Cha IV+2, Doi Sequence: omit last time B.
 Quiero Pecar En Ti - Azucar Moreno Rumba V+0+2, Gomez  
 Quiet Nights (Special Pressing) No choreo  
 Quiet Village (The Surfers) Rumba IV+2, McKenrick  
 Quintango (Scope) 2-step II, Croft-De Zordo  
 Quisiera Decir tu Nombre (Jose Luis Perales) Rumba V+2, Cibula, Tu Nombre  
 Quit Breaking Up With Me (Little Big Town) Cha III+2, Weiss  
 Quizs Quizs Quizs (Bocelli-Lopez) Rumba-Cha III, Parker  
 Quizas (SP) Perhaps Bolero, III, Chico  
 Quizas Quizas Quizas (P.S. Dance Orchestra) Cha IV+2+1, Ito  
 Rabbit Tango (Patti LuPone) Tango V, Davis Tango IV, Callahan-Cowan (Bunny TG)
 Rabbit Tango Tango V, Davis  
 Rag Top - Kentucky Headhunters No choreo  
 Ragg Mopp (The Ames Brothers) 2-step II+1, Prow  
 Ragtime (Randy Newman) Waltz IV, Davis  
 Ragtime [Caravelli] 2-step II+2, Dierickx  
 Ragtime Cowboy Joe (Sourdough Slim) 2-step II+1, Weiss  
 Rain In Spain - Jack Hansen Tango V+, Ross  
 Rainbow (Russ Hamilton) Foxtrot IV+1, Hichman  
 Rainbow Connection (Muppets) Waltz II+2, Walz  
 Rainbow Connection (The Carpenters) edited Waltz V+2, Hagiwara  
 Rainbow Melody (Alec Gould) No choreo  
 Rainbow Rider (Chris LeDoux) 2-step II, Kline  
 Rainbows Are Back In Style-Dean Martin Fox III+1, Maish; Fox V, John Parker Foxtrot V+0+2, Blackford
 Raindrops - Roper Cha III, Ross  
 Raindrops Keep Fallin' On My Head (Perry Como) Cha IV, Jabour  
 Rainin' (Bobby Darin) Fox IV+1, Healea  
 Raining In My Heart (Frank Chacksfield) Slow-2-step IV, Gloodt  
 Rama Lama Ding Dong (Rocky Sharpe & the Replays) Jive V, Worlock  
 Ramblin' Reuben (The Sundowners Band - Windsor) 2-step I, Taylor  
 Ramblin' rose (Acker Bilk) Foxtrot V, Dierickx  
 Rambling Rose (Nat King Cole) Fox IV, Wolff  
 Ramona (Al Martino) No choreo  
 Ramona (Grenn) Waltz III+2, Hoss-Waldorf  
 Ramona (Jim Reeves) + 4pc Waltz III+2, Shibata  
 Rasputin (Boney M) shortened - 9 pc 5-count III, Woodruff See Cue-cards
 Ravishing Ruby (Tom Hall) Rumba IV+1+2, Hichman  
 Rawhide Ranahan (Jinx Pyle) Waltz IV, Koozer  
 Rayo De Sol (Prandi Latin Dream) Rumba V+, Moore  
 Razzle Dazzle (Chicago) edited Foxtrot V+2, Blackford  
 Reach - Vio Friedmann Quickstep V, Ross  
 Reach (Ultimate Latin Album 14) shortened Jive V+1+1, Hagiwara  
 Read 'em and Weep (Lone Blume) 2-step II+1, Crapo  
 Read my Mind (Special Pressing) Rumba VI, Worlock 2000  
 Ready For Sunshine (Al Russ Orch.) Quickstep V+1, Woodruff  
 Real Live Girl (Matt Monro) - 9 pc Foxtrot V, Slomcenski Sequence should be ABB-End
 Real Madrid - Phil Tate Paso IV, Ross  
 Real Paso Dos (Orquesta Del Tendido) Paso doble IV, Rotscheid  
 Real True Lovin (Ann & Johnny Hawker) 2-step II, Hichman Not orig, music ->seq AABBBA
 Rebecca Lynn (Bryan White) TS II+2, Jones Has not been slowed
 Rebelde Amor (Belle Perez) Rumba V+2, Van Acker; IV+1, Dierickx Rumba VI, Pelton
 Recipe for Love (Harry Conick Jr) Jive V, Goss  
 Recuerda (Piet Veerman) Rumba VI, Van Acker  
 Recuerdos De La Alhambra (Dancelife) Waltz VI, Preskitt  
 Recuerdos de la Alhambra (Tol & Tol) Waltz IV+0+1, Dierickx  
 Red & Rio Grande (Doug Supernaw) 2-step II, Chico, 45 rpm Rumba IV, Seurer
 Red Dirt Road (Brooks & Dunn) not slowed 2-step II, Kline  
 Red Head (Eddy Howard) 2-step III, Brown  
 Red Hot Memory (Hi-Hatters) 2-step II, Middlesworth  
 Red Hot Salsa (Dave Sherriff) Cha V, Kline  
 Red Hot Salsa 2 (Dave Sheriff) Cha III+1, Kline  
 Red Petticoats (Arthur Murray Orch) Tango V+2, Shibata  
 Red Red Robin (Dean Martin) 2-step II, Rotscheid  
 Red River Rock (Johnny and the Hurricans) 2-step II+1, Bond  
 Red River Valley (Japan) Jive III+2, Doi  
 Red Robin Mixer (Grenn) Mixer I, Hall  
 Red Roses For A Blue Lady (Ross Mitchell) Alternate  
 Red Roses For A Blue Lady (Bert Kaempfert) Foxtrot IV+2, Tikkanen Fox IV, Cunningham, Yellen
 Red Roses For A Blue Lady (Bobby Vinton) alternate  
 Red Roses For A Blue Lady (Dean Martin) alternate  
 Red Roses For A Blue Lady (Des O'connor) Foxtrot V+1+1, Shibata  
 Red Roses For A Blue Lady (Eddie Arnold) Alternate  
 Red Roses For A Blue Lady (Guy Lombardo) alternate  
 Red Roses for a Blue Lady (Japan) Fox IV+1+1, Doi  
 Red Roses For A Blue Lady (Newton Wayne) |Fox III, Ross  
 Red Roses For A Blue Lady (Pat Boone) Alternate  
 Red Roses For A Blue Lady (Vic Dana) Alternate  
 Red Sails In The Sunset - sydney Thompson 619 Rumba V, Lawson Dance = Sunset Rumba
 Red Sails in the Sunset (Japonese CD) Foxtrot IV+2, Doi  
 Red Solo Cup (Toby Keith) 2-step II+2, Weiss  
 Reelin' and Rockin' (Chuck Berry) Single Swing VI, Ross  
 Reet Petite - Rock n Roll Max Greger Alternate  
 Reet Petite (Jackie Wilson) Alternate  
 Reet petite (Ross Mitchell) Jive V, Schmidt 2-step II+1, Baldwin, Hager
 Reflection (Christina Aquilera) Rumba V+2 or IV+2, Worlock  
 Reflections [SP 427970] Waltz V+2, Slater (Melancholy Dreams) Waltz IV+2, Slater, VI, Blackford
 Refried Dreams (Tim McGraw) Cha IV+2, Francis  
 Reggae Cowboy (Bellamy Brothers) Cha IV+1, Bond Cha III+1+1, Harris
 Regresa A Mi (Gloria Estefan) + 15 pc Bolero VI, Shibata  
 Regresa A Mi (Il Divo) Shortened Rumba V+2+1, Matthews 3:17 Intro-A-B(1-14)-C-Int-B-Ending
 Regresa A Mi (Il Divo) Rumba V+2+1, Matthews Long: 4:26
 Regresa A Mi (Unbreak My Heart - Tony Braxton)shortened Rumba V+2+1, Matthews Sequence as in short Spanish version
 Relax (Elvis Presley) Westcoast swing V+1, Voelkl  
 Relax, Take It Easy (Mika) Cha IV+0+2, Kolshorn  
 Release Me (Engelbert Humperdinck) Bolero V, Hichman (Love Again Bolero) STS IV+1, Wheaton
 Release Me (Kitty Wells) 2-step II+1, Hichman  
 Remedy (Casa Musica) Tango-Chacha V, Woodruff  
 Remember (Andy Williams) Waltz VI, Lamberty  
 Remember Me ( Zendaya From Shake It Up) Cha-rumba IV, Ahart  
 Remember Me (Dean Martin) Fox IV, Sperry  
 Remember Me (Willie Nelson) 2-step II, Kincaid  
 Remember When (Alan Jackson) Foxtrot III+2, Drake STS V+2, Worlock
 Remember When (Bert Kaempfert) Foxtrot-jive IV, Leblanc  
 Remember When (Mod for Worlock) STS V+2, Worlock  
 Reminiscing - Little River Band Cha-Jive IV+1, Simpson  
 Reminiscing Tonight-7% (Daniel O'Donnell) Waltz III, Robertson  
 Reminiscing Waltz (Al Russ) Waltz II, Chambers; Walstra Waltz III+1, Dean
 Remordimiento (Irven Tidswell) Alternate?  
 Remordimiento (Stay on the Floor) Tango VI, Lamberty  
 Renacer (Gloria Estefan) BL VI, Moore  
 Renegades, Rebels, and Rogues (Tracy Lawrence) 2-step II+1, Buckmaster & Reigel  
 Respect (Aretha Franklin) Cha IV+1, Scherrer WCS IV+1,Hilburn
 Respect (Aretha Franklin) -5pc Cha VI, Goss, 2012  
 Respect (Aretha Franklin) WCS IV+1,Hilburn  
 Return to Me (Dean Martin) + 9 pc Rumba IV+1, Jobe  
 Return To Me (Marty Robbins) Bolero IV+1, A&S Moore; Chico RB V+2, Stephenson; STS Micketti
 Return to Sender (Elvis Presley) 2-step II, Callen, Lawson II+2 Jive V Rotscheid, III Griffin
 Return to the Heart (David Lanz) Waltz VI, Goss  
 Reuben James (Kenny Rogers) -15 pc 2-step III, Hicks  
 Reunited - Peaches & Herb STS IV+1, Ross  
 Rhapsody 2-step- fox III+2, Helms  
 Rhinestone Cowboy-Glenn Campbell Rumba III+1, Seurer  
 Rhythm Divine (Enrique Iglesias) Samba IV+1, Garza Cha III, Ahart
 Rhythm Is Gonna Get You (Gloria Estefan) Cha V, Scott  
 Rhythm Of Love (Plain White T's) Quickstep VI, Goss  
 Rhythm Of My Heart (Rod Stewart) WCS VI, Read  
 Rhythm of the Night (Debarge) Cha IV+1, Seurer  
 Rhythm Of The Rain (The Cascades) 2-step II, Phillips or Watanabe; Cha III, Rumble; Rumba IV+1+1, Dierickx
 Richest Man On Earth (Paul Overstreet) Foxtrot III, Woolcock  
 Rico Vacilon (Roper) Cha - No choreo  
 Ride Like The Wind (Christopher Cross) Cha-2-step IV  
 Ride Ride Ride (Lynn Anderson) Cha III+1, Kline  
 Ridin' the Hi-Line - Wylie & The Wild West Waltz II+2, Dodge  
 Riding my Thumb to Mexico (Grenn) 2-step II+1, Connelly 5-CT II, Croft-De Zordo
 Rigamarole (Schuyler, Knobloch & Bickhardt) Jive VI, Woodruff  
 Right Back Where We Started From Jive IV, Ross  
 Right Here Waiting (Richard Marx) shortened Bolero VI, Goss Shortened, 3:22
 Right Here Waiting (Ross Mitchell) Rumba V+2+1, Preskitt  
 Right Here Waiting for You (Richard Marx) Bolero VI, Goss Full version (4:22)
 Right in my Own Backyard (Eddie & Dutch) Cha IV+1, Baldwin  
 Right on the money (Alan Jackson) edited Jive IV+1+1, Klein  
 Right Place Wrong Time (Dr. John) Cha IV, Weiss  
 Right Where I Want You (Alan Jackson) Waltz II+1, Brown  
 Rimini Waltz (Prandi) Waltz VI, Blackford  
 Ring my Bells (Enrique Iglesias) Rumba-foxtrot IV+1+1, Wulf  
 Ring on Every Finger (LoCash) Cha III+2, Jestin  
 Rings (Leo Kottke) On someone's workbench  
 Rio Tango Tango IV, Barton  
 Rip it Up (Everly Brothers) - 6 pc 2-step - Single Swing III+2+1. Morrison  
 Rise (Tony Evans) Rumba III, Powell-Brosie  
 Ritmo y Romance (Kenny G) edited Rumba IV+1, Wulf  
 Ritzy Quickstep QS IV, Rother QS VI, Rother
 River Bank (Brad Paisley) Cha III+1, Cavness  
 River Flows In You (DJ Ice)(2) Waltz II+2, Molitoris  
 River Flows in You (DJ Ice) Waltz VI, Rumble  
 River Flows in You (Yiruma) STS IV+1, Kenny  
 River Kwai March (Arno Flor) March II+2, Woodruff  
 River Lullaby (Casa Musica) Waltz IV, Lillefield  
 River of Love (George Strait) Two-step II+2, Wulf  
 River of Love (John Arthur Martinez) Rumba IV+1, Jaworski  
 River of Tears (Highway 101) Waltz II, Hoss-Waldorf  
 River Seine (Roper) Waltz III+2, Hichman  
 River Town (Troy Cassar-Daley) 2-step II+1, Armstrong  
 Rivers of Babylon (Syd Thomp) Rumba III, Koozer  
 Road Less Traveled (Lauren Alaina) shortened & slowed Cha IV+2, Ahart  
 Roadhouse Blues (Roper) Jive, Easterday 2-step II, Kincaid
 Robin Hood (Gary Miller) 2-step II, Schidler Cue-card only
 Roby Mambo (Azzurra TBP) +10% Mambo IV+1+2, Doi  
 Rock & Roll Music (Ultimate Latin Album 3) 2-step II+1, Ito
 Rock & Roll Waltz [Scooter Lee] Alternate  
 Rock And Roll Waltz - Kay Starr Waltz II, Hill; II+1, Reid Waltz II, Michel; IV, MacDougall
 Rock Around The Clock (Bill Haley) - 15 pc Jive IV, Woodruff  
 Rock Around The Clock (Bill Haley) TS II+2, Francis  
 Rock Billy Boogie (Johnny Burnette) Single Swing V, Ross  
 Rock 'n' Roll Angel (Kentucky Head Hunters) Jive III+1, Hichman  
 Rock N' Roll Medley (Ross Mitchell) Jive IV+2, Cunningham  
 Rock Right (Georgia Gibbs) Jive IV+1, Woodruff  
 Rock Steady (The Whispers) Cha IV, Angress  
 Rock The Boat - The Hues Corporation (LYRICS) Cha III,  
 Rock This Town (Stray Cats) - 11 pc TS-QS-SS III+1, Oren  
 Rock Your Baby (George McCrae) Cha-merengue III+1+1, Gomez  
 Rock-A-Billy (Guy Mitchell) 2-step-5count II+1, Buckmaster-Reigel  
 Rock-a-Hula Baby - Elvis Presley No choreo  
 Rocket 88 - Jackie Brenston & His Delta Cats Jive VI, Ross  
 Rockin' Alone (Everrly Brothers) Waltz II+0+1, Hilton  
 Rockin' at the House of Mouse (Brian Setzer)-20pc 2-step II, Wood  
 Rockin' Pneumonia (Johnny Rivers) Jive IV, Humphreys, VI, Humphreys WCS V+2, Art Moore
 Rockin' Robin (Bobby Day)-10 pc Jive VI, Macuci TS II+2, Seurer
 Rockin' Robin (Duet for dancing) Great alternate  
 Rockin' With The Rhythm Of The Rain (The Judds) 2-step Raye, Dillard, Buck, Maguire, Warner
 Rockin Years+7pc - Dolly Parton & Ricky Van Shelton Waltz IV+1, Bond Waltz II+2, Baldwin
 Rockin' You Baby (Debbie Davies) Jive V+0+1, GNP  
 Rock'n Roll Forever (Happy Dancing) Jive VI, Shibata  
 Rocky Fella (Hi Hat) 2-step II, Sasseen  
 Roll Back The Rug & dance (Scooter Lee) 2-stepp-Single Swing III+2, Parker  
 Roll Tennessee River - Oak Ridge Boys Jive V+1, Ross  
 Roll With The Wind (Alexander Rybak) 2-step III, Langer  
 Rollin' with the flow (Charlie Rich) Rumba III, McDonald-MacCain
 Rolling in the Deep (Adele) Cha IV+2, Hilton; Rumba-cha IV+2, Gerdes Cha-Foxtrot IV, Brown-Lawrence
 Roman d'amour (Rose Room Orch) Foxtrot IV+1+1, Dierickx  
 Roman Guitar (We Three) Tango V, Gomez  
 Romance D'amour (Japan) Waltz III+2, Doi  
 Romance De Amor (Columbia Ballroom Orch)) Waltz IV+0+1, Dierickx  
 Romantic (Karyn White Instrumental) Cha IV, Jones Dance = Romantic Cha
 Romantic (Karyn White) No choreo  
 Romantic Dream (Stefano Nanni, Prandi) WZ V+2, Moore; IV, Dierickx WZ IV+1, Parker
 Romantic Interlude (Gunter Norris) Rumba V+1, Hartung  
 Romantic Rendez-Vous (Gunter Noris) Foxtrot IV+1+1, Dierickx  
 Romantic Slow (Prandi - Superstars) Fox VI, Van Acker  
 Romantic sound (Rose Room Orch) slowed & shortened Slow-2-Step IV+2+2, Dierickx  
 Romeo and Juliet (Mancini) Waltz V+1, Mancini  
 Ronda Paso V+2+1, Read  
 Room full of Roses (Jim Reeves) No choreo yet  
 Rooney (Roger Whittaker) 2-step II, Woolcock  
 Rope The Moon (John Michael Montgomery) Rumba IV, Baldwin  
 Rose Colored Glasses (John Conley) Waltz II+1, Speranzo  
 Rose garden - Lynne Anderson 2-step II+2, Seurer  
 Rose Garden (Sydney Thompson) Fox IV, Ross  
 Rose of Mooncoin (Sean Dunphy) -5pc Waltz II, Healea  
 Rose of Tralee (Phil Coulter) Waltz IV+1, Glenn  
 Rose Room (Benny Goodman) Fox III+2, Steel  
 Rose Room (Bluestar) Fox III+2, Steel  
 Rose Room (Special Pressing) Foxtrot-Jive IV+1, Winter  
 Rose Room (Teichiku) Foxtrot V+2, Doi  
 Rose-Marie ((Wylie and the Wild West)-5 pc Jim Hattrick's cue-card Woodruff cue-card
 Rosen Fur Elizabeth Classic 2-step II, Bliss  
 Roses (Belco) 2-step II, Packman-Drafz  
 Roses For You - Roger Bennet Slow-2-step V+0+1, Dierickx  
 Roses Love Sunshine (Nana Mouskouri 1979) Waltz IV, Woodruff  
 Rose's Theme (James Horner) Waltz IV, Powell-Brosie  
 Rosita - Columbia Ballroom Orchestra Tango VI, Ross  
 Rotkappchens Traum (Gunter Norris) Foxtrot V+2, Bradt Foxtrot IV+2+2, Dierickx
 Rotterdam (The Beautiful South) Mixed V (FT-STS-JV), Woodruff  
 Round About (Hi Hat) TS II, Cohen  
 Round and Round (Perry Como) Cha III+1, Harris  
 Round Dance Man (Longhorn 502) After-Party Song Arist Unknown
 Route 66 - Bing Crosby & The Andrews Sisters Jive IV+2, Gotta  
 Route 66 (Asleep at the Wheel) 2-step II+1, Hattrick See cue-cards
 Roy G. Biv Foxtrot (Bert Kaempfert) FT IV+2, Waldal-Bushue 1988  
 Rub It In - Billy Crash Craddock Cha III+1, Williams  
 Rub-A-Dubbin' (Ken Mellons) 2-step II+1, Kammerer  
 Rubberneckin (Elvis Presley) Jive IV+2+1, Kammerer  
 Ruby Baby (Billy Crash Craddock) Jive V+1+1 Woodruff, c-s 2005
 Ruby Baby (Dion & the Belmonts) Alternate, see Hawkins c/s  
 Ruby Baby (Ronnie Hawkins) Jive V+1+1, Woodruff Re-visited for this music
 Ruby Baby (The Drifters) Jive V+2, Woodruff, 1997  
 Ruby Tuesday (Rolling Stones)+ 2 pc Slow-2-step IV+2, Cartwright  
 Rudy (Soundtrack) Waltz IV+2, Eum  
 Ruidoso (Rex Allen Jr) Cha III, Weiss  
 Rule the World (Pop Feast) + 10pc Slow-2-step IV, Byars You Light up the Skies
 Rum (Brothers Osborne) Rumba - Foxtrot IV, Cleek  
 Rum And Coca Cola (Andrews Sisters) 2-step II, Kincaid Mambo IV+1, Kincaid
 Rum 'n' Cocacola (Shake It Up Well) 2-step II+2, Wilaby  
 Rumba Basico (Grenn 17025) Rumba III+2, Baldwin  
 Rumba Calienta (Roper) Rumba VI, Shibata Copy from Jerry Callen
 Rumba Concerto Rumba VI, Goss  
 Rumba de Madrid (Gary Wolk) Rumba III, Wilaby  
 Rumba Del Corazon (Slow Rumba) - Helmut Licht Rumba IV+2, Gloodt  
 Rumba Erotica (Gunter Noris) Rumba V+2, Moore  
 Rumba Hermosa (Roper) Rumba IV+2, Lawson  
 Rumba Jupiter (Japan) Rumba IV+2, Doi  
 Rumba Lenta (Helmut Licht) Rumba IV+2, Pelton  
 Rumba Marie (Roper) Rumba III, Wolcott  
 Rumba Marie Rumba III, Wolcott  
 Rumba Pete 2-step II, Metzger  
 Rumba Queen (Eight To The Bar) Rumba IV+2+1, Fisher  
 Rumba Rhapsody (Roper) Rumbaa IV+1+1, Carnevale  
 Rumba Way (Julio Iglesias) Rumba III+2, Ito  
 Rumor Has It (Reba McEntire) Slow dance, Ross, III  
 Rumours (Vio Friedmann) shortened Cha IV+1+2, Woodruff  
 Run Around Sue (Dion and the Belmonts) TS II, Seurer  
 Run Around Sue (Ross Mitchell - STAR) Jive VI, Rumble; Jive IV, Woodruff Stay Away from Sue
 Run For The Roses (Dan Fogelberg) Waltz IV+2+1, Valenta  
 Runaway (Del Shannon) 2-step II+1, Yoshikawa Dance = 60's Runaway
 Runaway Soul (Ruthie Foster) West Coast Swing IV+2+3, Eum-Hadley  
 Runaway Train (Elton John & Eric Clapton) Cha IV, Baldwin  
 Runnin' Behind (Tracy Lawrence) 2-step II, Ross 2-step II, Sperry
 Running Bear (Johnny Preston) 2-step-jive III+1, Cibula Mixed III+2 or IV+2, Tennant
 Ruski-Cha (SL-Project) Cha III+1 to fun music, Woodruff  
 Ruthless (Statler Brothers) TS II, Buckmeister & Reigel TS II+1, Baldwin